The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 1014

Chapter 1014 Shenji of Hundred Refinements

Li Mu was a little confused.

What was going on?

“The Inquisition? What kind of place is that?” Li Mu said, “When did I become the head of the Inquisition?”

“What the hell is going on?”

Zhuge Yun smiled and said, “Not long after you and Brother Sword Fanatic left the Battlefield of Chaos, the Military of Man finally approved the proposal of Sword Savant, decided to restart the Inquisition, and let you be the head of it. All the procedures have been finished. Your seal, official robe, and token have been brought here by the Sword Envoy, Song Bie.”

“Your honor, I’m Song Bie.” The one on the rightest side of the three masked experts in leather armor bowed to Li Mu. He held the air with both hands, and a black metal box appeared on them. He said, “This is the seal, official robe, token, and certificate of appointment. Please check and accept it, your honor.”

Li Mu looked at the black box, Song Bie, Zhuge Yun, and Sword Fanatic one after another. He said, “But I still don’t know what kind of place the so-called Inquisition is.”

Sword Fanatic said, “Swords can lighten the long night. The ancestors establish the Inquisition and hoped to use it to kill treacherous officials, wipe out the traitors of the Human Clan, and clean up the dark places and people hiding filth. The Inquisition is under the command of the Conclave of Ten of the Military of Man. It has the right to execute people under camp general first and report later. Below the senior general, they have the power to arrest and report afterward. Granted by the military power, the Inquisition is in charge of arresting sinners.”

The Conclave of Ten was the highest authority of the Human Clan, composed of representatives from the ten Holy Lands, such as the Brotherhood of Swords, the Sanctuary of the Way, the Lightning Taoist Ancestor Mountain, and others. It controlled the army of the Legions of the Human Clan and dominated the various Holy Lands. Therefore, it was similar to the parliament.

Seeing that Li Mu was still a little confused, Zhuge Yun added, “Yes. The Inquisition once played a great role in the history of the Human Clan. It has killed countless traitors and evildoers and caught countless spies. It was called the sword light in the long night. It had great power and prestige. But later… After two hundred years, the Military of Man decided to restart the Inquisition. You honor Li, I hope that the Inquisition can regain its former glory under your leadership.”

Li Mu was confused after hearing this.

According to what Sword Fanatic said, the Inquisition seemed to be like the imperial guards of the Ming Dynasty on Earth. It was a powerful secret service organization. But according to Zhuge Yun, it seemed that this secret service organization had made some mistakes 200 years ago, which led to the destruction of its former glory. It was stopped by the Military of Man. As a result, it was restarted, and Li Mu became the boss of this secret service organization.

The Commander of the Imperial Guards?

The biggest leader of the powerful secret service organization?

“It sounds powerful. Should I have a try?”

“Ha… Seventh Brother, don’t worry. This is good for you. If anyone wants to hurt you in the future, the person will have to think twice. If you don’t like anyone, you can beat the person at will.” The Sword Fanatic winked at Li Mu.

Zhuge Yun was speechless.

Sword Fanatic deserved to be one of the six strongest rogue swords of the Brotherhood of Swords. He said such shameless words so brazenly.

Therefore, Li Mu opened the black metal box from the hands of Song Bie, who had been bending down and holding the box up.

There was an ancient brass lamp, the size of an adult’s palm on the top layer. It was quite exquisite, but there was no lamp oil or wick. It was covered with strange patterns and did not look like a symbolic text.

“What’s this?” Li Mu looked at Song Bie.

Song Bie said concisely, “Your honor, this is the token of the Inquisition.”

“Why is the token a lamp?”

Seeing that Li Mu was puzzled, Sword Fanatic laughed wildly and said, “Ha… Seventh Brother, let me explain it to you. The token of the head of the Inquisition is called the Light of the Night. For this reason, the Chief of the Inquisition has another title, the Holder of Lamp. With the sword in your hand and the lamp above your head, you can break the darkness and eliminate evil spirits.”

Was there such a story?

Li Mu suddenly had some expectations for the identity of the Chief of the Inquisition.

After all, the character and style of the title sounded cool.

On the second layer of the black metal box were two crossed sharp swords of good quality, both of which were divine weapons. Li Mu was not particular about weapons. On the third floor, there was a set of white leather armor and a leather mask.

This mask attracted his attention.

The mask was divided into two halves from the middle. The left half of the face was dark and looked angry, and the right half was half of a smiling face. It looked quite strange.

“This divine mask of rewarding good and punishing evil is also one of the treasures. You’ll know its wonderful effect in the future,” the Sword Fanatic said. “That white dragon armor was made of the skin of a moonlight flood dragon. A long time ago, an ancient Imperial Lord of the Human Clan killed the flood dragon of the Emperor-to-be Realm of the devil races. Therefore, it’s also a set of Emperor-to-be armor, which is valuable. Ha… These are all supreme treasures.”

Li Mu was overjoyed.

Since the Sword Fanatic knew about it, it meant that the Sword Savant, the Chief of the Sanctuary of the Way, and the others also knew about it. They must have acquiesced. There should not be much trouble. Li Mu finally decided to accept it.

Also, since the power of the Inquisition was so great, he had more confidence in taking revenge for the villagers who had died in vain in Oststern in the future, as well as the three members of the Eighteen Sterling Trailblazers.

Li Mu’s certificate of appointment was in the last layer of the black metal box. There were the signature of the Conclave of Ten of the Military of Man and auras of the ten bigshots of the ten Holy Lands of the Human Clan. It could not be forged. Moreover, it would play an incredible role at the critical moment.

Li Mu printed his aura on it. Only after he was recognized by the certificate of appointment could he completely master the exclusive treasures, the divine mask of rewarding good and punishing evil, the white dragon armor, the Dragon Teeth Double Swords, and the Light of the Night, which belonged to the head of the Inquisition.

With a stir of his mind, he wore the white dragon armor. It could hide or appear. The divine mask covered his face. It could also appear or disappear in Li Mu’s mind. It had peerless magical effects.

He put the Dragon Teeth Double Swords and the Light of the Night in the Gourd Used for Nourishing Weapons to nourish them.

“We are Song Bie, Li Shang, and Ying Bing. Greetings, Chief.”

At this moment, the three Sword Envoys of the Inquisition all got down on one knee to swear their loyalty to Li Mu.

“Get up. You don’t have to be so courteous to me,” Li Mu said.

Song Bie said, “Your honor, now the Inquisition has four Sword Envoys, 64 Inspectors, and 651 Night Watchmen. Except for us, another Sword Envoy, Duan Gu, is in the headquarters of the Inquisition and doesn’t come with us. This is the list of members of the Inquisition.”

He handed over a blue paper booklet.

Li Mu took it.

“Ha… Congratulations to the Inquisition for welcoming a new leader. The three of you have been waiting for this day for a long time, right?” Zhuge Yun laughed.

Song Bie and the others stood quietly behind Li Mu.

They were truly excited.

The Inquisition had been suspended for two hundred years, and its former glory had gradually faded away. Although it had not been dissolved, as long as there was no leader, the Inquisition could not restart and could only wait in vain as if it were just a decoration. The young men who had joined the Inquisition before had now become elders in the Inquisition. Their original dreams had gradually drifted away and become out of reach. They had thought that the Inquisition would never restart. But all of a sudden, it had a new person in charge.

The four Sword Envoys of the Inquisition were ecstatic the moment they received the certificate of appointment.

But when they learned that the new head was Li Mu, they fell into doubt.

Of course, they knew who Li Mu was.

This guy on the List of the Condemned of Human Clan should have been caught and killed by the Inquisition. However, he became the Holder of Lamp. How could all the members of the Inquisition accept a new leader with a stain?

Moreover, they also had some doubts about the strength of Li Mu.

How could a junior who had just descended through the Tree of Eternity manage the organization of the Human Clan with the most powerful autonomy? Even though it had been suspended for two hundred years, he seemed to be not qualified.

Therefore, when Song Bie and the other two saw Li Mu in person at this time, they had mixed feelings.

From the beginning to the end, Yuan Hou had been standing quietly behind Li Mu like a shadow, but he was also shocked in his heart. Although he didn’t know much about the Inquisition, nor had he heard of the so-called the Military of Man, he knew the status of Li Mu had been greatly improved.

The little attendant Qing Feng was quiet.

Ming Yue was eager to try to get that set of armor and long swords on her body. However, she was a little shocked by the scene on the ship, so she did not take action.

“Your honor Li, where are you going next?” Zhuge Yun asked.

Li Mu thought for a moment and did not hide anything. He said, “The Ghost Star may be the place where the Athanasia Immortal Palace, the legacy of the Cosmic Emperor Deathless, existed.”

There were too many forces fighting for the legacy of the Cosmic Emperor Deathless. They were all big clans or races in the Battlefield of Chaos. It was not surprising that even a martial art emperor would come here. Moreover, the Divine Chaos Dynasty, which was known as the current martial emperor, was involved in this matter. Therefore, Li Mu did not think that he could fight against these forces alone. Since Zhuge Yun, who represented the Military of Man, could have a good chat with the Sword Fanatic, he should be a decent person. Therefore, it was a good choice to cooperate with him.

Li Mu could be regarded as a member of the Military of Man now.

Zhuge Yun smiled and said, “It’s good. Our goal is also there.”

The ship began to move in the direction of the Ghost Star.

At this time, Li Mu noticed that many figures on the ship were not real living people but mechanical puppets in human forms. Their figures were exactly the same as real people, and their faces were also lifelike. When they walked, they were not stiff like ordinary mechanical puppets at all. They looked like living people.

In this ship called Shenji, except for Li Mu, his companions, Zhuge Yun, and the three Sword Envoys, all the others were puppets. These puppets seemed to have wisdom and extraordinary combat capability.

“Bratty Scholar is from Shenji of Hundred Refinements, one of the ten Holy Lands of the Human Clan. Its mechanism-casting skills are the best in the Human Clan. Bratty Scholar is known as one of the three Creators of the Battlefield of Chaos. Take your time to look at Shenji carefully. It has the ability to fight against Holy Lands,” the Sword Fanatic said with a smile.

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