The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 485 - A Belated Roommate

Chapter 485 A Belated Roommate

Fang Zhaoping looked at the two triumphant people. He was so angry and helpless that he could only hum coldly. Then, he turned his eyes towards the podium.

After the matter had been taken care of, Hou Wenbin continued to speak. After completing the agenda of the opening ceremony, he added, “Tomorrow is the military training day of our magical Medical College.

“Military training is a compulsory course for every college student before starting college life. It only lasts for ten days, so everyone must cherish it. In the future, it will be a great asset in your lives.”

Hearing the two words military training, Zhi Fubao immediately looked like a deflated ball. The smug smile on his face had disappeared as he murmured, “Is it possible to refuse this asset?”

As a super fat man, those ten days of military training would definitely be his biggest nightmare.

“In order to allow everyone to personally experience the real life of soldiers, to maximize everyone’s training and advancement in military training, and to let everyone become fully aware of what Chinese soldiers are, this year, our university has made a special cooperation with the special forces of the Shanghai military region.”

Hou Wenbin said passionately, “All the instructors in this year’s military training are from the special forces of the Shanghai military region. They are the special forces among the soldiers, warriors among all warriors. They will definitely give you an experience you’ve never had.

“Students, are you prepared?”

“We are!”

The freshmen below the stage answered with earth-shaking replies from all directions. Their heads were held high and so were their spirits.

“The special forces of the Shanghai military region must be very handsome. I must do well in the military training tomorrow.”

“An instructor of the special forces. When I go back I will have something to boast about!”

Hearing this news, the students became so excited that they wanted to start the military training immediately. Only fat brother Zhi Fubao almost fell to the ground crying. The training of the TMD special forces was 100 times harder than that of ordinary soldiers.

Seeing his sorry state, Fang Zhaoping finally calmed down and sneered.

After the opening ceremony, the students from the Department of Chinese Medicine Practitioners returned to the classroom. Then, the class held another round of meetings.

Zhang Xiaoyan said with joy on her face, “Everything was made clear about classmate Qin Haodong’s situation. The principal has already given an explanation at the ceremony.

“Since it wasn’t classmate Qin Haodong’s fault, our decision this morning is still valid. He will be the class president of our Chinese Medicine Practitioners class until the re-election is held a month later.”

After the announcement, Zhi Fubao shook his big fat head and shouted, “Boss, I support you. You will be an excellent class president!”

Tian Boguang also shouted, “That’s right boss. With your talent, it would be a shame if you are not the class president!”

“That’s not necessarily true. I just know how to fight and memorize “The Proficiency and Honesty of Great Doctors.” That’s not enough to be the class president.”

It was Fang Zhaoping’s roommate Zhang Zhichao who spoke. Standing on Fang Zhaoping’s side, he naturally stood up against Qin Haodong.

“Military training is coming soon. I want to see how “The Proficiency and Honesty of Great Doctors” will get you through it!”

This time it was Wang Haiqiang from Fang Zhaoping’s dormitory. They also had Li Guojun in their dormitory. All four of them were tall and strong, and had not placed the military training in their eyes at all.

In contrast, the three people in Qin Haodong’s dormitory became downcast.

Fang Zhaoping glanced at Zhi Fubao and said with a sneer, “Since military training is coming, then our 510 dormitory will challenge your 508 dormitory. How about we compete?”

“Since you want to compete, let’s compete. I, fat brother, am not afraid of you.”

Zhi Fubao rose to his feet. His motto was to be pessimistic about life and death. Although he had a headache when talking about military training, he would never lower his head when facing against Fang Zhaoping’s provocation.

“Fatty, is it up to you?” Fang Zhaoping said with disdain on his face, “In fact, I think it’s best for people like you to get sick or something. Military training is not suitable for you!”

Zhang Zhichao said with a smile, “Too bad that fatty is not a woman. Otherwise, you could simply say that you weren’t feeling well these days.”

Li Guojun also said with a smile, “I don’t think that will work. The female classmates can only take one week off when they ask for leave. It is impossible to take ten days off.”

“You guys…”

Seeing those guys take things too far the more they talked, the fatty was so angry that the fat shook all over his body. It looked as if he were about to explode.

Zhang Xiaoyan quickly said, “I do not object to a healthy competition between students, but only to a certain extent. You cannot attack each other with words.”

Qin Haodong coldly glanced at the four people from the 510 dormitory and said, “Since you guys want to compete, then let’s compete. I want to see who will be the woman when the time comes.”

As an Emperor Green Wood, naturally he would not watch his brother be humiliated.

Fang Zhaoping said, “Okay then. Let’s make a bet. When the time comes, whoever loses will have to yell in front of everyone ‘I am a woman’.”

He still had not given up on the class president position. He believed that as long as he suppressed Qin Haodong during the military training, there would definitely be a lot of votes for him. Then, becoming the class president would be a foregone conclusion. When that time came, Su Hui and Li Meiyu would definitely be impressed by him.

“It’s a deal!” Qin Haodong looked around and said, “Please be the witnesses for our two dormitories.”

Wang Haiqiang smiled and said, “Having witnesses is for the best, just in case you guys say that us four were bullying the three of you.”

Tian Boguang waved his fist and said, “Although there are only three of us, we’re not afraid of you.”

At this point, Qin Haodong was moved as he said to Zhang Xiaoyan, “Teacher, I want to ask where our other roommate is. Why hasn’t he come yet?”

This was also a question they had in their minds. Their other roommate’s bed had the name Dai Hongbing on it. However, no one had seen him yet, even though the military training would soon take place.

Zhang Xiaoyan hesitated before saying, “Why don’t you come to my office when the meeting is over?”

Qin Haodong knew that there had to be something else hidden within this matter, so he did not ask any more questions.

After that, Zhang Xiaoyan arranged several class cadres. They were all temporary and would be re-elected a month later.

At the end of the class meeting, Qin Haodong followed Zhang Xiaoyan to her office.

“Have a seat!” Zhang Xiaoyan said politely, “This is my office. In the future if you have any problems, you can come and find me.”

Qin Haodong said, “Teacher, I just wanted to ask, why has Dai Hongbing not checked in yet?”

Zhang Xiaoyan sighed and said, “He has actually already arrived in Shanghai. It’s just that he has encountered some special situations and is unable to report to the school.”

Qin Haodong asked with a frown, “What did he encounter? How come it’s more important than reporting to the school?”

“It’s because he was put in a detention center,” Zhang Xiaoyan said, “Dai Hongbing has been in Shanghai for two days. But as soon as he arrived, something happened and he was locked up in a detention center.

Now the senior management of the school is discussing this matter. If he is not able to report for military training tomorrow, it is very likely that they will cancel his admission.”

“What on earth did he do?”

Qin Haodong asked with surprise. Normally, a student who had just arrived in a different place was unlikely to make very serious mistakes.

Zhang Xiaoyan said, “I only learned of the situation from the school director. When Dai Hongbing came to Shanghai the day before yesterday, he was in a traffic accident as soon as he walked out of the station. An old lady in her 70s was hit by an unlicensed car. The car didn’t stop at all and just drove away.

“Seeing that the old lady was in critical condition, Dai Hongbing sent her to the hospital. However, he was detained in the hospital by her family members who arrived afterwards. They said that he was the one who hit the old lady. They want a compensation of 500,000 yuan from him, and for him to pay for all the medical expenses.

“Dai Hongbing was a student from the mountains with a tuition fee of less than 10,000 yuan. Later, the old lady’s family reported him to the police, so he was arrested and taken to the detention center.”

“That’s going over the top. How can they do this?!”

Qin Haodong was so angry that he hit the table and stood up. He had seen this kind of situation in the news before, but he did not expect to encounter it himself that day.

Zhang Xiaoyan said, “Currently, that’s all the information we know. However, the specific situation is still uncertain, because there were no cameras on the section of the road where the incident happened. Also, no witnesses have been found.

“Due to the strong request of the family, the police could only detain Dai Hongbing first.”

Qin Haodong said in a serious tone, “Since there is no evidence, why did the family say that Dai Hongbing hit the old lady?”

“The family only has one reason,” Zhang Xiaoyan said, “They have never seen each other before. If Dai Hongbing didn’t hit the old lady, why did he send her to the hospital?”

“What kind of bullshit reason is that? Absolutely ridiculous. Is it a sin to be a good person?”

In the past, Qin Haodong had always been furious when he saw such news. However, since it had happened to his roommate, he would not sit idly by and do nothing.

Zhang Xiaoyan looked at the boy in front of her. Her first impression of Qin Haodong was that he was gentle, and was indifferent towards favors or humiliation. He didn’t display any emotional changes even when he was being taken away by the police. However this time, he was like an angry lion, making her feel his coldness.

“What is the school’s attitude on this matter?”

Zhang Xiaoyan said, “For things like this where there’s no evidence, it is not convenient for the school to say too much. If Dai Hongbing cannot report to the school by tomorrow, then according to regulations, his student status can only be cancelled.”

Qin Haodong said, “If Dai Hongbing acted bravely for the sake of righteousness, wouldn’t it be too cold hearted for the school to do this?

“If even educational places are this cold hearted, then who will dare to help in situations with injustice in the future? Who will dare to lend a helping hand to those who need help?”

Zhang Xiaoyan sighed again, “The school also has its own reasons. At the moment, no one can prove that his actions were righteous. It’s just a story. As a school director, they can’t do much more than this.”

“Miss Zhang, can you tell me which detention center Dai Hongbing was taken to?”

“I heard it was the East District Detention Center.”

“Miss Zhang, Dai Hongbing is our roommate from the 508 dormitory. As long as he truly acted righteously, I will help him to come to our school before the military training tomorrow.”

With that, Qin Haodong turned around and left the office.

Zhang Xiaoyan shook her head. In her opinion, it was just a moment of fury from the big boy. No one could do anything to help in this kind of issue.

After leaving the office, Qin Haodong took a deep breath. He calmed himself down, then walked towards the classroom.

Before he had reached the entrance of the classroom, a beautiful figure appeared in the hallway. It was Su Hui.

“Qin Haodong, I lost this time. However, I’m not going to admit defeat.”

“That’s your problem. It has nothing to do with me.”

Qin Haodong did not stop his steps as he continued to walk forward.

Su Hui followed him and said, “I heard Li Meiyu say that you have medical skills. I want to compete against you.”

“I don’t have time.”

Qin Haodong continued walking forward.

“Are you scared?”

Qin Haodong glanced at Su Hui’s delicate face and said, “I don’t want to bully you!”

He was telling the truth. As the Emperor Green Wood who had cultivated in the Cultivation World for more than 500 years, he would indeed be bullying her if they competed in medical skills. However, this sounded like an insult to Su Hui.

Su Hui’s face turned red as she said angrily, “Qin Haodong, I have to compete against you once.”

Qin Haodong shook his head. Beneath this girl’s calm appearance was a competitive heart.

“I already told you, I don’t have time.”

Su Hui’s expression stiffened before she stubbornly said, “If you don’t compete against me, then I will follow you forever!”

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