The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 72 - Third Mother

Chapter 72 Third Mother

After the security guards got off the cars, a big man with a height of 1.9 meters walked up to Qin Haodong and said in a loud voice: “Boss, thirty guards of the Daddy Security Company are all in place; captain Zhang Tieniu has finished reporting.”

This afternoon, when Qin Haodong went to the Daddy Security Company, all of the fifty wounded soldiers who had been assembled by Nalan Wushuang were all treated by him. These people also joined the Daddy Security Company.

The captain of the team, Zhang Tieniu who was reporting, was once a prominent figure in the military. His strength was at the same level of Chen Fugui’s. But he was also retired early due to injury.

After being cured by Qin Haodong, he became a security guard of realm eight and the team leader of the Daddy Security Company.

After realizing that Zhou Cuicui’s behavior was oddly quiet, Qin Haodong brought thirty security guards from the security company. When they left the exhibition center, Zhang Tieniu followed them.

In fact, his strength could completely beat these people, such as the One-eye Dragon. The reason why he did this was to enhance the reputation of the Daddy Security Company.

“These Burmese people ran into China and came to rob our people. Teach them a lesson,” Qin Haodong said.

“Don’t worry, boss. These cats and dogs are nobodies.”

Then, Zhang Tieniu turned his head and turned to Meng Gang. He once carried out his missions everywhere in the past. Even the seals of M Country and the Red Berets were not stronger than him, let alone these Burmese gangsters.

“Kid, don’t say that I am bullying you. Now I give you a chance to fight with me one-on-one. Come on!”

The one-eyed dragon’s face sank. Although Zhang Tieniu looked very tall, he didn’t care about that. Height was not the crux in a fight.

“You are going to die!”

After a roar, he waved the sword in his hand against Zhang Tieniu. The sword was heavy and sturdy. If Zhang Tieniu was cut, the power was enough to lop off an arm.

Zhang Tieniu looked coldly at the long sword of the One-eye Dragon. When it fell, he suddenly screamed and then used the short stick in his hand to hit the sword.

The Daddy Security Company’s short sticks were all specially tailored by Nalan Wushuang, and were completely made of stainless steel.

After the thudding noise of the horse-chopping sword and the short stick, Meng Gang’s hand became numb. Then, the sword in his hand flew out.

He never imagined that Zhang Tieniu’s strength was so great that he had already lost after only one stroke. As he thought of this, a big foot kicked his chest.

Meng Gang cried and his whole body was flung up. Then he slammed into the ground and vomited blood. He could not stand again.

Qin Haodong nodded slightly. This Zhang Tieniu was indeed a talented guy. It was no wonder that Nalan Wushuang had made him a security guard of the eighth realm. It seemd that he still had much room for improvement in the future.

“Brothers! Teach these bastards a lesson.”

Then, Zhang Tieniu waved his short stick and rushed over to the remaining dozens.

The security guards of the Daddy Security Company also roared and rushed toward Meng Gang’s men. They had been excellent soldiers. After being wounded for so long, they finally found a chance to vent. They would not be willing to miss it.

The poor people brought by the Meng Gang, even if in one-on-one encounters they had no chance to win, let alone being fewer in number. They were beaten and cried piteously.

Two minutes later, the fight ended. None of the people in the Daddy Security Company were injured, while the Meng Gang and his men were all solidly tied up.

Meng Gang shouted, “Boy, I am a member of the Jade Gang. Let us go, or we will not spare you.”

Zhang Tieniu gave a heavy slap to his face and said, “How can you be so arrogant at now? The Jade Gang is nothing in the eyes of my boss!”

Qin Haodong did not take the Jade Gang seriosly in his mind. Since Zhou Cuicui dared to trouble him, he would teach her a lesson. At the same time, he could use them as an advertisement for the Daddy Security Company.

Soon the alarm flashing lights could be seen. Nalan Wuxia and the police’s criminal unit rushed over, which was also arranged by Qin Haodong.

Meng Gang did not expect Qin Haodong to call the police. He said angrily, “Boy, you called the police? How can you not keep the rules of Jianghu?”

“I am just a law-abiding doctor. I do not go by the Jianghu ways. As you come to China, you will taste the rice in prison. If you go back, don’t say that we are stingy,” Qin Haodong said with a smile.

Nalan Wuxia came and looked at Qin Haodong. She asked, “What happened? Don’t find trouble for me. Do you the police is too idle?”

“What are you saying? This is a big gift for you.” Qin Haodong pointed to the men who were tied up and said, “These people are murderous robbers. I have evidence in the car’s driving camera. The only thing you need to do is to take them back and claim the reward. What a good job.”

“Are you serious?” Nalan Wuxia asked, confused.

“Of course, you can ask your sister.” Qin Haodong pointed to the car. At this time, Nalan Wushuang got out of the car with the little girl who was looking around in confusion.

Nalan Wuxia commanded her men to get Meng Gang and the others into the police cars, and take them back to the police station. Then she walked toward Nalan Wushuang.

“What a beautiful little princess!” Although Nalan Wuxia was short-tempered, she liked children very much. After seeing the little girl, she immediately became fond her. She asked Nalan Wushuang, “Who is this little cutie? She is so beautiful.”

When Dongfang Liang kidnapped Lin Momo last time, Nalan Wuxia had come to the spot, while she was busy handling the case and did not notice the little girl at that time, nor did she know this was Lin Momo’s daughter.

After seeing Nalan Wuxia, the little girl immediately felt refreshed and reached out her two fleshy little hands to say, “Auntie Police, hug!”

Nalan Wuxia took Tang Tang in her arms. The little girl became hyperactive in Nalan Wuxia’s arms.

Next to them, Qin Haodong was smiling. It seemd that his daughter was going to find a way for him.

As expected, the little girl said to Qin Haodong, “Papa, the police auntie is so beautiful. Can I ask her to be my third Mama?”

Nalan Wuxia now knew that the little girl was Qin Haodong’s sworn daughter, but she also asked with a surprise, “Little cute, why third Mama?”

The little girl said seriously, “Because I already have Mommy and the second mama. You can only be a third Mama.”

Nalan Wuxia cast a stern glance at Qin Haodong, “Did you teach her that? Aren’t you afraid of corrupting her?”

Qin Haodong said a little awkwardly, “Well… this has nothing to do with me, my daughter is completely self-taught!”

The little girl shouted, “It wasn’t Papa, but Papa said that I can find seven Mamas.”

“Hey…” Qin Haodong was afraid that the little girl would say anything more. He quickly talked about another topic, “Officer Nalan, there may be a master behind these people. Please investigate thoroughly.”

He was very clear it was Zhou Cuicui. It was best if Nalan Wuxia could put the ugly woman behind bars.

“Well, I will go back and take time to handle the case,” Nalan Wuxia said and returned the little girl to Nalan Wushuang. Then she left with her men. Zhang Tieniu also went back to the Daddy Security Company with the thirty security guards.

After getting on the bus, Qin Haodong said to Nalan Wushuang, “I will also bother you to contact the newspaper reporters, let them concentrate on reporting the event. It will help us establish the reputation of the Daddy Security Company.”

“Do not worry, this is very easy.” Nalan Wushuang understood Qin Haodong’s intentions and said, “In fact, now the Daddy Security Company has become a little famous in the upper circle.”

“No way, so soon?” Qin Haodong said surprisedly.

“The circle of upper-class society in the south of the Yangtze River area is not big, and news are spreading very quickly.” Nalan Wushuang continued, “The last time you took Saber and a few people to beat the Thunder God Security Company’s Wei Tianlei in Lin’s Group. And the Divine Mercenaries served as Lin Momo’s bodyguards.

“Later, with Chen Fugui and others you beat Liu Huaqiang’s Doukou Culture Media Company. The two events have made the upper circle know the existence of the Daddy Security Company.

The only difference is they only knew that a powerful security company was found, but they did not know the name at that time. I believe that after today, the Daddy Security Company will be famous in Jiangnan City.”

Qin Haodong nodded with satisfaction; this was exactly what he wanted.

After sending Nalan Wushuang to her home, Qin Haodong took the little fellow back to the Lin’s villa.

Lin Momo wore a white home dress and sat in the living room, watching TV and waiting for them.

Seeing Qin Haodong entering the door, she asked in a querulous voice, “Why do you come back so late?”

“Mommy, Mommy, I went to play with my Papa. It was so fun.” The little fellow threw herself into Lin Momo’s arms and handed the ice king Green jade to Lin Momo. “Mommy, look at this big glass ball!”

Lin Momo hugged and kissed the little fellow. When she saw the appearance of the ice king Green jade, Her eyes immediately widened. She was the president of the Lin group and she was very familiar with the jewelry industry. She did not think it was a glass ball like ordinary people.

“This… this is an ice king Green jade.” She took the ice king Green jade carefully and said, “Where did you get it?”

“It was made from the inside of a stone. Papa is so powerful that he can change the stone to a glass ball,” The little fellow said with pride.

Although she did not clearly understand, Lin Momo could still guess what happened. She was surprised and asked Qin Haodong, “You found this?”

“Yeah,” Qin Haodong said, nodding unconsciously.

“Do you know what this is? Do you know how much it costs?” Lin Momo asked excitedly.

She had been in charge of the Lin Group for many years. She had seen countless jewels, but she had never seen an ice king Green jade as big as this one.

“I know! I know!” The little fellow quickly said, “Mommy, someone would pay one yuan but Papa didn’t sell it.”

Qin Haodong looked at Lin Momo’s strange expression and said, “It’s not 1 yuan, it’s a hundred million yuan. I’m not very good with jade. Some people said that this is an ice King Green jade and wanted to buy it for a hundred million yuan. I saw that Tang Tang liked it very much, so I let her take instead of selling it!”


Lin Momo was also astonished. A hundred million yuan was a lot of money. As the young lady of the Lin family, all private savings she had for these years were only a hundred million yuan.

Qin Haodong took such a valuable thing as a toy for his daughter. She felt that she was more like a sworn mother, while Qin Haodong was the little fellow’s father.

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