The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 623 - Unlimited Access to Funds

Chapter 623 Unlimited Access to Funds

Daniel held up the monk’s staff, gave it a good shake and the audience heard the melodious sounds coming from the 12 golden rings.

“I’m sure you are familiar with this item. This is a monk’s staff, a Buddhist treasure. It has a long history and was found by Sir Owen by chance. If you’re interested in it, please take it back to your home. It will definitely bring blessings and peace to your family and enhance your career…”

She rattled off a long introduction about the staff, but the information given was neither helpful or valuable, because she knew nothing about its background or origin.

Sir Owen did get it by chance and had asked many experts to appraise its quality. But they did not find it of any value and even its history and year of manufacture remained unknown till now. Besides, as a devout Christian, Sir Owen was not interested in collecting Buddhist artifacts, that was the reason why it appeared in the auction.

The host intentionally placed the mysterious item for bidding after the snake head sculpture in order to arouse the audiences’ interest. He was hoping it could be sold at a higher price.

But they had not expected that the snake head sculpture would be sold for only 6 million yuan.

Daniel continued, “The bidding for the monk’s staff starts now. Its asking price is 500,000 yuan and will be increased by at least 100,000 each time. If you’re interested in Buddhist culture, please offer a price!”

Qin Haodong wanted to buy this monk’s staff, but 500 years of experience had taught him to be patient. He had to calm down and conceal his desire in order to get what he wanted. Therefore, he did not offer a bid first and was waiting for the others to make an offer. It would be best if no one liked it.

But Bao Mingyu raised his bidding card as Daniel stopped speaking and said, “I’ll offer 800,000 yuan!”

Qin Haodong was slightly stunned. He did not expect that this guy would be interested in the monk’s staff.

The movie star sitting next to him also asked in surprise, “Mr. Bao, this staff is obviously made for a monk. Why do you want it?”

Bao Mingyu explained, “It will be my grandfather’s 80th birthday in a few days. He’s a devout Buddhist follower throughout his life and is an avid collector of Buddhist items. I want to get this monk’s staff and give it to him as a gift.”

Qin Haodong heard what he said clearly. But he was determined to get the monk’s staff, no matter who the rival was.

All the others showed little interest in the monk’s staff. Everyone present were antique experts and they clearly knew that the monk’s staff, whose history and origin remained unknown, lacked potential for appreciation in value.

Therefore, only a few people offered prices after the bidding started. But all of them gave up after a while.

The hall gradually quieted down. Daniel said, “Mr. Bao is offering 2 million yuan for the monk’s staff. Is there anyone who wants to offer a higher price? Don’t miss this last chance…”

Qin Haodong took the chance and raised his bidding card, “I’ll offer 5 million yuan!”

The price offered by him caused an uproar in the crowd. Everyone believed that he was just trying to goad Bao Mingyu because the staff of unknown origin, was not worth 3 million yuan.

Many shook their heads in disagreement. This young man, who had just offended Yi Chenzi, was trying to enrage Bao Mingyu now. He would definitely be in danger after the auction.

Bao Mingyu had the same feeling. In his opinion, Qin Haodong did not need the monk’s staff at all and the reason why he offered a higher price was purely to humiliate him. Bao was infuriated at this thought.

He had lost once. If he were to lose again, he would definitely become a laughing stock in Hong Kong.

“I’ll pay 10 million yuan!”

He suddenly raised the price by 5 million yuan and everyone present was astonished.

But Qin Haodong did not care about money. He was determined to get the staff, so he counter offered, “20 million yuan!”

A smile lurked at the corners of Daniel’s mouth. She had been quite disappointed with the price of the snake-head sculpture, but just as an old saying goes, what we lose in hake we shall gain in herring. She had never expected that the monk’s staff would be sold for such a high price.

Although Qin Haodong raised the price by 10 million, Bao Mingyu did not give up. He immediately offered an even higher price, “30 million…”

“40 million…”

Bao Mingyu said through gritted teeth, “50 million…”

The price was close to his upper limit. His family might even refuse to give him so much money if it were not a gift for his grandfather.

Qin Haodong looked at him with a faint smile and said, “80 million…”

Everyone was astonished at his bid. Why did this man increase the price by 30 million in a stroke? It was nothing but a monk’s staff. He must be a good-for-nothing wastrel, who had just squandered a great sum of money for a piece of garbage.


Bao Mingyu was both ashamed and angry. If he continued, the price might reach 100 million yuan. Even if he could afford it, he did not dare to raise the price because he was not sure whether Qin Haodong was setting some sort of trap for him.

He was in a dilemma now. It would be a disgrace to quit the game, but if he continued, he could not afford the final price.

He could even sense the ridicule of the audience and his face turned even redder. He was clutching the card tightly and almost raised it up several times, but he soon calmed down and gave up.

He suddenly came up with an idea. He said to Daniel who was standing on the stage, “Mrs. Auctioneer, I want a capital verification. I don’t think this guy has enough money to buy the item. He must be fooling about here.”

He recalled that Qin Haodong did not even get the invitation letter and could only wait outside the hall. 6 million yuan must be all he had and Bao Mingyu did not believe that this guy had 80 million yuan to compete with him and buy the monk’s staff.

According to the rules of the auction house, he could ask for a capital verification. If Qin Haodong did not have enough money, the monk’s staff would surely belong to him. What mattered most was that Qin would then be publicly humiliated and would not dare to appear in Hong Kong again.

Bao Mingyu was so proud of himself. He must be the cleverest person in the world.

But at this moment, Tian Ye came to his side and said, “Sorry, Mr. Bao, but we’re not allowed to verify Mr. Qin’s assets.”

Bao Mingyu was immediately irritated and he shouted with great anger, “What? But according to the rules of your auction house, his capital can be verified.”

Now he was sure that Qin Haodong must have colluded with Tian Ye and it was Tian Ye who helped him sneak into the auction house.

Tian Ye explained, “There are related rules of capital verification here, but they are not applicable to Mr. Qin. He’s a VIP guest of our Li family and we will pay for everything he buys here. There’s also no limit to the money he spends in today’s auction!”

Everyone was shocked by what Tian Ye said. There was no limit to the money he spent here; in other words, this guy could buy whatever he wanted and the Li family would pay for him!

No one had expected that this young man was such an honored guest. Who was he? Why did the Li family take him so seriously?

“Who is this guy? Why did the Li family give him unlimited access to their money? That’s too awesome!”

“He must be an illegitimate son of a super-rich in Huaxia, otherwise, the Li family would not have to please him like this…”

“Oh my god, he’s great! I want to marry him and have kids with him…”

But some people scorned their views and believed that Qin would definitely be killed by Master Yi Chenzi, no matter how rich he might be.

Bao Mingyu was stunned and did not know what to say now. Qin Haodong had unlimited access to the funds of the Li family here and he was such an idiot to compete with him and try to humiliate him in public.

It was just like fighting with a man with infinite firepower and health points in a game. He was bound to lose.

After explaining to Bao, Tian Ye left the room. Daniel said, “Mr. Qin has offered 80 million yuan for the monk’s staff. Is there anyone else who wants to offer a higher price?”

Everyone was silent and no one tried to compete with Qin Haodong for the auction item. He had unlimited access to the funds here; besides, the monk’s staff looked quite ordinary.

After asking a few times, Daniel raised the mallet and proclaimed that the monk’s staff belonged to Qin Haodong now.

She was ecstatic now. No matter who paid for Qin Haodong, she would get a lot of commission. 80 million yuan was the highest bid offered tonight and it was enough to make up for the loss from the bid for the snake-head sculpture.

The last auction item was sold, which signaled the end of today’s auction. The guests began to leave the auction house.

Yi Chenzi stood up, glanced at Qin Haodong coldly and then walked out. This young man was already a dead person in his eyes and he would kill him when he left the auction house.

Qin Haodong had already received his two collections. He was carrying a box with the snake’s head sculpture inside and the monk’s staff was given to Nalan Wushuang.

Qin Haodong was sure that the monk’s staff was an excellent weapon, but it looked quite strange in the hands of a great beauty like Nalan Wushuang.

The auction came to an end, but Qin Haodong did not leave right away. He turned to Tian Ye and asked, “Mr. Tian, are you available now? I have something to tell you.”

Tian Ye sighed and said, “Mr. Qin, please follow me to my office.”

He thought that Qin Haodong was asking him for help to deal with Yi Chenzi.

Li Meiyu had already told him that this young man was an honored guest of the Li family and he had to ensure all his requirements were met.

But he could do nothing, except to ask all the security guards in the auction house to protect Mr. Qin. But they were still not strong enough to stop Master Yi Chenzi.

As a native of Hong Kong, he had always regarded Mei Zhanlong and Yi Chenzi as immortals. How could ordinary people fight with them?

In his opinion, it was unwise for Qin Haodong to offend Yi Chenzi over the snake-head sculpture.

Qin Haodong followed Tian Ye to his office and asked, “Mr. Tian, do you know Sir Owen?”

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