The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 616 - An Uproar Bursting out on the Forum

Chapter 616 An Uproar Bursting out on the Forum

One always felt warm at the thought of one’s friends.

Li Mu also had a lot of friends, such as Guo Yuqing.

That night, as Li Mu expected, Guo Yuqing and Zuo Qingqing arrived at the Immortal Pavilion.

“Big brother.” When Li Mu saw that Guo Yuqing turned up safe and sound, he finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Guo Yuqing laughed merrily and gave Li Mu a hug. Then, he said, “You’ve defeated a cultivator in the General Realm? How did you manage that?”

Guo Yuqing had seen Li Mu work miracles many times since the day they met. Still, he was deeply shocked this time.

Those in the General Realm were almost unconquerable in Guo Yuqing’s eyes.

The Cultivation Method he had cultivated was quite special. That was why he could already fight an average cultivator in the Mortal Realm when he was still in the Worm Realm. But if his opponent was someone in the Soldier Realm, he would definitely be doomed, let alone facing a General Realm cultivator. However, in less than two months, Li Mu already successfully confronted and repelled a beast in the General Realm. It did not seem to make any sense. It was utterly incredible.

Zuo Qingqing, who was on the side, had been gripped by extreme shock and heartfelt worship the moment she saw Li Mu.

This afternoon, on the forum of the Big Events in the Brilliance Immortal Star Region, someone posted pictures of the battle scenes of Li Mu killing the four elders of the Tianyi Palace and smashing the hellish three-headed dog in the General Realm. In an instant, the whole forum went in an uproar. The attitude of the speakers on the forum was completely reversed. Countless people who were ridiculing, mocking, and provoking Li Mu only a moment ago, were suddenly dumbstruck.

In particular, when they saw that the white-haired swordsman named Lin Yuhan and Li Mu eventually resolved their grievances, the cultivators who had vowed to kill Li Mu at the top of their lungs were suddenly scared out of their wits, as though they just heard that their parents had died.

Having learned about the final result of the battle in the sky above Star Wind City, Zuo Qingqing was over the moon. She immediately told Guo Yuqing the good news.

Then, Guo Yuqing decided to leave the secret warehouse and actively go to meet up with Li Mu in the Immortal Pavilion.

At first, Zuo Qingqing and Younger Liu were slightly worried that the Tianyi Palace would continue to hunt them and make things difficult for them. But when they arrived at the hotel and told those disciples of the Tianyi Palace that they were Li Mu’s friends, the disciples were so scared that they almost wet themselves. Then, the disciples welcomed them hospitably and led them to the small courtyard where Li Mu was staying.

That night, good wine and fine dishes were served.

Guo Yuqing loved wine very much. Whenever there was a big event, he always wanted to have a binge.

Li Mu was there to accompany him.

Well, one should enjoy life while one still could, right?

The view of the independent courtyard of the Immortal Pavilion was extremely beautiful. Here, one had a great angle to admire the moon.

“I’d like to know how my wife and my two children are doing on the Divine Land.”

Having had cups of the fine wine brewed by cultivators, Guo Yuqing was a little tipsy. Bathed in the moonlight, he thought of his wife and children on the Divine Land.

Li Mu also felt a little lightheaded. The wine brewed by cultivators was extremely strong and intoxicating. Slightly drunk, Li Mu said loudly, “Don’t worry, Big Brother. When we have a firm foothold in the cosmos, I will bring my sister-in-law and niece and nephew here and let you reunite with your family.”

Guo Yuqing nodded seriously.

It was not until one left the home planet that one truly stepped onto the path of cultivation.

Now, looking back, Li Mu found that the disputes and grievances he had on the Divine Land were simply trifles.

Li Mu and Guo Yuqing drank a lot that night.

“All the people in the world say that they envy the immortals, but they have no idea how hard the road to immortality is…” Guo Yuqing exclaimed.

In a trance, Li Mu vaguely felt that this scene was very familiar.

On Earth, many people worked their fingers to the bone in big cities just to enable their parents, wives, and children in remote mountains to have a better life. If they made it, they would bring their family from the village to the city and let them enjoy life. Some people also sweat their guts out just so that they could afford an apartment near a good school so that their children could receive better education. In the martial arts civilization in the universe, the same thing was still going on.

Many Void-breaking Realms who entered the Void-breaking Realm and stepped into the universe wouldn’t really forget their loved ones. Instead, they still cared a lot about their families.

After seeing the infinite glory of the universe, they would want to take their family members living in those unranked small planets to the universe as well. They would help them climb over the fence, adapt themselves to the civilization in the cultivation, and truly embark on the road of cultivation.

Many ordinary primitive planets were just like small villages on Earth, while the vast planets in the universes as well as many interstellar cities, were equivalent to the metropolises on Earth. The big planets and big cities had even more distinct laws of the universe, richer Spiritual Qi of heaven and earth, more abundant cultivation resources, and better martial legacies and sects… Only when one entered the universe would one truly be a part of the martial arts civilization and truly stepped on the path of cultivation.

Let’s take the woebegone man with a crippled right leg Li Mu met in Gold Town as an example.

The reason that he had left the desolate Firefly Star and worked so hard and suffered so much was just that he wanted to give his wife and daughter a better life.

Perhaps, before he stepped into the universe, he was a big shot dominating the Firefly Star, an invincible and glorious hero. But after he made it to the Void-breaking Realm and stepped into the universe, things did not go that well. He was disabled and could not earn enough fairy crystals to get his wife and daughter out of that planet even though he had worked hard for a long time. Therefore, when Li Mu helped him get a gold-colored fairy crystal out of the Primordial Stone, he was so thrilled that he burst into tears and lost his composure in public.

Almost all the talented figures who had left their primitive home planets shared the same thought.

Likewise, on Earth, those students who got into the best universities through hard work and those who entered society and came to big cities to earn a life right after they graduated from junior high school were also the proud talents in their own places. Yet, when they entered big cities, they would realize how vast the world was, and how wonderful it was… They would also find out how many resources and wealth there were in this world, which the small places could never create or enjoy.

Therefore, they would work desperately in order to stay in big cities.

Likewise, the talents and heroes on those primitive planets who had broken the void and entered the Worm Realm would find a way to stay in the universe after they left their home planets. Later, they would bring their relatives, descendants, disciples, and friends to the universe and officially join in the martial arts civilization.

That was rather hard to achieve.

After all, not everyone was as lucky and bright as Li Mu. They could not rake in so many fairy crystals in such a short time.

While everything went a little fuzzy under the influence of alcohol, Li Mu still noted what was on Guo Yuqing’s mind.

After all, he himself was also like that.

He also wanted to bring his relatives and friends on the Divine Land, as well as those hot-blooded comrades on Earth, into the universe.

The way the civilization in the universe was heading for was a different one.

But Jianghu was still the same.

The things going on in Jianghu were still similar.

Li Mu lay on his back on the slate of the courtyard, staring at the moon in the sky, listening to Guo Yuqing’s soft snore after he had too much wine and dozed off.

This was the first time Li Mu felt relax after days of intense fighting. He put his cultivation and battling behind his back and began to think about other things.

At noon on the next day.

The “Great Reset Elixir” Li Mu had “purchased online” was finally delivered to him.

In less than 30 minutes after taking the elixir, Ding Yi woke up.

The Spiritual-tier elixir was indeed effective.

After running his Cultivation Method for moments, Ding Yi was already able to get out of bed and walk about. He quickly began to recover.

Meanwhile, Li Mu logged into the Immortal Net. After another round of online shopping, he finally entered the forum of the Big Events in the Brilliance Immortal Star Region.

Then, he saw that there were more than a dozen posts placed at the top of the forum page, all of which had been clicked and read by millions of readers. Just by looking at the titles of the posts, one could already guess the content. For example—

“Nailed Each of the Cultivators in the Soldier Realm with One Punch! Li Mu the Wild Broadsword Killed the Four Elders of the Tianyi Palace.”

“Those in the General Realm Showed up in the Battle of Star Wind City.”

“How Powerful Is Li Mu on Earth? He Pummeled the Hellish Three-headed Dog in General Realm and Forced It to Flee!”

“Shake Hands and Make Peace? The White-haired Swordsman Named Lin Yuhan Turned up, Writing off the Grudge Between Him and Li Mu.”

“Tianyi Palace Bowed Its Head. The First Round Has Come to an End.”

“Li Mu the Wild Broadsword Has Become a Legendary Rising Star in Martial Arts Civilization.”

“Why Say No One Could Afford to Offend Li Mu the Wild Broadsword? An Exclusive Revelation by a General-level Expert.”

When Li Mu first saw these posts, he was stunned for a moment. But soon, he realized that the whole process of the battle in the Star Wind City, after a short period of fermentation, finally prompted an uproar on the Immortal Net. Like a storm, the news swept through the entire forum of the Big Events in the Brilliance Immortal Star Region.


Li Mu chuckled.

This was getting interesting.

After so many years, though Li Mu had already become powerful enough to beat up a General Realm cultivator, his vanity and quirky hankering were still the same, if not increased.

He gleefully read all the popular posts that eulogized him.

“The interstellar paparazzi are quite professional. They’ve not only described the event with words but also posted pictures and even videos,” Li Mu exclaimed with emotion as he browsed the posts.

Some of these posts included static images taken by Water Mirror Technique. Some had motion graphs, which accurately reproduced the battle in Star Wind City.

For instance, those daunting motion images about how Li Mu punched Liu San the Wild Star Sword and Zi Xiao’er the Charming Phantom Sword, and how he surprisingly counterattacked Meng Changhun the Traceless Autumn Wind Sword, were actually edited in great detail. One could see the event from all angles. Such editing skill was not a bit less than the technological means on Earth. The images vividly showed Li Mu’s cool and domineering fighting style to the fullest.

Apart from that, the videos recorded with the Water Mirror Technique showing how Li Mu slaughtered those interstellar bounty hunters and battered the hellish three-headed dog were also remarkably complete.

Obviously, those were the work of “the professional”.

Li Mu had long heard that in the universe, there was a group of “literary cultivators” who made money by selling news, just like the journalists on Earth. Now, Li Mu finally bought it. He was also convinced that these people were quite dedicated and timely. They were acute in this field and able to act fast. Li Mu was really surprised that they had managed to capture the battle scenes on such short notice.

The names of those who posted these dozens of hot posts were all different. But one thing was certain—even if the posts were all free, such high click rates and view rates had already brought generous profits to the people who posted them. The Immortal Net would also give them generous rewards. If any of those posts charged a fee, then the income would be even higher.

After browsing the posts for a while, Li Mu suddenly patted his forehead because something just occurred to him, which made his heart wrench.

Had he known this, he would have recorded the battle with the Water Mirror Technique himself. It could absolutely be regarded as first-hand material. Then, if he immediately uploaded it onto the Immortal Net, he would definitely make a lot of money. In that case, those “literary cultivators” wouldn’t have gotten a turn, would they?

“What a big mistake I’ve made!”

He could not believe that he had let such a good opportunity to “rip others off” slip through his fingers.

Li Mu was full of regret.

He took a closer look at the posts on the forum. As he had expected, after Li Mu’s legendary combat record was released, those who had frantically provoked him and insulted him on purpose in order to attract attention had all fallen into silence. They must have been horrified and were shivering in fear in different hiding places, especially those who had revealed their real names.

Some chicken-hearted cultivators and forces directly made posts to “admit their errors” without waiting for Li Mu’s response.

“I was wrong. Please spare me. I would never dare to babble anymore.”

“Previously, it was my disciple who stole my Net Card and talked rubbish on the forum. In order to show my sincerity in apologizing to the Wild Broadsword, I have already expelled this disciple from the sect and kicked him out…”

“All attention: the Net Card of the head of the Celestial Sect has been stolen by someone with ulterior motives. That person pretended to be the head of our sect and made some very inappropriate remarks under his name. What that person said does not represent the position and attitude of our Celestial Sect. Many people can testify for us. Our Celestial Sect has always thought highly of the strength of Li Mu the Wild Broadsword. We would never provoke him for no reason!”

All kinds of buck-passing techniques and tricks were displayed.

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