The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 74 - Female Thief

Chapter 74 Female Thief

Qin Haodong wanted to know what on earth his purpose was to arrive at the Lin’s Villa. If it had to do with the several former assassinations, he must make use of this man to find out the evil backstage manipulator.

He followed the black shadow to enter into the Lin’s Villa, while after it he depended on the strong sensibility of Spirit to closely surveil.

The black shadow was quite quick in movement, which is supposed to reach the eighth realm of Overt Power according to Qin Haodong’s cultivation of judgment, and also it was obvious that he was very good at Light Body Skill.

Since the Divine Mercenaries took charge of protecting the safety of Lin Momo, two mercenaries would take turns at keeping watch every night at the external frontiers of the Lin’s Villa. Tonight, it was the turn of Axe and Whip to keep watch.

As the members of the Divine MErcenaries, Axe and Whip had worked extensively on this. Even so, that black shadow, depending on his exquisite body movement and the art of making himself invisible,penetrated their defenses and silently entered into the Lin’s Villa.

The black shadow lightly climbed up the platform of the second floor. Fumbling in his pocket and producing a small bamboo tube, he blew inside a wisp of white smoke. After waiting quietly for two or three minutes, he opened the window and jumped into the villa.

Qin Haodong watched every move of the black shadow behind. What the black shadow blew was the knockout smoke that the thieves usually used and he had no purpose of killing. His techniques and methods were more like a thief than a killer, so he didn’t rush to take actions.

As expected, after entering into the villa, the black shadow started to search the rooms one after another that seemed like to look for something valuable. He soon arrived at the bedroom of Lin Momo and the little fellow.

Qin Haodong closely followed the black shadow behind. Once he became a danger for the mother and the daughter, he would kill him immediately.

The black shadow entered into the room softly, while his attention was not on them but probing around. Suddenly, she saw the King Green Jadeite besides the pillow of the little fellow. She at once went up and grasped it in his hand and then turned around to leave.

The tight and worried face of Qin Haodong promptly relaxed a lot. He thought that it seemed that he was just a thief instead of a killer.

Although that King Green Jadeite was worth more than a hundred million, Qin Haodong didn’t stop the thief. This man apparently came for a purpose. It wasn’t clear whether there was one behind the thief, so he decided to trace the thief to investigate further.

The black shadow apparently seemed more relaxed after getting the Jadeite that while leaving he had not such prudence as that he had entered the villa. Maybe he had enough confidence in his knockout smoke so that he thought that all people in the villa must be gassed.

However, he didn’t realize that there were two dogs in the room. After being made a thoroughgoing change, that two dogs, Damao and Ermao, were immune to such an ordinary knockout smoke.

As soon as they detected that a stranger entered the room, they barked furiously and then fell upon the side where the black shadow was.

The black shadow got a great shock that he had no idea that there were two dogs insides the villa and also they hadn’t been overcome by the smoke. At that moment when he had gotten the King Green Jadeite, he didn’t want to stand here longer so he jumped straight out of the window.

However, the barkings of Damao and Ermao has caused the alarm of Axe and Whip that they at once found out the black shadow that jumped out from the window.

Both of them frightened. Qin Haodong asked them to protect Lin Momo here, but they failed to perceive anything of when the black shadow entered in the villa. If anything untoward should happen to Lin Momo and the little fellow, they didn’t know how to face up to their own boss.

Thinking of this, the two of them uttered a groan and pounced upon the black shadow.

Axe had two snowy-white hatchets in his hands and with a great murderous look, he chopped the black shadow in order to kill him. A black long whip appeared in Whip’s hands that seemed like a viper in the dark night. Whip gave a sharp flick of the whip to the two legs of the black shadow.

In the same Mercenary regiment, both of them had a certain level of chemistry in the fight so that they blocked all the routes of retreat of the black shadow.

Facing with the attack of two master-hands, though surprised, the black shadow wasn’t confused. His body suddenly heightened directly to more than two miles and quickly sweep over the head of Whip and Axe.

Such a brilliant light body skill was out of the expectation of Whip and Axe that their tricks didn’t pay off, so that they turned around quickly to attack again. The axe in Axe’s hand became a flash of cool light, leaving his hand and chopping to the back of the heart of the black shadow. The whip of Whip also became the shadow of whips in the sky, sweeping towards the black shadow.

The black shadow didn’t turn back and avoided the coming short axe in the sideways, but it was reaching his limitation that he could no longer avoid the long whips in his back that swept on his left shoulder.

He stumbled forward for two paces, but still didn’t stay long and rapidly rushed forward. At the same time, he shouted. “Go to save people.” He took two steps forward, but he still didn’t stop, rushing forward, and shouted. “Go to save people, before it’s too late.”

The voice of this person was very crisp who turned out to be a woman.

Axe and Whip who originally wanted to continue the chase, were startled by her. Compared with this case, it was more important for them to protect the safety of Lin Momo and the little fellow, so they didn’t dare to chase the black shadow and jumped into the villa.

After getting the two enemies, Axe and Whip off, the black shadow disappeared into the dark night very soon.

After about half an hour of running wildly all the way, she arrived at the door of the huge courtyard where it was very dark without a light and a worn plaque hanging in the doorway – there was an orphanage!

The courtyard of the orphanage was very large, where there were many houses inside, but it looked very worn and may not be repaired for a long time.

The black shadow leaped from the low wall and entered into a room. But this time she decently opened the door and came in. Obviously, this was her residence.

After entering the room, she lit a light, then took off the veil on her face towel and took off her night dress.

Although the lights were very dim, it still could be seen that this was a very beautiful girl at the age of about 20.

The girl took a small bottle and some gauzes from the dilapidated drawer next to her, and then took off her clothes with great pain, half of her white arm revealed.

Whip’s cultivation repair had already reached to the eighth realm of Ming Jin, and his skill of sweeping whip was brilliant. Although the long whip in his hand was slightly swept on the girl’s shoulder, he still busted the girl wide open and her wound was quite dreadful.

The girl applied the ointment in the vial to the wound on the shoulder and wrapped it with the gauze, but from her frowning eyebrows and her pale face, it could tell that the effect of the drug was not very good.

After finishing all this, she took out the King Green Jadeite from her pocket, and her face finally burst into a gratified smile, which looked a bit weird against the green light.

“How about it? My thing is no bad, is it?”

A voice abruptly rang in the room.

The girl was shocked and rushed to put the King Green Jadeite into her pocket, then suddenly turning back with a shiny dagger already in her hand.

She saw a young man looking at herself with a smile, and cried in amazement. “You… it is you, how could you find this place?”

Qin Haodong threw a faint smile. “You steal my thing, so I follow you.”

He was sure that the girl stole alone, neither with a guy behind her nor with a company, so he didn’t hide himself anymore and entered into the room directly.

The girl was a little surprised that although her light body skill could be regarded as the first class, this man could follow behind her in silence without being discovered by herself that she could know that his cultivation was so high.

“Give me, this is my daughter’s. It is time to return it.”

Qin Haodong said, stretching out his right hand to the girl.

“No… I will not give it to you…”

After saying, the girl stepped back and nervously held the King Green Jadeite in her pocket.

“This is not good!” Qin Haodong was made to laugh by her, and said, “As the saying goes, the thief should also have a moral in the mind. As a thief, you have already been found in your home by the owner. Isn’t it a right thing to return the stolen thing to me?”

The girl lowered her head slightly and chewed her lips in a complicated look. After a while, she looked up and said, “That’s right, according to the rules of stealing sect, I should give it back to you, but this thing is too important for me.

“As long as you can give it to me, I will agree with every requirement that you put forward.”

While saying, she surprisingly took off her clothes. She undressed her coat with only black underwear on her. Under the dim light, the girl’s white skin gleamed with an attractive glow and her nice hour-glass figure was so sensual.

Qin Haodong was not swerving and with a faint smile, he drew a chair and sat down. Then, he took a look around the decoration of the room which was dilapidated and the clothes taken off by the girl which was something off-the-rack worth a few dozen yuan and seemed have been worn for a long time.

“Do you know how much the thing is worth in your hand?” he asked.

“Yes, I do.” said the girl, “Today in the hall, I saw someone’s offer for the piece of it was one billion yuan.”

“In this case, how could you ask me to give it to you. Could you believe that you are worth such a great price? You know, one billion yuan is enough for me to play with women all my life.”

The girl clenched her teeth and said, “As long as you gave it to me, not only can I have sex with you, but also I can kill others for you, steal things for you, and do anything for you.”

Qin Haodong looked at the girl who was in a resolute composed look and said with great interest. “I know that you are not a woman who loves money very much. Why are you willing to pay such a big price for it? Give me a reason.”

“Reason, what kind of reason do you want?” The girl suddenly became overwhelmed and shouted at Qin Haodong. “You rich people could enjoy good food and nice dresses, driving luxurious cars and living in villas, even giving a treasure worth one billion for your daughter as a toy.

“But have you ever thought that how many poor children are there in the world? They have no parents, no dependence, they can only live in these dilapidated houses to maintain a bare existence. However, now the houses are going to collapse. Where do you want them to live? Let them sleep on the street?”

After her words finished, her well-developed busts were violently ups and downs, and her eyes were full of anger and unwillingness.

Qin Haodong looked at her quietly. He kept silent for a long time. After a while, he said faintly, “My money is also earned by myself. Poverty cannot be the reason for your theft.”

The girl was also calmer. She said, “Therefore, I want to barter with you by my body, by my everything!”

“Do you want to rebuild the houses here with the money exchanged by this jadeite?”

This time the girl didn’t say anything but nodded her head firmly.

“Tell me your story. If it can make me moved, maybe I will give it to you.” said Qin Haodong.

“Really?You really are going to give it to me?” The girl couldn’t believe it.

Qin Haodong smiled at her and said, “Not yet, it depends on your performance later. If you could be honest to tell me everything, maybe I could help you. Now what you should do is to get your clothes on.”

The girl put on her clothes again, casting a glance at Qin Haodong with a complexed look, and then she said, “OK, I will tell you everything.”

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