The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 541 - Pay Back with His Own Coin

Chapter 541 Pay Back with His Own Coin

As the saying goes, every dog has its day. Just now, Mitsui Ina, who kicked Kim Jisung’s calf, had felt complacent. He didn’t expect that just a few minutes later, his leg would be broken too.

After a short silence, the audience burst into warm applause instantly. Many people guessed that Qin Haodong was a master, but they didn’t expect him to be so powerful.

Li Jiumei looked at his tall and straight figure, and her eyes were full of brilliance. No one knew what she was thinking.

Mitsui Ina held his injured calf and kept screaming and rolling on the floor of the ring.

He had followed the business investigation team of Japan to Huaxia to take part in a commercial conference in Shanghai. The night before, Mitsui Jiro had invited him to the match at Shanghai Medical College to show the majesty of Karate. He could also receive 10 million yuan.

Of course, he would not refuse such a good invitation, so he sneaked out. Originally, he thought that there would be no masters among these students. He could play with them in whatever way he wanted, but he did not expect that the young man in front of him was so good at martial arts that he wouldn’t be able to resist at all.

Kim Jisung was being supported by Kim Yankwon. Just as he was about to leave the Taekwondo Club, he saw the scene in front of him. He couldn’t help but open his mouth in shock.

His leg was broken by Mitsui Ina’s kick, and Mitsui Ina was like a child in front of Qin Haodong. How big was the gap between him and Qin Haodong?

This was unimaginable for Kim Jisung. In this case, Qin Haodong was able to break his meridians as easy as blowing off dust.

It was the first time for Zhou Tao to see Qin Haodong fight, so he was extremely excited. Qin Haodong was so awesome that he would be satisfied if he could attain half of Qin Haodong’s cultivation.

Sun Jin and Zheng Hongda sat in the stands. After the shock, their faces became gloomy.

Zheng Hongda picked up his phone and sent a message. Soon, seven or eight policemen appeared at the entrance of the club and rushed straight to the ring.

The leader was a middle-aged policeman in his forties. After checking Mitsui Ina’s injury he turned to Qin Haodong and said, “I’m Pan Shijie, the chief of the crime squad in Xicheng District. Now you are suspected of intentional injury. Follow me back to the police station for investigation.”

Zhou Tao immediately jumped onto the ring and said to Pan Shijie, “What are you doing? We’re having a martial arts competition here, so it is normal to be injured. Why are you arresting him?”

Pan Shijie said in a cold voice, “We are enforcing the law, and we don’t care if you are having a martial arts contest or not.”

Qin Haodong’s face immediately darkened. Pan Shijie was the captain of the crime squad in Xicheng District, and the Medical College was in Dongcheng District. He had crossed the border to enforce the law. Besides, it was impossible for him to arrive at this speed if he hadn’t been prepared in advance.

So it was obvious that this was a trap for him.

If he took out the certificate of the elder of Xuanyuan Pavilion, he could immediately solve the current predicament. If he did this, he would not know who had made this trap and maybe this person would come up with more tricks in the future.

Since this was a trap, then he would make the trap bigger. He stopped the young master of the Zhou family, who was about to be angry, and said, “This is normal law enforcement. We should cooperate with them.”

Zhou Tao hurriedly said, “But…”

Qin Haodong said, “Don’t worry. We should listen to the police’s arrangement.”

Pan Shijie secretly breathed a sigh of relief. He was also afraid of stirring up public anger here. Once these students were provoked, it was really not easy to deal with them.

Seeing Qin Haodong yield, he waved his hand to the policemen behind him and said, “Handcuff him and take him away!”

Two policemen handcuffed Qin Haodong. At this moment, Kim Jihyun jumped onto the ring. She stopped Pan Shijie and said, “Wait a minute. It’s the same competition. That guy broke my brother’s leg. Why do you only take Mr. Qin away?

“My brother’s leg was also broken. Why don’t you take the offender away with you?”

Pan Shijie said, “He’s from Japan. We can’t arrest him for the time being.”

Qin Haodong laughed and said, “Captain Pan, you’re really fast in solving cases. You knew this guy was from Japan without asking him anything. I’m really impressed.”

Pan Shijie felt embarrassed and knew that he had spilled the beans in a hurry. He quickly waved to the two policemen and said, “Take him away.”

Qin Haodong smiled at Kim Jihyun and said, “Don’t worry, I’ll be fine.”

Although he didn’t like the people from Koryo, he still had a good impression of this little girl because she stood out to speak for him at a critical moment.

He followed Pan Shijie into the patrol wagon and was taken from the Medical College.

In Taekwondo Guild Club, Sun Jin and Zheng Hongda looked at each other and smiled with complacency in their eyes.

Sun Jin, in particular, was secretly complacent. He thought even though Qin Haodong was good at martial arts, his skills were no match for his plan. Once Qin Haodong was put in prison, he couldn’t come out again in his lifetime!

He said, “Young Master Zheng, let’s go and watch the fun together, shall we?”

Zheng Hongda nodded and said jokingly, “Okay, let’s see how the master admitted his guilt and submitted to the law.”

He was also very satisfied with what had happened today. After dealing with Qin Haodong, no one would dare to chase Li Jiumei in the future. She was his woman, his exclusive property, and he would never allow anyone else to approach her.

They proudly left, while Qin Haodong’s classmates were in a mess. Many of them were at a loss when they saw Qin Haodong being taken away.

Nalan Wushuang called Nalan Wuxia at first, and Zhou Tao called his sister Zhou Xinzhu without hesitation. Everyone had their own abilities and tried their best to rescue Qin Haodong.

At the crime squad of Dongcheng District, Nalan Wuxia drove to the crime squad of Xicheng District as soon as she got the call from Nalan Wushuang.

After leaving the Medical College, Pan Shijie was completely relieved. He was a member of the Zheng family, so he took the risk to come to Dongcheng District to work for the young master of the Zheng family.

Now it seemed that this matter would not be difficult. It was just to deal with a student. After the job was done, the young master of the Zheng family would reward him. This was a rare good job.

When he returned to the crime squad, he got out of the car happily. When he looked up, he saw Nalan Wuxia, whose face was full of anger.

He was stunned at first, and then he said, “Captain Nalan, why have you come to Xicheng District?”

Nalan Wuxia didn’t want to talk nonsense with him at all. She pointed to Qin Haodong, who had been taken out of the car, and said, “Captain Pan, where did this man come from?”

Pan Shijie’s expression changed. He said with a cold face, “Captain Nalan, why should we, Xicheng District crime squad, report the case to you?”

Nalan Wuxia sneered and said, “What’s wrong? Don’t you dare to tell me? Captain Pan, is the Medical College under your jurisdiction?”

Pan Shijie’s expression froze. From the perspective of jurisdiction, he had indeed crossed the border to enforce the law.

Nevertheless, after being a policeman for so many years, he was experienced. Soon he smiled and said, “Captain Nalan, I just went to Shanghai Medical College to handle something. I happened to come across this case. We can’t just stand by as policemen, so I brought him back.”

Nalan Wuxia kept a cold face and said, “Well, in this case, Captain Pan, please hand over the case to our Dongcheng District crime squad.”

Pan Shijie helped to punish Qin Haodong to get contributions. How could he give him to Nalan Wuxia? He said, “Captain Nalan, I’m afraid it’s not appropriate.”

Nalan Wuxia argued and said, “Captain Pan, why it is not appropriate? This is a case in our Dongcheng District. It’s none of your business.”

Pan Shijie’s face turned cold this time. “Captain Nalan, I believe that you have some unclear relationship with this guy. In order to prevent you from playing favoritism in this case, it’s right to keep him in Xicheng District.”

Nalan Wuxia sneered and said, “Who is looking for private affairs, you or me? You seem to know the relationship between me and the suspect so well. Is there any hidden reason that you could suspect that Qin Haodong would commit a crime beforehand? Or is it something else?”

“I… ”

Pan Shijie didn’t expect Nalan Wuxia’s words to be so sharp. For the time being, he was speechless by Nalan Wuxia’s question.

Zheng Hongda and Sun Jin arrived crime squad ahead of them. They didn’t get out the car and sat there to observe everything.

Zheng Hongda said, “Young Master Sun, you’re right. Qin Haodong has a special relationship with this woman. She came here to help him.”

Sun Jin said with jealousy, “I don’t know what demon skills this guy has mastered. He has deceived many women, and all of them are very beautiful.”

Zheng Hongda nodded and said, “This woman is really excellent. She is good-looking and capable. It’s rare to see a good woman like her!”

Sun Jin said, “Is Captain Pan reliable? Will he hand Qin Haodong over?”

Zheng Hongda smiled smugly and said, “Don’t worry. He’s from our family. Without my orders, he can’t let that guy go.”

Sun Jin said, “Then I’m relieved. Although this woman looks very powerful, she can’t take Qin Haodong away from us.”

Zheng Hongda said, “Of course she can’t take him away. This is my place.”

Just as they said, Pan Shijie had no intention of handing Qin Haodong over. He said, “Captain Nalan, no matter what you say, I will never give him to you because it was I who caught him.”

Nalan Wuxia’s face turned sour, and she said, “Captain Pan, since you don’t follow the rules, don’t blame me for not obeying them either.”

After that, she strode to Qin Haodong. Sun Jin’s face changed. “What is this woman going to do? Is she going to take him away forcibly?”

Nalan Wuxia’s move was beyond anyone’s expectation. Before the two policemen guarding Qin Haodong could react, they had been pushed away.

Pan Shijie suddenly flew into a rage and shouted to his men, “What are you waiting for? Get him back!”

The policemen answered and just as they were about to come forward and arrest Qin Haodong, Nalan Wuxia grabbed Qin Haodong’s handcuffs and took them off lightly. The handcuffs were made of pure steel and broke into two pieces and fell on the ground.

“What the hell? Is she still human?”

They were all shocked. They knew how sturdy the handcuffs were, but they were as weak as a piece of tofu in Nalan Wuxia’s hands.

They knew it was impossible for them to take Qin Haodong back. Their bones would be broken if they were not careful.

Pan Shijie was also shocked. Originally, he was very unconvinced about this young female captain who had just taken office in Dongcheng District. He thought she must have had some special method to help her. Now he knew that Nalan Wuxia was very powerful.

No matter what, he couldn’t hand Qin Haodong over. He yelled, “Nalan Wuxia, do you know what you’re doing? It’s against the rules!”

“How is that? Are you alright?”

Although she understood Qin Haodong’s skills, Nalan Wuxia still asked him with concern, ignoring Pan Shijie.

Qin Haodong smiled and said, “I’m fine. What can these small fish and shrimps do to me?”

Nalan Wuxia glanced back at Pan Shijie and said, “It’s you who went to our Dongcheng District to arrest people first. You can’t blame me!”

“Hurry up and hand over him to me, or I’ll show you no mercy!”

As Pan Shijie said, he pulled out the pistol which was at his waist.

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