The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 1053

Chapter 1053 I’m Not Your Friend

At first, it was just a flash of lightning. But in the next moment, it suddenly darkened, and the lead layer of the pale purple thunderclouds covered the sky. Streaks of purple lightning flashed in the thunderclouds. They flickered as if a divine dragon was stretching out its claws. The air was full of light purple haloes, dim and mysterious.

Everyone in Oststern saw this scene.

The strange change immediately made everyone look up at the sky with shock, confusion, and a trace of fear in their eyes.

“Lightning Taoist Ancestor Mountain, is this thunder ancestor?”

The first general of the Sanctuary of the Way, Green Ox Taoist, who was ordered to temporarily live in Oststern, suddenly changed his face. Now, he looked extremely dignified.

He realized something.

“Woof. Is there an expert? Should we hide?”

The Samoyed dog’s tail immediately stood on end.


Before the dog finished its words, a huge palm materialized in the rolling thunderclouds. It was as if a deity had stretched out from the clouds to judge the situation. The huge palm carrying the wind and thunder pressed down with devastating power. The wind and thunder followed and enveloped Oststern.

At this moment, even the strong Green Ox Taoist felt death was approaching.

This was the means of a martial art emperor.

The old faker narrowed his eyes.

“This little bastard has caused quite a bit of trouble.”

Strange pale golden runes appeared under his feet and lifted him up. He flew toward the sky. He took the initiative to face the destructive giant hand made of thunder, lightning, and leaden clouds. At the same time, golden runes flew out of every pore of his body like fish scales. They rotated and flew around his body, emitting strange golden light. They hurriedly gathered together and finally turned into a golden trident. It soared into the sky.

The golden light seemed to cut through the dark sun before dawn.


The giant lightning hand shattered in front of the golden trident.

At the same time, the sea of purple lightning and leaden clouds all over the sky shattered.

The blue sky reappeared in everyone’s sight, and the warm sunshine shone on the ground again. The world, which had lost its color, suddenly became lively and bright again as if it was a change between life and death.

The figure of the old faker was suspended in the sky. He stood tall and straight.

This wretched elder with yellow teeth was extremely tall and burly at the moment. Many disciples of the Sword Sect of Mount Shu were shocked to realize that this elder, who usually played with the dog and the chicken under the Tree of Eternity, was so powerful.

The Green Ox Taoist also showed a strange light in his eyes.

He had heard a little about the achievement of the old faker in the Ziwei Star Zone, but he had never seen it with his own eyes. These days, the old faker did not behave like an expert at all. Therefore, the Green Ox Taoist couldn’t relate the elder to a martial art emperor.

After the old faker made his move, the power of golden runes was flowing with the aura of an emperor. It was a kind of power that the Green Ox Taoist had never seen before. It was not weaker than the power of the Chief of the Sanctuary of the Way, the Sword Savant, and other famous emperors he had seen before. What a mysterious martial art emperor!

At this time, a middle-aged man in a purple robe stood proudly and confronted him about a kilometer away from the old faker.

At first glance, the person was an ordinary-looking man, but the person had indescribable majesty. He was high above the masses just like a god who mastered the laws of all living things. He looked as if the land and all living things under his feet were like ants and grass in front of him, as small as dust.

“Friend, I’m the Chief of Lightning Taoist Ancestor Mountain. Nice to meet you.”

The purple-robed middle-aged man spoke. His voice was mellow, and his tone was dignified.

The old faker grinned, revealing his yellow teeth. “I’m not your friend. Get lost.”

A trace of astonishment flashed across the depths of the eyes of the purple-robed middle-aged man. It seemed he had never expected that an emperor-level expert whose cultivation was close to him would speak in such a vulgar way. He did not know what to say next.

“Are you going to get out or not?” The old faker asked impatiently.

The middle-aged man in a purple robe smiled slightly. He had completely regained his composure. Now, he was not annoyed. Instead, he said indifferently, “I’m not here to destroy Oststern or to invite you to a battle. I just want to stop you for a while.”

The old faker said, “You will pay the price for stopping me.”

The middle-aged thunder ancestor said, “Maybe I can afford it.”

In the eyes of the old faker, there was a kind of light shining like the most dangerous water beast hunting. He bowed slightly and said, “Maybe you can’t afford it.”


As soon as he finished speaking, he arrived in front of the purple-robed middle-aged thunder ancestor and threw a punch.


The thunder ancestor was directly blown away. His figure was torn into pieces in the air and exploded, turning into pale purple mist all over the sky.

“Has it ended up so quickly?”

The eyelids of the Green Ox Taoist twitched.

“Good fist technique.”

At this moment, the voice of the thunder ancestor sounded in mid-air. Lightning swirled, and his body gathered again.

He also threw a punch.


Two fists collided.

Both the old faker and the thunder ancestor paused for a moment and froze on the spot. Their fists collided with each other. In an instant, time and space seemed to be frozen.

At this time, a strange phenomenon appeared.

Behind the old faker came the sound of the surging waves in the sea. In a trance, the totems of thousands of sea beasts appeared and disappeared in a flash. They occupied half of the sky behind the old faker. Behind the thunder ancestor, the illusions of thunder, lightning, clouds, and thunder dragons twisting and turning also flashed.

The terrible power seemed to erupt in an instant and destroy the world.

But the next moment, all the illusions disappeared, and the horrible power about to erupt also dissipated like a dream. It was so unreal.

The first exclamation came from the thunder ancestor.

Then he flew backward for hundreds of meters before stabilizing himself.

The second exclamation came from the Green Ox Taoist.

Then, the eyes of the top general of the Sanctuary of the Way burst out with incredible horror.

The Battlefield of Chaos was convinced that among all the martial art emperors who had succeeded in their Ways, the thunder ancestor, who had been practicing the Way of Thunder, could definitely be ranked in the top three. Almost all the other martial art emperors were suppressed in this kind of physical confrontation.

But now, in the collision between the thunder ancestor and the old faker, he was at a disadvantage.

When the elder with yellow teeth used the runes before, the golden trident smashed the giant hand made of thunder and leaden clouds. The Green Ox Taoist thought that he achieved his Way by means of symbol techniques. But now, his physical body was so terrifying. Did he achieve his Way with both the magic arts and martial arts?

Those who could achieve their Ways like the elder were all terrifying.

The Green Ox Taoist felt that many forces should reevaluate this foreign emperor.

At the same time, he also realized that something had happened to Li Mu.

It was obvious that the old faker wanted to end the battle as soon as possible so that he could leave here to support Li Mu. However, the thunder ancestor had no intention to compete with the old faker. He just wanted to stop the other party for a while.

After realizing this, the Green Ox Taoist did not hesitate at all. He turned into a stream of flowing light and flew straight toward Huining City.

The Transmitting Array that had been built was now disrupted by the fighting energy of the two emperors, especially the thunder ancestor. It could no longer be used. With the cultivation of the Green Ox Taoist, he could reach the Huining City of the Military of Man in half an hour if he tried his best.

However, he had no choice but to stop halfway.

A long-haired, barefoot, white-robed young man with a smile stood in front and blocked his way.

“Brother Green Ox Taoist, why are you in such a hurry?” The young man’s tone was gentle, making people feel comfortable.

“Bai Rushuang?”

The heart of the Green Ox Taoist slowly sank.

The head of the nine future leaders of Lightning Taoist Ancestor Mountain, Bai Rushuang, was waiting for him here. It meant that Lightning Taoist Ancestor Mountain had planned everything and made no mistakes. It was impossible for him to support Li Mu in a short time.


Without any extra words, the Green Ox Taoist punched directly, and the sound of the moo resounded between the ground and the sky.

The Reincarnation Fist of the Great Way!

The middle-aged man in a white robe seemed to smile casually, but a trace of excitement flashed in the depths of his eyes. He turned into lightning and met the attack.

This was a battle between the first future leader of Lightning Taoist Ancestor Mountain and the first general of the Sanctuary of the Way.

The two were both second only to their Chiefs in their Holy Lands. The world, including the two people, didn’t know who was stronger.

Would they know the answer today?


Terrifying energy fluctuation burst out in the sky.

The void barrier was broken into pieces like pieces of Lazulum under the divine hammer.

“Do you want to play chess with me?”

The Sword Savant looked at the smiling elder in front of him and said, “I’ve never heard that the leader of the Holy Land of Thousand Flames is obsessed with the Way of chess.”

The elder’s hair, beard, and eyebrows were all white, and he had a kind of immortal aura. He said lightly, “The road to seeking the Way is long and endless. It’s not too late to go on the road at any time.”

The Sword Savant said, “I’m not in the mood to play chess today.”

The elder said, “It’s a good day today.”

The Sword Savant sighed and said, “Is this the choice of the Holy Land of Thousand Flames?”

The elder also sighed and said, “The choice of the Brotherhood of Swords is not good.”

A simple and unadorned sword shadow slowly emerged behind the Sword Savant. It gradually became clear. The faint sounds of the sword seemed to come from another space. Wisps of illusory and real sword light burst out in the surrounding air.

“Please enlighten me.”

The Sword Savant raised his hand.

If possible, he didn’t want to fight the leader of the Holy Land of the Human Clan.

The elder from the Holy Land of Thousand Flames flipped his palm.

Three flames appeared in his palm, one white, one black, and one colorless.

A strange bell rang over Serenity Mountains in the Sanctuary of the Way without warning.

The owner of the Sanctuary of the Way was planting vegetables with a hoe in the fenced yard. When hearing the bell, his face suddenly changed.

In the sky, a monk in a golden cassock with the Nine Dragons Golden Buddhist Staff in his hand was standing in the air above the Serenity Mountains. A Buddhist bell was suspended in the air, and there were runes carved on all sides of the bell, which were written in Wan.

The monk struck the Buddhist bell with the Nine Dragons Golden Buddhist Staff, and the bell sound was melodious.

The leader of the Sanctuary of the Way lowered his head, stretched out his fingers, and calculated. His face gradually became serious.

“Master Ruhui, is Huazang Temple also involved in this disturbance?” The master of the Sanctuary of the Way raised his head and said.


The monk’s face was as white as jade, sparkling and shining. His ears were drooping down to his shoulders. There were twelve monk scars on his head. He looked solemn and did not answer. He just hit the Buddha bell rhythmically with his staff.

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