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Chapter 594 - Two Swords Combine

Chapter 594 Two Swords Combine

Zou Changkong sized her up with his greedy eyes. He said with a wicked smile, “I knew people from Cihang Sword House have been watching us, so we came to Shanghai this time, first, to collect new followers, fresh blood.

“And second, to catch your Cihang Sword House people. I just didn’t expect to have you, the young master.”

Feng Wu frowned. “It turns out the Sun family’s stealing kids is a trap from Hehuan Sect for me.”

Qin Haodong felt lucky inside. “Lucky that I didn’t rush out rashly, or the two in the Eighth Grade of Supreme Power Realm would have gulped me down.”

Bai Ruyi swayed with her sexy figure and walked forward. She said in a sweet voice, “Dear little Feng Wu, I think you look nice. Why not join our Hehuan Sect? This is where heaven on earth is.

“At that time, I guarantee that you’ll find a handsome partner to cultivate with you and spend the rest of your life happily. Why do you have to cling to a trashy place like Cihang Sword House? There’s not even a man there. What fun could there be!”

Feng Wu said, “Stop your nonsense, you heterodox sect. Today, I’ll eliminate the evil and remove you two for the benefit of the common people in the world.”

Bai Ruyi smiled cutely, “Dear little Feng Wu, you’re so pretty, but why are you always fighting!”

Zou Changkong smirked and said, “Feng Wu, don’t think that we don’t know you. Though you’re called the genius of Cihang Sword House, you’re still too young and only in the Eighth Grade of Supreme Power Realm.

“You’re in the same realm as us. Why do you think you can fight us two?”

“Go to hell!”

Feng Wu knew very clearly that since she had fallen into the trap today, she must fight her way out. She had no other choice.

She turned her wrist upward and the golden sword in her hand became a cold light, shooting directly to Bai Ruyi’s heart.

The sword was called Leimu Sword, a treasure of Cihang Sword House.

Bai Ruyi knew what the sword was capable of and withdrew her smile. She ripped off a pink ribbon on her and it turned into a rainbow to meet the sword.

Her ribbon was also a treasure. Qin Haodong did not know what it was made of, but it was so strong with Genuine Qi inside it and at the same time could resolve any force. It not only stayed intact before the Leimu Sword, but also wrapped around the sword tightly.

Meanwhile, Zou Changkong also attacked. He jerked his right hand and the boomerang saber swooshed out, aiming at Feng Wu’s face.

Feng Wu’s long sword was locked by the ribbon. She tilted sideways to avoid the saber. Nevertheless, the saber was really weird. After flying past her for some distance, it came back, targeting at her neck this time.

Feng Wu infused her Genuine Qi and spun her wrist. The Leimu Sword sent Bai Ruyi’s ribbon back flying and turned around to slash at the saber.

Her sword was a divine weapon. As long as it managed to touch the saber, it could halve it. However, the boomerang saber actually slid away from the sword’s blade. In the meanwhile, the other one rushed toward Feng Wu’s chest.

Bai Ruyi launched an attack again. Her ribbon directly crawled to Feng Wu’s feet. She and Zou Changkong practiced pair cultivation, and they cooperated extremely perfectly. They could play their parts well in defense and attack. Moreover, they both used divine weapons, which were hard to defend against.

Feng Wu had reached Eighth Grade of Supreme Power Realm and her cultivation would even be a little higher than Bai Ruyi’s or Zou Changkong’s in a one-on-one battle.

However, she was now fighting against two who were good at working together. They would be much stronger than two other random experts in Eighth Grade of Supreme Power Realm.

With the gap in strength, she lost the upper hand. Though with Leimu Sword, it would not be life-threatening for a moment, she had escaped narrowly by retreating in defeat again and again.

After battling for more than 10 minutes, Feng Wu had been consuming more and more Genuine Qi. Due to her carelessness, Zou Changkong’s boomerang saber sliced through her left shoulder and a line of blood spewed out.

Luckily, she dodged timely and it had only been a superficial wound, not affecting her muscles and bones.

Bai Ruyi chuckled. “Dear little Feng Wu, look at what you’ve made us do. An injury on such fair skin. My heart is aching at the sight of that. Hurry up and join our Hehuan Sect. We shall all be happy, alright?”

Zou Changkong got his target so he smirked. “That’s right. Once you’re in our Hehuan Sect, I can be your guide and make sure you enjoy your first time without the slightest pain.”

“Shameless. Die, both of you!”

Feng Wu raged and the Leimu sword danced in her hand. She managed to barely gain the upper hand.

However, her rage could only be temporary and could not change the gap between their strength. As time passed by, Zou Changkong’s boomerang saber again sliced through her right hip and in the meanwhile tore her white dress open.

Bai Ruyi and Zou Changkong not only cooperated well but also were experienced as they knew how to distract their opponent.

Zou Changkong smiled lustfully, “I didn’t expect the young master of Cihang Sword House to have such a fair butt. I could die happily if I could just touch it for one time.”

Bai Ruyi also giggled. “Dear little Feng Wu, even I feel bad to see the cut on such a nice butt. How sad other men will be when they see it!”

Feng Wu was furious. Nevertheless, in a state of anger, her mind went unfocused. Her moves lost their patterns and she became more and more passive. She not only lost the chance to win but also had difficulty in fleeing.

Qin Haodong used another Invisibility Talisman and felt anxious while watching on the side. He wanted to help, but the three of them were all in the Eighth Grade of Supreme Power Realm. With his cultivation, even if he attacked, it would not be very helpful. Within a few moves, he would be eliminated.

If he wanted to help, he could only wait secretly for Bai Ruyi and Zou Changkong to get sloppy at some instant. The chance would only appear once, and if he failed, he would be completely doomed.

After five to six more minutes of fighting, Feng Wu got more cuts on her again. Now, she was trapped in a serious situation and had no time to stop her bleeding. Major loss of blood made her pale and feel dizzy.

Seeing the guardians of the sect about to win, Sun Shengtian finally heaved a sigh of relief. If Feng Wu spread what happened today out, the Sun family would really be over.

Bai Ruyi and Zou Changkong looked very proud. At that time, they were about to win. No matter if they killed or captured her alive, they would both contribute greatly to Hehuan Sect. In time, they were bound to receive rewards.

Nevertheless, they had been extremely sophisticated so they did not rush to act. They knew how terrifying the final attack of a dying expert in Eighth Grade of Supreme Power Realm could be. If that happened, they would suffer a lot even if they survived.

While blocking all of her escape routines, they kept wearing her out.

Bai Ruyi smiled again, “Dear little Feng Wu, why did you do that? You’ve even scratched your fair skin.

With your looks and figure, if you join our Hehuan Sect, numerous hunky men will line up to have you serve them. At that time, you’ll know how happy it is to be a woman.”

“Bitch, I’ll kill you!”

Feng Wu was exceptionally smart as well. At that moment, she had seen through the two’s intention. The Leimu Sword in her hand shone brilliantly with golden lights and she thrust it to Bai Ruyi’s heart with all her might. She actually completely ignored the two boomerang sabers that dashed to her from behind.

Bai Ruyi was stunned. “Feng Wu has decided to sacrifice herself so soon?” In front of the Leimu Sword with shooting killing intent, she could not afford to be careless and jerked the ribbon in her hand to wrap around the sword.

Seeing the sight, Qin Haodong felt happy. “The chance I’ve been waiting for has finally come.”

First, he targeted the two boomerang sabers with his Spirit. Then, his mind moved and put them into the storage ring. Then, he drew the Xuan Yuan Sword to hide in Leimu Sword’s brilliance and shoot to Bai Ruyi’s chest.

Because Feng Wu’s light sword had been very bright and Qin Haodong had kept himself invisible, Bai Ruyi did not notice one more sword showed up in the light at all.

Xuan Yuan Sword, Leimu Sword, two divine swords stabbed to Bai Ruyi’s heart together. Nevertheless, at that moment, a strange scene was formed.

After Xuan Yuan Sword joining in, Leimu Sword should howl excitedly. As if being attracted by a magnet, the two swords collided with a clang and turned into a huge golden sword. Then, sword light shone 10 times more brightly than just now.

Qin Haodong froze at the sight. “Why did the two swords turn into one?”

Bai Ruyi was controlling the pink ribbon in her hand to ward off Leimu Sword. Her ribbon was also a divine weapon called Pink Dust made of silk from foreign silkworms.

In the previous fight, she had tested many times. Pink Dust was capable of blocking Feng Wu’s Leimu Sword. Hence, this time, she confronted her head-on confidently.

However, never in her wildest dream did she see a Xuan Yuan Sword coming. It combined with Leimu Sword and became more than 10 times stronger than before. Her Pink Dust failed easily before the blow and was directly torn into two pieces.

When she discovered that, it was already too late for her to dodge. Bright sword light gathered and vanished in her chest in the end.


Bai Ruyi screamed shrilly and the sword directly punched a bloody hole the size of a fist on her curvy chest. Fierce Sword Qi even shattered her heart into pieces. In Eighth Grade of Supreme Power Realm as she was, she would not survive.

Zou Changkong was working with Bai Ruyi and controlling his two boomerang sabers to attack Feng Wu, but he had never thought that they would suddenly disappear as if they never existed.

“What’s going on? Where are my sabers?”

Panicking, he searched for his sabers everywhere but in vain. Instead, he saw Bai Ruyi die from a single strike.


Watching Bai Ruyi die, he cried in pain.

Though they looked young, actually, they were both in their 60s. They had been practicing pair cultivation together for more than 40 years. Seeing his partner die, he instantly felt desperately sad!

After killing Bai Ruyi, Qin Haodong found the combined huge sword should listen to his order. Immediately, he did not stop and controlled the flying sword to directly chop at Zou Changkong’s head.

Zou Changkong’s entire cultivation lay on the two boomerang sabers. When he lost them, his cultivation was greatly reduced. Lost in thinking, he was chopped into halves. Blood spurted out and bodies fell all over the ground.

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