The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 504 - Pretend I Am a Woman

Chapter 504 Pretend I Am a Woman

After a mournful cry, Fan Lihai fell onto the field and rolled around on the ground with his legs in his arms.

Qin Haodong sneered. He had clearly felt the murderous aura from this guy before he acted. He wanted to destroy his legs? In his dreams! How could he destroy the legs of a level three warrior at the supreme power realm?

After Duan Bailian blew the whistle, he immediately brought people over. Originally, he had wanted to help Qin Haodong. It would be a shame for such a military genius to get his legs broken.

When he arrived at the scene, he was surprised to find that Qin Haodong’s legs were not broken; instead, it was the one who had aimed at Qin Haodong’s legs, Fan Lihai.

“What is going on? Why is the targeted one fine, but the attacker’s legs are broken?”

The people surrounding them were all surprised. No one had expected this result.

Qin Haodong said with a small smile, “Referee, this has nothing to do with me. He was the one who suddenly targeted me from behind. I don’t even know what’s going on.”

“I saw everything.”

Duan Bailian breathed a sigh of relief. He began to perform the duties of a referee and persuaded other unrelated personnel to leave the field. Then, he took a red card out of his pocket and sent Fan Lihai, who had broken legs, off the field.

They were at the Medical College, so they didn’t lack doctors. Immediately, two people carried Fan Lihai to the sidelines on a stretcher.

Qin Haodong said to Duan Bailian, “How much time is left?”

Duan Bailian looked at his watch. “Only 15 seconds left!”

Qin Haodong smiled and said, “15 seconds would be enough. Let’s continue!”

“What did that mean? Does he still want to win this match?”

“Even if they had an extra player, wouldn’t it still be impossible? After all, there’s not enough time.”

“Although his opponents are missing a player, they are still the school team. No matter how skilled Qin Haodong is, it will still be impossible…”

Duan Bailian restarted the game while the audience was discussing. Qin Haodong took a free kick. He didn’t kick the ball out, but rushed directly towards the goal again.

The players on the school team were about to go crazy. If their opponent was still able to kick a goal in this situation, then they didn’t need to play in the team in the future.

They didn’t have to steal the ball, they just needed to slow him down until the end of the game.

Qin Haodong went past two defenders and arrived at about 30 meters from the goal. 15 seconds passed in a flash.

Right when Duan Bailian was about to blow the whistle, Qin Haodong kicked the ball towards the goal. The ball flew like a cannonball as it traveled towards the opponent’s goal at top speed.

At the same time, the whistle blew to indicate the end of the match. Everyone was closely watching the ball that was heading towards the goal in the distance.

The goalkeeper of the school team was ready. The angle of the ball from Qin Haodong’s kick was not difficult, and it was very far away, so he had plenty of time to react. When the ball arrived in front of the goal, the goalkeeper jumped and hugged the ball.

Everyone sighed. Things ended in a draw. The Chinese Medicine practitioners’ class didn’t win the match. No matter how amazing Qin Haodong was, he couldn’t create a miracle by himself.

However, just as they began to sigh, an unexpected scene occurred before they could make a sound. The fast-flying ball flew into the net along with the goalkeeper.

This kind of scene, which had only ever appeared in the movie Shaolin Soccer, had actually happened in front of everyone!

4:3, the Chinese Medicine practitioners class had won this match. However, Duan Bailian was so stunned that he forgot to announce the result.

“Oh my god, what did I see? Even the goalkeeper was kicked into the net. How much power would this need?”

“Idol. This is my idol. He’s so handsome…”

“Quick, pinch me. Am I dreaming?”

When everyone returned to their senses, Duan Bailian blew the whistle and announced the Chinese Medicine practitioners’ class as the winner.

Zhi Fubao, Tian Boguang, Dai Hongbing and Fang Zhaoping’s 510 dormitory group all rushed up to Qin Haodong and lifted him up. They threw him in the air as cheers and shouts sounded throughout the field.

Fan Lihai looked at this scene blankly. He even forgot the pain in his legs. As the captain of his school team, he had wanted to trample over Qin Haodong during the game. In the end, not only was he not trampled, he was even praised instead.

Fan Lihai had wanted to break his opponent’s legs by making a vicious foul. In the end, his legs were broken while his opponent was safe and sound.

“What is going on? What did I do wrong?”

With confusion and helplessness, he was carried to the 120 ambulance and sent to the hospital.

What Fan Lihai didn’t know was that the football match he initiated had raised the aura of the Chinese Medicine practitioners’ class. They won first place during the military competition the next day. This brought a successful end to the ten days of military training.

After the military training, the freshmen changed their uniforms and rushed out of the campus to express their inner excitement.

Li Meiyu pulled Qin Haodong and said, “The damn military training is finally finished. I want to go to your place and swim. I felt suffocated for too long.”

Qi Waner said, “I heard your house is very big and has a lot of empty rooms. Can Wushuang and I also live there?”

She spoke with her back to Li Meiyu, and even winked at Qin Haodong.

“Okay, the more the merrier!”

Of course Qin Haodong would not reject this. With Nalan Wushuang and Qi Waner living there, he did not have to watch Li Meiyu at home all the time.

Under many envious and jealous eyes, Qin Haodong left the college and returned to his villa with three goddesses under the eyes of countless people.

“Brother, you’re back!”

After ten days of not seeing each other, Jia Shihan was very excited to see Qin Haodong.

Qin Haodong nodded, then introduced her to Nalan Wushuang and Qi Waner.

Jia Shihan took Nalan Wushuang and Qi Waner upstairs to look around. Li Meiyu pulled Qin Haodong away and said, “What are you doing? “Bringing girls home again.”

She was very depressed. The guy had clearly promised to pursue her, but he didn’t show it at all in recent days.

Other couples would look for opportunities to be together in their own world. However, he had brought back two more girls. What was he thinking? He clearly didn’t put Li Meiyu in his eyes.

In the beginning, she never took Qin Haodong’s wooing seriously. However, she was beginning to feel jealous inside.

According to a woman’s sixth sense, she felt that Nalan Wushuang and Qi Waner’s relationship with Qin Haodong was a bit strange. This made Li Meiyu feel somewhat uncomfortable.

Qin Haodong said awkwardly, “The more the merrier. There are a lot of rooms in this house anyways.”

Li Meiyu said with dissatisfaction, “There are a lot of rooms, but why do you only bring girls back with you? Why not bring Zhi Fubao and the others here?”

“Uh… This… I thought it would be inconvenient for you if I brought men here!”

Qin Haodong knew that he had too many hidden enemies, so he didn’t want Zhi Fubao, Tian Boguang and others to become too involved in his life. This would bring unnecessary danger to them.

Li Meiyu said angrily, “Aren’t you a man? Why are you afraid of bringing inconvenience to us?”

Qin Haodong said sarcastically, “You can think of me as a woman…”


Li Meiyu was so angry that she pouted.

At that moment, Jia Shihan, Nalan Wushuang and Qi Waner had finished looking at the rooms. They returned to the living room together.

“Sister Meiyu, the swimming pool is very beautiful. Let’s go swimming!”

After Qi Waner spoke, she pulled Li Meiyu into a room to change.

Nalan Wushuang said to Jia Shihan, “Sister Shihan, join us.”

“Forget it,” Jia Shihan said with a bit of embarrassment, “I don’t have a swimsuit.”

“Don’t worry. I brought a few myself. Our physique is quite similar, so I can lend you one.”

With that, the two of them also went into a room.

Qin Haodong shook his head. There were indeed more and more women at his house.

He made a cup of tea, then sat on the sofa. He picked up the teacup, but he suddenly froze on the spot before he could drink it.

He saw the door open as Nalan Wushuang and the others walked out one after another.

Four stunning beauties wearing four beautiful bikinis, with eight long and straight legs. Coupled with swelling chests, the shocking beauty blinded people’s eyes. Any normal man would have been stunned.

They walked graciously up to Qin Haodong. Only Jia Shihan, who wore a swimsuit for the first time, was a little uncomfortable as her cheeks flushed. This shyness made people’s hearts move even more.

Seeing Qin Haodong’s dumbfounded expression, Li Meiyu said dissatisfied, “What are you looking at? Have you never seen beauties before?”

Qi Waner said with a smile, “Classmate Qin Haodong, why don’t we go swimming together?”

After she spoke, she made a bow as an invitational gesture.

Making this posture while wearing a bikini made Qin Haodong dizzy and his nostrils hot. It was as if his nose would bleed at any time.

The most important thing was that his area down there had a terrible control as it reacted.

In order to prevent an embarrassing scene from occurring, Qin Haodong quickly said, “You guys go swim. I just remembered that there are some things I still need to do. I will go out for a bit.”

With that, he put down the teacup and left, not caring about the tea he had yet to drink.

After he left, he patted his chest and breathed a sigh of relief. It was really excruciating to watch those four beautiful women who he could see but not make a move on every day!

After leaving the villa, he got into a taxi and said to the driver, “Mister, I want to buy some jewelry and jade. Where do you think is the best place?”

The driver said, “If you want to buy these things in Shanghai, Xueshi Jewelry is the best place.”

With that, he started the engine and drove forward.

“What? Is Xueshi Jewelry big?”

The Lin Group was about to expand their jewelry industry to Shanghai. What he needed to do at the moment was to learn as much as possible about his competition.

“Of course. Xueshi Jewelry is an old branch. It is the largest jewelry store in Shanghai. There’s no jewelry that you can’t buy there.”

The driver was very talkative as he introduced Xueshi Jewelry to Qin Haodong while he drove.

More than ten minutes later, the taxi stopped in front of a magnificent jewelry store. It was Xueshi Jewelry, the most famous jewelry store in Shanghai.

“We’ve arrived sir. It’s here!”

Qin Haodong paid the driver and got out of the taxi. He looked up at the jewelry store and was about to enter through the door when he suddenly saw a building on the opposite side.

It was a newly constructed commercial building. It was quiet and no merchants had settled in yet.

This building was directly opposite to the Xueshi Jewelry store and was in the busiest area of Shanghai. It would be the most suitable place for the Lin Group to open a jewelry store.

After taking a closer look at the commercial building, he turned and entered the Xueshi Jewelry store.

Just as the taxi driver said, it was indeed the largest jewelry store in Shanghai. It was a century-old shop with all kinds of jewelry, made of gold, silver, jade, diamonds and emeralds.

The jewelry shop had five floors. The quality and price of the jades increased with each floor.

There were fewer guests at the fifth floor. All the items were priced at six figures or above. Those who dared to go up there were rich and successful people.

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