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Chapter 568 - I Will Only Marry Him

Chapter 568 I Will Only Marry Him

According to the impression everyone had of Yan Feifei in the past, as long as she heard someone who spoke of Qin Zongheng, she would immediately pull out her sword and fight to the death with the other side.

But today, her reaction was out of everyone’s expectation. She just sat there quietly with a faint smile on her face as if she had heard nothing.

“Weird! It’s really weird!”

This was the first thought that came to everyone’s mind.

Seeing that Yan Feifei was calm, Yan Zixiao said, “Grandpa, I heard that Qin Zongheng has reached the Saint Realm. Is that true?”

Yan Fengwu replied, “According to the information from our spies, Qin Zongheng killed Han Zaixing with his Sword-repelling Technique and then left by flying. Only at Saint could achieve this feat.

Moreover, Han Wuji, the family master of the Han family, has issued the order to strictly ban his family members from provoking the Haodong Group and Chu Xuanyue. It seems that the news is true; Qin Zongheng has indeed crossed the threshold and reached the Saint Realm.”

Although everyone had heard it before, they were still skeptical. Only after Yan Fengwu’s confirmation did they all gasp in shock at the truth.

A Saint was very important to a family. If any aristocratic family in the capital had a Saint then it would definitely break out and become a unique big family in the capital.

“Qin Zongheng is indeed a genius of Martial Arts. Even though many people in the aristocratic families have been practicing hard for so long, none of them have reached the Saint Realm. Even a Half-Saint hasn’t appeared till now. Yet, he has succeeded.”

The speaker was an old man sitting next to Yan Fengwu. He was Yan Fengxiang, the younger brother of Yan Fengwu. He was another supreme power master of the Yan family.

Yan Fengwu’s eldest son, Yan Qing, said, “Father, what should we do now? Should we join forces with the other great families against the Qin family?”

After listening to his suggestion, the audience agreed one after another. If there really was a Saint in the Qin family, then the other six families had to unite so that they might still have the ability to fight back. Otherwise, they would not be spared by the Qin family.

“Don’t panic,” Yan Fengwu said, “According to the information we’ve received, Qin Zongheng disappeared from the capital after killing Han Zaixing. We haven’t seen any traces of him.

“That means he showed up this time just to vent anger for Chu Xuanyue and he didn’t intend to go back to the Qin family.”

“Father, although Qin Zongheng did not return to the Qin family today, he is still a member of the Qin family. He will return sooner or later. We have to come up with a solution in advance.”

The one who spoke was Yan Qing’s younger brother, Yan Song. He is ranked second amongst the second generation disciples of the Yan family. He has always been known for his craftiness and cunning.

Yan Fengwu glanced at him and asked, “That’s precisely the purpose of today’s meeting. What do you think? How should our Yan family deal with Qin Zongheng?”

Yan Song said, “Father, in fact, our Yan family has an advantage over other families. My little sister and Qin Zongheng have an engagement.

“Although Qin Zongheng had run away from the marriage on that day, the engagement still exists. As long as we try to find a way to form a marriage alliance with the Qin Family, then Qin Zongheng’s return will not be a bad thing for our Yan family. On the contrary, it will be good news…”

His words were immediately echoed by the others. Compared to fighting against the Qin Family, uniting by marriage was a better way. After all, a Saint was so terrifying that even if the six families united, they might not be able to fight against him.

Moreover, every great family had its own ideas, so it was very difficult for them to truly unite.

If it was arranged by marriage, then the bad thing would turn into a good thing. The Yan family might be able to go even further, and suppress the other aristocratic families and become one of the two largest aristocratic families in the capital along with the Qin family.

However, before anyone could react, the entire hall turned cold, making everyone feel as if they had entered an ice cave.

The smile on Yan Feifei’s face disappeared and she asked with a cold face, “Yan Song, what did you say?”

Yan Song had thought that Yan Feifei’s attitude had changed drastically and she didn’t care about Qin Zongheng anymore. That was why he proposed this idea with courage and wanted to show off his talent in front of the family master. He didn’t expect that Yan Feifei would have such a big reaction.

He said awkwardly, “Little sister, don’t mind. I’m saying this for the sake of our Yan family. Moreover, Qin Zongheng is now a Saint. Little sister, you’re still unmarried. If you can marry him, it’ll be a good choice…”

“Shut up!” Yan Feifei’s face was livid. She pounded the table and stood up as she declared to everyone present, “I tell you, I, Yan Feifei, already have a man in this life and I will only marry him.

“If you want to arrange a marriage, then ask your own women to do that. If you have that idea about me again, then don’t blame me for turning against you.”

After that, she waved her right hand fiercely and a sharp wind cut the table in front of her into two pieces.

“From today onwards, if anyone dares to mention the marriage between me and Qin Zongheng ever again then he would be like this table!”

After saying that, Yan Feifei walked out of the hall without looking back.

The people present looked at each other and they were all shocked. She could cut a table with only a palm wind. She deserved to be the first master in the capital.

“This girl’s cultivation seems to have improved a lot!”

Looking at the table that was broken into two pieces, Yan Fengxiang was also shocked. As a ninth-level supreme power, he was able to do it as well just not as easily as Yan Feifei.

It could be seen that there was still a huge gap between his cultivation level and Yan Feifei’s.

What he didn’t know was that if it were yesterday then Yan Feifei couldn’t have done this either. But now that she had practiced the Xuanyin Method given by Qin Haodong, her Genuine Qi was much purer than before, so she could condense it like a knife.

After being shocked by Yan Feifei’s strength, a thought occurred in the hearts of the people of Yan family. “What sort of person could conquer this woman? With Yan Feifei’s wild character, it would be very hard to subdue her.”

Today, Yan Feifei was wearing men’s clothes. At first, they were very confused but now it seemed that the clothes should belong to that man. It could be seen that they had a deep relationship.

Yan Zixiao thought to himself, “No wonder my aunt suddenly became so kind. It turns out that she’s no longer an old virgin. With a man, she’s really different from before.”

Yan Fengxiang turned to look at Yan Fengwu and asked in a low voice, “What do you think of Yan Song’s idea?”

Yan Fengwu said, “You saw Feifei’s reaction just now. Don’t mention it again in the future.”

Yan Fengxiang frowned and said, “If we can really build a good relationship with the Qin family then it will definitely bring great benefits to our family.”

Yan Fengwu replied, “If Feifei agrees then it will be good but she doesn’t agree now. Do you want me to force her? Aren’t you see the fate of the Qin Family?”

Yan Fengxiang suddenly realized that this kind of a thing couldn’t be forced. If the Qin family hadn’t forced Qin Zongheng then he would not have left that year, then they would have become the biggest aristocratic family in the capital.

According to Yan Feifei’s temperament, she was much more arrogant than Qin Zongheng. If they forced her to get married then she would very likely take Qin Zongheng’s case as an example to follow. At that time, the Yan family would have gone for wool and come home shorn.

He said, “I know, brother. You’re still far-sighted.”

Yan Fengwu declared to the whole Yan family, “I’ll release two prohibitions; First, when you meet the Haodong Group’s men, you must stay out of the way, especially Chu Xuanyue’s. Anyone who breaks the rule will be punished regardless of anything.

“Second, the marriage between Feifei and Qin Zongheng is officially invalid because Qin Zongheng escaped it. No one is allowed to mention it in the future, otherwise they will be expelled from the Yan family.”

The family’s meeting had lasted for a long time but there was still no specific plan. The provisional plan was to observe closely and pay close attention to Qin Zongheng’s information.

After the meeting, Yan Fengwu came to Yan Feifei’s room.

At this time, Yan Feifei had changed back to her own clothes and the clothes left by Qin Haodong had been folded neatly and placed on the bed.

She hugged her shoulders and gazed into the distance; her thoughts inscrutable.

“What are you thinking about?”

Yan Feifei turned around and saw it was Yan Fengwu. She shook her head and replied, “Nothing.”

Yan Fengwu gave her a meaningful look and said, “Can you tell me who that person is? He actually caused my daughter to undergo such a huge change.”

He knew his own daughter well. Since the moment Yan Feifei had appeared in the auditorium, he had already noticed the change in his daughter, which also made him curios about that man.

“He saved my life and helped me a lot.” Yan Feifei did not give a direct answer to Yan Fengwu. Instead, she firmly said, “Father, I promise that I will become the first Saint of the Yan family within six months. I will definitely not lose to Qin Zongheng!”

At the same time, the direct descendants of the Qin family had also gathered to hold a family meeting. The only topic was the news about Qin Zongheng.

The family master, Qin Zhan’ao, excitedly said, “Now we can be sure that he has come back and killed Han Zaixing in front of the Han family’s door. At the same time, he has reached the Saint Realm.”

Hearing this news, all the people of the Qin family were happy. Now the Qin family’s strength was not inferior to the other six major families. If they had one more Saint then they would definitely become the biggest family in the capital. In the future, they would be able to hold their heads high when they went out.

“Father, since he has returned, where is he now?”

The one who spoke was Qin Zhan’ao’s eldest son, Qin Feiyang. He had a very good relationship with Qin Zongheng. He was overjoyed when he heard the news about his younger brother.

Qin Zhan’ao’s expression instantly darkened. “Back then, it was all my fault and I accidentally forced him to leave. Now, it seems that my son still hasn’t forgiven me. After killing Han Zaixing, he directly flew and left. He didn’t return to our Qin family.”

Qin Feiyang asked, “Since my brother didn’t come back, where did he go?”

Qin Zhan’ao first shook his head and spoke to everyone, “Issue my order. In the future, all the Qin’s disciples should be respectful to the Haodong Group and Chu Xuanyue.

In addition, you will concentrate on searching for news regarding Zongheng. Spread my words at the same time; As long as he is willing to return to the Qin family, his marriage will be completely independent and I will not interfere with it…

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