The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 508 - You Can't Lie

Chapter 508 You Can’t Lie

Qin Haodong noticed that Zhou Xinzhu’s expression was different. He asked in a low voice, “Do you know each other?”

Zhou Xinzhu said, “She is Sun Qianqian.”


Qin Haodong looked at the woman again. Sun Qianqian’s appearance and temperament were not as good as Zhou Xinzhu’s, but her chest looked plump.

No wonder she often used this to attack Zhou Xinzhu, because she really didn’t deserve to be mentioned in other aspects.

Moreover, this woman’s cheekbones were high and her lips were thin. It could be seen that she was a mean person.

“Xinzhu, it’s strange to see you here!”

Sun Qianqian said with an exaggerated look, “In fact, I think that although your Zhou family is rich, you should not waste money. There is no need for a woman like you, who has inherited your father’s merits, to wear underwear…”

Because of the viewing angle, she could only see the position above Zhou Xinzhu’s neck at first. While talking, she bypassed the shelves and the clerk. Suddenly, she saw Zhou Xinzhu’s perfect figure in sexy underwear.


She suddenly felt as if her neck had been strangled. Looking at Zhou Xinzhu’s chest and sexy and plump buttocks, she asked in embarrassment, “I’m sorry, Miss, I’ve mistaken you for someone else!”

“No, you’re not mistaken, my old classmate. Miss Sun, I’m Zhou Xinzhu, who was once called flat-chested by you.”

Zhou Xinzhu spoke as she looked at Sun Qianqian playfully, as if she was very satisfied with her shock.

“How… how could this be possible?”

After confirming that it was Zhou Xinzhu who was in front of her, Sun Qianqian opened her mouth in surprise and couldn’t close it for a long time.

“Nothing is impossible.”

Zhou Xinzhu swayed her sexy figure and came to the front of Sun Qianqian. She repeatedly made a few sexy and charming gestures, showing her beautiful figure to Sun Qianqian.

“Old classmate, I just developed a little bit later than you. Now, it’s better. I’ve fully developed. Now I have C-cup. Do you envy me?”

Looking at Sun Qianqian’s frustrated look, Zhou Xinzhu felt extremely happy. Over the years, she really had enough of this woman’s sarcasm. Then she said, “I’m sorry, I’m wrong. Maybe I haven’t fully developed yet, and my breasts may become D-cup in a few days.”Read latest chapters at L

Speaking of this, she put on an annoyed expression while holding her chest. “In fact, this is also quite annoying. Since my breasts keep growing, I have to change my underwear. Although my family is rich, I can’t spend money in this way!”

Qin Haodong was stunned. Miss Zhou’s performance was much more wonderful than her underwear show just now. With her acting skills, she could win an Oscar.

Sun Qianqian just stood there. She had suffered a great blow today. In her mind, Zhou Xinzhu could only be a flat-chested woman. She could only be satirized and ridiculed by her. She never dreamed that one day Zhou Xinzhu would have a perfect figure.

How could she vent her jealousy and mock Zhou Xinzhu with her chest? How could she regain her self-esteem in the future?

“Miss Sun, do you think the underwear I chose is beautiful?”

After saying that, Zhou Xinzhu took a new piece of underwear and put it on Sun Qianqian’s chest. Then she said with a look of admiration, “It’s really good. My taste is still good, but your chest is too small. You are not suitable for this sexy underwear.”

Seeing a series of sharp counterattacks by Miss Zhou, Qin Haodong shook his head. “Why does the woman always like to compare?”

However, he could understand Zhou Xinzhu’s mood. She had been criticized by Sun Qianqian for so many years. Since she had found an opportunity, she would also vent her emotions too.

When Sun Qianqian came to her senses, she pushed Zhou Xinzhu’s hand away and said angrily, “That’s enough. You just had breast surgery. Don’t be so proud! It’s not true!”

“What’s wrong? Are you angry, my old classmate?”

Zhou Xinzhu put on the tone that Sun Qianqian had used when she was angry, and said, “You’re jealous. I’ve told you that my development is later than yours. My chest is natural.

“If you are not satisfied with your chest, you can have breast surgery, but it has side effects. It may cause necrosis and you’ll need to cut your breasts off. You must be careful.”

“You… you…”

Sun Qianqian never dreamed that she would be laughed at by other people. Generally speaking, she could bear it. However, it was the flat-chested woman, Zhou Xinzhu, who was ridiculing her.

But the fact was that Zhou Xinzhu had a better figure than her. It would be useless no matter what she said.

Suddenly, she saw Qin Haodong, who was watching them with great interest. She suddenly thought of something and cried out, “Miss Zhou, is he the boytoy you found? You don’t have good taste. It seems that he is poor!”

Qin Haodong was in high spirits as he watched the fight. He didn’t expect that Sun Qianqian would suddenly mention him. It didn’t involve him. “What’s wrong with me?”

Zhou Xinzhu went to Qin Haodong’s side and wrapped her arms around his neck. He was sitting on a chair, and Zhou Xinzhu was standing. This gesture just made her chest smack into Qin Haodong’s cheeks.

“Yes, let me introduce my boyfriend to you. He is Qin Haodong!”

Sun Qianqian seized the opportunity to fight back. She said in a mean tone, “He is just a poor boy. I didn’t expect that Miss Zhou would fall into such a state. Since you can’t find a boyfriend, you can only find such a boytoy.”

Zhou Xinzhu did not care at all. She giggled and said, “You look down on him, don’t you? I can tell you that Haodong is really something. Do you know why my breasts grow bigger? It’s because of him.”

Qin Haodong was speechless and thought to himself, “You’re the young lady of a big family, why are you so unabashed? I haven’t touched your breasts yet!”

“Zhou Xinzhu, don’t lie to me. How could it be possible?”

Sun Qianqian didn’t believe it.

“Is it necessary to lie to you?” Zhou Xinzhu said, “I’m telling the truth. As long as Haodong is willing, he can make your chest become D-cup in one night. Unfortunately, you are so ugly that my boyfriend doesn’t like you!”

“You… you…”

Sun Qianqian was so angry that her face turned red and she couldn’t speak. She didn’t expect that not only had Zhou Xinzhu’s chest become bigger, but her words had also become so sharp.

“Well, after all, we are classmates. I need to care about your self-esteem. I’m leaving now, or you will be embarrassed to try on underwear.”

Zhou Xinzhu glanced at Sun Qianqian proudly. Then she put on her clothes, paid the bill, took Qin Haodong’s arm, and walked out of the door.

After going out, she immediately laughed proudly and said, “It’s wonderful. It’s really wonderful. I haven’t been as happy as this in my whole life.”

As she spoke, she held Qin Haodong in her arms and kissed him hard on his cheek.

“Thank you, you’ve finally taken revenge for me today!”

Qin Haodong wiped his cheek in dismay and said, “I really don’t understand women. Is it necessary for you to be so calculating?”

“Of course it’s necessary!”

Zhou Xinzhu said, “I have been mocked by Sun Qianqian for so many years. It’s not a matter of breasts. It’s related to the dignity of a woman.”

With this, she glanced at Qin Haodong’s private parts and said, “Let’s use this as an example. If someone said that your penis is short and small when he meets you every time for several years, what would you do?”


Qin Haodong was speechless. This example had nothing to do with him. However, it was undeniable that Zhou Xinzhu’s comparison was really appropriate.

“Tell me, what would you do?”

Qin Haodong said helplessly, “I’d fantasize that one day it would become bigger, and then I’d take revenge on that guy.”

Zhou Xinzhu patted him on the shoulder and cried, “Yes, you’re right. I’m proud today. Let’s see if she still dares to say I’m a flat-chested woman.”

“It’s okay if you want to retaliate. But why did you lie to her?”

“Did I lie?”

“You said that I’m the one who made it happen, but I’ve never touched your chest…”

“Am I wrong? It’s because of you.” Zhou Xinzhu took his hand and said with a playful look, “I know. Do you really want to touch it?”

Confronted with such a big thing, Qin Haodong certainly would not admit it. He said righteously, “What are you talking about? I just can’t stand your lying.”

Zhou Xinzhu suddenly held his hand in front of her chest and said with a smile, “Now it’s true.”

“Uh… I think so!” Qin Haodong said with embarrassment.

Zhou Xinzhu took Qin Haodong’s hand and said excitedly, “Let’s go. Accompany me to have a good look at the night view of the city!”

“It’s late at night. What can we look at?”

“It’s OK. I’m happy today. I’ve thought about it. The reason why I had breast cancer before must have something to do with my negative mood. So I have to say goodbye to the past and live happily in the future.”

They walked aimlessly on the streets of Shanghai. As people born and bred in Shanghai, Zhou Xinzhu could not be more familiar with everything here.

But she didn’t care about the street view. She was just very happy. For so many years, she had never been as happy as she was now.

After Zhou Xinzhu and Qin Haodong left, Sun Qianqian also left the shop. She called her four bodyguards, who were guarding at the door, and said to the two of them, “Follow them!”

“Yes, Miss!”

After that, they followed Qin Haodong and Zhou Xinzhu quietly.

Sun Qianqian went back to the car, took out her mobile phone, and dialed her brother Sun Anbang’s number.

As a big family in Shanghai, the Sun family had its own division of labor. As the direct descendant of the Sun family, Sun Anbang was in charge of the information system of the Sun family.

“Brother, I need you to help me investigate something.”

“Tell me, what’s the matter?”

Sun Anbang was very fond of his sister.

Sun Qianqian told him what had happened to Zhou Xinzhu, and then said, “I want you to check for me how Zhou Xinzhu’s chest became big. Does it have anything to do with that boytoy?”

Sun Anbang just took a sip of red wine and spat it out with a puff. He said helplessly, “Sister, do you want me to investigate this?”

“Yes, this is very important to me. I must find out!”

“Well, wait for my call. There will be a result soon.”

Out of his love for his sister, Sun Anbang still agreed. As a big family in Shanghai, their intelligence system was indeed very powerful, and soon he got the result.

He called Sun Qianqian and said, “Sister, according to the planted agent in the Zhou family, Zhou Xinzhu’s chest became big overnight. It is true that it has something to do with the young doctor whose last name is Qin. It’s said that she took some medicine called Breast Enhancement and Body Shaping Elixir.”

Sun Qianqian said incredulously, “Brother, is this news reliable? Can there really be a magic medicine that can make people change their figure overnight?”

Sun Anbang said, “The news is very reliable. Zhou Xinzhu’s assistant, Liu Yue, also took this medicine, and her chest became bigger than before too.”

After hanging up the phone, Sun Qianqian’s eyes lit up and she said, “I’ll get the Breast Enhancement and Body Shaping Elixir too. I must get it.”

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