The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 96 - Who's Got More People?

Chapter 96 Who’s Got More People?

“In the exhibition side of raw gemstones of the Feng’s Group.”

Qin Haodong was not going to lie about it, he told how he had found those stones briefly, but he skipped the Storage Ring part, and said that he stole the stone while the guards were mind-absent.

Nalan Wuxia would never doubt him. She said, “Hurry up. We should get there and transfer those things as soon as we can, so that they won’t notice anything wrong.”

After she said that, she walked fast to Qin Haodong’s car.

Qin Haodong opened the door and sat in. He asked, “There’s just two of us, is it enough?”

“Let’s get there first and detain the goods. I’ll call Captain Wang right now.” Said Nalan Wuxia. She then signed Qin Haodong to drive faster and took out her phone to call Wang Jianfeng.

A crucial case like this called for the help of the armed police. She was only the vice captain of the criminal unit and had no right to request assistance, so she could only report it. As for the team leader of the Special Task Force, Fang Chuanxiong, Wang Jianfen should report to him based on their levels.

Wang Jianfeng immediately turned strained when he heard about the important clue of drug dealing. He sent a large number of armed policemen to the exhibition center and reported the case to Fang Chuanxiong.

In the exhibition hall, Feng Tianda was watching those raw gemstones in the isolation section with a bearded young man.

The bearded young man was named Meng Tie. He’s Meng Gang’s brother, and a competent assistant of Jade Gang’s boss, Zhou Tianhu. He was here in full charge of the affair of Jade Gang in the south of the Yangtze River.

He might look tough for the outside, but he was quite careful in the inspection. He circled around carefully and called the supervisor here.

He asked, “Anything wrong today?”

“No, everything is going on well.” The supervisor replied respectfully. He had to carefully treat the bearded man from Burma, because even the boss, Feng Tianda was treating him so carefully.

“Anyone else dropped by?” Meng Tie added.

The supervisor hesitated and said, “A young man just dropped by.”

She thought it was just a pile of broken stone, and it was no loss to let someone come in and see it. There’s no need to lie.

But Meng Tie’s face turned stern as he heard that. He asked, “What?” “Did I tell you that no one was allowed in?”

“Please don’t me mad. I can explain it.” The supervisor explained immediately, “The young man was illiterate, so he didn’t read the sign on the door. We kicked him out within one minute after he broke in.”

Meng Tie’s looked relaxed, and he asked, “What did he look like?”

The supervisor said, “It was a young man in his 20s, looking white and tender. A cheeky and handsome young man.”

“Cheeky and handsome?” Feng Tianda remained silent and stood aside, but he was caught by the words of the supervisor, so asked, “Tell me in detail. What did he look like?”

“He was about 1.8 meters tall, around 20 years old…” Said the supervisor as he pointed to the entrance, “That’s him. He’s here again, boss.”

Feng Tianda looked at the direction she pointed at, only to see Qin Haodong walking in with Nalan Wuxia.

Thinking of the 100 million yuan he lost, Feng Tianda said with hatred, “It’s him. The gigolo boy.”

“Brother Feng, do you know the guy?” Meng Tie asked.

“He’s Qin Haodong, and he was why your brother, Meng Gang, was in jail.”

“That’s him? I’m going to kill him!”

Meng Tie’s expression changed fast, and his eyes were filled with hatred. He heard it in Burma that his brother had been arrested because of a young man, and he might spend eight or ten years in jail. He was going to get back on Qin Haodong as soon as he heard the news, but Zhou Tianhu stopped him.

Zhou Tianhu told him not to act rashly at the moment. They wait and get back to Qin Haodong together after they completed this important mission.

“Brother Meng, try not to act rashly now.” Feng Tianda was rational. He grabbed Meng Tie and whispered, “We’re in Huaxia now. We can only act in secret of wanting to avenge. There are too many people here, and the woman standing beside him is a policewoman.”

Meng Tie hesitated for a while, but he suppressed his anger in the end. The boss of the gang told him again and again that he couldn’t let anything influence the mission, or he would kill him.

As they were talking, Qin Haodong and Nalan Wuxia had already entered the isolation section.

Feng Tianda walked towards them, but he ignored Qin Haodong on purpose and talked to Nalan Wuxia, “Miss Nalan. Visitors are not allowed in here. You can visit outside if you want to buy a raw gemstone.”

Qin Haodong wasn’t pissed off at all because of Feng Tianda’s neglect. He comes forward and said with a smile, “Mr. Feng. It’s a pity that you don’t expose these raw jade gemstones to the public. What are you saving them for?”

Feng Tianda glared at him and said, “Qin Haodong! Mind your own business! It’s my decision whether to keep them or to sell them. That’s none of your business. Now get out of here. You’re not welcomed.”

Qin Haodong smiled and asked, “Are you sure they’re all your stone? Don’t regret you just said that.”

He said that on purpose. Drugs in Huaxia were very seriously controlled. The amount hidden in one stone would be enough to sentence Feng Tianda death.

A bad hunch hit Feng Tianda when he saw Qin Haodong, but he didn’t want to lose his face. So he said, “Mine is mine, so what? Are you going to take it away from me?”

Nalan Wuxia said, “Feng Tianda, I’m not here to buy stone. I am here to tell you that all these raw jade gemstones have been detained.”

“What?” Feng Tianda and Meng Tie’s face changed at the same time.

Feng Tianda said coldly, “They’re just gemstones. Why they’re detained? Did the stones violate the law?”

Nalan Wuxia said, “Just do as what I say. There’s no need to explain it to you now.”

“Miss Nalan, is it too bureaucratic? We’re licensed businessmen and you should serve us. You can’t detain my goods just because you’re saying so. I need an explanation.”

Feng Tianda didn’t take Nalan Wuxia seriously because she was just a deputy captain of the criminal unit. He would’ve driven her out early if she didn’t have a special family background.

Nalan Wuxia sent an A4 paper to Feng Tianda and said, “Read it carefully. This is a Warrant of Detainment, and you have to do as it says right now. Now tell your men to leave the site and gather them for the interrogate by the police. I’ll give you an explanation when the case is done.”

Qin Haodong nodded silently. The woman might be quick-tempered, but she was quite organized when she was dealing with things. She had prepared the Warrant of Detainment before they got here.

Feng Tianda checked in the warrant in Nalan Wuxia’s hand, then he looked as if he had recalled something. He said, “I know what this is about.”

He raised his finger and pointed to Qin Haodong. Then he said, “He’s Lin Momo’s kept man. You come here with him because Lin’s Group wants to suppress the Feng’s Group. That’s illegal commercial competition. I will report you to your supervisor.”

Nalan Wuxia said, “Please do that, but at first you have to follow my orders.”

Feng Tianda said, “I said it’s illegal commercial competition, so I don’t have to do it.”

Nalan Wuxia’s face turned sulk. She said angrily, “Feng Tianda, are you defying the law?”

“That’s a hard label to put on me.” Said Feng Tianda, “You should leave now, or I’ll have someone kick you out.”

Nalan Wuxia said angrily, “Try me, Feng Tianda.”

Feng Tianda smiled coldly, “Nalan Wuxia, you’re pushing me too much. Even rabbits will bite in anger.”

After that he turned back and waved, “Get out now, bros! Let’s escort Miss Nalan out of here.”

Soon a group of men in black suit gathered, among whom 20 were from Jade Gang brought here by Meng Tie, and 30 were the bodyguards of the Feng Family. All of them looked fierce and devilish. They were not taking Nalan Wuxia seriously at all.

Feng Tianda said with a smug look, “Nalan Wuxia. I know you and the gigolo boy do have some fighting skills, but my people outnumber you too much. You can’t possibly beat these people behind me no matter how strong you are.”

He was confident today because the bodyguards of the Feng Family and people from Jade Gang were all elite. They were much stronger than ordinary people. Qin Haodong had no chance to beat so many people no matter how strong he was.

Qin Haodong smiled and said, “Is this a contest of the number of people?”

Feng Tianda grew angrier when he saw Qin Haodong’s smile. He yelled, “What if it is? I have more people than you! This is the Feng Family’s place, not somewhere for a gigolo boy like you to be so arrogant!”

“I don’t think so.”

Qin Haodong was wearing an intriguing smile. Nalan Wuxia was here on behalf of the criminal unit. Feng Tianda was having a contest of the number of people to the police. He must have gone insane.

“You still don’t believe it, do you? Feng Tianda waved to those behind him and said, “Let’s move and teach him a lesson, bros.”

He barely finished his sentence and his fellows were just about to move before the siren rang up. Ten more patrol wagons rushed into the exhibition center, with four military trucks behind.

The patrol wagons rushed into the isolation section, and encircled those in the area.

Feng Tianda is dumbfounded. He had just said that he had more people, and a large group was here to support the other party.

What made him panic most were more than 100 armed police jumped off the four military trucks. They were all fully armed with real guns and bullets. Their leather boots were clanking when hitting the ground, making the earth shake. It sounded so heavy and powerful.

Qin Haodong smiled at Feng Tianda, “How about that? Are you moving or not? Are we still competing?”

Feng Tianda felt totally embarrassed. He would never be confident enough to go against the armed police. Armed police in Huaxia are well-known crack troops. Those stragglers and disbanded fellows of his could never be their match.

Meng Tie took two steps forward and whispered to Feng Tianda, “What should we do?”

“Don’t worry. We Feng Family have been in the south of the Yangtze River for so many years, and we are never push-overs.” Said Feng Tianda as he took out his cellphone out of his pocket and dialed a number. He then said, “Is that Uncle Liu? This is Tianda. Lin’s Group colluded with your criminal police team and is going to detain my goods today. Can you come and check it up for me?”

Nobody knew what the man on the other side had said. But the nervousness on Feng Tianda’s face had all gone when he hung up the phone. He was wearing the smug face once again.

Those people were brought by Wang Jianfeng. After they encircled the site, Wang Jianfen strode to Nalan Wuxia and Qin Haodong.

He said to Feng Tianda after he heard about what had happened, “Mr. Feng, your exhibition site is suspected of a being involved in a drug trafficking case. Now we need you and your fellows to come to the criminal unit for investigation.”

“That’s nonsense. Feng’s Group has always been doing legitimate business. How’s it possible that we’re involved in drug deals?” Feng Tianda pointed to Qin Haodong and said, “Don’t try to fool me. I know you’re here with the gigolo boy to suppress the business of the Feng’s Group.”

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