The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 76 - Personal Female Bodyguard

Chapter 76 Personal Female Bodyguard

Qin Haodong came to the girl. He reached out with his right hand, putting it on the Baihui Acupoint located on the top her head. He then transmited Green Wood Genuine Qi into her, to help her reduce the power of the Little Strengthening Pill.

As the Genuine Qi was going into her body, Qin Haodong could clearly feel that the girl had the brilliant bone and the broader meridians than normal people. She was definitely a talent of practising martial arts.

Ten minutes later, with the help of Qin Haodong, the cultivation bottleneck, which bothered the girl for a long time, was broken through easily, directly reaching the early stage of the Overt Power’s ninth realm.

While feeling the strong Genuine Qi in her body, the girl was delightful. She jumped down from the bed and gave a deep bow to Qin Haodong, saying, “Big brother, could you please accept me as an apprentice?”

“What do you mean?” Qin Haodong asked doubtfully, and he couldn’t understand what she wanted to express for a while.

“At the beginning, the crazy madman had told me my fortune, saying that I would meet the first bottleneck of my life when my cultivation reached the eighth realm of the Overt Power, which could not be broken through if I didn’t meet a great helper.

“More like, if there was someone who could aid me in breaking through the bottleneck, he would be my great benefactor. He asked me to stay with my benefactor so that I could have a big opportunity.”

Qin Haodong inwardly pondered, how that crazy madman was absolutely a great master, being able to accurately calculate what would happen several years later.

He turned it over in his mind: although the Divine Mercenaries had strong fighting power, they were all men after all; their ability to protect Lin Momo was imperfect, especially in the evening. Tonight was the most obvious example.

The hand behind the assassination attempt had not yet been revealed; other attacks to end Lin Momo’s life could happen again at any time. Therefore, it was ideal to the girl in sight acting as Lin Momo’s bodyguard.

“Well then. From now on, you will follow me. My name is Qin Haodong, and I am a doctor. You can call me Boss from now on.”

“Yao Qianqian thanks Boss.” The girl respectfully said to Qin Haodong.

“If there is nothing else, please follow me. I will find professionals to help you rebuild the orphanage.”

“Thank you, boss.”

Yao Qianqian was overjoyed. Although she had a good cultivation and stealing skills, she knew nothing about rebuilding the house. There was no relevant talent in the orphanage. It was perfect if Qin Haodong could find some professionals to do this.

She didn’t have too much stuff. After simply packing up some of her belongings, she left the orphanage with Qin Haodong.

After returning to Villa No. 6, Qin Haodong asked Yao Qianqian to choose a room to live in, and then hurried back to his room. He needed the storage ring to recognize him as an owner as soon as possible, to see what there was inside.

After closing the door, he held the storage ring in the palm of his hand. He had not observed it carefully while in Yao Qianqian’s room just now. Now it was necessary to observe it as carefully as possible.

The ring was entirely gray and seemed quite ordinary. With careful observation, he could see there was a decorative pattern along the inside wall of the ring.

If other people saw it, they would’t recognize what it was, but Qin Haodong could. It was the ancient text of the Cultivation World, translated into modern text—Fairyland.

Although he could read it, Qin Haodong still didn’t know what it meant. Did this storage ring come from a sect named Fairyland or anothe Overt Power force?

He couldn’t figure out what did the writing meant, although he had watched it for half a day. In the end, he simply didn’t think of it anymore, and let the ring directly recognize its owner.

He covered the ring with the strong power of the Spirit. Because this was an ownerless item, it was easy to recognize him as its owner. After a flash of light, the ring disappeared. On his middle finger, a dark circle pattern appeared.

Qin Haodong looked at the ring with his spiritual force and immediately entered into an empty space.

He originally held a great hope for this storage ring, thinking that he could get the experience and art from the predecesors. However, when he entered inside, he surprisedly found out there was nothing.

The only consolation was that the space of this storage ring was extremely large, having nearly a hundred cubic meters, while the ring of his previous life was just tens of cubic meters.

Qin Haodong was slightly disappointed after seeing this. His cultivation had reached the ninth realm of the Overt Power, but what he cultivated was Xiuzhen Gong, which demanded an enormous quantity of Spiritual Qi. If he didn’t depend on outside forces like the rare materials from the sky or the earth, spiritual stone and the like, it was hard for him to establish a cultivating foundation.

However, he could not do anything at the moment. Either way, it would be more convenient now that he had a storage ring. He could put his items, which he usually carried along and used, such as medicinal materials, into this storage ring.

Tiding up his things, he finally found out that he himself became poor.

Though several hours before in the hall center he had recovered a hundred and thirty million by gambling stones, he had spent almost all of the money in the twinkling of an eye. Now he had no more than a hundred thousand yuan in his pocket.

On the morning of the second day, when Qin Haodong got up, Yao Qianqian was already waiting at the door. Through the cultivation from the previous night, the ninth realm of the Overt Power that she had just reached seemed already being settled down, so her breath was steady and strong.

They went together to the Lin’s Villa. As soon as they entered the courtyard, Axe and Whip came to them.

“Boss, sorry, we failed in our duty last night, please punish us.”

Last night, when they hurried to the Lin’s Villa, they had just found out that people in the house had already been overcome by the smoke. Fortunately, the smoke wasn’t very toxic, only making people fall asleep for a short time.

Although they were more scared than hurt, they still broke out in a cold sweat. Feeling sorry for Qin Haodong’s requirement, they wanted to admit their errors and ask for punishment, so they came here very early in the morning.

Qin Haodong waved his hand and said, “Forget it. I know everything, and I don’t blame you.”

He introduced Yao Qianiqian to the two, “This is a new member of our Daddy Security Company, also one in the ninth realm among the security guards. Later, she’ll take charge of protecting Momo and the little guy as their bodyguard, so it would be a better cooperation for you to take your missions inside and outside.”

“Thank you boss!” Axe and Whip greeted Yao Qianqian after thanking Qin Haodong. Obviously, they did not recognize that she was the black man last night.

They warmly welcomed Yao Qianqian’s coming. Because of the gender difference, in the evening, it was settled that the Divine Mercenaries could just protect outside, which added to their protection difficulties. It would be much better if someone could protect the villa’s interior as a bodyguard.

Later, Qin Haodong took Yao Qianqian into the Lin’s Villa and introduced her to Lin Momo and other people.

Lin Momo was greatly frightened after knowing the affair of being overcome by the knockout drops. Luckily, the little fellow and her didn’t get hurt.

Because of it, the newly arrival of the female bodyguard who Qin Haodong introduced was very well received by her. Moreover, Yao Qianqian was girl with quite a nice look and of a sincere poise, which greatly suited her temper.

She warmly pulled Yao Qianqian into the villa and arranged her room. Because their body figure was nearly the same, she found a lot of new clothes and shoes for Yao Qianqian as her gift.

The little fellow liked Yao Qianqian very much and kept calling her auntie. When Damao and Ermao smelled Yao Qianqian’s breath, they barked at her from time to time, which was stopped by Qin Haodong.

Later, Qin Haodong gave the ice king Green jade to the little fellow. However, this time Lin Momo put it away.

After breakfast, all things in the Lin family became normal as before. Under the protection of Yao Qianqian, Lin Momo went to work.

At the same time, there were a lot of things that had happened in Jiangnan City.

Through an unexpected interrogation, the criminal unit made great achievements. Although it involved One-eye Dragon, the Meng Gang didn’t drop a word. Even so, Nalan Wuxia learned through the subordinates that the mastermind was Zhou Cuicui and organized an arrest overnight.

However, Feng Tianda had prepared well. No long after the arrest of the Meng Gang people, he got the news from the criminal police thanks to people of the Feng Group.

Zhou Cuicui who used to be rude and unreasonable, was frightened greatly after knowing how serious the thing had become. She knew that Huaxia was not Burma; if something happened, even his brother couldn’t protect her. Therefore, she immediately asked Feng Tianda to organize to send her back to Burma.

Facts proved that what she did was right. No sooner after her departure, Nalan Wuxia brought people to the Feng Group but in vain. Zhou Cuicui had already gone back to Burma. The Huaxia police couldn’t find a good solution at this time.

Feng Tianda felt greatly relaxed after sending back his absurd and ugly girlfriend. These days he had been fooled by Zhou Cuicui which was unbearable for him. It could be said that he had made the ultimate sacrifice for the interests of the Feng family.

From the heart, he simply hated this woman. If it had not been for Zhou Cuicui wanting Qin Haodong’s two dogs, he wouldn’t have lost his face and almost all the money that he had collected for many years.

Fortunately, this chaotic woman was finally sent away. He put all his energy into the original stone exhibition at the hall center.

Shortly after opening the door in the morning, his subordinates came to report that many people with gambling stones came to the original stone hall with their dogs.

Last night, Qin Haodong used the dog to pick the raw gemstones and had won three games, a fact that had already spread in the circle of gambling stones. Many people with a “lets try it” attitude brought their dogs over.

For a time, the original stone hall almost became a famous dog exhibition. Various kinds of famous dogs gathered together. Golden retrievers, huskies, labradors gathered together, and even two of them brought their pet pigs, because it was said that pigs had a finer sense of smell than dogs.

Feng Tianda immediately panicked. He didn’t know whether these dogs had an ability similar to Damao and Ermao’s, but if it were so, Feng Jiaxuan would go bankrupt.

He rushed to issue an emergency regulation. At the very beginning, he restricted all dogs from entering the original stone hall. Later, he thought that it was not perfect, and he changed, restricting all non-human creatures from entering the hall.

He was relieved after driving all kinds of dogs out of the original stone hall.

But before he could recover, there was suddently news spread in the world of gambling stones that all the Feng Group’s raw gemstones were phoney; no good jades could be found when opened.

Some people even said that the gambling game last night was a good show made by the Feng Group. In fact, the young man with dogs was one of their helpers, whose purpose was to fool everyone.

At first, Feng Tianda did not care about it, thinking that the rumors were ridiculous.

However, with the opening of the raw gemstone hall, many customers chose the stones and opened them at the scene. To his surprise, none of them could open a jadeite that could rise to three-times the price that they brought. Almost all of them lost money on it.

Such a result strengthed the spread of that rumor, which spread more and more as time passed. Finally, no one came to the Feng’s Group hall, but went instead to the Lin Group’s.

In less than one day, the situation had undergone a major reversal. While there were no customers in the Feng’s Hall, the Lin Group was overcrowded, which annoyed Feng Tianda, yet he could not find the reason.

Outside the hall center, under Nalan Wushuang’s meticulous operation, the Daddy Security Company hit the headlines of every media in Jiangnan City.

“The Daddy Security Company has made extraordinary efforts, and foreign criminals were arrested in Huaxia.”

“Women are robbed, the Daddy Security Company protected their safety!”

“The Daddy Security Company, a fighter jet from the security community takes off.”

In the forums and post of every major website, all the news about the Daddy Security Company had also been topped, causing widespread concern from the society.

These things didn’t attract Qin Haodong’s attention. At this time, he was taking the little fellow to the door of the south of the Yangtze River’s Art Museum and preparing to participate in the Prefecture’s Children Singing Contest.

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