The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 652 - The New Identity as Li Yidao

Chapter 652 The New Identity as Li Yidao

The Heavenly Fox Clan had a planet under their governance in the Brilliance Immortal Star Region.

The news was spread out from this planet.

As far as Li Mu knew, when Daji, the little fox spirit, was sent away by the Celestial Demon of the Divine Land, she was later brought to this planet.

Li Mu traveled to this planet. After some investigation, he learned that his little Daji had displayed extraordinary talents and a highly pure bloodline that amazed the Heavenly Fox Clan. Later, she luckily seized some great opportunities and was eventually sent to the Heavenly Fox Clan’s home planet in the Ziwei Star Zone.

The so-called contest for the husband-to-be of the little princess of the Heavenly Fox Clan would also be held on their home planet of the Ziwei Star Zone.

“Looks like I gotta make a trip to the Ziwei Star Zone. Also, I gotta use a new map.”

Li Mu waited in the downtown of this planet.

Lately, this place had been extremely lively. Like the clouds gathered before a storm, talents from all sides began to gather here, all preparing to head to the Heavenly Fox Clan’s home planet and participate in the little princess’ groom search.

The Heavenly Fox Clan was a large and powerful clan in the universe. Their foundations were profound and their influence was tyrannical. If one was able to join the Heavenly Fox Clan through marriage, one would practically rise to the top in one step.

On this planet governed by the Heavenly Fox Clan, the Dark Yellow Army also had intelligence agencies.

Following the guide of the Soldier Commander’s token, Li Mu came to an old medicine shop downtown that distinctly showed the imprints of time.

The medicine store was called “Apricot Forest”.

Looking up, Li Mu noticed that this medicine shop was quite ancient as if it had existed for thousands of years. There were not many people coming in and out of it. It seemed to be barely able to stay in business.

An old, dim-sighted man was dozing off behind the consultation table. He must be the shopkeeper. Amidst the links and clangs, several young apprentices were cutting herbs. A strange smell of burning firewood mixed with herbal medicine spread out from the inner hall.

To be honest, if it weren’t for the fact that the Soldier Commander’s token had brought him here, he would never have thought that this was the intelligence agency of the Dark Yellow Army.

Li Mu went in and flashed the Soldier Commander’s token. Then, he and the apprentices exchanged codes, which further confirmed his identity. After that, he was taken to the inner hall.

In a secret chamber.

“I, Qiu Ling, pay my respects to the Soldier Commander.”

At this moment, the old shopkeeper’s drowsiness was suddenly swept away, and he seemed to be in high spirits.

“Your Honor, are you here because there is a certain important task for me to take care of?”

The old shopkeeper had an expectant look on his face.

Li Mu scratched his chin.

“How should I put this?

“Can I just tell him that I’m here to inquire about the whereabouts of Daji, the little fox, and the details of the contest for her husband-to-be?

“Does that count as an important task?”

At the sight of the old shopkeeper’s excited and expectant look, Li Mu could feel from his expression that the old man tied down to the routine post was actually quite able and ambitious. He had been undercover for a long time, just like a sword that had been covered with dust and could not wait to be unsheathed with a clanging sound.

Brazenly, Li Mu gave a rough account of the information he needed.

The old shopkeeper was taken aback. Then he began to gaze at Li Mu with a strange look.

“In fact, this is not like what you think…” Li Mu hurriedly started to explain that he was not acting in serving the army for private gains.

But something seemed to have suddenly dawned on the old shopkeeper. He carefully looked Li Mu up and down and nodded. “I see. Since Your honor is willing to make such a sacrifice for the Dark Yellow Army, I really admire you. Your honor, don’t worry. I will definitely find the information you need in detail.”

After that, the old man turned around and began to work on this.

Li Mu remained dumbstruck on the spot.

“What sacrifice?

“Wait, there seems to be something misunderstanding.

“What on earth have you understood?”

In the downtown of this planet, various forces were gathering.

As stated by the notice issued by the Heavenly Fox Clan, in 15 days, the special envoys sent from the home planet would select suitable candidates from this planet under their governance and escort them to the home planet of the Heavenly Fox Clan to participate in the official contest for the husband-to-be.

Therefore, within the coming 15 days, there would be a large-scale initial selection on this star.

The little princess of the Heavenly Fox Clan was not an ordinary girl that anyone could covet. Those nameless losers were not allowed to participate in the contest. According to the Heavenly Fox Clan, only the real young talents in the Brilliance Immortal Star Region were qualified to go to the Heavenly Fox Clan’s home planet for the contest.

Every day, apart from cultivation, all Li Mu did was check the Immortal Net.

The huge disturbance caused by the massacre on the Southern Street on the Star Wind City had gradually subsided on the forums of the Immortal Net. The families of the victims had all received compensation, and the Tianyi Palace had also paid a great price for this. Even so, the discussions about Li Mu the Wild Broadsword were still common.

The cultivators using the Immortal Net were curious about where Li Mu had been these days.

He seemed to have disappeared from the Immortal Net all of a sudden.

Everyone was quite interested in such a well-known figure.

However, because in the battle in the Yin Qi-filled area around the Ghost Rally Star, Wei Ximin’s forces were completely annihilated and none of the armies of the major sects in his league survived, no one was left to tell the public what had happened. In the eyes of the outside world, Li Mu seemed to be avoiding the limelight and have deliberately gone into hiding.

They all thought so until a person with sharp eyes found that the account called “Being Forced to Keep a Pig” had posted a new post on the Immortal Net.

But this time, it was not posted on the forum.

“Go and have a look! Wild Broadsword has reappeared. He is selling two items in the trading area.”

Someone posted that on the forum to announce that he had found Li Mu’s traces.

At once, people all clicked open the trading page to check.

Sure enough, they saw that Being Forced to Keep a Pig had put two items up for sale. One was the goose-feather-shaped broadsword he had used before, and the other was a set of 24 matte willow-leaf-shaped flying broadswords.

“Both of the two items are of the best quality.”

“These are weapons of the Taoist Treasures grade, which must be worth a lot.”

“Well, the price Hero Li charges this time can surely be regarded as a fair price.”

“Haha, how poor is your eyesight? Hero Li is offering the starting price this time, not the final price.”

“If I had money, I would definitely buy these. And I’d buy these at a high price. I would make the purchase for nothing else but the gesture to show my adoration for the exemplary conduct and nobility of character Hero Li had demonstrated in that incident on the Southern Street.”

“Can you do me a favor and remove the first sentence of your words?”

Because of the new post released by Li Mu, the user named Being Forced to Keep a Pig, the whole forum went wild again.

Among the users, an organization called Wild Broadsword Alliance on the forum was the most enthusiastic.

The founder of the Wild Broadsword Alliance was none other than the Darkness-repelling Sword, who had bashed Li Mu the most ferociously in the past. But he changed camp overnight. Now, he was Li Mu’s loyal fan. He had gathered a large number of people and set up the discussion group, the Wild Broadsword Alliance, which had defended Li Mu whenever there were people speaking ill of him, released the latest news about Li Mu, publicized Li Mu’s heroic deeds, and fought for Li Mu’s interests.

Although its influence was limited to the forum, it had also played a great role in clearing Li Mu’s name.

Thanks to the promotion and safeguard of the Wild Broadsword Alliance, the glory of the moral example Li Mu had gained in the massacre on the Southern Street did not dim with the passage of time. Instead, it became more and more splendid.

In truth, Li Mu was very surprised to see this forum organization called the Wild Broadsword Alliance.

“Why do I feel that my vanity has been greatly satisfied?”

Li Mu was smiling so broadly that his eyes turned into crescent moons.

At first, he even considered whether he should go say hello to the people of the Wild Broadsword Alliance. But on second thought, he quickly banished that idea. “Never mind. I’ll keep a dignified profile for the time being. After all, I’m going for being a hero both powerful and idolized.”

At noon on the third day, the old shopkeeper of the Apricot Forest brought back the detailed information with excitement.

“The future leaders of all the major sects in the Brilliance Immortal Star Region have come here. Even the descendants of some reclusive families have appeared. Now, there are a total of 10 people who are the most famous and the most promising to be selected. They are known as the top 10 talents in the Brilliance Immortal Star Region. The weakest of them is above the middle stage of the Soldier Realm. Among them, the Little Heaven Demon of the Heavenly Devil Sect, the Saint of the Blood Sea of the Blood Sea, and the Divine Saint of the Destruction Temple are the most well-known. According to reliable sources, they are all in the General Realm.”

As he spoke, the old shopkeeper handed over a detailed report.

“This time, the contest to be held by the Heavenly Fox Clan is open to all the large Star Regions of the entire Ziwei Star Zone. Not only those in the Brilliance Immortal Star Region but also the geniuses below the age of 200 in the other dozens of vast Star Regions are all potential candidates. All kinds of people have gathered on this planet. It’s not just a simple contest for the husband-to-be, but a grand event with political significance.”

Li Mu nodded, flipping through the pages while indicating his understanding.

The Heavenly Fox Clan was one of the top 10 clans in the Ziwei Star Zone. They stood at the top of the social ladder in the entire Ziwei Star Zone. If one could marry their little princess, one would be able to form an alliance with the Heavenly Fox Clan through marriage.

From the very beginning, this marriage was destined to have nothing to do with love.

If it was really Daji’s idea, if it was what she was willing to do, and if she really found a man that she loved and loved her, then Li Mu would absolutely have no objection. But if it was not the case…

Then, Li Mu would have to have a good chat with the Heavenly Fox Clan.

“There can be only 10 official candidates in the entire Brilliance Immortal Star Region. Thus, if you want to go to Heavenly Fox Clan’s home planet in the Ziwei Star Zone, you have to become the top ten of all the geniuses who have signed up for the contest,” the old shopkeeper said. “Of course, that won’t be a problem for you, Your Honor. The only uncertainty is that you have a special identity. I’m not sure if the Heavenly Fox Clan would accept a man from the Dark Yellow Clan to participate in the contest.”

Li Mu said, “It doesn’t matter.”

He then put on a mask made of the silver-mountain-like strange stone on his face.

As soon as the silver mask touched his face, it suddenly turned into a face without facial features.

This was the mask he had made for himself when he was on the Ghost Rally Star, in order to make it convenient for him to hide his face in the future.

The silver-mountain-like strange stone was a special material. It was extremely hard. After being engraved with Taoist figures, it had miraculous functions.

With the mask on his face, all his aura was completely covered. There were no energy fluctuations or traces of the previous Li Mu’s Cultivation Method. Except that his figure was the same, no one could find any part of him else similar to Li Mu.

The old shopkeeper also marveled at the mask inwardly.

The moment Li Mu put on the silver faceless mask, he seemed to have changed into another person. And the key thing was that his energy fluctuations, which were essential to identify his origin, changed completely.

“Quick, help me create a new identity,” Li Mu said.

Given the ability of the intelligence system of the Dark Yellow Army, this could be done in a snap.

On the third day, Li Mu, who was now a broadsword man named Li Yidao, showed his face in public in the downtown of the governed planet.

It should be noted that Li Yidao was not a made-up character but a real man who liked to wear a silver mask. He was kind of famous in the Brilliance Immortal Star Region. And his figure was extremely similar to Li Mu’s. Therefore, Li Mu did not have to worry about anyone finding out the truth.

The real Li Yidao was also a member of the Dark Yellow Army. As soon as Li Mu appeared with his identity, the real Li Yidao knowingly vanished from the public eye.

The power of the Dark Yellow Army’s intelligence department could really not be underestimated.

“Now, I’m going to meet the so-called top 10 talents in the Brilliance Immortal Star Region. As long as I tear down one of them, I can get the chance to go to the Heavenly Fox Clan’s home planet.”

Li Mu was full of confidence.

He was going to create a huge disturbance.

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