The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 712 - Thanks

Chapter 712 Thanks


Duan Shenping was infuriated by Li Yidao’s indifferent attitude toward him.

He was one of the top 20 super Heavenly Legends who was admired and respected by everyone wherever he went. He had never been humiliated like this in the presence of so many people. Moreover, he came here on purpose, but he didn’t get what he wanted.

“Fan Xiong, will you tell us what happened?” He looked at the Fan brothers.

Fan Xiong chuckled as he stepped forward. He proudly glanced at Ying Yuanyuan and Liao Bi’ting, and then stared at Li Mu and said, “Li Yidao, we saw with our own eyes that you launched a sneak attack on Feng Fei and cruelly killed him in order to take possession of the Heavenly Fire Red Fruits. You ruthless bastard! How dare you deny it? You…”

Before his voice faded away, a broadsword flashed.

Fan Xiong suddenly stiffened, and then a look of shock and horror appeared on his face.

“You… How… how dare you…” He covered his neck with both hands and looked at Li Mu in despair and shock.

Blood gushed out from the gaps between his fingers like spring water. He tried hard to recover, but his head suddenly tilted and fell off his neck.

At some unknown time, Li Mu already held the Samsara Knife in his hand.

“Do you have anything else to say?” He looked at Fan Wei.

“I…” Fan Wei had not yet come to his senses from the great shock. He instinctively raised his hand and pointed at Li Mu, saying, “You… How dare you… You arrogant man, you…”

Before the Fan brothers defamed and testified against Li Yidao, they had foreseen everything that might happen, such as Li Yidao trying his best to defend himself, producing some evidence, escaping and then waiting for an opportunity to take revenge secretly…

They had been prepared.

However, they never thought that Li Yidao would kill one of them on the spot in such an unrestrained, cruel, merciless, and bold manner without even bothering defending himself.

“We really shouldn’t have made an enemy of such a person.” Fan Wei thought and felt a little regretful now.

However, there was no turning back for him. The arrow was already on the string, so he had to shoot it.

“Li Yidao, you killed Feng Fei first, and now you have killed my brother. I’m going to stand against you forever. I will reveal your true colors to all the people in the Star River…” Fan Wei snapped with a fierce look on his face as he fell back.


Li Mu raised his hand and thrust his broadsword forward again.

The broadsword flashed.

Fan Wei turned around and leaped up to escape. However, after he flew hundreds of meters in the air, he suddenly let out a shrill cry and turned into blood mist. The blood mist dispersed in the void, and both his physical body and his spirit vanished.

The smell of blood pervaded the air.

Li Mu turned his head and looked at Duan Shenping, the Seven Luminaries Divine Bell, on the bronze battle chariot.

“Do you have anything to say for yourself?” He asked calmly.

It was only then that the others came to their senses from the great shock. A strong surge of fear welled up inside them like a raging tide that would engulf them. They all looked at Li Mu in disbelief.

“He has killed someone just like that?”

Ying Yuanyuan and Liao Bi’ting were also deeply shocked.

They stayed with Li Mu for tens of hours yesterday, last night, and today. They felt that Li Yidao was a mild, modest, patient, and elegant man, and they even took a fancy to him.

However, that feeling had changed now.

Li Yidao suddenly drew his broadsword and killed two people in a row. He killed the Fan brothers, who ranked among the top 100 Heavenly Legends, on the spot as if he were killing pigs and dogs.

At this time, Li Mu was like a decisive killing god.

“Maybe this is the real nature of Li Yidao.”

Ying Yuanyuan and Liao Bi’ting exchanged glances. The look in their eyes showed that they had understood what kind of person Li Mu was.

“After all, he is a super Heavenly Legend who ranks fourth on the List of Heavenly Legends of the Star Regions.

“Back then, he defeated over one hundred opponents in an overwhelming and invincible manner on the Immortal-slaying Platform. How could such a person be truly mild and harmless and allow others to slander him at will?

“The Fan Brothers have made a huge mistake.

“Before they were killed, they should know that they were already in the Heavenly Fox Secret Realm, and they were not in the divine city of Imperium Vulpes where the competition between Heavenly Legends was carried out. The restraining order issued by the Heavenly Fox Clan had lost its effect. The way that they slandered and made a false accusation against a real master was really lame.”

Ying Yuanyuan and Liao Bi’ting looked at Li Yidao, who gave off a strong murderous aura. For some unknown reason, they did not feel scared at all, but instead, they thought that the Fan brothers deserved to die and that what Li Yidao did was delightful and satisfying.

“I’m in a hurry. I’m leaving if you don’t have anything to say.” Li Mu looked at Duan Shenping.

He was indeed in a hurry.

It was difficult to tell how long the Heavenly Fox Secret Realm would be open. He had to find the Soul-replenishing Heavenly Herb as soon as possible. Nothing else, whether it was the opportunity or the treasure, was that important to him now.

Li Mu sheathed his long broadsword and was about to leave.

“Hahaha, Li Yidao, you are really a boorish man.” Duan Shenping on the bronze chariot suddenly laughed and said, “Very good, I have recorded the whole process of you killing the Fan brothers. Hahahaha. In this way, even if I killed you, I wouldn’t need to explain too much to the Green Fox God.”

He grinned viciously as he smugly swung the photographic crystal in his hand. The crystal contained the record of how Li Mu killed Fan Xiong and Fan Wei mercilessly after they accused Li Mu of having killed Feng Fei.

From the beginning to the end, Li Mu had never said anything to defend himself, so the whole process seemed more like he killed the two brothers out of shame and anger.

The faces of Ying Yuanyuan and Liao Bi’ting suddenly changed.

“What a contemptible bastard!

“Duan Shenping had already anticipated that Li Yidao would kill someone, but he had no intention of stopping him at all. He had deliberately let the Fan brothers die so that he could frame Li Yidao completely…

“He is so insidious and despicable.”

“Haha, I’ve known your personality for a long time. At the banquet in the Heavenly Fox Temple, you took action against Feng Xingyun, the ‘Nether Ghost’, out of anger. How could you allow the Fan brothers to slander you at will? You would definitely kill them. Haha, Li Yidao, you’re just a reckless idiot. I have foreseen all of your moves, hahahaha!”

Duan Shenping laughed triumphantly.

The Heavenly Legends behind him looked at Li Mu with pity.

Li Mu shook his head and gave up the idea of leaving. He stared at Duan Shenping with his eyes looking as sharp as knives as he reached out his hand to grab the handle of his broadsword.

Duan Shenping narrowed his eyes slightly, curled his lips, and smiled faintly. “I guess you want to kill me now, right? Haha, Li Yidao, don’t you find it odd? I clearly know that I’m weaker than you, but I still dare to come here to block your path. Do you think I’m that naive to think that I can defeat you relying on the many people with me?”

Li Mu stopped for a second.

He scanned Duan Shenping’s companions with his Third Eye. Suddenly, he fixed his eyes on a person behind Duan Shenping.

This man was standing closely behind Duan Shenping but in front of the others. He was wearing a gray cloak with a large hood that covered his entire face. Li Mu could not see his face clearly. He looked like a silent wooden puppet.

“Haha, have you recognized him?” Duan Shenping smiled, stared at Li Mu with a look of contempt and pity on his face, and said, “Let me introduce him to you. This is Duan Zhide, the ‘Seven Luminaries Killer Wolf’. He is the number three master of the Seven Luminaries Star Region in the King Realm. He is also my protector… Haha, Uncle Duan, thank you for your efforts.”

The man in a gray cloak let out a strange laugh and slowly got off the bronze chariot.

He lifted the hood of his cloak, revealing a horse face with sharp, distinctive facial features. He had gray hair and an invisible murderous vibe. When he walked, he gave off an inexplicably majestic aura like that of a ferocious ancient beast walking out of the void.

The look on Li Mu’s face suddenly changed. “He is a master of the older generation.

“What’s going on?

“A protector?

“Could it be that both the top 100 Heavenly Legends and the renowned figures of the older generation can enter the Heavenly Fox Secret Realm this time?

“Things have become complicated now.

“Duan Shenping can bring his protector into the Heavenly Fox Secret Realm. Does it mean that the other Heavenly Legends can also bring their own protectors or even other more powerful people into the Heavenly Fox Secret Realm?

“Everything is in a mess.

“However, none of the Heavenly Fox Clan, the Posthouse Officer, Dongfang Piaoliang, and the Green Fox God has told me that Heavenly Legends can bring their protectors into the Heavenly Fox Secret Realm. Even the secret news out there has not mentioned that at all.”

Li Mu turned his head and looked at Ying Yuanyuan and Liao Bi’ting.

The two girls looked deeply shocked.

Obviously, they didn’t know about it either.

Li Mu’s mind was racing.

“That is to say, the ordinary Heavenly Legends ranking among the top 100 might not be allowed to bring their protectors into the Heavenly Fox Secret Realm, and only the top 20 super Heavenly Legends can do that. However, I have never received any information about that. Why?

“Anyway, Duan Shenping, the ‘Seven Luminaries Divine Bell’, should not have so much power to bring other people into the Heavenly Fox Secret Realm while hiding it from the Heavenly Fox Clan.

“Then here comes the question.

“This sort of thing should have been informed by the Heavenly Fox Clan.

“That is to say, the Heavenly Fox Clan has deliberately chosen not to inform me of the news that all the super Heavenly Legends should know? Does the Heavenly Fox Clan hold any grudge against me?”

“I’ve told you that things in the Heavenly Fox Secret Realm are beyond the control of a country bumpkin like you. Do you really think that you can do whatever you want after becoming one of the top four super Heavenly Legends? Haha, you’re too naive.”

Duan Shenping laughed loudly, holding his head high.

“Li Yidao, if you kneel down now and beg me for mercy, maybe I’ll let you die faster, and I won’t make trouble for your friends and relatives. Well, I won’t make things difficult for your beloved Lady of the Clouds either.” Duan Shenping deliberately said such words to provoke Li Mu.

Unexpectedly, a smile suddenly flashed across Li Mu’s eyes under the mask, and then he said, “Thanks.”


Both Ying Yuanyuan and Liao Bi’ting were surprised.


Duan Shenping was also surprised.

“Has Li Yidao admitted defeat?

“He said ‘thanks’.”

“Hahahahaha!” Duan Shenping burst out laughing. “Good, very good! I thought that you were a maniac who feared nothing. It’s good that you’re aware of the current situation. Tell me why you are going to thank me. How are you going to thank me? Hahaha!!”

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