The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 10

Chapter 10 Pig-killing Knife

Zheng Longxing summoned another confidant servant in, gave him a letter and said, “You are sent to report to masters of Bloody-moon Faction with this letter, telling them to prepare to do this.”

“Yes. Master.” the confidant servant turned around and went out.

In the shadow of the secret room, this Dianshi janitor, one of the powerful man in Taibai County, grinned coldly. “Oh, after suffering from this kind of treatment, this a young official cannot tolerate the humiliation, so he chooses to suicide. This reason has no flaw. I am afraid no one can find out the truth… haha haha!”

“Your Honour. Here it is.”

Ma Junwu said, pointing to the stone forest in front of them.

This stone forest was located in the southwest corner of Taibai County. The remote area had towering rocks, lush grass, and trees. Due to its humid climate, there were many snakes and worms with suffocating gas around Shennong Faction. After twenty years of operation, the faction was like a small village. The headquarter was covered with countless fences, which was very solid and kind of like a maze, so even if a military of three or four hundred people came to attack Shennong Faction, it was still difficult to win.

Mentioning this area, people in the city of Taibai County were all shuddering.

For the residents of the city, this stone forest was almost as terrible as Shura’s hell.

“You can come back now.” Li Mu turned around and said to Ma Junwu, then he took the steel knife and walked toward the gate of Shennong Faction.

“Your Honour…” Ma Junwu wanted to persuade him not to do it, but he couldn’t open his mouth when he wanted to say that. So he just bit his teeth hardly made the resolution, saying, “I will go with you…” However, he regretted immediately because he may lose his life once he went in.

Li Mu did not even turn around. He just waved his hand and said, “You are waiting for me here.”

Ma Junwu’s legs were like full of the heavy lead, which left him no strength to move.

Ma Junwu looked back and saw there were many people in the distance watching them. These people included powerful and humble officials in the county, members of other gangs, private guards of rich families and so on… Clearly, the news had spread out in the whole county, and all the powerful men and elites of the Taibai County were paying attention to.

Was a hideous storm coming across the whole county?

Ma Junwu suddenly felt a little dizzy.

At this time, Li Mu arrived at the gate of Shennong Faction.

Two giant stone pillars of more than 20 meters high, which were like stone swords that pierce the sky, supported the door. The extremely thick door leaf was made of ancient wood, which was also more than 20 meters high and dyed bright red, just like blood. At the gate, a dozen guards of Shennong Faction were standing straight, wearing a weird red blood coat with a pungent smell of medicine all over them. They were just staring at Li Mu with an evil and cold look.

“Sikong Jing, the Grand Master of the Shennong Faction. Come out and see me.”

Li Mu’s heart was like burning and he approached them violently.

People of Shennong Faction seemed to be sparrows whose nest were damaged.

“Who are you?”


“Do you want to die? How dare are you to irritate Shennong Faction ?”

After their shouting and screaming, a gang of people gathered around.

Li Mu just ignored them and screamed, “Sikong Jing. I don’t believe you don’t know I am coming. Hurry. Get out.”

This shouting was like a bolt of noisy lightning in daylight, which made the ears’ of people around very uncomfortable and they were astonished. They just wondered why this young county magistrate was so loud? Was he a master of martial art? No. Because he did not have those qualities of a great master.

“Who dares to call the name of our grand master. Just take him.”

A cold sound came from the back of the gate.

“Take him!” people of Shennong Faction immediately rushed up.

Li Mu bent himself slightly and gave powers to his legs.

The ground under his feet instantly collapsed like a spider web.

Then he suddenly rushed forward, who was like a super sports car with its engines running with the most speed.

He was as quick as lightning.

People of Shennong Faction did not get the time to react to what had happened at all. They only saw a vague motion and felt that there was a shadow passing them quickly, which was like the wind that blew them away. Li Mu just disappeared.


In the distance, Ma Junwu was really shocked and his pupils shrunk after seeing that.

This kind of speed… Even if a master of Joint-qi level could not be so fast?


Was there any chance that county magistrate Li Mu actually a hidden martial arts master?

There was also a scream coming from the crowd behind him in the distance. Obviously, those people who observed Li Mu were also shocked.



It was like the sound of the god beating his drums.

Li Mu rushed to the giant front door of Shennong Faction headquarter like a tornado, and he kicked heavily on the gate.

People were shocked and witnessed the incredible moment that the huge ten thousand kilograms gates were like two pieces of weak wooden planks, getting directly out of the doorframe, flying seven or eight meters away and crashing into the back of the stone forest, which left smoke and dust stormed and stone debris splashed. And the ground within thousands of meters shook violently as if there occurred an earthquake. To sum up, this crazy and violent picture was beyond imagination.



“Oh my God!”

“How could it be possible?”

“That… that… what power is that?”

Nonstop exclamations just came out from the mouths of the people who were watching Li Mu behind Ma Junwu in the dark.

At this moment, many people had nothing in their minds and lost their ability to think.

Including Ma Junwu.

Although Ma Junwu was a master from Taibaijian Faction, he had never seen such a horrible power in his whole life. Li Mu, the lightning-like youngster was like a humanoid tyrannosaurus at that moment. That was not the power that a master of Joint-qi level could have because it was far beyond Joint-qi level…

“Sikong Jing. You coward. Come out now. I will dismantle your rat nest.”

Li Mu shouted, and his voice was like thunder, bursting on the sky at their headquarter.

Exclamation and scream came from the stone forest of the Shennong Faction.

The collapse of the giant gate broke dozens of stone pillars. Many people of Shennong Faction hidden in the dark broke their legs or feet because they had no time to escape. They did not have any reaction until they got wounded, and they shouted in great fear and horror. Among the dust of the stone powder, there were also screams from masters of Shennong Faction.

Usually, Shennong Factioheadquarter was like a hell of human beings, but now it was just like a sparrow nest that had been smashed by a stick. They were completely chaotic.

Li Mu gave power to his feet, and jumped to ten meters high and landed on the tilted door with a boom sound.

“Crazyman. How dare are you to destroy our gate? Go to hell.”

A fierce scream came from the smoke, accompanied by the sound of a sharp blade.

Smoke and dust separated.

A grey figure, just like an eagle, flew over the sky, holding a two-meter-long medical guillotine in both hands and wanted to chop Li Mu off in the air.

This posture was indeed scary.

However, after practicing Xiantian Skill, Li Mu’s body function and reaction speed had already exceeded ordinary people. So, this lightning-like move was actually very slow in his eyes. He slightly moved two steps to the other side and escaped the seemingly successful cutting in the cover of dust.

This simple action was from the instinct of Li Mu.

However, in the eyes of people who were secretly observing in the distance, Li Mu’s movements were very smooth, clever and agile. His timing could not be better, which was the action from a true master.


Sparks spattered.

His guillotine cut on the rocks, and the sound of the weapon clashed to the rocks spread.

“Who are you?” Li Mu looked at the grey man holding the guillotine.

He was a 40-year-old middle-aged man, very thin, with long grey hair, wearing a black soft armour, and he had a poisonous smell all over his body with a cold look. After hearing Li Mu’s words, he spread his two-meter-long fine steel guillotine and said coldly with some proud, “I am Xu Zhi, with the nickname of Sky-chopping Guillotine, the third one of our four Magical Medicine Ling Kongs of Shennong Faction. No matter who you are, since you broke our gate, I will let you pay the price today.”

“Four King Kong?” Li Mu squinted at him and said, “Today, it is you who broken into the Official Medical Center, hit and killed my guards, and took Zhang Li and her daughter away. Am I right?”

“Ha ha ha. Yes, it was me. So what?” Xu Zhi laughed.

He already knew this young man was the county magistrate, but he pretended he did not know.

“My master Zheng Longxing asked me to humiliate this humble county magistrate in public, so there is no way I will not do it… Ha. I will break his hands and legs or damage his penis, which should be called a humiliation.” Xu Zhi thought.

“So it was you.”

Li Mu was already furious in his heart, but his eyes were still calm.

Li Mu put the steel knife aside and tied up the wide sleeves of his robes. Then he stretched out himself and felt it was ok to fight now. So he grasped the steel knife again, which he had taken from Zhang Ru’s body.

Li Mu suddenly changed his style from a fight between masters to a prelude to the street fight, which made people who were in the distance to secretly observe him very shocked. Seeing pictures like this, they thought it was becoming sort of funny. Because it was like to see an elegant fairy godmother suddenly wanted to go the bathroom so badly with a blushing face.

However, everyone was once again shocked by Li Mu’s behavior at the next moment.

The moment Li Mu took the steel knife, he gave power to his feet made a force with a boom sound. Then his boots were stretched and cracked and splintered into pieces by the scary powers that came from his legs. The rocks were also cracked into dust…

The ground was shaking.

Li Mu rushed out again.

He was as quick as lightning.


Xu Zhi, the Sky-chopping Guillotine’s pupils shrank suddenly.

Because he found his eyes blurred and he suddenly could not see Li Mu.


The knife flashed.

At the very short moment, Li Mu appeared ten meters behind Xu Zhi.

Because of the fierce rush, he took two more steps to stop himself.


The two-meter-long special steel-made guillotine just fell into the ground.

“You… hey… I…” Sky-chopping Guillotine Xu Zhi covered his neck with his hands and said, “You… you are… what kind of martial arts are you using?”

Li Mu looked down at the defending steel knife in his hand and said, “Pig-killing knife.”

What he used was indeed the killing knife method that he practiced in the slaughterhouse on Earth.

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