The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 478 - Heavenly Medical Faerie

Chapter 478 Heavenly Medical Faerie

Upon hearing that, Li Gang already knew who the visitor was.

He felt his heart miss a beat. But after a moment of hesitation, he still did not choose to evade, but went to the main hall.

In the main hall.

Li Mu, dressed in white, stood straight in the middle of the hall, casually looking around at the decoration of the room with his back facing the door. There were four people standing on each side of him. Their expressions were different, but their auras were extremely strong and deep like an abyss, which were way beyond Li Gang’s measure.

The moment Li Gang saw Jiang Qingluan, Lord Qu of Southern Chu, who had a doleful look on his face, his heart missed another beat. He had a strong impulse to turn around and run away, but his last bit of sanity made him stay.

When the Tomb of the God of Sin opened two years ago, Jiang Qingluan took some people into the tomb. Since then, there had been no trace of him. Many people speculated that he and his lot probably had died in the Tomb of the God of Sin. Li Gang thought so as well. Yet, to his huge astonishment, Lord Qu showed up again on that day.

With a foreboding rising in his heart, Li Gang stealthily cast an inquiring look at Jiang Qingluan. But the latter did not respond, as if he did not know Li Gang at all.

Li Mu wheeled around and gazed at Li Gang.

For this man, Li Mu did not have any good feelings. It was just because he took the identity of the real Li Mu after coming to that planet, and the real Li Mu was Li Gang’s son that he had been more tolerant towards the magistrate of Chang’an.

Li Gang’s subtle expression change had not escaped Li Mu’s eyes, but he did not take it to heart.

“You should have figured out what I want to investigate.” Li Mu broke the silence. “At this point, you should know better than to take chances. Take me to the Heavenly Medical Faerie.”

At first, Li Gang still wanted to cover it up. But after hearing Li Mu’s words, he knew that Jiang Qingluan probably had confessed everything. Li Gang was smart enough to know that it was no longer useful to hide anything now.

“In my body resides the poison planted by that bitch. Once I betray her, I’ll be in great pain and feel it’s better to die than to live. Do you have a way to solve this problem?” Li Gang went straight to the point.

Over the years, he had been under the control of that Heavenly Medical Faerie. Nominally, he was a minister of the Western Qin. However, he had been forced to secretly provide the Black-robed Organization with resources and funds. Fortunately, the Black-robed Organization did not intend to overthrow the Western Qin, so there was no conflict between his undertakings. However, as a Commander of Border-provinces of a large empire, how could he be willing to be a puppet of others?

Now that Li Mu, a man almost standing as an equal of the immortals, was inclined to take on the Black-robed Organization, it could also be an opportunity for Li Gang to break free from their control.

But the thing was that he had to solve the problem in his body first.

If Li Mu could not fix it, he would die either way. So, he reckoned there was no need to submit to the evil spawn of his.

Li Mu said, “Don’t worry. As long as I’m here, the poison inside you can’t kick in.”

His Broadsword Intent had already stepped into the Way and could form a zone of its own, which could cover an area with a radius of 100 meters. In the Broadsword Intent Zone, Li Mu could control everything, including the Law of Divine Way. As long as Li Gang was within a hundred meters near him, it would be absolutely difficult for the poison to come into effect.

“Why should I believe you?” Said Li Gang, staring at Li Mu.

The hawk nose said angrily, “How dare you! Who do you think you are? What kind of person do you think our master is? Why would he try to deceive an ant like you!” Instantly, an aura that was as vast as the ocean swept out. The whole Chang’an City seemed to tremble under the pressure of that power.

Li Gang was also a famous martial art expert in the Western Qin. He was the man of the age. But in the face of the hawk nose’s aura, he felt like a small boat in the storm, which was in the danger of being toppled and engulfed at any time. Immediately, he felt he could not even catch his breath.

With a pale face, he suddenly realized that the current Li Mu was no longer that young man who watched him slam the door in his face when he came to Chang’an City and ask him for help.

It was rumored that one of Li Mu’s Knife Hut servants had killed Nangong Yu and announced that there were three more servants like him in the Knife Hut. Now, Li Gang could tell that this hawk-nosed man must also be one of the four servants of the Knife Hut.

Given that his Knife Hut servants already became so powerful, then, how impressive had Li Mu’s cultivation been over the past two years?

It finally sank in on Li Gang that he and Li Mu were no longer in the same world.

So, he had no choice but said, “Well then, I believe in you.”

Eventually, he compromised.

Because he did not have the capital to negotiate.

Two hours later.

Li Gang led Li Mu and the others to the periphery of a hidden mansion in Chang’an City.

“That bitch lives in this mansion. Her means are quite strange. Even if she doesn’t use her martial art power, she can detect outsiders from several kilometers away. So we have to think of a way…” Li Gang pointed at a residence in the distance.

“No need. Let’s go.” Li Mu walked to the front of the group and headed straight for the mansion.

Since that she could use technology to build mechanical men, it must be as easy as flipping a palm for her to install some cameras. People on that planet knew nothing about surveillance equipment. Thus, they thought it was some remarkable magical power and were afraid of it. However, Li Mu understood the principle behind it. With a scan of his spiritual force, he could see everything clearly. If he spotted a high-definition camera, he could use a small illusory array to block the camera.

Of course, besides the cameras, there were some defensive deployments lying around the mansion, which turned out to be quite interesting.

For ordinary martial art experts, such tactical deployments were quite a deterrent and could at least delay their progress into the mansion for a while. But for Li Mu, they were not worth mentioning at all. He could break them with a flick of his wrist.

“Those are deployments of the witch tribe. Could it be that the Black-robed Organization has something to do with the witch tribe?”

While Li Mu was musing, the four Knife Hut servants silently killed all the guards in the mansion. Unimpeded, the group of people soon arrived in front of a house built with black rocks.

That house was not very eye-catching, and there was nothing special about it, either.

After entering the house, they found the inside was rather confined.

Li Gang directly removed a layer of from the ground, revealing a pure steel plate on the floor. Then he uncovered the plate, under which was a dark stepped tunnel.

“The base of the Black-robed Organization is right below.”

Li Gang led the way and followed the tunnel for 100 meters. The vertical distance between them and the floor was about 50 meters. Then, a huge steel house in front of them. It was vast, deserted, and housed nothing inside.

At the end of the steel house was a giant steel door that was more than 20 meters high.

A peculiar light flickered across Li Mu’s eyes

Although he had been prepared for this, he still felt a sense of intimacy when he saw the building that was obviously styled like those on Earth.

Since he entered the tunnel, he noticed that everything there was like a huge underground shelter, while the steel house in front of him was more like an underground military fortification with a touch of science-fiction color.

“It’s right at the door. But be careful, that bitch has acquired some kind of strange weapon…” Li Gang warned again.

It was obvious that deep down, he was still extremely afraid of his ugly wife, Heavenly Medical Faerie.

However, before he finished his words, Li Mu walked to the steel gate, waved a finger offhandedly, and a ray of broadsword light flashed out from his fingertip. Then, a small door that could allow one person to get through was noiselessly cut out from the one-meter-thick pure-steel-made gate.

Li Mu stepped in.

“Wait for me outside.”

Li Mu’s voice came from inside the house.

So the six of them waited outside.

There was no sound of fighting coming from the gate.

About 15 minutes later.

“Come in.”

Li Mu’s voice came out.

The Four Men’s Symphony, together with Li Gang and Jiang Qingluan, hurried in.

When they entered the house, they found that the short-lived battle was already over. And everything inside the house was very novel for the Four Men’s Symphony and Jiang Qingluan.

“This is…”

The architectural style in front of them was completely different from what they had seen in their life.

The vast internal space was divided into four floors, which were separated by the steel stairs and stands. The doors and windows of some rooms were all transparent glass. And most parts of the building were full of the aura of alchemy. Obviously, the house was built with a very advanced method. The surface of the walls was as smooth as a mirror, and some tubes of different sizes were crisscrossing each other and connecting the various rooms. There were also many bizarre objects hanging in different parts of the house, which looked like quite delicate steel-made toys. And many strips of white lamps hanging on the ceiling had illuminated everything.

That was an architectural style that the Four Men’s Symphony had never seen before. It seemed to be from another world. The four of them could not help but marvel at it.

Although Jiang Qingluan had been cooperating with the Black-robed Organization and so knew some inside information, he had never been to the inside of their base, so he was also surprised at the sight.

As for Li Gang, he had only been to the outside of the steel gate and never entered the house. Therefore, when he first saw the decoration, he was a little shocked, too.

And about several hundred people were lying on the ground, all knocked out.

Most of them were wearing strange white coats, and the energy fluctuations in them were not very strong. Some of the guards in armor were obviously dressed in the same way as those in that world. But they had all passed out. Their cultivation was pretty high, at least in the Natural Realm.

With one glance, Li Gang saw that the bitch he feared the most, that Heavenly Medical Faerie with sarcomas all over her face, was kneeling in the middle of the group of unconscious people. Her face was full of horror and indignation. She seemed to be struggling, but she could not move at all.

There were six or seven people next to Heavenly Medical Faerie. They were all dressed in bizarre clothes and looked not even remotely alike. Yet, the only trait that they shared was that their temperament was all very similar to that of Heavenly Medical Faerie.

One of them was kneeling at the forefront of the group. He had blond hair, blue eyes, a golden beard, and fair skin. He was quite burly, and his facial features were rather eccentric, which resembled those from the vast pasture, but were actually not that similar when one looked closely. The man appeared to be about 30 years old, and was emitting strong energy fluctuations. He was a Great Sage!

“Master.” The four Knife Hut servants marched over.

Li Mu nodded.

At that moment, Heavenly Medical Faerie also caught sight of Li Gang, and a hint of enlightenment appeared in her eyes. She realized that it was Li Gang who brought Li Mu here. She became more and more hysterical and began to struggle desperately while mumbling something that sounded like curses.

The other people in bizarre clothes all looked at Heavenly Medical Faerie, their faces filled with bitter resentment.

Li Mu looked at those kneeling in front of Heavenly Medical Faerie, and finally, his eyes fell on the burly man with blond hair and a golden beard. With a sweeping of his Third Eye, he saw through the man and muttered to himself, “So that’s how it is. He has been possessed…”

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