The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 48 - Healthcare Doctor

Chapter 48 Healthcare Doctor


It was true Damao and Ermao injured Dongfang Liang. Feng Tianda found it hard to deny because he couldn’t find the proper excuse.

“Officer, you don’t have to ask him, I have witnesses here.” Qin Haodong pointed around the onlookers. “Somebody please tell me, isn’t he the guy who just molested a woman in public?”


The onlookers answered in one voice.

They just received the benefits from Qin Haodong, the roses.


It was true that Dongfang Liang was injured by Damao and Ermao. Feng Tianda found it hard to deny because he couldn’t find the proper excuse.

“Officer, you don’t have to ask him, I have witnesses here.” Qin Haodong pointed to the onlookers around as he said, “Somebody please tell me, isn’t he the guy who just molest a woman in public?”


The onlookers answered in one voice.

They just received the benefits from Qin Haodong. The roses were all selected species worth at least 10 yuan each in flower shops. Although the actual owner of the roses was Feng Tianda, Qin Haodong merely gifted them. Therefore, those people held no gratitude toward Feng Tianda, on the contrary, they appreciated Qin Haodong’s generosity.

Nalan Wuxia startled at the yelling of the crowd. She hardly understood why so many people supported Qin Haodong. And what confused her even more were those roses in their hands. Is it Valentine’s Day today?

“Everyone, please tell me, isn’t he the bully who started the fray?”

Qin Haodong did not stop, instead, he yelled.


The voice this time boomed overwhelmingly. More onlookers gawked and gathered around.

“A bully like him should be arrested and punished, am I right?”


Again those onlookers answered in unison.

Qin Haodong turned around and said to Nalan Wuxia with a cheeky smile, “Officer, you see? They are all my witnesses. And their voice equals public opinion!”

Nalan Wuxia favored Qin Haodong in the first place. She waved her hand after she saw the scene, and pointed to Feng Tianda’s fellows. “Take him away!”

“That’s unfair! He has injured my people, too!” Feng Tianda pointed to Damao and Ermao puking blood, “You see? They’re badly injured!”

“Stop that crap! That’s called self-defense!” Nalan Wuxia commanded coldly. “Take them away!”

Upon hearing the command, two policemen escorted Feng Tianda to the patrol wagon.

Seeing their master being taken away by the police, those bodyguards dared not say anything. They carried Damao and Ermao lying on the ground, and propped up the injured bodyguards and left in a fluster.

A light gleamed in Lin Momo’s eyes as she watched Qin Haodong dealing with the mess. The young man looked cheeky, but he seemed an organized man. He caught the key point of everything, and kicked the sh*t out of the famous Feng Tianda. Moreover, now Feng Tianda had no way to get back to him.

The police did nothing to Feng Tianda even though he was arrested because of the high social status the Feng’s had, however; the Lin’s Group won today, and Feng’s Group lost face.

After all these things handled, Nalan Wuxia whispered to Qin Haodong. “I knew what tricks you played, I’ll take this one as a favor. I owe you.”

“I see your gratitude. Why not marry me as the reward?” Qin Haodong said cheekily.

“Like hell I would!”

Nalan Wuxia turned around as she said that. And she stepped on Qin Haodong’s feet with the 10cm high heel, making Qin Haodong howl in pain.

The police escorted Feng Tianda away as the onlookers dispersed. Lin Momo and Qin Haodong entered the office building of Lin’s Group.

When they entered the president’s office, Lin Momo said to Qin Haodong, “Thank you for what you’ve done today, I really didn’t know how it would’ve ended.”

“It’s OK. That’s part of my job. The man messed with my woman, he should feel lucky I didn’t break his legs.”

“You…” Hearing Qin Haodong claiming her to be his woman, Lin Momo blushed. “Be serious and go to work, or I’ll deduct your salary this month.”

After that, she picked up the interior wiring phone of the company and dialed a number. Soon, her assistant Anbi Ru came out of the next door.

An Biru was slightly surprised when seeing Qin Haodong. She greeted him and said, “Doctor Qin, there you are!”

“I am here now, and I won’t leave!” Qin Haodong said with a smile.

“From today on, he is the healthcare doctor of our company.” Lin Momo said, “Sister An, please introduce Doctor Qin to the infirmary and come back, I need to talk to you.”

Anbi Ru nodded and left the president’s office with Qin Haodong.

“Doctor Qin, why are you here in our group? You deserve much more than a healthcare doctor with your medical skills.”

Qin Haodong never mentioned his relation with Lin Momo. He smiled and said, “I don’t mind. I am working for my holiday internship. And I’ll do it as long as I can earn money to cover the tuition.”

The infirmary was at the top of the Lin’s Group Building. When An Biru took Qin Haodong in, a short, fat, middle-aged doctor who played mobile phone games.

He put away the phone as soon as he saw An Biru walk in. Then he said with a flattering face, “Assistant An! There you are! Do you feel uncomfortable? What medicine do you need? Let me get it for you!”

“I am here to introduce someone.” An Biru said. Then she introduced Qin Haodong and the fat guy to each other, “Doctor Zhang Zhijie, this is Doctor Qin Haodong. He’s a new hire.”

“Welcome, young man!” Zhang Zhijie shook hands with Qin Haodong very warmly, mainly because An Biru introduced him.

“Nice to meet you, Brother Zhang.” Qin Haodong acted mannerly.

After the simple settlement, Anbi Ru left the infirmary.

Seeing An Biru leaving, Zhang Zhijie asked Qin Haodong, “Little Qin, which college are you from?”

“I am still studying. It’s my fourth year.”


Zhang Zhijie’s face indicated that he understood everything. He guessed Qin Haodong used a connection to be here to kill time. He would leave when the terms began, so he wouldn’t stay for long.

“Little Qin. There’s one thing I’d like to tell you. We don’t have many tasks here, and I’m OK even if you don’t do nothing at all. But there’s one thing you have to bear in mind: never treat anybody.”

“Why? Aren’t we all doctors?” Qin Haodong asked in surprise.

“I think it’s clear how capable we all are. There are too many diseases beyond our reach. The doctor who just resigned wrongly diagnosed a patient and almost killed him, and the infirmary almost closed because of it.”

Zhang Zhijie’s face looked indignant as he said that. He would lose the job if the infirmary closed. And a dabbler doctor like him would never be able to find a decent job as long as he left this infirmary.

“If some of the staff catch a cold or have a fever, or come to fetch some pills because they don’t feel well, just give them what they want. There’s no need to get into trouble…”

As he said that. The door opened, a middle-aged woman in her thirties came in.

The woman radiated beauty, but looked quite depressed, giving people the impression that she might be hard to get along with. She covered her chest with her one hand and frowned. It looked like she felt uncomfortable.

“Are you feeling uncomfortable, Director Zhang?”

Zhang Zhijie welcomed her with a warm smile. The woman was the financial director of the Lin’s Group, Zhang Wanlu. She was one of those who possessed actual power in this company, and was infamous for her bad temper. He had to take care of her carefully.

Zhang Wanlu said, “I don’t feel well on my heart. My heart’s beating too fast, give me some Quick Acting Heart Reliever.”

“Hold on, I’ll go fetch it for you.”

Zhang Zhijie said, running to the medicine cabinet. He took out a bottle of Quick Acting Heart Reliever and handed it to Zhang Wanlu.

Zhang Wanlu opened the bottle and took out a couple pills to swallow. That moment she heard someone say, “Wait a minute, you’re not having a heart attack, those pills won’t help.”

She frowned even more. Then she turned back and saw the speaker, a young man in his twenties. “Who are you?”

Zhang Zhijie was startled. He ran to Qin Haodong in a hurry and whispered to him. “Are you out of your mind? I said do not treat the patients! We can’t afford to piss off that woman! Don’t get yourself in trouble, and don’t get the infirmary in trouble!”

After that, he smiled at Zhang Wanlu. “Director Zhang, Doctor Qin is new here, and he likes making jokes. He was trying to make fun of it.”

He thought he could get away with it, but Qin Haodong ignored him and continued. “I might be a joker, but I never joke about patients’ disease.”

Zhang Zhijie really wanted to rushed over and gag Qin Haodong’s, but couldn’t. He was so nervous he stamped.

“Nonsense! How do you know I am not having a heart attack?”

Zhang Yan asked coldly.

“I am a doctor, and I diagnose.” Qin Haodong’s emotion didn’t change. “Your tachycardia was due to your cervical spondylosis, not your heart. You always feel dizzy, nausea and all those complications because of your bad spine, am I right?”

Zhang Wanlu’s look changed slightly because Qin Haodong was correct. She did have those symptoms frequently. So is it really all about the spine, not the heart?

“Those symptoms can be eased easily with a massage.” Qin Haodong said. He pulled a chair in front of Zhang Wanlu. “Give me five minutes and I’ll alleviate all your symptoms.”

“Watch yourself, Qin Haodong! The spine is not a place that anyone can massage. Should you massage it in the wrong way, there’s high chance she would be paralysed.”

Zhang Zhijie was indeed anxious. Qin Haodong was a college student who would stay here two months at most. And he wouldn’t suffer much loss even if anything happened today. But for Zhang Zhijie, he couldn’t afford losing the job because he had a family to support.

“Do not worry, I’ll help her stand up again even if she’s really paralysed, let alone it was indisposition of the spine.” Qin Haodong said proudly.

Seeing he couldn’t convince Qin Haodong, Zhang Zhijie said to Qin Wanlu, “Director Zhang, don’t listen to Little Qin. He’s just an intern in college. No one would take the responsibility should anything happened to you.”

Zhang Zhijie tried to stop Qin Haodong even if it might offend him. But unexpectedly, Zhang Wanlu sat on the chair after a moment of hesitation. “I believe in you this time, don’t let me down.”

“What…” Zhang Zhijie stared dumbfoundedly. He had no idea why Zhang Wanlu, a woman difficult to get along with, trusted Qin Haodong. Is it because he’s handsome?

Even Zhang Wanlu herself couldn’t understand, she just believed the young man before her for no reason.

“Let you down? That’s not going to happen. It will take less than a minute.”

Qin Haodong said as he stood behind Zhang Wanlu and massaged. As he reached out, Zhang Zhijie anxiousness increased more than ever. It was like the two hands would break Zhang Wanlu’s neck at anytime.

But as time passed, Zhang Wanlu’s frowned eyebrows loosened, and relaxed like she enjoyed it.

The small issue on the spine was nothing big to Qin Haodong. Soon, he amended the disposition and cleared the blocked meridians with Green Wood Genuine Qi. “Okay, just try to keep balance between your work and rest. Stretch your neck often and you should be fine.”

Zhang Yan stood up in surprise. She felt relaxed all over. The tachycardia vanished. Both her mind and eyesight cleared. Her mental state was better than ever.

She stepped forward and shook Qin Haodong’s hand. “Doctor Qin, you’re magical! Thank you, thank you so much!”

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