The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 42

Chapter 42 Childe Qing Feng ยท the Clan Which Li Mu Was From

The Adjudicating Alliance co-founded by the three empires and the nine the Holy Clans aimed at handling disputes between governments and Jianghu, which was really influential around that world. Any warriors would become really serious when they just heard its name on that planet. Adjudicating Alliance had put a lot of pressure on small clans because it was bestowed with power to end any clans, however, Adjudicating Alliance had become less influential, and it seemed that people of Adjudicating Alliance fought for power with each other, and all their energy was put on that, so many immoral and evil clans or factions resuscitated.

When Feng Yuanxing was young, he had read many books and was quite knowledgeable, besides, he also participated in some activities about martial arts, therefore, he could be regarded as a person with some talents. Unfortunately, he could not change his destiny and become really successful due to his low social status, and being the secretary of Taibai County was actually the peak of his career. In the past few years, he had changed according to the changing circumstances and gradually been assimilated by Zhou Wu and Zheng Longxing, so eventually, he turned himself from a confident young man with ambition to a malicious and insidious middle-aged man. However, sometimes Feng Yuanxing, at late and quiet night, would wonder when he became the kind of person he hated most when he was in his prime, and at that time he would feel really sad and ashamed.

“Maybe it’s time to change. It’s better for me to swim against the current than to be carried along by the tide.”

Feng Yuanxing sighed in his mind.

He followed Duan Shuiliu and went all the way back to the county government.

“I want to have a rest. Don’t bother me until tomorrow morning.”

As soon as they had returned to the county office, Duan Shuiliu returned to the back office and then disappeared after finishing that sentence.

At the front government office.

The little boy Qing Feng was lost in deep thoughts.

On the other hands, Ming Yue was full of excitement because she had watched Duan Shuiliu’s killing performance all day long, and today was a treat for her, who really enjoyed watching the scene of bustle.

“I hope brother Duan can kill more people tomorrow. I just want to worship him.” the violent and adorkable little Ming Yue said that with sparklingly stars in her eyes.

“It is estimated that there will be less than half of the Jianghu people in our county tomorrow.” Qing Feng rubbed one of his temples like a young grownup, saying, “Brother Duan doesn’t want to drive everyone away and exterminate them. The purpose of his terrifying kill today was to show our power and in the same time, warn and threaten those Wulin people who have done something terrible, and those guilt people will run away faster than rabbits. Tomorrow they should be all gone.”

“Ah? No?” Ming Yue was disappointed when she heard Qing Feng’s words and said, “They will be all gone? How can brother Duan make that happen? How can he let the bad guys run away?”

“Jianghu villains are like leeks in the field. They will grow later after you cut them off. It is impossible to kill them all.” Feng Yuanxing seemed to remember something and sighed out, “Besides, the rule in Jianghu is supporting your own relatives other than helping the right side, so kill one person means you may provoke his or her teachers, friends, and relatives, which will cause you a series of troubles. How is it possible to kill them all?”

After hearing that, Ming Yue, who seemed to be in puzzlement, blinked her beautiful big eyes and said, “A series of troubles? So what? As long as they are bad people, just kill them all. Isn’t it right?”

Feng Yuanxing just smiled and didn’t continue to speak.

These things were too complicated, so it was really hard to explain clearly to a little girl.

Ming Yue was somewhat disappointed and held her chin, saying, “Oh, what a pity. I still want to look for fun tomorrow. That is not good.”

Suddenly a voice came from the side door of the main hall, “What else do you want to see or look for fun? You are such a little idiot who always desires to see the world plunged into chaos?”

It was Li Mu’s voice.

Li Mu went out from the side door.

“Young Master, have you finished your practice?” Ming Yue suddenly jumped up and said, “How come this time is so fast.”

“I’m just a little hungry,” said Li Mu in a not so good mood.

Li Mu looked at Feng Yuanxing and said, “How’s everything going? Have Duan Shuiliu solved it?”

Feng Yuanxing did not dare to hesitate and said everything that happened today.

Li Mu nodded his head and said satisfactorily, “Well, My brother still get the invincible cutting methods as usual. Hahaha… With his support, I can close myself in the door to practice the martial arts without worry.”

“I’m afraid things are not so optimistic.” Qing Feng rubbed his temples slowly, opened his mouth like a senior man, saying, “Although today brother Duan has frightened some people, he cannot frighten everyone, such as people from Huya Faction and Sky Dragon Faction, so tomorrow’s fight between them is inevitable. Besides, Wu Biao, the One Cut that Sends Man to Death, from Qingfeng Citadel has a bad temper, if he knows his son was killed by us, he will absolutely come here for revenge with all his armed forces regardless of his life. He will definitely give up his life even if the price of killing Duan Shuiliu is his own life. We are sure to deal with more troubles tomorrow. What’s more, to control violence by violence is not the best way. We need to seek a wise solution.”

Li Mu was very surprised to look at the little boy Qing Feng and said, “You little fellow, and you are not yet ten years old. How can you know and think so much? How can you know the character of that so-called One Cut that Sends Man to Death?”

“The childe Qing Feng is born a prodigy. He is really thoughtful and well-planned as if millions of soldiers are in his chest. I cannot be compared to him even if I am an adult, and I am really ashamed.” On one side, Feng Yuanxing generously flattered Qing Feng in a simple and easy way.

After that, he said, “These days, Childe Qing Feng has been in charge of the governmental affairs and collected information from all sources. He has carefully investigated and studied those factions and martial arts masters that deserve our attention, moreover, he has prepared a lot of detailed information. Your honor, you have such a gifted young helper who devoted himself with heart and soul, which is adding wings to a tiger.”

Li Mu laughed loudly, raised his hand and flicked Qing Feng hard, saying, “Such a little boy has so many thoughts all the day. Aren’t you afraid of being premature?”

Qing Feng touched his head as if he was in great pain.

Looking at his expression, Li Mu burst out laughing heartlessly and said, “You see, this reaction is like a child under ten years old. Otherwise, I really think you are a monster… Speaking of it, I always thought that Ming Yue is the only monster around me. Now it seems that the real monster is not Ming Yue, but you, a young old boy.”

Ming Yue really took pleasure in Qing Feng’s behavior and laughed loudly.

Ming Yue was flicked so many times by Li Mu on her forehead. Today, Qingfeng finally got one, which eventually made her feel a little equal.

Feng Yuanxing kept silent smartly.

However, he knew that was a unique way of communication between the county magistrate Li Mu and his two little servants, which indicated their intimacy and mutual trust.

Qing Feng frowned bitterly and said, “Young Master, you have to pay attention to Huya Faction, Sky Dragon Faction, and Qingfeng Citadel, especially the latter one. You must be really careful.” He really thought a lot for his undependable young master.

Feng Yuanxing also said, “Your honor, just like what Childe Qing Feng just said, that crazy owner of Qingfeng Citadel will bring a disaster to us if he really leads his men to attack our county, and our people will be seriously injured, besides, it will cause great harm to your honor’s prestige and political achievements.”

Li Mu curled his lips and thought he was an alien and did not need that shit political achievement.

However, the civilians in the county were indeed innocent. Li Mu knew that was actually caused by himself, so whether it was intentional or not, he should ultimately bear that responsibility.

“How far is it from Qingfeng Citadel to Taibai County?” Li Mu asked.

The little boy Qing Feng said without hesitation, “Qingfeng Citadel is located in Qingfeng Mountain, a branch of Taibai Mountain, and it is 300 miles away from Taibai County. Although the road is rugged, it can also run horses. If my calculation is right, Wu Biao, the One Cut that Sends Man to Death will receive news no later than tonight, then he will be anxious to come here without delay with his armed force. And I estimate they will attack our city gate on the early morning of tomorrow.”

“Attack our city gate? How many armed soldiers are there in Qingfeng Citadel?” Li Mu asked again.

“Only cavalries can get to Taibai County on the early morning of tomorrow. There are 600 cavalries in Qingfeng Citadel, and all of them are elites.” The little boy Qing Feng said again.

It could be seen that Qing Feng really did his homework. He calculated all possible factors and accurately deduced the time, route and force of Qingfeng Citadel’s possible attack on Taibai County, which was absolutely a good job done by a qualified adviser.

Damn it, what a monster.

Li Mu scolded in his mind. Where on earth did that genuine Li Mu on that planet pick up those two little unusual children?

“Your honor, if we stay in the city, we can stick to fight for a while, but there are so many Jianghu people in the city that I am afraid they may collaborate from within with forces from outside at that time…” Feng Yuanxing said in a serious look.

But before Feng Yuanxing finished his sentence, Li Mu waved one of his hands and interrupted, saying, “Don’t worry. I’ve already given notice to my faction, and they will send some people to deal with that so-called One Cut that Sends Man to Death, so people from Qingfeng Citadel cannot make it. Tomorrow, my brother Duan Shuiliu will go out and deal with Huya Faction and Sky Dragon Faction.”

During the conversation, some people had brought up the prepared food: six dishes and one soup, which was very hearty.

With a cheer from Ming Yue, she rushed directly to the table.

“Hey? Wait, leave me some…” Li Mu also rushed over.

Thinking of Li Mu and Ming Yue always gobbling up all the food, little boy Qing Feng immediately changed his look and did not to be reserved and rushed over too.

Feng Yuanxing stood silently in his place, feeling frustrated.

Three odd people: Li Mu and his two little servants, Ming Yue and Qing Feng.

Why did they fight over a meal?

It was not like you could not eat after that one.

Besides, which faction did Li Mu come from? What kind of a faction was that? First, they sent a Duan Shuiliu who had frightened so many people, then they did not take the One Cut that Sends Man to Death from Qingfeng Citadel and his 600 elite cavalries seriously. Were they the Taibai Sword Faction? No, Taibai Sword Faction was famous for its swordsmanship, and its disciples never practiced Dao methods.

“My faction? Haha, I can create a faction of many people on my own.”

In the practice room.

Li Mu laughed weirdly at the mirror as if his conspiracy had succeeded.

The so-called his brother Duan Shuiliu, of course, was his embodiment.

The practice had proved that after he had mastered Rocking-sky Hammer, the first move of Zhenwu Boxing, and Sky Hammer, the second move of Zhenwu Boxing, Li Mu’s ability to control his muscles and bones had reached a level beyond ordinary people’s reach. He had practiced The Way of Changing looks by Transforming Muscles and Bones in an unusual way, and that made him easily change his appearance, his height or even his figure, all of which helped the emergence of Brother Duan Shuiliu.

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