The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 1012

Chapter 1012 Becoming Much More Powerful

Li Mu couldn’t tell where the crux of the problem was.

Qing Feng’s current state and the running of his natural qi were normal.

“Is it have something to do with his constitution?”

Li Mu could only guess so.

“I want to tell you another thing.”

Li Mu took out the bottle given to him by the Sword Savant, which contained two Darkest Soul-devouring Fires.

He prepared them for Qing Feng and Ming Yue.

After he decided not to merge with this kind of Divine Fire, he finally decided to leave these two Darkest Soul-devouring Fires to these two little attendants after thinking about it for a while.

Li Mu had already copied the method of merging with the Divine Fire on the dark golden paper.

“Merging with this kind of fire is equivalent to laying down the foundation of an emperor, right?” Ming Yue rubbed her hands excitedly and said, “Really? Is there such a good thing in the world? This is my favorite way to improve my strength without effort.”

Qing Feng held the bottle and felt the aura of the Darkest Soul-devouring Fires inside. He said, “It’s a wonderful feeling. This kind of Divine Fire makes me feel close to it.”

He was willing to merge with the Divine Fire.

“Since that’s the case, I’ll protect you. Start to merge with them now.”

Li Mu attached great importance to the two of them. It was not easy for them to merge with the Divine Fire. He would not be at ease if he didn’t protect them here.

With a stir of his mind, an invisible tactical deployment spread out and enveloped the place.

He personally cast a spell to draw out two Darkest Soul-devouring Fires from the bottle and let them float in the void.

Dark cyan fires faintly burned like leaping green lotuses.

Their aura was not very hot, so the temperature in the room did not rise. However, Qing Feng and Ming Yue’s souls seemed to be being roasted. It was a strange feeling.

Both of their eyes flickered with brilliance as they stared fixedly at the two fires. They focused on the fires.

“Concentrate on your mind and merge with them.”

Li Mu reminded them loudly.

Ming Yue stuck out her tongue, immediately closed her eyes, and sat down cross-legged. Her hands were like holding Yin and Yang, one up and one down. Her thumbs faced each other, and palms clasped together, stirring up the True Energy in her body, which surged rhythmically.

They followed the contents of the mental cultivation method of merging.

Ming Yue was originally talented. She had cultivated the Xiantian Skill and the Zhenwu Boxing over the years. She had made great progress constantly. It was no exaggeration to say that she was a martial arts genius. However, she was playful, so her current strength was only in the Soldier Realm. Her excellent comprehension made her enter the state soon.

Li Mu nodded secretly.

“She is good.

“She is worth teaching.”

He controlled the Darkest Soul-devouring Fire with a hand seal and let it float toward Ming Yue so that she could slowly absorb the power of fire.

When Li Mu turned to look at Qing Feng, he was startled.

Qing Feng had taken the other Darkest Soul-devouring Fire in his hand and held the Divine Fire that once turned countless experts of the Liuyun family of the Battlefield of Chaos into red-haired monsters with his bare hands. He was breathing bit by bit as if he were swallowing smoke. At first glance, he seemed to be eating something.

His action was dangerous.

Even with Li Mu’s current cultivation, he didn’t dare to be so arrogant.

However, Qing Feng’s eyes were hollow as if he were sleepwalking. The Darkest Soul-devouring Fire did not hurt him at all.

“How could this be?”

Li Mu was greatly surprised.

After repeatedly confirming that it wouldn’t hurt Qing Feng’s life, he dispelled the idea of stopping this process.

On the other side, Ming Yue was merging in harmony.

About half an hour later, Qing Feng had completely absorbed the Darkest Soul-devouring Fire in front of him, but his eyes were still hollow. Li Mu could feel the power of the Divine Fire merging into Qing Feng’s body little by little. Now, the state of Qing Feng looked like that of Liuyun Wuxin who had just merged with the Divine Fire.

After merging with the Divine Fire, the energy fluctuations emitted by Qing Feng’s body were rapidly increasing.

Firstly, he reached the Soldier Realm!

Then, he stepped into the General Realm!

Soon, he was in the King’s Realm!

Finally, he stayed in the Deity Realm!

In just fifteen minutes, the energy fluctuations in Qing Feng’s body had incredibly soared by several large realms.

Such an effect far exceeded Li Mu’s estimation.

After the energy fluctuations reached the peak of the Deity Realm, Li Mu thought that Qing Feng was about to break through to the Great Way Realm. However, his aura began to decline and finally stabilized at the elementary level of the Deity Realm.

Now, Ming Yue began to absorb the energy of her Darkest Soul-devouring Fire.

Seeing that Ming Yue had followed the steps of merging with the Divine Fire on the dark golden paper without leaving anything out, Li Mu was relieved. He turned his attention to Qing Feng again.

At this time, Qing Feng’s eyes lit up.

He was a little shocked. Then, he lowered his head to look at his hands.

Two dark green flames emerged in his palms.

When Li Mu saw this, his pupils contracted.

That was the Darkest Soul-devouring Fire.

“Qing Feng can release this kind of Divine Fire.

“How does he do it?”

Li Mu remembered that even experts like Liuyun Wuxin and Liuyun Wufeng had only improved their cultivation and strength after they merged with the Darkest Soul-devouring Fire. They could never directly release this kind of Divine Fire as Qing Feng did.

“Young Master, I…”

He looked at Li Mu blankly.

Li Mu waved his hand, indicating that he did not need to speak. Then he strengthened the tactical deployment of the place. After that, he pressed a palm on Qing Feng’s shoulder and moved slightly. By the time Qing Feng came to his senses, the two of them had already arrived in the void of the universe. The planet of Heavenly Land was right under their feet.

“Exert all of your strength. Release it as you please.” Li Mu said.

Qing Feng had just crossed several realms and got great power. At first, it was difficult for Qing Feng to control his power and use it. Therefore, when he released his power, he would cause great damage. To avoid it, Li Mu brought him into the void of the universe and let him release his power as he pleased.

Qing Feng also understood what Li Mu meant.

He lowered his head and carefully sensed the power in his body. Then he let out a low shout.

Dark cyan flames surged out of his body but did not burn his clothes.

His body was wrapped in flames and emitted endless power.

Then he displayed the Zhenwu Boxing.

The power of the Divine Fire, coupled with one of the most powerful boxing skills in the world, immediately made an area within a radius of several kilometers around Qing Feng’s body flow with killing intent as if the place was destroyed. Even Li Mu felt shocked.

Gradually, Li Mu felt the appearance of a force field similar to a domain in the void.

It was the domain force field of the Darkest Soul-devouring Fire.

Qing Feng used his power to his heart’s content. Coupled with the power of the Darkest Soul-devouring Fire, his real combat capability rose greatly.

“I’ll help you,” Li Mu shouted and also took action.

He and Qing Feng attacked each other.

Rumble! Rumble!

Terrifying energy fluctuations burst out from the void in the universe.

Li Mu’s combat experience was so rich that he easily suppressed Qing Feng and exerted tremendous pressure on him. He did not defeat Qing Feng, and he exerted Qing Feng’s combat potential bit by bit to the maximum extent.

Four hours later, with a boom, Qing Feng was sent flying thousands of meters away by Li Mu’s punch.

He gasped for breath.

Li Mu did not attack again.

He felt that Qing Feng had adapted to the power in his body.

He had achieved his goal.

“Thank you, Young Master.”

Qing Feng felt more comfortable than ever and also felt endless strength flowing in his body like raging waves. When he looked inside, he found that the original natural qi in his body had turned dark blue like gurgling water. It surged in his meridians, giving him an unprecedented powerful feeling.

Li Mu smiled with great relief.

It seemed it was right to leave the Darkest Soul-devouring Fires to Qing Feng and Ming Yue. This kind of Divine Fire was of great benefit to those with lower cultivation. Liuyun Wuxin was already in the Great Way Realm before he devoured the Divine Fire. Later, he only improved by a realm and got into the Way Sage Realm. Before Qing Feng merged with the Divine Fire, he was just in the Soldier Realm. But now, he had become an expert in the Deity Realm.

Li Mu believed that after Qing Feng completely mastered the potential of the Darkest Soul-devouring Fire, his strength could be further improved. The so-called foundation of an emperor was not a joke.

Li Mu had passed on the Xiantian Skill and Zhenwu Boxing to several trustworthy relatives and friends. They had also made great progress in cultivation. But he didn’t know why they hadn’t got the Third Eye yet.

“Could it be that everyone has a different constitution and fate, so the Xiantian Skill and Zhenwu Boxing on them are also different?”

“Let’s go back.”

Li Mu returned with Qing Feng.

In less than fifteen minutes after the two of them left, seven figures landed at the place where Li Mu and Qing Feng had fought. They were like streams of light in the dark night. The several figures had a strong smell of a demon. The leader had a tiger head and a human body. He was extremely powerful just like a Celestial Demon.

“This is the aura of the Darkest Soul-devouring Fire.”

The tiger-headed demon sniffed.

“It seems that the information on the Realm-breaking Diagram is true. The Cosmic Emperor Deathless was able to step into the Way of forging and become a great emperor. It had a great connection with the Darkest Soul-devouring Fire. There must be clues about the Cosmic Emperor Deathless in the place where the Darkest Soul-devouring Fire appeared. The planet ahead is quite huge. Everyone, let’s go and check it out together.”

A smile appeared on the tiger-headed devil’s face.

However, before they moved, another figure gradually appeared from the void of the universe and said indifferently, “If I were from your Tiger Race, I wouldn’t go to this planet.”

The man was dressed in white. He had handsome facial features and was holding a sword in his arms. His face was ruddy, and his divine aura was restrained. Although he was alone with a sword, the expressions of the seven experts of the devil races, including the tiger-headed person, changed drastically in an instant.

“It’s you. Why are you here?” The tiger-headed demon said in disbelief, “Didn’t the Brotherhood of Swords fail to buy the Realm-breaking Diagram? How could you come to this world?”

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