The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 586 - Make Them Feel Desperate

Chapter 586 Make Them Feel Desperate

Alice saw Qin Haodong go on the stage and said, “Dear Medical Sage, are you finally going to do something? James said you were his teacher; he praised your medical skills quite a bit. I really look forward to your performance.”

Qin Haodong said, “Don’t worry, I won’t let you down.”

Kim Siyuan had just stored away her needles. She turned to Qin Haodong and said, “Huaxia man, you can’t beat me.”

Qin Haodong smiled and said, “You’ll be disappointed!”

“Hmm!” Kim Siyuan snorted coldly and turned to walk down the stage.

Qin Haodong approached the acupuncture statue. Alice said, “Medical Sage, can we start now?”

“President Alice, you may not know that this acupuncture statue is from Huaxia, and that acupuncture was also created by our Huaxia ancestors. Compared with them, I think I’m a bully. So I have to make it more difficult.”

As he spoke, Qin Haodong took out a black handkerchief from his pocket and covered his eyes.

As a Chinese medicine practitioner, he wanted to defend the dignity of all his Chinese peers. That day, he not only had to defeat these inciters from Koryo, he also had to make them feel desperate, to a degree that would discourage them to issue another challenge.

After the previous few matches, everyone had already understood the difficulty in dealing with the acupuncture statue. Originally, many people still had hope for Qin Haodong. But he had covered his eyes; the audience burst into an uproar after seeing this.

“Oh my god. Will he die without pretending? Didn’t he see how fast the woman in front of him was? He even covered his eyes. How could he win like this?”

“What do you mean? What do you mean? Are you looking for death?”

“Is the Medical Sage mad or is he going to go easy on them? The holes of the acupuncture statue are too small. How can he still stab the patient with his eyes blindfolded?”

Li Joongki glanced at him and suddenly burst out laughing. “Is this what Huaxia people call courting death? What’s the point of competing while blindfolded?”

“Such a person has the nerve to call himself Medical Sage. I think he’s a brain-dead man.”

Kim Siyuan shook her head slightly. She had felt a sense of danger from Qin Haodong, but just then she thought she was thinking too much. How could such an arrogant person beat her?

But at this moment, something even more shocking happened. Qin Haodong took out two four-inch-long needles from his needle bag, taking one needle in each hand.

Seeing this, Fang Helun shouted, “What is this guy doing? Is he taking advantage of others? I’ve been a doctor for so many years. But I’ve never seen anyone who could use needles with both hands!”

He had just experienced the difficulty of dealing with the acupuncture statue. It was already quite rare for him to defeat Kim Siyuan in a normal match, but this guy was still increasing the difficulty. What was he going to do?

It was okay for young people to show off, but you had to have the ability to do so. Otherwise, you would lose face.

Su Hongbo’s face also became ugly. He originally had great expectations for Qin Haodong, so he had bet the original copy of the “Compendium of Materia Medica” on Qin Haodong again.

But then, Koryo had shown an amazing strength. It could be said that Kim Siyuan’s skills had shocked the whole audience. However, Qin Haodong had pulled off one trick after another. Would he still be able to win this match?

What if he lost this competition? Not only would he lose his book, this would also greatly affect the reputation of Huaxia’s Chinese medicine practitioners. The damage might be permanent. His heart immediately sank when he thought of that.

Feng Wu’s eyes glinted. She even said to Su Hui, “Do you think he can win?”

Su Hui said, “I think he can win.”


Su Hui said, “Because I think he never does things without confidence. Since he’s holding needles with both hands, he must have the ability to do it.”

“Do you trust him that much?”

Su Hui smiled and said, “Yes, I believe in him more than I believe in myself.”

As opposed to the worried faces shown by the Huaxia people, all the people on the Koryo table were smiling happily.

Acupuncture was different from shooting. They could hold guns with both hands when shooting. They only had one target, which was relatively large and easy to master. When shooting, they only needed to pull the trigger and didn’t need to control their strength.

However, acupuncture was different. Each silver needle could only pierce one acupuncture point. Each acupuncture point had different strength requirements, which greatly increased the challenge of dealing with the acupuncture statue.

“You still regarded this guy as an opponent before your visit to Huaxia. Now it seems that you really thought too much. As the Medical Sage, he is extravagant and not practical at all. No real ability to speak of. The Huaxia Medical Sage is not qualified to be compared with Koryo’s Medical Sage.”

His voice was loud, not hiding his arrogance and pride at all.

Li Mintae nodded slightly with a proud smile on his face. He seemed to have visualized how he recovered the Compendium of Materia Medica and stepped on the Huaxia Chinese medicine practitioners.

But at that moment, his smile froze because Qin Haodong had begun to move.

After Alice shouted to announce the beginning of the match, he held the needles with both hands and quickly stabbed the acupuncture statue. He coordinated with both hands and did it from both sides. The silver needles in his hands rained down on the acupuncture statue.

Kim Siyuan’s eyes were suddenly opened as wide as they could go. Qin Haodong’s movement was so fast that it was beyond her imagination. Inconceivably fast.

Every time he inserted the acupuncture statue with the needles, mercury would flow out. However, Qin Haodong’s speed was too fast. After pulling out the golden needle, he would stab four or five acupoints in succession. The mercury of the first acupoint had just begun to flow out at that moment. This kind of speed was beyond the limit of a human’s ability.

Although he was blindfolded, he had already seen the acupuncture points of the statue clearly with his powerful Spirit. All he needed to do was to send the silver needles in.

It was also because of the big killing machine, his Spirit, that he had the confidence to use the needles with both hands.

“Is he still human?”

Not only Kim Siyuan, but also all the people who knew acupuncture were shocked.

It had to be known that the acupuncture statue was exquisitely made, and each acupuncture point had extremely accurate strength requirements. When the strength was greater than necessary, the mercury would not flow out. When the strength was lesser, there would be no reaction.

Qin Haodong covered his eyes and did it with both hands. Not only could each needle accurately penetrate the acupoint, but the strength was just right. Each needle could carry a trace of mercury. It wasn’t exaggerated to qualify this technique as divine.

Through the internet direct broadcast, the audience from all over the world looked at the screen in front of them with dull eyes, since Qin Haodong’s technique was so fast that only his hands could be seen as flurry of shadows. It was impossible to see clearly what was going on. This kind of speed was really shocking.

However, there wasn’t much time left for them to be shocked. Soon enough, Qin Haodong had finished stabbing all the 354 acupoints. When he retrieved the silver needles, the mercury in the last acupoints slowly started to flow out. It could show how fast he was.

Alice pressed the stop button of the timer and announced in shock, “Mr. Qin’s score is 51 seconds!”

In an instant, the audience quieted down. 51 seconds was such a shocking number. Just then, Kim Siyuan’s performance had amazed the audience, but Qin Haodong’s speed was almost twice as fast as hers.

“Dear Qin, you’re amazing. Did you perform magic just now?”

Alice’s face was full of amazement and admiration. Although she didn’t know acupuncture, she could see how shocking Qin Haodong’s technique had been just then.

At this time, the people in the audience came out of their bewilderment, then came their thunderous shouts and applause.

With 51 seconds, the Huaxia Medical Sage had defeated the people from Koryo with his magic technique. This speed was absolutely unprecedented. No one could surpass it, not even approach it.

Su Hongbo stood up; he first circled around the acupuncture statue, then reached out to touch it, as if admiring his own treasure.

A moment later, he turned to Li Mintae and said, “Professor Li, is there anyone else on your side ready to challenge? If not, I can take this acupuncture statue away.”

Li Mintae’s face was gray; there was even despair in his eyes. Qin Haodong’s move just then had completely destroyed all their confidence. They faced such a powerful opponent, which was like looking up to a high mountain. They didn’t have the courage to challenge him at all.

In 51 seconds, with a black veil covering his eyes while holding needles with both hands. This kind of magical technique, with an unimaginable speed, would always be imprinted on the heads of all the doctors from Koryo.

As Qin Haodong had expected, they were completely desperate. Even for thousands of years, no one would dare to challenge the Huaxia acupuncture statue.

After a moment of silence, he said with great difficulty, “We lost!”

“Hooray, the people from Koryo finally admitted defeat. The acupuncture statue can go home!”

“All hail the Medical Sage! He’s the one who won the acupuncture statue. He’s also the one who won honor for our Huaxia!”

“The Chinese medicine practitioner is invincible. The Medical Sage is mighty. Long live Huaxia!”

As Li Mintae admitted defeat, the whole venue was in an uproar. Countless cheers and shouts were heard all over the place for a long time.

The two old men, Su Hongbo and Fang Helun, were even more excited. They had just recovered the original copy of the Primary Instruction of Materia Medica. Then came the acupuncture statue; they could also take it back home. This was simply the biggest festival in the Chinese medicine circle.

They called the staff of the venue to carefully carry the acupuncture statue.

Feng Wu glanced at the calm Qin Haodong next to her and asked, “How did you do that?”

In the past, she had always been arrogant, rarely taking others seriously. But at this moment, this young man had attracted her attention.

“It was nothing, I’m just fast,” Qin Haodong said indifferently.

“I mean, how did you confirm the acupoints while blindfolded?”

This was what puzzled Feng Wu the most. Although Qin Haodong’s speed was very fast, it wouldn’t be difficult for her to make it after practicing with the acupuncture statue. The difficult part was that he could still confirm the acupoints without seeing.

Qin Haodong leaned over and whispered in her ear, “Because I have a third eye.”

His words seemed to be a joke. But in fact, his powerful Spirit was equivalent to having a third eye, and it was thousands of times sharper than ordinary eyes.

“Just forget it if you don’t want to tell me. You don’t have to lie to me.”

It was the first time in Feng Wu’s life that a man was so close to her. She couldn’t help blushing when she felt the breath in her ear.

She didn’t ask any more questions because of her shyness.

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