The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 584 - Another Receipt?

Chapter 584 Another Receipt?

Liu Qigong thought in his heart that with Qin Haodong, the forging machine, no matter what treasure it was, he could made a receipt casually even in the kitchen at home.

It was only three or four minutes before Qin Haodong came back in with a scroll.

Back on the stage, he spread the scroll on the table and said to Li Mintae, “Professor Li, take a look. This is the receipt for the Acupuncture Bronze Statue. Do you want Professor Choe to come here and have a look?”


Li Mintae looked at the receipt on the table. The scroll looked very simple, exactly the same as the one just now, but the contents had changed. The borrowing of the Compendium of Materia Medica was changed to the borrowing of the Acupuncture Bronze Statue. It also had the king’s seal on it.

He really couldn’t figure out where the receipt came from. If it was fake, even he himself didn’t believe it. Could Qin Haodong have predicted it and made a fake one to wait for him here in advance?

Although he knew that there was a kind of person who were good at making fake antiques, it would take at least a few days, or even a few months to make each item. It was absolutely impossible to make a fake antique in a few minutes.

Besides, Choe Hongseong was known for his stubbornness and integrity. His antique appraisal skill was one of the best. How could Qin Haodong deceive him?

Now the receipt was right in front of him, so he had no time to think about it, but he could not easily return the statue this time.

“There’s no need to appraise it.”

He directly omitted the part of the appraisal.

Qin Haodong said with a smile, “Since Professor Li thinks that the receipt is genuine, shouldn’t you return the bronze statue to us?”

Li Mintae’s heart was twitching. Every time he took out a treasure, the other side took out the receipt and asked him to return it. This made him feel so depressed that he wanted to vomit blood.

This time, he certainly wouldn’t return the acupuncture bronze statue easily. He said, “Even if your receipt is real, it can’t prove that it refers to this bronze statue. Of course, you’ll definitely think I’m denying it.

“Well, today I’ll challenge you Chinese medicine practitioners. As long as someone in Shanghai Medical College beats our Koryo Medical College in the use of the Acupuncture Bronze Statue, I’ll return it to you.

“If you can’t win, then how can you say that is yours? It can only mean that it belongs to our Li family. At the same time, it will also prove that your medical skills are inferior to ours.”

Su Hongbo said, “How do you want to compete with us?”

Li Mintae said, “There are 354 acupuncture points on this bronze statue. Let’s use silver needles to penetrate the acupuncture points. Then, we’ll see who can finish all the acupuncture points in the shortest time.”

Su Hongbo couldn’t help frowning. Li Mintae’s way of competition sounded fair, but it actually contained his plan.

The statue had been located with the Li family for many years, and they had practiced on it many times. Naturally, they were very familiar with it.

Meanwhile, the people at Shanghai Medical College had never even touched the acupuncture bronze statue, and the few replicas were also located in a museum. They rarely used the bronze statue, so they were at a disadvantage imperceptibly.

However, if they didn’t compete, not only did it mean that they agreed with Li Mintae, but it would also weaken the momentum of Chinese medicine. If they didn’t even dare to accept a competition, then how could they dare to say that their skills were better?

Thinking of this, he couldn’t help looking at Qin Haodong.

In this kind of competition of speed, he and Fang Helun were in their old age. They were not agile enough, so they could only rely on these young people, and Qin Haodong was his biggest dependence.

Qin Haodong smiled and nodded to him. This kind of competition was extremely difficult for others, but it was only a piece of cake for him.

Although he had never used the acupuncture bronze statue, he could clearly sense the structure of the statue under the strong perception of Spirit. Even if others practiced on this statue thousands of times, they would not be able to reach his level.

Seeing that he was full of confidence, Su Hongbo immediately became confident. He turned his head and said to Li Mintae, “Okay, we’ll accept. If you lose, remember to give the acupuncture statue back.”

“Not so fast.” A sly smile appeared on Li Mintae’s face. “If we lose, we’ll return the acupuncture statue. And what if you lose? It will be fair if you also have something at stake.”

Su Hongbo said, “What do you want to bet on?”

Li Mintae said, “Other things can’t be compared to the acupuncture bronze statue at all. Let’s bet on the original copy of the Compendium of Materia Medica. What do you think? Do you dare?”


Su Hongbo’s expression suddenly changed. If it were something else, he would dare to agree, but the original Compendium of Materia Medica was too important for Huaxia.

Qin Haodong had just taken back this treasure. If he were to lose it again, he would be a sinner of Huaxia, a sinner of Chinese medicine.

Li Mintae said with a sinister smile, “What’s wrong? Professor Su, don’t you dare?

“Didn’t you just say that Chinese medicine, acupuncture, and this bronze statue all come from Huaxia? Now you dare not to compete with us on this acupuncture bronze statue. Aren’t you ashamed of what you have said?”

Hearing his conditions, all the audience was filled with righteous indignation and shouted together.

“Let’s make the bet. We’ll bet with him.”

“Chinese medicine doesn’t need to be afraid of them…”

“The statue is ours. We must get it back…”

At this time, the live broadcast on the Internet was getting more and more popular. Many people gathered in front of their displays and began to cheer for Chinese medicine.

Su Hongbo felt more pressure. Qin Haodong saw his embarrassment and said, “No problem, we’ll bet with you.”

Li Mintae said, “You’re just a student. Can you represent Shanghai Medical College? Can you represent Huaxia?”

Su Hongbo took in a deep breath, stabilized his agitated mind, and said, “Yes, Qin Haodong can represent us. We’re going to bet with you.

“If you win, you can take away the Compendium of Materia Medica, if you lose, you leave the Acupuncture Bronze Statue.”

“Well, it’s a deal.” Li Mintae seemed to have been prepared for this. He took out a stopwatch from his pocket and handed it to Alice. “Miss Alice, please notarize the competition and judge us.”

“Okay, it’s a great honor.” Alice was very excited. The bronze statue with holes had already aroused her interest. “I’ve heard that acupuncture is very magical. Today, I can finally have a chance to see it.”

Li Mintae gave her a detailed introduction of the rules of the competition. Then the competition began. The first one to go was Li Joongki from Koryo.

As Li Mintae’s son, he was known as the Little Medical Sage in his country. He had practiced on this acupuncture statue countless times. He was extremely confident in this match, so he was the first one to show his strength.

Li Joongki went over to the acupuncture bronze statue and took out a 15 cm needle from the needle bag. Then he took in a deep breath and abandoned the distracting thoughts in his heart. He then raised the silver needle back to his fingertips, holding the needle with three fingers—his right thumb, index finger, and middle finger—in a steady style.

As the notary and judge, Alice stood next to the acupuncture bronze statue. When Li Joongki signaled that he was ready, she shouted, “Start!” At the same time, she pressed the timer in her hand.

Before that, Li Joongki’s muscles were tight. When he heard the shout, he immediately pounced on the acupuncture statue like an agile leopard.

In a flash, the needle in his right hand was stabbed into one of the acupuncture points. His move was not only fast, but also moderately powerful.

After that, he didn’t even look at it. He took the needle out and stabbed the next point again. And just after he pulled out the silver needle, thin mercury flowed out of the acupoint.

Next, Li Joongki used the needle quickly. His movements were quick and accurate. The needle in his hand seemed to have eyes. Each time, it was accurately inserted into the point. He didn’t miss even one time.

When he finished, mercury was flowing out from all of the 354 acupoints on the acupuncture bronze statue.

Alice shouted and stopped the match. She glanced at the stopwatch in her hand and said, “Mr. Li Joongki took 120 seconds!”

The audience burst into an uproar. They were all students of the medical school. They knew the normal speed of acupuncture treatment. No one had expected that Li Joongki could do it so fast.

He stabbed 354 acupoints in 120 seconds, which meant that he had used three movements in almost every second. The speed was really fast.

Although many people hated their provocative behavior, they still couldn’t help applauding his wonderful performance.

Li Joongki put away the silver needle with a proud face, glanced at Qin Haodong next to him, and sneered, “Not everyone can be the Medical Sage. You have to have real skills. If you can’t do it, you are not worthy of this name.”

His father, Li Mintae, was called the Medical Sage, and he was called the Little Medical Sage. Qin Haodong was also called the Medical Sage, which made him extremely dissatisfied. It made people imperceptibly feel that he was younger than Qin Haodong, so he took the initiative to provoke Qin Haodong.

In the face of his provocation, Qin Haodong just smiled and didn’t even have the interest to pay attention to it. Let alone Li Joongki, even Li Mintae was no match for him at all.

Li Joongki suddenly felt that he had punched in the air and felt very uncomfortable in his heart. He turned to Su Hongbo and the others and shouted, “Now it’s your turn.”

Su Hongbo frowned and whispered to Fang Helun next to him, “I didn’t expect that this guy had the ability to practice on the acupuncture statue to this extent.”

Fang Helun and Su Hongbo were the most accomplished people in the School of Chinese Medicine. Fang Helun’s acupuncture technique was stronger. He stood up and said, “Let me try it!”

Su Hongbo said, “In terms of physical strength and speed, why don’t we let our young people do it?”

“No, I don’t believe that I will lose to them!”

After saying that, Fang Helun stubbornly walked toward the acupuncture bronze statue.

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