The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 37

Chapter 37 Better Do It Than Wish It Done

“Master, how can this be tolerated? Just send someone out and kill them.” The Lolita Ming Yue showed her violence as a dumb ass, then she said fiercely, “kill them all, teach those Jianghu guys a good lesson and let them understand who the head honcho of Taibai County is.”


Li Mu raised up his hand and flicked her on the head again.

Ming Yue covered her head with tears, “Ouch…”

“Master, I’ve asked Chang’an government for help already…” Feng Yuanxing told him something about his measurement and tried to show his ability in case that the county magistrate thought him as a punk and felt disappointed with him.

“It’s better to depend on myself.” Li Mu sighed with anger.

“Your honor, you’ve showed great foresight and you’re so trenchant. I also think so.” Feng Yuanxing responded like a great flatterer.

Unexpectedly, after Li Mu said so, he held the chin, squinted and thought carefully, then burst into laughter and corrected himself, “well… forget it, let’s turn to others and I have to continue to practice to deal with the challenge from the ‘Bloody-moon Evil Master’. Just let my brother Duan Shuiliu deal with all these miscellaneous things.”

“Huh? All right, your honor, you’re showed great foresight and you’re so trenchant.” Feng Yuanxing responded again like a flatterer.

Li Mu, Qing Feng, and Ming Yue stared at him with a disdainful look.

Realizing that he had flattered in a bad way, Feng Yuanxing corrected himself immediately and said, “Those Jianghu guys are like those completely useless persons. You don’t need to do it by yourself, master.”

Li Mu nodded with satisfaction.

“Tsk.” Ming Yue scorned.

While the young child attendant Ming Yue worried a lot since he didn’t know what to do when there was such a flatterer around the master.

“So, I will go back to practice again.” Li Mu turned back and was about to go to the back office, said, “Duan Shuiliu is handsome, excellent, honest and lovely, respects the old and loves the young, five stresses, follows the five stresses and four points of beauty-requirements for revolutionary culture as well as the eight honors and eight shames, he also studies hard and makes progress every day… He’s really a super master and can kill all kinds of monsters. Mr. Feng, you can cooperate with him when he comes out later, and what he says is my words… One more thing, don’t disturb me when there’s anything happening… You three, stop and don’t come to disturb me.”

As Li Mu stopped those three people to come, he laughed and disappeared in the corner of the side door.

Which made those three guys of Feng Yuanxing, Qing Feng and Ming Yue being at a loss what to do in the big hall.

They didn’t know why they felt the master looked strange when he came out this time.

A moment later.

The big brother Duan Shuiliu, who was handsome and tall went inside the side door with a smile and appeared in the big hall.

“Nice to see you again.” There was a warm smile on his handsome face. Then he greeted to the three people with a smile and said, “I’ve met my brother Li Mu just now, he said he had to focus on practice and asked me to help him with something disturbing. So, Mr. Feng, what is that?”

Without hesitation at this moment, Feng Yuanxing repeated what he had told to Li Mu before.

“Those Jianghu guys are almost acting like pillaging and robbing when they are making troubles in the city,” Feng Yuanxing said, “I don’t know how you will deal with it since the county magistrate told me that you’re the priority?”

Duan Shuiliu smiled and replied, “You asked me how to deal with them? Of course, I will beat them with heavy blows.”

Shaoyao House was a very famous pub in Taibai County.

The specialties in this pub of “Paeonia Lactiflora” and “Calabash Chicken” were famous to all, and it had enjoyed great popularity for a long time due to its long-lasting flavor of self-brewed rice wine with mashed grains.

These days, so many things happened in Taibai County and the Shaoyao House had become the place for those Jianghu guys to gather.

It was at noon and burning hot.

It was so crowded in the Shaoyao House at meal time, and they were all Jianghu guys taking the swords and knives with them who were playing drinking games and talking loudly, which was filled with rude laugh and the smell of wine.

There were twenty or thirty Jianghu men, who were probably familiar with each other and strong, drinking freely and playing drinking games in the lobby on the first floor, which was so busy a place.

“Aha, it’s a pleasant day today. We can hold our heads high since we’ve beat them to scream and shout, we’ve shown our prestige as the members from Zhuhao Faction.” A fat man with a scarred face drank half a jar of mashed rice wine in one gulp, then he threw the jar on the ground directly and shouted loudly with excitement.

The wine jar fell to pieces.

Seeing this, the waiter felt so sorry and even twitched but he didn’t dare to say anything. It was because several days ago, there was one waiter who had his legs broken by those Jianghu men when he talked about the broken bowls with them, and he was still lying on the bed at home. According to the doctor of the Medical Center, he might be disabled even though he was recovered from injury and his life was ruined.

And the landlady who was standing behind the accounting cabinet also felt so sorry for this.

In order to show their heroism and prominence, those so-called Jianghu guys broke the bowls when they were happy to drink, unhappy to drink, chatted happily, chatted unhappily, won the fight and lost the fight, they even broke the jars, dishes and wine cups too… After eating and drinking, they dropped some money and shouted loudly, “Keep the change.” But actually, this money was not even enough for a bowl of wine.

And this pub couldn’t run anymore due to those Jianghu men.

They were just like a swarm of locusts and mice.

The landlady was elderly but looked still attractive, which could be found that she was known to all when she was a beauty when she was young. There was a swollen palm print on his face, which was left by the angry Grand Master of Zhuhao Faction when the Grand Master philandered her as those Jianghu guys forced her to serve them.

She was from a wealthy family in Taibai County but now she had to stand when she was slapped this time.

And at this time, she didn’t dare to say anything when those bowls and chopsticks were broken since there would be any unexpected calamities again.

“Damn…” The landlady cursed secretly.

“Aha, landlady, don’t just stand there, come and get wine here, it’s finished already. Aha…” One disciple from the Zhuhao Faction knocked the wooden table deliberately and laughed loudly.

“Aha ha ha…”

“Yes, landlady, come on and get the wine now.”

“Give us the wine since you don’t even let us kiss you, or else, what’s the purpose of this pub?”

And other disciples of the faction all burst into cooperative laughter.

Looking tearful, the landlady didn’t dare to hide and she had to come out from the back with a forced smile and said, “Sorry, but we’ve sold out our ‘fermented glutinous rice wine’, and I’ve also got some jars of bamboo leaf-green liqueur, do you want to have a try?”

“No, we don’t want other wine and only like your ‘fermented glutinous rice wine’.” The Grand Master of Zhuhao Faction, whose name was Zhao Rongcheng, had elegant name, but he was a strong and thickly built man of more than 2 meters with a scar on the face, looking ugly and ferocious, which made him look more ferocious. He was there looking sideways at the landlady and said with impudence.

“Well… Mr. Zhao, please be the bigger person and the rice wine is really finished.” The landlady said with embarrassment.

Zhao Rongcheng, the Grand Master of Zhuhao Faction, grinned suddenly, which made him more ugly and ferocious due to the scar on his face, then he asked, “It’s finished? I don’t trust you, you must look down upon us and think we cannot afford the wine? I don’t believe it except that you accompany me alone to the backyard to check it… Hey hey.”

There was a burning light in his eyes.

And every man knew what he meant.

Hearing this, the landlady felt so terrified since she heard that some women were defiled by some Jianghu guys, and the consequences would be unimaginable if he really accompanied this bully to the wine cellar.

“Well… I…” The landlady was taken aback.

Zhao Rongcheng stood up suddenly, he took the landlady by the hand like a pair of jade lotus root clamped by iron pliers, which made her face so terrible. He grinned, came up to her and said, “Well, landlady, it’s your fault, why do you look down upon us guys. I will smash your pub, believe it or not?”

“No, let me go, you…” The landlady was so terrified, she tried hard and struggled but failed to get rid of him.

“Mum, mum… Damn, let her go…” One girl of fifteen or sixteen-year-old suddenly rushed out of the kitchen. She looked terrified with panicked purple on her face but nerved herself and waved her pink fist at Zhao Rongcheng. The girl had white skin with picturesque eyebrows as well as a charming and lovely face. When she appeared, the whole restaurant had become suddenly quiet and many people were feeling surprised at the sight of this beautiful girl.

“Zhu’er, why you come here… Go back… Listen to me, go back now.” The landlady looked so terrified.

There were so many people in the pub and most of them were so rude these days, she kept her daughter behind the kitchen in case that so many lewd Jianghu guys were slavering. There were so many cases when some unmarried young women violated by the Jianghu rapists and this silly girl even rushed out when she saw her mother in trouble.

As expected, Zhao Rongcheng, the Grand Master of Zhuhao Faction, suddenly got surprised and had his glowing eyes on Zhu’er. Then he laughed and said, “Madam Landlady, I didn’t expect you to have such a beautiful daughter. Haha, why didn’t you let her entertain us early? Aha, little girl, you want me to let go of your mother? Well, use your little mouth to feed me some wine and I will let your mother go, OK?”

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