The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 51 - The Kidnapping

Chapter 51 The Kidnapping

Lin Momo picked up Tang Tang as usual after work. But shortly after getting in the car, she suddenly found that the direction of the motorcade was not the Lin’s Villa.

“Stop!” She shouted at the intercom device in the car, “What the hell is going on, Dongfang Liang?”

The Rolls-Royce stopped by the roadside. As the door opened, Dongfang Liang took two of his men to get in Lin Momo’s car.

“What’s the matter, Miss Lin?” Dongfang Liang asked cheerfully.

“Our direction is wrong!” Lin Momo said.

“No, this is the right way to take you home. But it’s not the Lin’s Villa, it’s the underworld.” Dongfang Liang said, his face twisting into an insincere one “Somebody paid me to send you here.”

Lin Momo’s heart sank like the Titanic. The bodyguards her family paid for killers contracted by others. A thief in the family is difficult to detect. Unexpectedly, the killers infiltrate even into my family.

Although unable to overcome the first two assassinations, everything relied on Qin Haodong. Now Dongfang Liang seized advantage of Qin Haodong’s absence. What should she do?

Dongfang Liang sneered and waved his hand, commanding the two men behind him. “Tie them up.”

“Help! Somebody help…”

Lin Momo shouted, but Rolls-Royce’s sound isolation proved so good that no passers-by outside heard her. And the mercenary gagged her mouth with a towel.

“You are a smart person, Miss Lin,” Dongfang Liang said with a sneer. “If you cooperate honestly, you can live a little longer, or I can send you and your daughter to hell now.”

Lin Momo looked at the frightened little fellow next to her and calmed down. She knew that if she riled Dongfang Liang, it would surely be troublesome. Now all she could do was stall for time as long as possible and hope Qin Haodong brought miracles to them again.

Soon the two mercenaries tied up Lin Momo and the little fellow. Then the motorcade sped off to the suburbs.

As Qin Haodong arrived at the wholesale market of traditional Chinese medicine, he let Nalan Wushuang go back alone. At that time, darkness fell, and not too many people shopped in the market. Some vendors began packing up the stalls one after another.

He was about to buy some medicinal herbs when his cell phone rang. It was Lin Zhiyuan.

“Is Momo with you Doctor Qin?”

“No, I came in the afternoon to treat patients. Now I’m in the medicinal market alone.”

Lin Zhiyuan said anxiously, “Normally at this time she went back with Tang Tang for dinner, but today, they have not returned home yet. What’s more, I called her several times, but her number is disconnected.”

Hearing this, Qin Haodong’s heart sank, and a bad premonition hit him.

“Mr. Lin, did you call Dongfang Liang?”

“I did, but it couldn’t connect.”

Now not only Lin Zhiyuan, but also Qin Haodong felt alarmed. According to the time, Lin Momo likely stayed with the little fellow now. Since they disappeared together, Qin Haodong felt vigilant in his heart.

“Mr. Lin, you keep calling them, I’ll do something to find them right away.”

Qin Haodong hung up and took a deep breath, forcing himself to calm down.

Lin Momo suddenly disappeared. It seemed that he only found Nalan Wushuang for help. But before his call to Nalan Wushuang, his phone rang again. This time it was a strange number.

Although he never saw this number before, he felt keenly that it must have something to do with Lin Momo’s disappearance.

When the telephone connected, a man’s voice boomed proudly. “Qin Haodong, guess who I am!”

“Dongfang Liang?” Qin Haodong immediately recognized the voice. “Where are you? Where is Momo?”

“What? Are you worried about her? On the other side of the phone, Dongfang Liang burst into laughter, “The little Miss Lin is with me now. She is not bad, but I don’t know what will happen later. By the way, the little girl is also here with me.”

“Dongfang Liang, I can tell you, if you dare touch a hair on their heads, I will grant you a slow, painful death.” Qin Haodong said with stern, malicious intent.

He regretted very much at this moment. It seemed he was really careless. Dongfang Liang must have kidnapped them when Lin Momo picked up the little fellow. If he had been with them, it would not have happened.

“Don’t threaten me, I am unafraid!” On the other side of the phone, Dongfang Liang’s voice changed and bitterly said, “To tell you the truth, this time someone paid me to come to China. My purpose is to kill Lin Momo, so I accepted the invitation of Lin Zhiyuan.”

“After arriving at the Lin family, I saw that Lin Momo was a beautiful woman. So I thought if I won her heart, I could inherit the hundreds of millions of property the Lin family has. It would be much better than being a mercenary.”

“If that’s the case, Lin Momo won’t have to die. But it’s all because of you. If you hadn’t come out against me everywhere, I wouldn’t have chose this way.”

Qin Haodong, on the contrary, calmed down after learning Lin Momo and the little fellow were okay for the time being. He knew Dongfang Liang’s call to him carried purpose, otherwise he would not waste his time here.

“Tell me, what do you really want?”

“What I want? I want you to kneel down and kowtow to beg me! I want you to die!” Dongfang Liang said, gnashing his teeth in anger. Even Qin Haodong felt his tremendous hatred from the phone.

“Well, where are you? I can come meet you!” Qin Haodong said lightly. As long as he saw Dongfang Liang, he was confident he could rescue Lin Momo and the little fellow.

“I know you are reluctant to give up Lin Momo, then come and meet me. But I must warn you that you can only come alone. If you have even one more companion, you can only wait t and collect their bodies!”

“Wait, how can I believe you?”

“That’s simple, I will let you believe it right away.”

Then Dongfang Liang hung up the phone. Soon Qin Haodong’s mobile phone jingled and a MMS message came.

When he opened the photo, Qin Haodong’s eyes bulged with rage.

In the photo, Lin Momo’s hands were tied upside down and her legs too, having no chance to move at all. Even the little fellow was tied up beside her. Their eyes filled with horror.

At this time, the phone in his hand rang again. “Did I deceive you?”

“Say, where are you?” Qin Haodong’s eyes surged with a killing intent.

On the other side of the phone, Dongfang Liang laughed loudly again. After a while, he said quietly, “Yulong Lake Park. You must hurry up or you’ll be too late.”

Qin Haodong immediately hung up his mobile phone and ran to the entrance of the medicinal materials market.

On the other side of the phone, in a dark room, Dongfang Liang put down his cell phone and turned to look at the panicked Lin Momo and the little fellow in the corner. He laughed and said,

“Little chick, are you looking forward to it? Your little lover is searching for you. Unfortunately, no matter how powerful he is, he doesn’t know you are here. There’s nothing in the Yulong Lake Park.”

Then he roared with laughter again.

“Bad man! My Papa is very strong! He will surely come to save me and Mommy!”

The little fellow leaned against Lin Momo and said.

Dongfang Liang quieted down drew a black pistol from his side, brandishing it to the little fellow. “Little girl, do you know what this is? This is a gun, no matter how strong your father is, can he beat a man with a gun?”

He turned to Lin Momo again and said, “You can be at ease, I’m just playing now. I’ll tell him the real address later and shoot him in front of you.”

Lin Momo said, “You just want money, don’t you? Can you tell me how much your employer has paid? I’ll give you ten times that as long as you let me and my daughter live.”

Dongfang Liang laughed once again. “I know you have a lot of money, but I also know that one can only spend his money when he is alive. If I let you go, can I still leave China alive?”

“Then can you tell me who hired you?”

“I can’t say that. Although I am greedy for money and women, the rules of the mercenary field should be followed.”

At this moment, the cell phone next to him rang. Dongfang Liang looked at the number and went to the corner of the room and pressed the answer button.

“How’s it going?” A strange voice came over the phone. Apparently it was altered by voice-changing software.

“Everything went well. The woman is in my hands.”

“That’s great. Kill her right away. I’ll make a remittance to you immediately.”

The voice over the phone said eagerly.

“Don’t hurry, I still need to use her to solve some personal grievances. Besides, it is a pity to kill such a beautiful woman directly. When my brothers and I have our fun, we’ll kill her.”

Hearing Dongfang Liang’s words, Lin Momo’s face grew pale and her eyes twitched in despair.

The voice from other side of the phone said, “You must not belittle this woman. The two assassinations I arranged to kill her before with all failed, so you must kill her now!”

“No, I haven’t finished my plan yet. Well, just give me two hours, I’ll kill her two hours from now!”

Apparently the man on the other side roared in dissatisfaction. “Don’t forget that I am your employer! You must do what I say! Kill the woman! Now!”

Dongfang Liang laughed indifferently. “I did accept your employment, but according to the employment agreement, I can kill Lin Momo in three days. Now it’s just one and a half days. There’s still a lot of time left.”

“As long as you kill her now, I can give you another five million yuan.”

A fierce expression appeared on Dongfang Liang’s face. “Although money is good, my revenge is priceless.”

Then, he hung up the phone.

Seeing Dongfang Liang finish his phone call, a small mercenary next to him came and said, “This is five million yuan, big brother! Let’s kill this woman right now.”

Dongfang Liang grinned coldly. “Don’t mind him. As long as Lin Momo is in our hands, he’ll have to give us another 10 million yuan later. Besides, that guy stole 15 million yuan from me, he has to spit it out.

The little mercenary said, “Brother, is that all right? If we do that, our credibility will be lost.”

Dongfang Liang said, “I’ve already thought it over. Let’s earn a lot of money this time. Then we’ll find a place to live comfortably. Then we won’t need to work as mercenaries. What else could we do with the credibility?”

“Our big brother is wise!” The little mercenary said flatteringly.

Qin Haodong rushed out of the wholesale market of medicinal materials. It happened that a Honda sped closer. Qin Haodong suddenly stood in the road and stopped the car.

The driver of the Honda car braked reflexively. Finally, the Honda halted near Qin Haodong’s legs.

“Do you want to die, boy?”

A middle-aged bald headed man drove the Honda. He stepped out of the car angrily and disputed with Qin Haodong.

“I am a police and I need to take your car for urgent business!” Qin Haodong said, handing a small red booklet to the middle-aged man. Then he got in the Honda, and sped out with one foot flooring the accelerator.

Seeing the car driving away, the middle-aged man understood what happened. He looked at the small booklet in his hand. There was a lovely white dog photo on it, and the following two uppercase words – DOG CERTIFICATE.

“Damn it! He just takes my car with flashing a dog certificate? It’s robbery! Robbery!”

The middle-aged man shouted, but there were not many people around him. He knew it was useless to shout like that. He hastily took out his cell phone and dialed a telephone number.

“Cousin! Someone robbed me of my car! Yes! On the street across the wholesale market of medicinal materials! The guy used a dog certificate…”

After the phone call, the middle-aged man looked at the direction where Qin Haodong disappeared. “How dare you rob me, boy ! My cousin will peel your skin!”

Qin Haodong, having no time to care about the car’s attribution problem, tried his best to pinpoint his driving skills. The Honda weaved in and out of traffic and sped towards the direction of Yulong Lake Park.

Less than a quarter hour later, he arrived at the Yulong Lake Park. As he parked the car, he rushed out hastily. In the park, many people walked around after dinner. Qin Haodong rushed straight to the Yulong Lake, but found nothing unusual.

He took out his cell phone and dialed back according to the number before, but the other side rejected the call.

“What a cautious man!”

Qin Haodong reddened with anger, but had no other choice but to wait quietly.

About three minutes later, his phone rang again.

“I have arrived at Yulong Lake. Where are you?”

Loud laughter boomed over the phone. “Sorry, I was a little nervous and I said the wrong address. I haven’t been to Yulong Lake since I arrived in Jiangnan not long ago.”

“What the hell are you going to do!” Qin Haodong roared angrily.

“Don’t be angry. Aren’t you a doctor? It hurts your liver when you get angry. You should know that.” Dongfang Liang seemed satisfied with Qin Haodong’s reaction and said, “Let’s play a game!”

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