The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 39

Chapter 39 The Dreaming Fascinating Knife Glittering

“Monster, monster… You… you’re a monster.” Zhao Rongcheng was scared out of his wits and murmured like an idiot.

He was a master famous for his strong strength with supernatural power, and of course he knew what kind of power and physical strength needed in order to fiddle with that iron stick just like making dough- Absolutely, that couldn’t be from a human’s power, which made him feel despaired since he found this handsome man was so enigmatic and it was impossible for him to win or to have any chance to escape.

So many people stared at Duan Shuiliu respectfully.


That was a real master!

This young handsome was an extremely terrible real master.

He might be in the Joint-thoughts level already?

When did such a horrible guy appear in Taibai County?

All the people present twitched in their hearts.

“You just collapse at the first blow, and why don’t you admit that you are rubbish? You’re just wasting my time… I don’t think it’s necessary for you to say anything.” Duan Shuiliu looked down at Zhao Rongcheng, then he turned back and said to Feng Yuanxing, “According to Imperial Law, how to penalize the Zhuhao Faction?”

“Those who kill must die, those who seduce must be given castration and punishment of tattooing the face…”

Feng Yuanxing earthed to himself and replied quickly.

And this time when he looked at Duan Shuiliu, he showed great respect.

What kind of mentors did the county magistrate learn from since all of the disciples were so powerful?

“Good, give me the knife.” Duan Shuiliu reached out his hand.

One guard came up quickly and handed over his standard long sword on the waist to him.

Duan Shuiliu held the hilt and pulled it out, which was glittering. Then he looked up and smiled at the landlady who hugged her daughter, said, “Take your daughter and go to the back kitchen, it may be bloody later and not good for little girls.”

The landlady was aware now and took her daughter Zhu’er and ran to the back kitchen immediately.

At this moment, Zhao Rongcheng, the Grand Master of the Zhuhao Faction, had guessed his fate and stood up quickly to try to hold the mother and daughter as hostages ignoring the great pain of the scar on his face as he grinned.

A light from knife flashed.

His body stopped suddenly and became stiff there.

His thinking also stopped at this moment.

At that moment, everyone in the “Shaoyao House” felt it like a dream while the knife light just now was so fantastic like the autumn moon piece scouring with dreamlike color, it was so amazing and beautiful that had taken away their minds.

What kind of knife light was that?

What kind of knife method was that?

It was just like a flash of lightning.

And those who saw the knife light would be attracted deeply.

And for Duan Shuiliu, he also showed surprise on his face, which seemed that he had never imagined the cut was so powerful.

While there was no bloodstain on the ordinary standard waist knife from that guard.

No traces left after cut, no bloodstain on the edge.

“Aha, good cut. A man with a good cut can remove the injustice…” Duan Shuiliu recalled the feeling when he cut just now, then he nodded with satisfaction and flicked the blade gently.

A sound of metal tremor sounded and awoke the people who were fascinated by the intoxication of the knife light.

“That cut…”

“It seems that I can see the meteor’s brilliance…”

“Like the lightning.”

Some people exclaimed involuntarily.

While Zhao Rongcheng seemed to be attacked a vital point since his body was stiff and didn’t move at all.

“You’re such a vestige, Zhuhao Faction, you still want to struggle?” Duan Shuiliu looked at other people from the Zhuhao Faction.

Those arrogant “Wulin Men” were so frightened and didn’t dare to breath or lift the heads, they didn’t dare to look up and look at Duan Shuiliu, not to mention to rush forward to fight. They were filled with the terrible scene of two fingers, one shake and one cut, and finally, they all knelt down and folded their hands for capture.


Duan Shuiliu didn’t even turn back and gave a backhand throw.

The long knife came back to the guard’s scabbard like a spiritual lightning instantly.

“Come and arrest them.”

He stood up like a mountain giant, which gave everyone so much pressure.

Beyond the “Shaoyao House”, hundreds of elite guards in the county government, who had been waiting for a long time, rushed in as soon as they heard the order. All the warriors of the Zhuhao Faction were locked up in fine iron shackles and driven into the prison car, and taken away in order.

“Well, let’s go to the next one.” Duan Shuiliu turned back and walked out of the pub, said with heroic spirit, “I have to be fast and kill all kinds of bad guys within one day… So, what’s the next one according to the file?”

Feng Yuanxing opened the file and looked it up, then said, “It’s the Qingfeng Citadel located at Huishui Street.”

“All right, let’s go to the Huishui Street.” Duan Shuiliu walked out of the big hall.

The remaining dozens of guards were cleaning the battlefield.

The tension in the “Shaoyao House” began to melt finally.

Those Jianghu people who were not from the Zhuhao Faction all paled, they were in fidgets, especially those who did bullying matters in the county, and they only had one idea in their minds, which was to leave Taibai County as far as possible and they didn’t want to face Duan Shuiliu who was just like a monster.

“Hello, Landlady, come to the county government for the settlement tomorrow since the people from the Zhuhao Faction owned you money for the meals,” One guard Dutou Official said with kind and pleasant countenance.

Anyway, those guys from the Zhuhao Faction fell into the hands of the county magistrate, and they would be deprived of everything. These policies were the plans which had been already made by the officials in the county government before they came.

“Thank you, Master, thank you all.” The landlady was still suffering from the shock, she went out from the back kitchen and bowed for appreciation.

The feelings of despair and panic that life and relatives were threatened only in troubled times could made us understand how important this sense of security and security was.

This was actually the life after surviving a disaster.

“Please thank the county magistrate if you want to,” that guard Dutou Official smiled and said.

To be honest, these days when they worked for Li Mu, who didn’t manage the county administrative affairs or get involved in the military preparations, but the changes were clear since the payments and supplies that had been in arrears before could be put down in full and on time. Additionally, the previous arrears had also been made up, which made every guard feel grateful and supportive for the new County Magistrate.

After all, anyone who joined the army was to earn some money to support the family in this world.

“OK, take them all to the prison,” the guard Dutou Official said loudly.

One guard held the iron chain and he was about to put it over the head of Grand Master of the Zhuhao Faction, but something terrible happened. He just touched his body while Zhao Rongcheng’s head fell down without warning suddenly, it was rolling on the ground and a smooth mirror-like incision appeared in the neck.

And it was not until then that blood fog came out of the wound.

Until then, everyone was suddenly enlightened that Zhao Rongcheng’s head had already been cut off and he died completely by the enchanting knife.

How sharp was that knife since it cut off the head with Joint-qi level and there was no blood coming out nor did the head fall down?

“The devil was born, and there might be something big happening and that must be a sanguinary slaughter.”

One elder Wulin master muttered to himself.

Huishui Street.

Feng Yuanxing was holding the file and reading loudly.

“These are the crimes committed by Qingfeng Citadel since its entry into the city for six days. According to the imperial law, the owners Mr. Shao of Qingfeng Citadel will be punished by waist cut, the fourth, fifth and seventh owners will have their heads cut off and hung up as a warning to all, and the sixteen citadel villagers should be exiled for 3,000 li away, the rest 54 of them will be beaten by sticks thirty times on their backs…”

There were many Jianghu people on Huishui Street, and they had gathered in the streets.

The people from the Qingfeng Citadel laughed, they looked at Feng Yuanxing, who was reading there, as if they were watching a clown who worked hard.

There were 74 of them and they were led by the female castellan Wu Feilong, the fourth, fifth and seventh owners also presented, there were 70 minions too, who were strong and powerful and they were the elites selected from the Qingfeng Citadel. They became a little famous these days in Taibai County where so many famous guys gathered, and now the present Taibai County had become the place where all evils acted absurdly and the Jianghu atmosphere prevailed since the government was useless.

So they were not afraid of the officials at all.

Even though someone had recognized that it was Feng Yuanxing reading, the secretary who was one of the giants of the Taibai County officials, they didn’t care at all and thought he was good-for-nothing expelled by the Sky Dragon Faction and Huya Faction separately.

“Hello, is that the secretary? Have you finished reading?” The female castellan Wu Feilong said with indifferent expression.

He was twenty-five years old this year and learned from his father to rob and kill when he was ten. We could say that he was extremely cruel and merciless and afraid of nothing. Then he deliberately laughed at Feng Yuanxing and said, “Go away when you finish reading. Haha, you can only frighten people with the imperial law. Haha, how can the imperial law bind us Wulin guys?”

“Ha ha ha!”

“That is the official dog expelled by the two factions…”

“I would tear your heart out and eat with wine if you are not in the official clothes.”

“Hey hey, actually, Taibai County has beautiful scenic and the people are white and fat, their hearts must be soft and chewy, that’s so exciting.”

All the minions burst into laughter.

“Well, I really envy you.” One strong voice sounded, and Duan Shuiliu, who kept sitting on the fauteuil prepared by the guard, stood up and said, “Why are you so happy since you’re going to die? It seems it’s also a happy thing to be mindless。”

He took three steps forward and leaned back, “Give me the knife.”

That guard Dutou Official went up quickly and handed over the waist knife with both hands.

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