The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 546 - Chu Xuanyue

Chapter 546: Chu Xuanyue

“Yes, I did. However, it was your driver who wanted to run me over.”

While he spoke, Qin Haodong became nervous. After all, the woman in front of him was an expert at the level six Supreme Power realm.

Unexpectedly, the woman didn’t show any signs of anger. On the contrary, she smiled and nodded. “Good skills,” she praised, “Have you learned martial arts before?”

Qin Haodong said, “Just a little bit.”

The woman said, “Okay, feel free to go!”

These words surprised everyone. The damage to this car would cost millions of yuan to fix, but the woman had no intention of pursuing this matter.

Qin Haodong was also a little surprised, however he had never intended to compensate for the damage. “Okay then, goodbye!” he said.

The driver next to him shouted, “Boss, he damaged your car…”

The woman turned towards him and said in a cold voice, as the smile instantly disappeared on her face, “Shut up!”


Facing the woman’s imposing aura, the driver didn’t dare to speak.

The woman asked, “Tell me, what happened? Why did you want to hit him?”

“I… I…”

The aura emitted from the woman was so powerful that the driver, who was just an ordinary person, hesitated for a long time and couldn’t even say a complete word.

The woman turned to the security guard who was in charge of guarding the door and asked, “Did you see what happened earlier?”

“Miss, I did see it…”

The security guard told her everything that happened.

After she heard everything, the woman said to the driver, “Using your power to bully others. You’re fired. Get out of here.”

“Please don’t boss. I won’t do it again. Please give me a chance…”

“Give you a chance? You will have to pay for the damage to my car. Leave and wait for the court summons!”

The driver suddenly turned pale and colorless. He fell to the ground depressed. How could he afford such a huge loss?

However, it couldn’t be blamed on anyone else. He was the one who had used his power to bully others. If the person had tried to run over hadn’t been Qin Haodong, he would have been arrested and sent to jail.

After dealing with the driver, the woman turned to his staff and said, “Today’s event is canceled. Go do your own things.”

She looked at the security guard next to her and said, “Go get the person in charge. Send a copy of the surveillance video of what just happened to my room.”

With that, she turned around and walked back into the hotel.

“Who is that? She seems powerful!”

“Don’t you know? She is Miss Ye Qing, the president of the Haodong Group. She controls hundreds of billions of assets and has tens of thousands of employees, so of course her aura is powerful…”

“My god, so she is Ye Qing. She’s beautiful. If only she could look after me…”

“In your dreams. With me being this handsome, if she is to have someone, it would have to be me…”

It turned out that this woman was Ye Qing of the Haodong Group. Everyone thought that she had cancelled the day’s event because the car broke down and was in a bad mood. However, no one would have thought that when she returned to her room, she immediately jumped up with excitement, as if she had encountered something exciting.

After calming herself down, she called the head bodyguard in and said, “Go and check out that young man named Qin Haodong. Dig up all his information. The more detailed the better. Remember, don’t alarm him!”

“Yes, miss,” the head bodyguard responded then left the room. He had followed Ye Qing for many years and was well aware of her temper. No wonder this little witch, who never suffered losses, was so talkative that day. She wanted to get even with that man later.

Ye Qing was unaware of the head bodyguard’s thoughts. When the security department of the hotel sent a copy of the surveillance video, she closed the door and began to watch.

Towards the end of the video, she paused it on Qin Haodong’s handsome face and murmured, “Similar, he’s so similar. I didn’t expect this kid’s skills to be so good!”

“I must tell my sister about this and so she can rejoice. Otherwise, she will continue to be depressed all day and will grow old very quickly.“

Thinking up to that point, she opened the safe inside the hotel room and took out a mobile phone. Then, she dialed a series of numbers.

Inside a luxurious room in the capital, the graceful Chu Xuanyue was leaning against the head of the bed, staring blankly at the two photos in front of her.

Of those two photos, the one on the left was of an infant. The baby looked very chubby and cute.

The picture on the right was of a handsome young man in his twenties. When looking at him closely, this person looked exactly like Qin Haodong.

While looking at the photos, her eyes began to become blurry as large teardrops fell. Right at that moment, the red phone next to her rang.

Chu Xuanyue wiped the tears away. She took a deep breath and adjusted her mood. Then, she said in a relaxed tone, “You little girl, I told you not to use this secret phone randomly. Why have you called me as soon as you arrived in Shanghai?”

“I’m using this phone because I have something important to tell you!” Ye Qing grinned and laughed. She spoke like a child, “Chu Xuanyue, are you feeling lonely after I left? What are you doing at home? Do you miss me?

“Actually, I know even if you don’t tell me. You must be looking at the photos of a child and a young man in a daze again, right?”

After hearing a familiar voice, a smile appeared on Chu Xuanyue’s face. She had spent the last 20 years with Ye Qing depending on each other for survival.

“Little girl, calling me by my name again. Where are your manners?”

Ye Qing said with a smile, “You can’t blame me. I’m a child who lacked maternal love. I originally wanted to call you mom. However, because you wanted to seem young, you asked me to call you sister. Why so polite when we’re from the same generation?”

“You’re the only one who’s right!” Chu Xuanyue said, “You called me from the secret phone just to tell me this?”

Ye Qing said, “Of course I have something important to tell you. I sent a picture to your e-mail. Take a look at it.”

“What picture? Why so mysterious?”

Chu Xuanyue grabbed her notebook computer as she spoke.

“It’s a picture of a handsome man. He is super handsome. You will definitely like him.”

“What is it young lady? Usually when I ask you to find a boyfriend, you shake your head furiously like a rattle. How come you already fancy someone as soon as you arrived in Shanghai? Whose poor child is this to be chosen by a little witch like you?”

Ye Qing said while laughing, “Are you going to let me go after him?“

”Of course. You should find someone to marry at your age, so that you won’t be bothering me at home every day…”

“Chu Xuanyue, have some conscience. I’m not getting married because I want to stay at home to accompany you!” Ye Qing said, “Remember, you agreed to let me pursue this handsome man, so don’t go back on your word.”

“Why? Is this man a lot younger than you? Could it be that an old woman like you is interested in younger men?”

“Who are you calling old? I’ve just turned 28. I’m still a young and wild woman…”

While they bickered back and forth, Chu Xuanyue opened her computer. When she saw the photo Ye Qing sent, she said unhappily, “You girl, did you just want to play a joke on me? Why did you send me a picture of your brother-in-law?”

“Chu Xuanyue, even you think he looks similar?” Ye Qing said excitedly, “I was shocked when I first saw him. He looks exactly like brother-in-law.”

Chu Xuanyue said with surprise, “Is this not your brother-in-law?”

“Of course not. Have a look at the background, its the lobby of the hotel. When has brother-in-law ever been to Shanghai?”

Chu Xuanyue took a closer look at the handsome face in the photo. He was indeed a little bit different to the man in her heart. However, she still asked, “Are you sure you didn’t edit this photo?”

Ye Qing said, “I downloaded this from a surveillance video just now. It’s not edited.”

Hearing her say that, Chu Xuanyue immediately became excited as her body trembled, “Xiao Qing, how old is this kid? What’s his name?”

“Sister, don’t be too excited when I tell you. His name is Qin Haodong. I’m not sure how old he is, but I’ve sent someone to check.”

“Qin Haodong! He’s name is actually Qin Haodong. Could he really be my little Haodong?!” Chu Xuanyue murmured and burst into tears while looking at the face on the screen!

Ye Qing said, “Sister, don’t cry just yet. There are many people who look alike in this world. There are also many people with this name in Huaxia. Whether he is your lost son or not, we will have to wait for a DNA test.”

Chu Xuanyue returned to her senses as she hurriedly said, “You’re right. I will go to Shanghai right now and do a DNA test.”

WIth that, she stood up and eagerly wanted to change her clothes.

On the other end of the phone, Ye Qing quickly shouted, “Sister, don’t rush. You have to remain calm.”

Chu Xuanyue said, “Xiao Qing, I have been looking for your brother for 20 years. I have finally received news of him, so how can I be calm…?”

She was originally a very calm woman with a magnificent aura. However, this calmness immediately disappeared after learning the news of her son. No matter how powerful a woman was, she would just be an ordinary mother in front of her son.

Ye Qing shouted, “Chu Xuanyue, do you want to harm your son? Did you forget how he was lost that year? If those people find out he’s still alive, they will kill him!”

Hearing this, Chu Xuanyue, who was originally very excited, immediately sat down on the bed. Soon, she said with a ruthless expression, “I will kill anyone who dares to touch my son again!”

Ye Qing said, “Sister, calm down. With our strength, there’s no way we can fight against the Chu family.”

Chu Xuanyue said while sobbing, “Xiao Qing, I just want to have a look at my son. Is that too much to ask?”

Ye Qing comforted, “Sister, don’t get agitated. As long as Haodong is alive, you two will meet sooner or later.

“Right now, we must keep this a secret. Before we become more powerful, we can’t let those people know about this.”

“I understand Xiao Qing. I have already harmed Haodong once, I won’t do it again.”

Chu Xuanyue finally understood why Ye Qing had called her using the secret phone as she said, “My mood is a mess. Tell me what I should do.”

Ye Qing said, “Right now, the most important thing is for you to remain calm and not let those people notice anything strange. Also, we need to do a DNA test as soon as possible to confirm whether this Qin Haodong is your lost son.”

Chu Xuanyue said, “I will listen to you. I will do whatever you tell me to do.”

Ye Qing said, “Right now, we can’t let the Chu family find out, nor can we alarm Qin Haodong. Therefore, this DNA test must be done secretly.

“How about this? Send someone to bring me some under garments tomorrow morning. Put your hair in the clothes and send it to Shanghai. I will find a way to get Qin Haodong’s hair and secretly do a DNA test. We will know the results then.”

Chu Xuanyue said, “Xiao Qing, as expected you consider things quite thoroughly. I hope this time we can find my son.”

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