The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 510 - Are You Satisfied with the Shape of Your Head?

Chapter 510 Are You Satisfied with the Shape of Your Head?

Qin Haodong said, “To tell you the truth, I want the building opposite Xues’ Jewelry. Give it to me and I will cure you.”

Sun Qianqian yelled, “Not possible. That building is at least 500 million yuan. How can I give it to you? This is robbery!”

Qin Haodong said, “Even if it is robbery, you can’t blame me. Originally, I wanted to have a proper chat with you, but you brought people to rob me. So, you can’t blame me for robbing your building.”

Sun Qianqian gritted her teeth and said, “Qin, I’m telling you, a person can’t be too greedy. I can give you money, but giving you that building is impossible.”

“When you stole three Breast Enhancement and Body Shaping Elixirs from me, did you not think that you were too greedy?” Qin Haodong said faintly, “I don’t want money. I want that building.”

“Okay. Tell me where you are. I can go sign a deal with you now.”

On Sun Qianqian’s side, her eyes were blazing with anger as she wanted to kill Qin Haodong immediately.

“You must hurry. I am a busy person. I will give you 10 minutes.”

After he hung up, Qin Haodong sent his location to Sun Qianqian.

Around eight minutes later, 10 SUVs arrived. Under the ear-piercing sound of brakes, Qin Haodong was surrounded.

After the cars stopped, 20 to 30 people jumped out with Sun Qianqian at the front. Next to her was the bald-headed bodyguard.

Qin Haodong glanced at Sun Qianqian’s chest and almost laughed.

This woman’s right breast was several sizes larger than yesterday. It looked particularly eye-catching. Now, her left side was also bulging. But after taking a closer look, he noticed that it was a water balloon.

How did she think of this method? Without looking at it closely, it was impossible to tell, as it was covered by her clothes.

However, due to this, Sun Qianqian was very careful in everything she did. She was afraid to pop the water balloon.

After getting out of the car, the bald-headed bodyguard pulled out a dagger and placed it on Qin Haodong’s neck. He said ferociously, “Brat, you dare to trick our lady. Hurry up and take out the cure.”

As the head of Sun Qianqian’s bodyguards, he knew a bit about what was going on.

Qin Haodong glanced at him. It was as if Qin Haodong did not see the knife. He smiled faintly, “What if I don’t give it to you?”

“If you don’t, then I will kill you. In Shanghai, the Sun family killing people is the same as crushing ants.”

“You’re that amazing?” Qin Haodong smiled. “Then kill me if you can. I’m warning you, if you dare touch a single hair on me, then your lady’s illness will never be cured. It might become even more serious!”

“You are looking for death!”

The bald-headed bodyguard had a ferocious look in his eyes. He was about to cut Qin Haodong.

He was not afraid, but Sun Qianqian was afraid of Qin Haodong’s threat. If this guy made her right breast grow even bigger, then she would have to cut it off.

“Sun Wei, get back here!”

After she called the bald-headed bodyguard back, she stepped forward and said, “Qin Haodong, you can really cure my illness?”

“That’s better. If you have something to say, then let’s talk properly.” Qin Haodong smiled slightly and said, “What others can’t cure, I can easily. As long as I want to, it can be cured in a few minutes.”

Sun Qianqian said, “How can I believe you?”

Qin Haodong took out a small jade bottle from his pocket. He opened the lid and revealed three red Breast Enhancement and Body Shaping Elixirs inside.

“It seems that your Sun family’s intelligence system isn’t that great. You did not find out that this Breast Enhancement and Body Shaping Elixir comes in pairs. Red pills are for the left side, and black pills are for the right. You became like this because you suddenly stole three black pills.

“It is easy to change your situation. Take these three red pills within 24 hours. Not only can it cure you, but it can also even fulfill your wish of having a big chest.”

Sun Qianqian’s eyes lit up. She finally understood what the problem was. Then, her expression changed as she said to the bodyguards behind her, “Why are you still standing there? Hurry up and steal it for me.”

Sun Wei had come prepared. After she gave her order, the bodyguards rushed forward and surrounded Qin Haodong.

“Kid, give us the medicine.”

Sun Wei’s skills were pretty good. He reached out for the small jade bottle in Qin Haodong’s hand.

However, he did not grab anything. Then, he felt pain on his head, as Qin Haodong had hit his bald head.

This hit was loud, crisp, and powerful. Sun Wei immediately got a big red and purple bruise in the middle of his forehead. It made him look like a unicorn.

“You dare hit me?”

Sun Wei was surprised and angry. He had thought that this young man would be as weak as he had been yesterday. However, he never expected that it was just a disguise from Qin Haodong so that Sun Qianqian could fall into his trap.

“What are you all f**king waiting for? Get over there and cripple him!”

Sun Wei yelled angrily at the bodyguards behind him.

Only now did these bodyguards return to their senses. They all rushed toward Qin Haodong.

But on many occasions, strength and numbers could not be compared.

These bodyguards were very eager to perform well in front of their master. However, they very soon realized how pitiful they were. The person in front of them was not a weak little sheep, but a big ferocious tiger.

In less than two minutes, more than 20 bodyguards were knocked to the ground as they wailed and screamed. The most miserable one was Sun Wei.

Currently, his bald head was covered with a large bluish-purple bruise. He had changed from a unicorn to a Buddha.

Qin Haodong grabbed his collar, then slapped his cheeks and said with a smile, “What do you think? Are you satisfied with the shape of your head?”

“You… you are a warrior?”

Although Sun Wei had not entered the Overt Power realm, the Sun family, which was one of the three big families in Shanghai, had always been famous for their martial arts. There were many expert martial artists in their family.

He had not seen a lot of martial artists before, but he knew about them. Immediately, he was able to tell that Qin Haodong was an expert martial artist.

“You’re correct. I am not just a warrior; I am also very strong. Remember, don’t mess with me in the future.”

Qin Haodong kicked Sun Wei away, then turned his head and looked at Sun Qianqian.

“You actually lied to me! What happened to the basic integrity of a human being? What about trust between people? You agreed to sign a contract with me, but instead brought people to steal from me. Tell me, how should I punish you?”

Sun Qianqian never dreamed that Qin Haodong would be this fierce. He had actually taken care of her bodyguards in the blink of an eye.

Without the support of her bodyguards, she immediately lost her strength as she took a few steps back. She shouted harshly, “I’m warning you, don’t do anything stupid! I am the Sun family’s second young lady.”

“Of course I know who you are. That’s why I want that building.”

Sun Qianqian said, “That’s impossible. I can pay you the price of 100 million yuan that you mentioned yesterday, as long as you give me the red pills.”

Qin Haodong said with a smile, “You want to pay now? However, the price today has gone up. One pill for one billion yuan, so three pills for three billion yuan. Do you still want to buy them?”

“You… This is robbery…”

“Lady Sun, you are the one robbing me. Yesterday you already stole from me, and today you wanted to steal from me again. I never lose. Since you want to steal from me, naturally I will need to steal from you.”

Qin Haodong smiled, then waved the small jade bottle in his hand and said, “Lady Sun, as a friendly reminder, you should give me the building in exchange. It is more worth it.”

“No… Impossible.”

Although Sun Qianqian was from the third generation of the Sun family, and that building just happened to be part of the projects she was in charge of, she did not have the status of Zhou Xinzhu in the Zhou family. If she exchanged that building for the pills, then she would be severely punished when the old man found out.

“It’s up to you whether you can or not. I have never forced others to do anything that is difficult for them. However, you brought people to mess with me today. This made me unhappy, so I have to punish you.”

As Qin Haodong spoke, he took out a shining silver needle.

“What are you going to do? I’m warning you, don’t do anything stupid. I am the Sun family’s second young lady…”

Before Sun Qianqian could finish her threat, a popping sound was heard. The water balloon she had placed on her left breast to balance her chest was punctured by the silver needle. The water immediately spilled out and wet the clothes on her chest.

After the water balloon broke, Sun Qianqian’s breasts became unbalanced. One side was protruding while the other side was flat. Coupled with the wet clothes that clung to her chest, the scene became clearer and more absurd.

“Qin Haodong, I’m going to kill you!” Sun Qianqian yelled crazily.

Qin Haodong slightly smiled. “It’s fine if you want to kill me. There are many people who want to kill me, but I am still alive and well.

“But there’s something I need to remind you of. This type of medicine only works within 24 hours. It will be ineffective if you eat it after 24 hours, and you will have to be like this for the rest of your life.

“By the way, the countdown started from the moment you ate those black pills last night.”

With that, he took off, leaving the embarrassed Sun Qianqian and the wailing bodyguards.

Sun Qianqian gritted her teeth. Her current state was indeed not suitable for her to stay outside for too long. She and the head bodyguard, Sun Wei, drove back to the Sun family.

After she returned to her room, Sun Wei said fiercely, “Second young lady, we can’t just let this go!”

As he spoke, he habitually raised his hand and touched his bald head. However, he suddenly bared his teeth in pain when he touched his head full of bruises.

Sun Qianqian changed her clothes and took out a towel to cover her chest. She said gloomily, “Of course we can’t just let this go. However, this kid is more difficult than we thought. We need to think of other methods.”

“Second young lady, it’s actually pretty easy. Although this guy is a warrior, how can he be more powerful than a gun? I will go get some guns with a few of my brothers. When the time comes, we can force him to become obedient.”

Huaxia was very strict about guns. Only a small number of people were allowed to have guns. The Sun family was obviously part of this small number.

It was just that they hardly ever used them. They would only take them out under special circumstances.

Sun Qianqian hesitated for a moment, then looked at her deformed chest. When she thought about Qin Haodong’s 24-hour warning, she finally made up her mind. “Okay then. Go with a few people now. You must be careful. No matter what, you have to get that bottle of red pills for me.”

“Don’t worry, young lady. I will definitely make that kid kneel in front of you and personally hand the medicine over to you.”

Sun Wei hated Qin Haodong to the bone after being beaten like this. After getting Sun Qianqian’s consent, he immediately gathered a few men to go after Qin Haodong with guns for revenge.

After Qin Haodong had taught Sun Qianqian a lesson, he arrived at the East City crime squad. He found the captain’s office, pushed open the doors, and went in.

Nalan Wuxia was sitting at her desk, busy with something. When she saw someone walk in without knocking, she frowned slightly. She immediately exclaimed with surprise when she raised her head and saw that it was Qin Haodong, “How come it’s you?”

“Why can’t it be me?” Qin Haodong said as he walked up to her.

“You haven’t come to see me for a few days. How come you are here today? You found your conscience?”

“I’ve always had my conscience.” Qin Haodong took her by the hand and said with a smile, “I came here today to see a beauty, and to take refuge here.”

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