The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 31

Chapter 31 The Way of Changing Looks by Transforming Muscles and Bones

Boom! Boom! Boom!

There was a knock on the door.

Li Mu frowned and opened the door of the practice room.

Outside the door, Feng Yuanxing, the secretary, was standing anxiously with sweat all over his head.

“What’s the matter?” “What’s up?” asked Li Mu.

Li Mu was not happy when the process of practicing meditation was interrupted, but he did not directly blame Feng Yuanxing because he understood Feng Yuanxing knew how far to go and when to stop although he was a flatterer. It was the first time for Feng Yuanxing to interrupt Li Mu’s practice so there must be something very important to inform Li Mu.

“Adult, the lower official has had a major event, and I have to interrupt your cultivation to report.” Feng Yuanxing’s face is ugly, and the voice is depressed. It’s a bit sneaky and close. “Your honor, I accidentally found out something very important, and have to interrupt your practice to report it.” Feng Yuanxing looked very nervous, lowered his voice, approached Li Mu, which was kind of sneaky, and said, “Your honor, Li Bing’s identity is a little tricky.”

“What do you mean?” “What do you mean?” Li Mu seemed surprised.

“I found some printed things on his body. If there is no guess, this Li Bing is the youngest son of the famous magistrate Li Gang.” “I found some official seals with him. If I am not wrong, this Li Bing is the youngest son of Li Gang, the magistrate of a prefecture.” Feng Yuanxing showed an awkward look, and his legs seemed trembling. Today, Li Mu had beaten the son of his supervisor badly in public senselessly, who was kind of like a pig now, and that might cause great trouble.

D*mn it!

Li Mu felt really speechless and thought did the old faker forgot to see an almanac when he sent him into this planet, otherwise, he could always make such kind of trouble when he wanted to fight with others and be really pretentious?

Li Mu just provoked the two giants Bloody-moon faction and Taibai Sword Faction, and then he immediately offended his superior, which made him naturally a guilty person in both officialdom and the Wulin World.

Li Mu felt somewhat wronged.

Since you were the son of the magistrate of a prefecture, why did you say it earlier? Did you intentionally wait for me to make a mistake?

“What’s so great about being a magistrate of a prefecture? Even a prince should take the same penalty as the common people if he breaks the law and commits a crime. I am not to allow myself to be pushed around.” Li Mu felt more and more wronged when he thought about that and thus became more and more excited. In the end, the ruffian spirit in the deep of his personality erupted again. His anger started from his heart and he turned evil into courage, so he made up his mind and gritted his teeth, saying, “Anyway, I’ve already offended them. You don’t think so much about it. First, lock these b*stards in prison for me. If they don’t obey, you just beat them hard. By the way, have you found the secret books of martial arts and warfare skills?”

When Feng Yuanxing heard it, he got an impulse to cry.

“Following such an unreliable master, it is really hard to say that was a blessing or a disaster. At this time, should you still think about the secret books? Shouldn’t we discuss how to deal with the tricky question of Li Bing?”

However, he did not dare to say that. He just dodged his body, revealing a medium box behind him, and said, “Your honor, what I have collected from Li Bing and other people are in this box. I have searched it by myself and no one else knew. Except for some secret books of martial arts and warfare skills, there are still some messy things that you may use. I have sent them all on my own initiative.”

Li Mu observed it contained a whole box of things and thought in that case, did it mean a good harvest?

He was happy in his heart and thought finally, there was good news.

He took the books and nodded, saying, “Okay, this time, you did a good job. I will remember to reward you.”

Having said that, Li Mu seemed to have forgotten other things. He turned around and went back to the practice room to study the secret books for the purpose of finding his own way to cultivate his internal qi.

Feng Yuanxing quickly followed him, saying, “Your honor, things already happened, and we’d better let Li Bing and other people…” He made a gesture of cutting his neck, saying, “Destroy the corpses, and there will be no evidence of their death.” Even many people saw Li Mu beat Li Bing and his fellows today on the street, so what! Li Bing did not say his identity on the spot.

Li Mu took a deep breath several times in his heart, and could not help looking straight at Feng Yuanxing carefully.

D*mn it. This flatterer Feng Yuanxing was really cruel and merciless.

However, Li Mu thought for a moment, shaking his head, pretended to be profound and said, “No, Just keep them alive first. They will be useful in the future.”

As for the exact use, Li Mu did not have a clear idea at all.

The reason why Li Mu did not kill Li Bing and his fellows was that he simply did not want to kill them, and Li Mu thought they should not be punished to death, but more importantly, he did not want to be led by Feng Yuanxing.

“Yes, sir.” Feng Yuanxing had no other choice but say yes.

Li Mu turned around, took two steps but suddenly he turned back and said, “Oh, well, these days, are there many people from Jianghu to Taibai County?”

Feng Yuanxing nodded and said, “Exactly. Many people from Jianghu were attracted to because of your honor’s fight with Boody-moon Evil Master. Those Jianghu people really enjoyed this kind of event. Since ancient times, Jianghu people always violate a ban because of fighting. When there are many Jianghu people in the county town, they do not normally follow the rules and thus more friction is produced. We officers cannot deal with them properly, just like today when…”

That was a complaint.

There were not hundreds of elite guards in Taibai County, and it was really difficult to deal with this situation when there were so many people from Wulin.

“Don’t care about them. Just assign some people to pay attention to the whereabouts of these outsiders, especially, to record the great masters of Jianghu, such as which faction they come from, how their strength is, what they have done in the county, who they have met and where they have lived, and record those details, compile them into one book and hand it to me.”

Li Mu left with such an order and turned to the practice room.


Feng Yuanxing still wanted to say something, but he was shut out.

He did not dare to knock on Li Mu’s door again.

Just when Feng Yuanxing was about to leave with a bitter smile, the door of the practice room opened, and Li Mu stuck his head out from inside, saying, “By the way, call the craftsmen in the county, work day and night, to make strong shackles more. Hurry up. They must be firm and durable, and can lock martial arts masters up.”

After that, with a bang, the door to the practice room was closed again.

“What? Shackles? This… Yes, sir. ”

Feng Yuanxing could not figure out why Li Mu prepared so many shackles.

But the county magistrate shut himself up again in the “little black house” to practice, so he could not ask more questions, but could only respond instinctively.

In the practice room.

“D*mn it. What are these messy things?”

Li Mu was speechless.

He opened the box handed in by Feng Yuanxing. It seemed that he had opened a glove box with a lot of things in it.

Li Mu wanted to see the secret books of martial arts quickly, so he looked at all of the books first and then took out a paper book that looked like the secret skills of martial arts.

That book was very thick, its binding was very delicate, and the paper was also exquisite, which seemed to be a valuable tactic of martial arts.

As a result, Li Mu was really shocked when he had seen the big words on its cover.

“Thirty-six Moves of Doing Sex?”

Li Mu laughed.

“D*mn it. No wonder he can molest woman on the street. It’s really eye-opening to carry such a high-level academic research paper of doing sex. I’m really impressed. His professionalism is far better than the average person.” He opened it up and found there were actually some indescribable contents and illustrations. However, the level of these manual illustrations was too low, which made Li Mu, who had seen many of sex movies of Janan on the earth, had no interest at all.

Li Mu threw that Thirty-six Moves of Doing Sex away and continued to rummage through the box.

Then he saw some human skin masks. Then he saw some human skin masks. Then he saw some human skin masks.

These masks were flesh-colored, thin as cicada wings. But Li Mu did not know if they were peeled off from human skin, so although they were really exquisite, he was not interested in them at all. He would feel nauseous and abnormal if he wore them on his face.

He threw it aside again.

Keep looking.

Li Mu saw a few small porcelain bottles of the size of a palm.

Li Mu looked them carefully and found those bottles had something written with red lacquer, which said, “Spring Aphrodisiac”, “Female Philter”, “Love Potion” and so on. After reading these names, Li Mu knew that the things in those pottery bottles must be philters used by dirty people. He was really curious, and almost opened a bottle to sniff it, but then he immediately realized that was simply silly, so he stopped that behavior.

After thinking about it, he put these bottles on the shelf of the practice room.

In addition, Li Mu also found all various stuff in the box, such as steel hook locks, sleeve arrows, darts, wire mesh, wigs and so on, which really broadened his horizon. He finally saw those things that could only be seen in the martial arts novels on the earth.

“D*mn it, it seems that this time I didn’t beat them wrong. These things are the proofs that Li Bing and his fellows are really rubbish. They don’t do good deeds, kind of like hooligans or thieves.”

Li Mu cursed them while sorting these things out in order and hiding them.

Then he saw a few pamphlets at the bottom of the box.

Li Mu took one of them out and looked at its name, and his eyes flashed a trace of surprise.

“The Way of Changing Looks by Transforming Muscles and Bones?”

Li Mu was suddenly worried when he saw the word “transforming”.

Wasn’t it a pervert martial arts to change sex?

He instantly remembered several famous pioneers who had transformed themselves from men into women, such as Dongfang Bubai, Yue Buqun, Lin Pingzhi and so on. Although Li Mu wanted to learn earthshaking martial arts, he also had a bottom line. Cutting his penis off to become a woman was absolutely unacceptable.

Li Bing was really a pervert. What kinds of pervert martial arts books did he collect?

Li Mu condemned Li Bing in his heart while opening several pages at random.

However, after a while, Li Mu showed a serious look.

“The so-called ‘Muscle Changing and Bone Transforming’ refers to changing some external characteristics of one’s own muscles and bones through some special skills, thus changing one’s height, figure and appearance, and then becoming another person… That’s interesting.”

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