The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 617 - The Best Practitioner

Chapter 617 The Best Practitioner

Li Dongguo nodded with satisfaction and said, “Meiyu, you’re smarter than me. If I had been more decisive, we wouldn’t have gotten in trouble. Now, I can trust the Li Group to you.”

Having realized that Li Meiyu was about to call the police, Li Jianye and his associates were so panicked that they tried to rush out of the room. However, Qin Haodong immediately kicked them down to the ground.

Since the Li Group was one of the largest companies in Hong Kong, the police station sent dozens of policemen the moment they received the alarming call.

Old Master Li explained the situation, telling the police that Li Jianye and his associates had bribed the bodyguards and tried to kill them.

As for Master Zha, Old Master Li lied that he had died of a sudden disease to avoid further investigation. There were no scars on his body, anyway. It was no different from normal death.

Besides, Qin Haodong had killed those bodyguards in self-defense and Li Dongguo was confident that the police would definitely not hold him accountable.

Li Jianye and his associates were all taken away by the police and Li Meiyu called Uncle Cheng to get rid of the bodyguards’ corpses.

Master Zha was sent back to his teacher, Mei Zhanlong.

When it was all over, Li Dongguo invited Qin Haodong and Nalan Wushuang to the living room and asked servants to prepare a feast. They were talking while enjoying the meal.

Li Dongguo raised his glass and said respectfully, “Medical Sage, Brother Kuohai recommended you to me some time ago. To be honest, I didn’t believe him at that time. But I was really impressed by your performance today. You’re such a promising young man!

“Thank you for saving us and the entire Li family. A toast to you!”

Then he picked up the glass of wine and drank it.

Li Meiyu said with great anger, “Grandpa, the so-called Master Zha is bullsh*t! I thought that he was powerful and smart, but it turned out that he sent me to Shanghai to effortlessly kill you! The fatal disaster was just made up by Li Jianye and him!”

“It’s my fault. I’ve been deceived and trusted the wrong man for all these years.”

Li Dongguo sighed and then asked Qin Haodong with a worried face, “Medical Sage, to be honest, we might have gotten you into trouble this time.”

Qin Haodong didn’t care about it at all. He replied nonchalantly, “Are you talking about Mei Zhanlong, Master Zha’s teacher? He’s called the best practitioner in Hong Kong, isn’t he?”

Li Dongguo nodded. “Yes, I’m afraid that he might antagonize you. As one of the most famous practitioners in Hong Kong, he must be powerful and skilled. Master Zha’s real name is Zha Liang and he’s Mei Zhanlong’s favorite disciple.

“We were the ones that killed him. Although the police might believe that it was a natural death, Mei Zhanlong must be suspicious of it. I’m afraid that he might come after you.

“How about this? You can go back to Shanghai after this meal. Although Mei Zhanlong is reckless and violent, he doesn’t dare to go to Shanghai as his influence is mainly limited to Hong Kong.”

Qin Haodong replied, “Don’t worry. There’s nothing to be afraid of.”

He really didn’t care about Mei Zhanlong, who was touted as the best practitioner of Hong Kong. His disciple was an evil rat and he must be the same.

Qin Haodong wouldn’t care about Mei Zhanlong if he stayed away from him. But if he looked for trouble, Qin Haodong would kill this devil for the sake of the people living in Hong Kong.

Besides, he couldn’t leave here. It was true that he wasn’t afraid of Mei Zhanlong, but the Li family was no match for him. Mei Zhanlong would definitely kill them to avenge Zha Liang’s death if he left.

Li Dongguo was a sophisticated old man and clearly understood what Qin Haodong was thinking. Although he was moved, he was still worried about him. “Medical Sage, you got involved with Mei Zhanlong because of me. Please let us solve this problem.

“Moreover, don’t look down on Mei Zhanlong. I know him very well. He has killed a great number of people to obtain this title. He’s definitely not a kind person.

“Besides, he’s been doing very well in Hong Kong for many years and has countless believers and followers. I believe that many people will follow him and stand up against you. Please, don’t be impulsive. It’s better for you to leave this place.”

Qin Haodong believed what he had said. Master Zha was greatly admired in Hong Kong and his teacher Mei Zhanlong must be more popular here.

All the same, he still didn’t change his mind of following the Taoist principles. If he was scared by Mei Zhanlong, he would not get the opportunity of passing the Heavenly Test and becoming immortal.

“Mr. Li, I understand. Although I’m here to help you, it was me who killed those people. So I’ve decided to stay here for seven days. I’ll kill Mei Zhanlong if he looks for trouble.

“If he comes to you later, please give him my phone number. We can meet in Shanghai or somewhere else as he wishes. I would confront him with Zha Liang’s death.”

Seeing that Qin Haodong was confident and determined, Li Dongguo shook his head and said, “In addition to Mei Zhanlong, there’s another troublesome matter to deal with. Sarah Banta’s teacher, Master Song Gang is also a tough practitioner.

“Song Gang is more famous in Thailand than Mei Zhanlong in Hong Kong. Although he is dressed in a robe and calls himself a master, he is skilled in the Bewitching Spell, which is extremely cruel and strange.

“Since Sarah Banta was killed here, Song Gang will definitely take revenge on you. He’s a narrow-minded vengeful man, after all.”

Qin Haodong nodded and said, “I hope that he can come here within seven days. It’s best to kill them together and solve the problem.”

Li Dongguo was moved. If Qin Haodong left, Mei Zhanlong might give them a chance to explain, but Song Gang would definitely retaliate against the Li family with strange Bewitching Spells without any hesitation.

“Medical Sage, thank you so much. You really helped us a lot.”

Qin Haodong replied, “You’re welcome. It’s just a piece of cake. Besides, you hired me as Miss Li’s bodyguard and we’ve signed the contract. It’s my duty to protect her.”

Li Dongguo said with great gratitude, “It’s our fortune to hire you as the bodyguard. We would have been killed without your help.”

Qin Haodong said, “Mr. Li, by the way, I have something to tell you. Our contract has to come to an end. I still have a lot to do and don’t have the time to be Meiyu’s bodyguard.”

There was a flicker of panic in Li Meiyu’s eyes when she heard Qin Haodong’s words. She used to be jealous, but Qin Haodong had always been with her. Without this contract, it would be difficult for her to see him again.

Li Dongguo also asked eagerly, “Bro, why do you wanna quit? Are you dissatisfied with the salary?

“Yes, given your ability, I think it is low. But we can talk about it. Just name a number and we’ll definitely meet your need.”

Qin Haodong shook his head and said, “It has nothing to do with money. I really have a lot of things to do. Please forgive me.”

Li Dongguo said with a regretful face, “I understand. You’re a promising young man and it’s not fair to ask you to be a bodyguard.”

Qin Haodong said, “Mr. Li, I realized that your family’s security needs to be tightened. If you want, I can send some excellent bodyguards from Daddy Security Company to protect Miss Li.”

Li Dongguo nodded with great joy. “That’s great. Thank you, young man, It’s very difficult to find a capable and loyal bodyguard now.”

After thinking for a while, he said, “Well, please give me 20 bodyguards this time. I’ll come to you if we need more.”

Qin Haodong replied, “No problem. I’ll call them later. I guess they’ll come here tomorrow.”

“That’s great. Our family will be safe with their help.”

Li Dongguo motioned Uncle Cheng after his words and he immediately handed over a check. Li Dongguo pushed the check toward Qin Haodong and said, “Medical Sage, thank you so much for helping us this time. Please take the money.”

Qin Haodong glanced at the check and found that it was one billion yuan! Li Dongguo was quite generous with his money.

But he was clear that Li Meiyu was infatuated with him. Although he hadn’t fallen in love with her, he couldn’t take the money. Thus, he said, “Mr. Li, Meiyu and I are good friends. It’s quite normal for me to help her. Please take the money back.”

Upon hearing that Qin Haodong treated her as a friend and refused the check of one billion yuan for her sake, Li Meiyu was moved and didn’t feel so disappointed.

Li Dongguo said, “I was too abrupt. But I’ll feel sorry if you refuse to take the check.

“How about this? Sir Owen will hold an auction in Hong Kong tonight, which was entrusted to an auction house of our family. Please go ahead and buy whatever you like. I’ll pay for you as a gift.”

Qin Haodong thought that it might embarrass Li Dongguo if he refused all his offers, so he agreed. He and Nalan Wushuang had nothing to do these days and going to the auction was a good choice.

As such, he said, “Well, thank you, Mr. Li. We’ll be going to the auction tonight.”

Li Meiyu said, “Grandpa, is Sir Owen going to hold an auction again? I want to go and see.”

Li Dongguo shot down her request. “Meiyu, you’d better stay here. I formally retired today and the entire company will be your duty. Besides, you have to deal with the part that used to belong to those two rats. There are a lot of things to do here.”

“All right, grandpa.”

She had become much more mature after the incident. Although she was disappointed, she followed Mr. Li’s order without saying anything.

Qin Haodong asked, “Sir, is there anything good at this auction?”

Li Dongguo replied, “Dr. Owen’s auction is rare and valuable. I heard that most of the items at this auction are antiques of Huaxia, and the most famous one is a sculpted head of a snake. It belongs to the bronze statues of the Chinese zodiac.”

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