The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 604 - Prajna Mind-clearing Spell

Chapter 604 Prajna Mind-clearing Spell

The flute sound was not too loud, but it seemed to be able to enter everyone’s ears, touch everyone’s soul, and control their minds.

Qin Haodong realized that this was an attack on a person’s soul. He used Spirit immediately to clear this feeling. With the strength of his primordial Spirit, it was impossible to control his mind.

Feng Wu was extremely familiar with the cultivation methods of Devil Gate. When the flute sound rang, she immediately cried out. “It’s the devil’s voice that controls the soul! Hurry up and seal off your senses, otherwise, you will be controlled by him.”

However, it was already too late. Apart from Qin Haodong and Feng Wu, whose cultivations were powerful and unafraid of the demonic sound, everyone showed a trace of confusion in their eyes. They had lost their minds.

Qin Haodong realized the seriousness of the matter. If Xiao Luochen controlled everyone present, the consequence would be unimaginable.

He whispered, “Is there any way to break his demonic voice?”

Feng Wu said, “Make him stop or kill him!”

“Do it!”

They moved their feet and rushed toward Xiao Luochen, hand in hand.

However, Red-eyebrowed Monster and Madam of Bones seemed to have been prepared. They waved the swords in their hands and blocked their way.

Qin Haodong drove the Xuan Yuan Sword and tried his best to rush over. Unfortunately, their opponents were sect masters of the Hehuan Sect, two senior ninth-level supreme power masters. It would not be possible for him to win in a short time.

He was attacking the Red-eyebrowed Monster with all his strength. Suddenly, a gust of wind came. Someone was attacking him from behind. He turned back and wielded his sword. When he saw it was Nalan Wushuang who was attacking him, he was shocked.

Qin Haodong quickly raised his wrist. The Xuan Yuan Sword brushed past Nalan Wushuang’s head and so it didn’t kill her on the spot.

But at this time, Nalan Wushuang’s mind was completely controlled by the demonic sound. There was only one thought in her mind, which was to kill the person in front of her. She slapped on Qin Haodong’s shoulder without reservation.

Fortunately, her cultivation was not too high, and she had not yet reached the supreme power realm. The palm did not cause much damage.

On the other side, Qi Waner had already waved the sword in her hand and rushed to Feng Wu. Qin Haodong quickly cried. “Don’t hurt her.”

Feng Wu also knew that these were Qin Haodong’s most important people. Relying on her powerful Genuine Qi, she tilted Qi Waner’s sword and then sent her away.

Seeing all of this, the Madam of Bones smiled and said, “It seems like we don’t have to do anything. Let’s just watch on the side.”

She and the Red-eyebrowed Monster retreated, but Qin Haodong and Feng Wu were under siege. The most terrible thing was that they were attacked by their own people.

Lin Momo, the members of the Divine Mercenaries, Qi Waner, and Nalan Wushuang all attacked them crazily. Even the little fellow picked up a dagger and waved it at them.

Qin Haodong was going crazy. He and Feng Wu were powerful enough to fight against three masters at the ninth level of the supreme power realm. However, they were all his closest friends, and he didn’t want to hurt them.

He had to be careful when he attacked because he had to make them retreat safely. He couldn’t even use a tenth of his combat strength when he was restrained. At this moment, he was in a panic and was in danger.

“They are fighting against each other. It’s really interesting!”

Madam of Bones continued to say, “Fortunately, I was careful enough to invite Zhang here. Otherwise, it would have been really troublesome.”

Red-eyebrowed Monster said with a smile, “Do you think they will escape or not?”

With Qin Haodong and Feng Wu’s cultivation, it was very easy for them to leave.

Madam of Bones smiled and said, “I don’t think so. Even if they run away, it doesn’t matter. So many beautiful women are left for our Hehuan Sect. We’ll definitely make a profit.”

Qin Haodong’s fight was getting more and more difficult. Lin Momo, who had reached the fourth level of the supreme power realm, and Qi Waner, who was at the third level of the supreme power realm, caused them great trouble.

If they were enemies, it would be easy to kill them with one sword strike. But now, both of them were his beloved women. Even if he was injured, he could not hurt them.

By now, six to seven slashes had already appeared on his body. Feng Wu had also been stabbed three or four times. Fortunately, their Genuine Qi was dense, and these wounds were all superficial.

Moreover, Qin Haodong found that the Genuine Qi of them in the pair cultivation state had a strong healing ability, which was even better than that of the Green Wood Genuine Qi.

Under the operation of Genuine Qi, the bleeding soon stopped and the wounds began to heal slowly.

But it couldn’t go on like this. Feng Wu had already put away her Leimu Sword. After she pushed back Lin Momo with a palm, she said, “Haodong, we can’t go on like this. Let’s retreat.”

Qin Haodong’s eyes were red, and he shouted in a hoarse voice. “No, they are all my closest friends. We can’t leave them to those devils in Hehuan Sect.”

Feng Wu said, “But we can’t go on like this. We will be killed sooner or later.”

Qin Haodong said, “You go first. I’ll stay here alone.”

“How is that possible? I can’t leave you alone.”

Now, Qin Haodong was not only Feng Wu’s man but also the sacred master of the Cihang Sword House. How could she leave Qin Haodong alone?

While they were talking, Qin Haodong’s left arm was pierced by Qi Waner’s long sword. The long sword made him shed blood. Qi Waner lost her mind at this time and was unaware of everything in front of her. She waved her bloody sword and rushed to Qin Haodong again.


Feng Wu rushed back to protect Qin Haodong. She pushed back the approaching sword with one palm. She was distracted, and her left back was cut by Lin Momo’s long sword again.

Madam of Bones giggled. “It seems they won’t be able to hold longer.”

Red-eyebrowed Monster also smiled insidiously. “Old Zhang’s method is so despicable. He let them turn against each other. But I like it.”

But at this moment, a clanging sound suddenly sounded. The sound was clear and sweet as if it could cleanse one’s soul and instantly broke through Xiao Luochen’s demonic sound.

Without the demonic sound, Lin Momo and the others immediately stopped, no longer attacking Qin Haodong and Feng Wu.

Qin Haodong breathed a sigh of relief. He turned his head and saw Jia Shihan sitting on the grass, with a seven-stringed zither in front of her.

She was proficient in melody and could fight against Xiao Luochen’s demonic sound. Unfortunately, her cultivation had been sealed. She had suffered internal injuries just now, and blood was spilling from the corner of her mouth.

Finally, he found a way to fight against the demonic sound. Qin Haodong’s eyes lit up. “Let’s go and help her.”

He and Feng Wu used this chance to leap up and stand behind Jia Shihan. Qin Haodong reached out his right hand and pressed it against Jia Shihan’s Mingmen acupoint on her back. Then, he transferred his Genuine Qi to her.

Soon, he found that Jia Shihan’s meridians were wide, and his Genuine Qi was running freely. It was not repelled at all, as if Jia Shihan had cultivated it herself.

With the help of Genuine Qi, Jia Shihan’s music instantly became high-pitched. The melodious sound of the zither drowned out Xiao Luochen’s music.

Madam of Bones’ expression changed drastically. “Is that Prajna Mind-clearing Spell of the Yinsha Sect? Who is this woman? How could she use the Mind-clearing Spell? Could she be a member of the Yinsha Sect? Why is she so weak that she doesn’t have any cultivation power?”

Red-eyebrowed Monster cried. “Whoever she is, let’s kill her first!”

All things helped or counteracted each other. The music played by Jia Shihan seemed to be the natural kryptonite of Xiao Luochen.

Lin Momo and the others stood stiffly, no longer driven by the demonic sound. The confusion in their eyes slowly dissipated and they gradually regained consciousness. Although they had not fully recovered, it was only a matter of time.

Because of this, Madam of Bones and the Red-eyebrowed Monster attacked the three people sitting cross-legged on the ground once again.

Originally, Qin Haodong and Feng Wu were not afraid of these two people. Unfortunately, they had been extremely passive now. They sat on the ground and could not move.

In desperation, Qin Haodong had come up with an idea. He stretched out one foot and placed it on Jia Shihan’s back to ensure that the Genuine Qi would be transferred. He used an arm to control the Xuan Yuan Sword to fight the enemies.

Even so, they were in a passive defensive state, so their combat capability was naturally greatly reduced. They could only rely on the sharpness of Xuan Yuan Sword and Leimu Sword to barely protect themselves.

Both Madam of Bones and the Red-eyebrowed Monster had lived for close to a hundred years. They soon found the weakness of Qin Haodong, Feng Wu, and Jia Shihan.

Red-eyebrowed Monster fought with Feng Wu, and the Madam of Bones attracted Qin Haodong’s Xuan Yuan Sword away with her right hand. Then, she hit Jia Shihan’s back with her left hand.

She knew very well that as long as she killed the woman who knew how to play the Mind-clearing Spell, everything would return to the previous state. At that time, Qin Haodong and Feng Wu could only wait for death.

The Xuan Yuan Sword in Qin Haodong’s right hand couldn’t save her in time. He held Feng Wu’s right hand with his left hand and couldn’t help at all. Seeing that the girl was about to die, he rushed forward in a hurry and blocked the palm for Jia Shihan with his own body.

The Madam of Bones was different from Lin Momo and the others. She was at the ninth level of the supreme power realm. She hit Qin Haodong in the back with all her strength. Her attack like the thunder from heaven, crushing everything.

Qin Haodong and Feng Wu were in a state of pair cultivation. Although their Genuine Qi was strong, they couldn’t block the attack.

He felt as if his whole internal organs had been shattered. He spat a large mouthful of blood on the back of Jia Shihan’s neck, and then slowly fell to one side and fell into a coma.


Feng Wu let out a sorrowful cry, and the Leimu Sword in her hand madly rolled towards the Madam of Bones and the Red-eyebrowed Monster. She did not defend at all and only attacked crazily.

Madam of Bones and Red-eyebrowed Monster didn’t want to risk their lives to fight with Feng Wu, so they immediately retreated after they had succeeded in their first move.

Feeling the warm blood on her neck and smelling heavy blood smell, Jia Shihan realized what had happened.

She stopped playing and slowly turned back. When she saw Qin Haodong lying on the ground, endless sadness quickly filled her whole body.

“Little brother…”

She let out a soft cry and two lines of clear tears flowed down her face.

She didn’t know when she had fallen deeply in love with this man. She could do anything for him, even sacrifice her life.

Because of this, she had risked her life to fight against Xiao Luochen in order to save Qin Haodong.

But now, this man had blocked the fatal blow for her, and she didn’t know whether he was alive or not. This made her heartbroken.


She seemed to have heard the sound of her heart breaking. No, it was not the sound of her heart breaking. Instead, the seal in her body was broken, and then a powerful force suddenly burst out from her body.

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