The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 35

Chapter 35 The Meaning of Implication

Li Mu became a joke in the eyes of all parties.

The inhabitants of the city could only accept their fate from their expectations at the beginning to their despair at the end.

The people in Taibai County were first oppressed and humiliated by corrupt officials, and now they were bullied by Jianghu guys over the years. They had such unbearably bitter fate as if they were in the long dark night, and they were falling into deeper darkness when a ray of light had just appeared.

In the exercise room of the back office.

Li Mu knew nothing about what happened outside.

He was absorbed in the martial art practice.

He had practiced those dozens of Martial Art Secret Cultivation Method from Li Bing and other people.

However, to his disappointment, they all were useless for him; no matter it was “Inhalation Skills of Qi” and “Training of Qi Formula through Tranquility” or other nine-class Cultivation Methods of practicing internal qi. They couldn’t help him to open the so-called Qi pore that made him couldn’t feel the existence of any internal qi.

And it also made Li Mu had a general conclusion that the nine-class martial art Cultivation Method might not really help him to get internal qi.

He was pondering and found he had to find a higher-grade internal qi Cultivation Method to make further attempts.

And for the other fighting skills like “Lightning Steps”, “Left Handed Method” and “Jade Breaking Sword”, he practiced once again.

It was unknown whether it was because of those two immortal Cultivation Methods of “Xiantian Skill” and “Zhenwu Boxing” since he could practice these ordinary fighting skills very fast. He could be so proficient once he learned and found their disadvantages as well as the flaws and shortcomings after he practiced several times.

Li Mu spent a whole day to simplify the “Left Handed Method” and “Jade Breaking Sword”, and then mixed their essences into the previous “Wind-Cloud Six Moves” that he created through “36 Gale-like Blade Methods”.

To be exact, it was a combination of the first two methods of “Wind-Cloud Six Moves”.

Since Li Mu would come out with more ideas as he learned more fighting skill Cultivation Methods.

If it was described in an exaggerated way, his martial art theory and understanding might grow crazily, which made him find that there was more space for more compression, simplification, and improvement as he found he had compressed and simplified the “Wind-Cloud Six Moves” created by himself as he reviewed it again.

The first two cutting methods were horizontal cuts in the “Wind-Cloud Six Moves”.

Li Mu called them “Knife Drawing Cut” and “Lightning Cut”.

Meanwhile, the stepping method of “Lightning Steps” that advocated violent attack had also been simplified and compressed into two-style steps, which was combined into the first cuts of the “Wind-Cloud Six Moves”.

Li Mu was very satisfied with the power of these two cutting methods after several experiments.

If he had mastered the two cutting methods when attacking the Shennong Faction headquarter on that day, he would absolutely become peerless without any strong force.

As per the last physical practice Cultivation Method of “King Kong Cultivation Method”, Li Mu ignored it since it was time-wasting and useless compared with the “Zhenwu Boxing”.

After several days’ indoor practice, Li Mu was so perfect on the “Knife Drawing” and “Lightning Cut” which made them become his instinct, he felt that there seemed to be a wonderful change inside him and some kind of long-term accumulation had reached a peak. The silent quantitative change seemed to have prompted the qualitative change.

The illumination appeared in his mind and inspired him, and then he gave up the knife practice immediately and began to practice the second style of the “Zhenwu Boxing”.

Before this, Li Mu had successful master of “the Lifting Pole Style” of “Zhenwu Boxing”, and could activate the first style “Rocking-sky Hammer” of the “Zhenwu Boxing”, however, he couldn’t activate the second style of “Sky Hammer” since he would feel great pain like thousands of cuts on him when he forced to do so.

However, he still felt swelling on bones and muscles but not so painful like before when he practiced the second style of the “Sky Hammer” this time. Li Mu gnashed the teeth, forced himself and practiced all the movements of this style once. In the end, he was drenched with sweat.

However, he became so excited.

It was the first time when he could perform all the movements of the “Sky Hammer” completely.

He realized it was the opportunity to complete the second style of the “Zhenwu Boxing”.

Gnashing the teeth, Li Mu began to perform for the second time.

Then, the third time, the fourth time, the fifth time…

He felt more and more swelling on the muscles but it was not that piercing pain, then Li Mu felt as if he lost consciousness gradually and continued to perform the movements of “Sky Hammer” relying on the instinct of the body. Countless beads of sweat came out of the pores and his whole body sweated as if he was pulled out of the water.

It was unknown how long it had been when Li Mu felt a sudden shock on him.


The invisible sound echoed in Li Mu’s mind.

At that moment, he had the feeling that his body was floating lightly as if he was separated from the gravitational pull of the planet which made him tread on air and transcend, which was extremely wonderful. At that moment, his body that had lost consciousness seemed to re-enter the amniotic fluid of the womb and the feeling of warmth came while the control of the body returned little by little.

Now he was thoroughly acquainted with the second style “Sky Hammer” of the “Zhenwu Boxing”.

Li Mu stopped and felt comfortable all over.

Then he looked down and found he was covered by a stain like black asphalt, it was dirt discharged from the skin pores and it stank. That was exactly the same when Li Mu finished the first style “Rocking-sky Hammer” of the “Zhenwu Boxing”, and there was no doubt that he knew this was exactly the same character of remolding himself thoroughly when he completed the activation of the second style “Sky Hammer” of the “Zhenwu Boxing”.

“I’ve improved my physical strength again…”

Li Mu sighed with great excitement.

The increase of power was absolute.

Li Mu didn’t know how terrible his power was since there was no exact reference to compare.

He had the feeling that he could turn over a mountain as he lifted his hand.

“I’ve got the martial art meaning of ‘handle complicated matters with ease’ after I master the first style ‘Rocking-sky Hammer’ of the ‘Zhenwu Boxing’, but what is the implied martial art meaning of the second style in the ‘Sky Hammer’?”

Li Mu closed his eyes and thought carefully.

Not soon, he found something.

“My weight seems to be lighter… No, it’s not light weight, it’s just a kind of… martial art meaning of light body?”

Li Mu opened his eyes suddenly and was overjoyed.

He felt the implied martial art meaning of the “Sky Hammer” was similar to the Lightness Skill.

That was why he had a sudden strange feeling of departure from the gravitational pull of the planet when he broke through the last hurdle of the second style.

Li Mu was experiencing carefully. Suddenly, he moved and gained slight force on the tips of the feet.




Li Mu uttered a cry of surprise and broke the roof of the exercise room with the head, which was blocked among the slates.

He only wanted to jump a little and tried to test the general power of this Light Body Method, but he couldn’t even control his body while it ran out like a rocket and stuck in the roof slates to make a hole like an upside-down radish when he made a slight effort.

He struggled for a moment, pulled his head out of the slate and fluttered down like a feather.

“This Light Body Method is a little terrifying…”

Covered with dust and power on his face, Li Mu was greatly surprised.

Its power was much more terrifying than he imagined.

“It seems that it can make my body lighter like the Lightness Skill, and can also increase my speed.”

Li Mu got new discoveries as he experienced carefully.

He tried again, gained force under the feet and moved like the flash of lightning, then disappeared and rushed out five or six meters away in an instant move, then…


Li Mu hit the wall with his arms stretched out and in the end formed a human-shaped dent on the wall.


He struggled and climbed out from the dent, which made him see stars.

That must be the first time when he was like this since he practiced.

The implied martial art meaning of Lightness Body Method in the “Sky Hammer” brought such strong effect, and Li Mu had just experienced it. He had not gotten full control of it yet and made a too strong move. Thus, things ended in such an awkward way.

But Li Mu got more excited at the scene.

Because this meant that the implied Lightness Body Method power in the style of the “Sky Hammer” was indeed incredible.

Later, Li Mu continued to try and digest the power of the Lightness Body Method.

He spent almost one hour and hit everywhere in the exercise room, leaving countless dents on the roof and the walls. Then finally, when he could almost master its power, he could restrain his excessive power when hitting any wall.

Li Mu didn’t know its limit and couldn’t ascertain whether it would make him jump one thousand-high or move run a hundred meters away in an instant. The exercise room was relatively small and he needed to find a relatively open environment to test.

“Aha ha ha, first, this method is absolutely an excellent lifesaving trick. As the old faker said, I have to run if I cannot beat them. Well, from now on, I don’t need to worry since I can run faster than anyone.”

Li Mu was very happy.

Originally, he was a little concerned since he would face danger when fighting with the Bloody-moon Evil Master three months later. But now he was completely relaxed because he could run away any time, and he didn’t even need to worry about such hollow things like fame as an alien. It was nothing when it came to earth even if his reputation became ruined.

“Ah ha ha ha, yes, that’s it. I can escape anyway.”

Li Mu was very pleased.

After a while, he calmed down and restrained himself.

“Now I’ve already mastered the first and second styles of ‘Zhenwu Boxing’, what will it happen if I activate and connect them together directly?”

He was inspired and started to try immediately.

Soon, Li Mu had different insights.

There were more wonderful effects as they were connected.

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