The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 59 - A Slap on the Face

Chapter 59 A Slap on the Face

“Er…” The pudgy expert had nothing to say, but he was obviously more thick-skinned than the man with glasses. He ignored Qin Haodong and turned to Chuanxiong and said, “Captain, give us another five hours, and we will certainly be able to elicit the truth.”

“You are kidding, 24 hours will be over soon. How can I give you five hours?”

Nalan Wuxia said sulkily, for she didn’t like the two experts at all. If they had not come out to make trouble, Qin Haodong would have solved the case.

The pudgy expert said self-righteously, “So what, it’s reasonable to add a few hours in such an important case, and no one will know about it…”

Fang Chuanxiong bowed his head and meditated. On the one hand, he really wanted to solve the case. On the other hand, he also knew that it was against discipline to detain a person for more than 24 hours without evidence.

Just as he hesitated, the door opened and a man in a high-class suit and gold glasses came in.

“I am Bai Xu, the lawyer of Jiangnan Law Firm. My client is being questioned by the Criminal Police Unit. Who is in charge of the case, please?”

Wang Jianfeng’s face changed slightly at the sight of Bai Xu. As the captain of the Jiangnan Criminal Police Unit, he dealt with this man a lot.

Bai Xu was well-known in the judicial circle of the whole region of Jiangnan. First of all, he had a strong professional ability. He was proficient in various laws and was good at finding loopholes in laws. Secondly, he had no bottom line. He can defend any kind of person as long as he got the money.

Unexpectedly, the hatchet man had hired him. It seemed that today’s case was getting more and more difficult.

Although it was in the Jiangnan Criminal Police Unit, Fang Chuanxiong naturally was in charge of the case since he had the highest position.

He said, “I’m Fang Chuanxiong, the one in charge. You can talk to me.”

Bai Xu opened his file bag and took out a small book and several pieces of paper toward Fang Chuanxiong. “Officer Fang, this is my lawyer’s card and the proxy letter of attorney of the family members of my client.”

He was very professional to show the relevant documents first. He said to Fang Chuanxiong, “Officer Fang, as a lawyer, I want to see if my client had been tortured to extort confessions or overtime trial.”

The pudgy expert was dumbfounded. Just as he was preparing for an overtime trial, the lawyer came.

Fang Chuanxiong frowned, and before he could answer, the door opened with two middle-aged women coming in.

“Excuse me, we form Association for the Protection of Women and Children. We heard that a one-year-old child was involved in your investigation. We want to verify whether any improper treatment of children had been done…”

Then two more people came in, carrying the camera in their hands. “Hello, we are reporters of the TV station. We heard that the Criminal Police Unit is handling a drug-related case. We want to make some follow-up reports. Have you found any evidence now…”

Things were getting worse and worse. Not only the two experts but also Fang Chuanxiong’s eyebrows were locked into a knot.

Behind the hatchet man was a drug trafficking group with huge financial resources. It was not surprising that they could make use of the power of society, so what lay ahead was a dilemma.

If the drug trafficker was released in this way, not only the whole Jiangnan Public Security Bureau would be discredited, but also he would lose face. But if they didn’t let him go, they would be violating the law under the supervision of so many people.

Bai Xu smiled coldly and said, “Officer Fang, when did my client come to the Criminal Force Unit to be questioned? How much time to go before the 24-hour period is up?”

“Er…” Fang Chuanxiong looked at his watch and said, “There are still ten minutes left.”

Bai Xu asked again, “Well, do you have sufficient evidence to prove that my client is guilty so that you can take further criminal coercive measures? Otherwise, you have to release him immediately?

Faced with the aggressive lawyer, Fang Chuanxiong felt extremely dejected, but there was nothing he could do. He sighed helplessly and said to Wang Jianfeng, “Let him go!”

A sense of triumph rose in Bai Xu’s mouth. As long as he could take the hatchet man out, he would receive a large amount of money.

Just then, a voice came out, “Don’t let him go.” It was Qin Haodong who said calmly, “Let me help, we can’t let the drug trafficker get away under our eyes.”

Fang Chuanxiong frowned. In his opinion, the young man was a troublemaker. He said discontentedly, “Nonsense, even if you understand the interrogation, you can’t elicit the result in ten minutes, let alone you don’t understand at all.”

“You’re talking about other people, but I’m different,” Qin Haodong said with arrogance. Now that he had decided to help, he did not hesitate at all and went straight to the interrogation room.

Fang Chuanxiong was about to stop him when Wang Jianfeng whispered in his ear, “Doctor Qin is really good at hypnosis. Anyway, there are only ten minutes left and there is no loss in trying it.”

Fang Chuanxiong thought for a while. Since they couldn’t turn the tide in 10 minutes. Why not make every possible effort. He agreed, “Okay, let him have a try.”

See Fang Chuanxiong agreed, Wang Jianfeng and Nalan Wuxia also followed into the interrogation room.

Bai Xu said, “Officer Fang, as a lawyer, I have the right to see if my client will be tortured or treated inhumanely during the interrogation process.”

The two women from the Association for the Protection of Women and Children also said, “We also want to see if you will protect the legitimate rights and interests of children during the interrogation process.”

Fang Chuanxiong looked at the reporter’s camera next to him and said, “The interrogation can’t be disturbed. Come with me to the monitoring room.”

Then he took the lawyer and the journalists to the monitoring room. The big screen there showed everything in the interrogation room clearly.

The three of them entered the interrogation room and saw a young man of about 30 years old pacing with a little boy of about one year old in his arms. Possibly for the sake of the little boy, he wasn’t locked on an iron stool.

At the corner of the interrogation room, there was a huge suitcase, in which dozens of bags of milk powder were neatly placed.

Qin Haodong went to pick up a bag of milk powder and looked at it. It was marked with foreign letters but not English, supposedly it was produced in Burma.

The man said, “No need to see. They have been examined for dozens of times. If there were any poisons in them, my son would have been poisoned to death.”

Wang Jianfeng said, “At first, we also suspected that there were problems in the milk powder. We did sample tests one by one and found nothing.”

Nalan Wuxia looked at the young man and asked, “Why do you buy so much milk powder?”

“What else can milk powder do? Feeding my son!” He looked at Nalan Wuxia’s full breast with a dirty look. “My wife has a pair of pancakes. If she had what you have, I don’t need to buy any milk powder. My son and I would both have more than enough milk to drink.”

“You are courting death!” Being openly teased by this guy, Nalan Wuxia was furious. She was going to teach him a lesson, but Wang Jianfeng stopped him. The reporters and the lawyer were outside, so it was not the time for impulsive action.

The young man laughed fearlessly and said, “Why don’t you hit me if you dare? Don’t think I don’t know that you’re going to let us go in five minutes. I will sue you if you dare to move one of my fingers.”

“Is this your son?” Qin Haodong interrupted his aggressive speech.

Being questioned on the identity of the child, the young man’s face changed, and he was about to curse when suddenly his face slightly stagnated. Obviously, he had been caught by Qin Haodong’s Mind-bewitching.

“Not my son. I haven’t married yet.” the young man answered honestly.

“Where did the child come from?” Qin Haodong asked again.

“I stole him, to use him as cover for the transport of drugs!”

As soon as he said this, everyone’s looks changed. He not only admitted drug trafficking, but also the case of child abduction.

Fang Chuanxiong’s face showed a look of ecstasy. He could take the guy into a criminal detention with what he said, and they would no longer be subject to 24-hour restrictions.

The two experts were confused. Just now he couldn’t elicit anything from the experienced hatchet men. But the guy confessed everything after a few words from Qin Haodong. Could he have magic?

Bai Xu colored up with annoyance, He muttered a curse, “Idiot!”

Qin Haodong smiled and asked, “How many drugs have you brought out this time?”

“Not too much, ten kilograms,” the man said.

“Where did you hide it?”

This was the most critical part. After Qin Haodong asked, everyone’s heart hung up. They would be able to convict the hatchet man if they could find the drugs. Otherwise, it would be empty talk.

Wang Jianfeng and Nalan Wuxia were very nervous. The success of the case was at hand.

The man pointed to the suitcase and said, “Right there?”

“What do you mean? Why didn’t we see it?” Qin Haodong asked.

“This suitcase was specially made. It’s made of raw materials mingled with drugs. It can’t be seen from the outside. But you will find this suitcase especially heavy when you lift it. So much milk powder is taken to divert your attention and cover the weight of the suitcase.”

All the policemen were enlightened at his words. The drug traffickers became more and more sophisticated in their means of crime that they could hide the drugs under the eyes of the police.

Nalan Wuxia looked at Qin Haodong with admiration. If he hadn’t elicited the answer, they would never figure out that there were drugs hidden inside the suitcase.

Qin Haodong smiled slightly. The case had been solved so far. He asked again, “Drugs are hidden inside the suitcase, how to extract them?”

The man said, “Our experts have arrived in Jiangnan. After I take the suitcase there, every gram of the drugs can be recovered by chemical means.”

Since the hatchet man confessed, it was meaningless for Bai Xu and others to stay there. They left the Criminal Police Unit in a grievance. They were bribed to look for trouble, however, it didn’t work at all.

Subsequently, Qin Haodong asked several questions according to Wang Jianfeng’s request, including the drug case and the story of the child.

The whole interrogation room was monitored by video, so Qin Haodong was not afraid if the man should withdraw his words. He left the interrogation room after questioning and left the issue to the police.

As soon as he went out, Fang Chuanxiong warmly came to him. He took Qin Haodong’s hand and said, “Thank you, young man. Thank you so much.”

“Nothing, just a case of lifting a finger for me.”

“Master, you’re the master of interrogation. I’m so sorry for having offended you,” Fang Chuanxiong apologized again and said, “Young man, our police department is in urgent need of such talents like you. If you want, I will transfer you to a special department immediately. You don’t have to worry about the treatment…”

“Mr. Fang, thank you for your kindness, but I’m a doctor. It’s OK to help the police, but I’m not interested in being a policeman!”

Qin Haodong refused without hesitation.

“What a pity,” Fang Chuanxiong said with regret, and then took out a business card and said, “Brother Qin, this is my business card, come to me if you need any help.”

Qin Haodong nodded, took his business card and put it in his pocket.

The two experts standing behind Fang Chuanxiong were extremely embarrassed. They had just watched the whole interrogation process, which could be called a miracle. They didn’t get anything for five hours, but Qin Haodong got it all done in five minutes. That was like a slap on the face!

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