The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 524 - Kneel Down and Call Him Grand-Master

Chapter 524 Kneel Down and Call Him Grand-Master

Zhou Tao was tall, energetic, and handsome. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been recognized as one of the most handsome boys in the campus. In addition, he had a prominent family background, which made him attractive to girls.

After listening to his words, the crowd immediately quieted down. They all wanted to see what kind of reaction Nalan Wushuang would have.

“I guess she will agree. Although Nalan Wushuang is also one of the campus belles, Zhou Tao is also very charming. They are a perfect match…”

“Agree quickly. What a romantic confession with so many charming roses. I would agree if they were for me…”

“My goddess, please don’t agree. Give us single men some hope…”


Under everyone’s attention, Nalan Wushuang refused Zhou Tao without hesitation, and then pulled Qi Waner to the canteen.

“Wait a minute,” Zhou Tao stopped in front of Nalan Wushuang again and said, “Why did you refuse me? Can you give me a reason? What’s wrong with me? Or am I not excellent enough?”

“Sorry, I already have a boyfriend.”

“That’s impossible! I’ve already done my research. You’re single now, and you don’t have a boyfriend.”

It seemed that Zhou Tao did put a lot of effort into how to approach Nalan Wushuang, and he had investigated her relevant information.

Seeing that the guy was entangled, more and more people gathered around him. Nalan Wushuang pulled Qin Haodong over and said, “Look, he is my boyfriend.”

“That’s impossible. Wushuang, you can refuse me, but you can’t just find someone and lie to me…”

Zhou Tao didn’t believe it at all, but just as he was talking, Nalan Wushuang held Qin Haodong in her arms and kissed him. She turned back and said, “Do you believe me now?”


Zhou Tao had thought about it countless times, including scenarios with Nalan Wushuang accepting him and rejecting him. He never thought that such a scene would take place. His dream lover actually kissed someone in public.

The people around them were also stunned. No one had expected that Nalan Wushuang, who had always kept a low profile, would be so bold.

Li Meiyu was stunned and she asked, “What the hell is going on?”

Qi Waner whispered in her ear, “Don’t worry too much. Sister Wushuang just wants to borrow him from you.”

Li Meiyu was stunned for a while. “Is there a way to borrow boyfriends?”

Qin Haodong wiped his mouth and looked innocently at the hostile eyes around him. “I didn’t do anything. Why are you looking at me like that?”

Zhou Tao came to his senses and became angry. He took steps forward and approached Qin Haodong. He said angrily, “Boy, you insulted me. This calls for a duel.”

He had been shocked by Nalan Wushuang’s beauty since the first time he saw her. After a careful plan, he officially bared his love to Nalan Wushuang that day, but he didn’t expect the result.

He couldn’t be angry with the dream lover in his heart, so he had to completely vent his anger on Qin Haodong.

Seeing that Zhou Tao had issued a public challenge, the crowd suddenly became noisy.

“This guy is unlucky. He even dared to grab the woman of the Martial Arts Club’s president. I’m afraid he’ll be beaten quite badly…”

“I’ve seen Master Zhou fight. He’s so powerful…”

“Beauty is dangerous. It seems that not everyone can have a beautiful girl. Especially when she is this kind of top-grade campus belle, she might cause trouble for you.”

Qin Haodong looked Zhou Tao up and down. This guy was a warrior, and he had the cultivation of the eighth level of the Overt Power realm. He should be one of the best in the school, but he was still miles away from Qin Haodong; he wasn’t even qualified to challenge him.

“Sorry, I’m not interested.”

After that, he turned his head and walked toward the canteen.

Feeling the contempt in Qin Haodong’s eyes, Zhou Tao roared, “Boy, you have to fight me even if you don’t want to!”

After that, he reached out to grab Qin Haodong’s shoulder.

Qin Haodong really had no intention to take action. Without looking back, he shook his shoulder gently and dodged Zhou Tao’s palm.

Zhou Tao was slightly stunned. He didn’t expect that Qin Haodong was also a martial artist, so he didn’t want to give up. After a loud shout, he raised his hand and wanted to pat Qin Haodong on the back.

Qin Haodong frowned and became impatient.

He leaned to one side, stretched out his hand and grabbed Zhou Tao’s arm. With a pull, Zhou Tao’s body fell down.

This wasn’t the most important thing. The worst thing was that when Zhou Tao fell, his body landed on the roses that he had carefully prepared. As soon as he fell, he screamed and jumped up, covered with rose thorns all over his body.

Qin Haodong sneered and went straight to the canteen with Nalan Wushuang and the others.

“Wait for me, boy. It’s not over yet.”

While screaming, Zhou Tao grimaced in pain and turned to run toward the hospital. Although he wasn’t seriously injured, the rose thorns made him uncomfortable.

In the canteen, Zhi Fubao placed his tray in front of Qin Haodong and said with a smile, “Boss, your move just now was so cool that even the president of the Martial Arts Club couldn’t beat you. No one will dare to come to our Chinese medicine class to hook up with girls in the future.”

Li Meiyu was in a bad mood after seeing her sweetheart being used by Nalan Wushuang. She glared at A Zhi Fubao and said, “What does it have to do with you? Which girl is yours?”


Zhi Fubao quickly shut up once he saw that the situation was not good.

In order to ease Zhi Fubao’s embarrassment, Tian Boguang said, “Boss, I heard that Zhou Tao is not an ordinary person. I guess this matter is not finished yet. He will make trouble for you.”

Li Meiyu said, “Isn’t he the young master of the Zhou family? It’s nothing.”

Tian Boguang said, “Although Zhou Tao is the young master of the Zhou family, he has never used his family’s power. I heard that his master is very powerful, one of the best masters in Shanghai.”

Zhi Fubao said, “No matter how powerful he is, what can he do? I guess he’s no match for our boss.”

He blindly worshipped Qin Haodong. Even if someone told him that Qin Haodong was the best master in the world, he would not doubt it for a second.

“Okay, let’s eat.”

Qin Haodong didn’t take this little thing to heart. Zhou Tao’s cultivation was at the eighth level of the Overt Power realm, and his master was at best at the Covert Power realm.

After lunch, everyone went back to the classroom and continued to attend classes.

Classes were done for the day when the bell rang once more. When Qin Haodong and others were about to go out, they saw Zhou Tao appear at the door of the classroom.

This guy had just pulled out the rose thorns from his body and applied the purple potion on his injuries. His body looked white and purple, which was very funny.

He looked at Qin Haodong with a gloomy face and said, “Boy, my master asked you to meet him at the back hill of the school. Do you dare to go with me?”

Qin Haodong smiled slightly. He really asked his master to help him. However, since the other side came aboveboard, he had to comply.

“Okay, lead the way.”

He asked Nalan Wushuang and Qi Waner to take Li Meiyu back home first. The three girls knew his skills, so they weren’t worried at all: they calmly went back home together.

Qin Haodong followed Zhou Tao to the back hill of the school.

The Shanghai Medical College covered a large area, and behind it was a towering mountain. It had the beautiful name Gentleman Mountain. It was said that it was the highest point of Shanghai, so that half of the scenery of the city could be seen clearly from this place.

They arrived at the top of the mountain. There was an empty space. Due to its high position, there was no one around. It was completely quiet.

A tall figure in black stood on the top of the mountain with his hands behind his back. It seemed that he was enjoying the scenery in the distance.

Qin Haodong’s heart moved a little when he saw the man. He thought Zhou Tao’s master was at most a master of Covert Power, but he didn’t expect that he had reached the realm of Supreme Power.

Zhou Tao trotted all the way to approach the back of the man and said respectfully, “Master, I have brought him here.”

After that, he turned back and said, “Boy, you are bullying me relying on your skills, aren’t you? Now let’s see how arrogant you are. No matter how powerful you are, can you be beat my master?”

The guy had been taught a lesson by Qin Haodong. Rose thorns had stuck all over his body and his heart was full of anger. He made up his mind and looked for his master to teach Qin Haodong a lesson.

“Young man, my disciple can’t beat you because he’s not good at martial arts, but it’s wrong for you to get rose thorns on his body. That’s a plain humiliation…”

Zhou Tao’s master turned around as he spoke and was stunned as soon as he saw Qin Haodong’s face. He couldn’t say another word.

“Master, you must avenge me. Teach this boy a lesson…”

Zhou Tao didn’t notice the change of expression on his master’s face. He was slapped in the back of his head by the man before he could finish his sentence. Then his master lifted his body by holding his neck and approached Qin Haodong.

“Bastard, kneel down and call him grand-master!”

Zhou Tao was dumbfounded. “What’s wrong with my master? Even if he can’t beat this guy, he wouldn’t be scared like this.”

“Master, I…”

As soon as he wanted to ask, he saw his master bowing deeply to Qin Haodong. “Master, I’m here to pay my respects!”

It turned out that Zhou Tao’s master was Lei Bao who had once wanted to be Qin Haodong’s disciple. Qin Haodong helped him break through the threshold of the Supreme Master Realm, but he didn’t accept him as a disciple. However, Lei Bao had always treated Qin Haodong respectfully as his master.

He had been dragged to Gentleman Mountain by Zhou Tao. He wanted to support his disciple and shock the young guy, but he didn’t expect to meet Qin Haodong.

“Master, I really didn’t expect this little bastard would offend you.” After saying that, Lei Bao waved his hand and slapped Zhou Tao on the back of his head. “Kneel down quickly and apologize to my master. You can only stand up if he forgives you.”


Zhou Tao was almost choked by his own saliva. It took him a lot of persuading to make his master support him, but he didn’t expect that his master would support Qin Haodong instead.

However, he also knew how stubborn his master was. He could only reluctantly kneel on the ground and grit his teeth, saying, “Grand… Grand… Grand-master, I’m sorry, I offended you.”

“Forget it, I didn’t accept your master as my disciple, and I’m not your grandmaster,” said Qin Haodong as he waved his hand gently, and an invisible force lifted Zhou Tao up from the ground.

Although Zhou Tao apologized, he was completely under Lei Bao’s pressure. He was extremely unconvinced in his heart. However, he was extremely shocked when he sensed Qin Haodong’s martial arts. The ability to release Genuine Qi to the outside and turn invisible power into tangible power was the ability of a supreme power master.

“He seems to be younger than me, but he has already become a supreme power master. How did he do that?”

In the past, his master often said that his aptitude in martial arts was not good enough, and he was not convinced. But after seeing Qin Haodong’s cultivation, he completely understood what talent was.

At about the same age, he had just reached the Eighth Level of the Overt Power, but Qin Haodong was already a supreme power master. The gap between them was so great that he couldn’t raise his head.

Lei Bao said to him, “How dare you offend my master? I can forgive you since this is the first time. If you do it again, I’ll break your legs immediately.

“Remember to always be respectful when you see your grandmaster in the future. Do you hear me?”

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