The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 470 - I Will Get Even with You

Chapter 470 I Will Get Even with You

The woman was ashamed and angry. She had just fallen, which made her feel deeply embarrassed. She no longer cared about her image and demeanor. She roared at Zhi Fubao, “D*mn fat man, did you do it? You broke my high heels.”

Zhi Fubao did not expect she would say that. Holding his injured foot, he said, “I have been holding my foot and haven’t moved from this spot. How could I do anything to your shoes? It’s because your shoes were fake. They’re not good enough. How can you blame others?”

The woman didn’t know what to do either. She turned around and hugged the man’s arm, crying, “Honey, help me to vent my anger now. You can see how they bullied me!”

The man endured the pain and put his injured foot on the ground. Seeing them being beaten time and again, he felt it was time to show his identity. He shouted to Qin Haodong and the others, “You’ve gone too far. Do you know who I am? I’m Zhou Guohao from the Zhou family in Shanghai.”

After saying that, he straightened his back and felt that Qin Haodong and the others would immediately bow their heads and apologize when they heard his identity, and even kneel down to ask for his forgiveness. However, the people in front of him didn’t respond at all after waiting for a long time.

Seeing that he wanted to boast, Qin Haodong said to them, “Have you heard of the Zhou family?”

Li Meiyu shook her head directly to show that she had not. She had just moved to Hong Kong and was not familiar with the situation in Shanghai.

Tian Boguang said, “When I was in high school, there was a Zhou lamb soup and meat pie shop at the school gate. It was delicious!”

Zhi Fubao said, “There is a Zhou pedicure hall downstairs. It was taken down by the police before I came here. They took twenty or thirty prostitutes with them.”

After that, they laughed again!

Seeing that those people completely looked down upon him, Zhou Guohao was almost crazy with anger.

However, he planned to attend the concert and the tickets were limited. He didn’t order any bodyguards to escort him. Although he was teased by several people time and again, he had no choice but to yell bitterly, “I’ll remember you. Wait for me.”

After that, Zhou Guohao and the woman turned around to continue queuing up, but his foot had been trampled by Li Meiyu, which made him walk with a slight limp. The woman lost her high heels and looked very awkward. They stood side by side and were very funny.

After laughing for a while, Tian Boguang said, “This is great! It’s been a long time since I’ve had such a good time.”

Zhi Fubao said with regret, “Your feet are not injured. Those two were still unreasonable when they stepped on my foot. It’s okay for a woman to do it, as I would never beat a woman. But I really want to slap that guy’s face.”

Qin Haodong laughed and said, “That’s simple. I’ll help you realize your wish immediately.”

Zhi Fubao said, “Brother, if we really fight, will we be able to watch the concert?”

That was what concerned him the most. Otherwise, he would have slapped Zhou Guohao just then.

Qin Haodong said, “Don’t worry, we don’t need to do it by ourselves. Someone will help us do it later.”

“How is this possible?”

They didn’t believe it.

Tian Boguang said, “If someone slaps that guy, I’ll get you a month’s worth of foot-washing water.”

Zhi Fubao said, “I’ll treat you to drinks every day!”

Qin Haodong smiled and turned to Li Meiyu. “Beauty, do you have anything to say? For example, how about a kiss?”

Li Meiyu said, “How is it possible? You’re not Superman. If someone does slap Zhou Guohao, I will kiss you.”

“Deal.” Qin Haodong made an OK sign. “I’ll fulfill your wish within ten minutes.”

At the beginning of the check-in, the people in the queue began to slowly squirm forward.

A young man and a woman stood in front of Zhou Guohao and the girl. The man wore a half-sleeved t-shirt, and his muscles were tight. It seemed that he often went to the gym.

The woman was tall and slim, wearing a pink dress. Although her appearance was average, her figure was very sexy.

Qin Haodong chose a suitable opportunity. He quietly released an invisible strength and patted the woman’s buttocks.

As a third-level supreme power master, it was easy for him to control the Qi of Heaven and Earth. That strength was almost the same as the strength of an ordinary person’s pat.

The woman in the red dress was intimately chatting with her boyfriend when she suddenly felt the pat on her buttocks. When she saw that her boyfriend’s hands were in front of his chest, she turned around angrily.

Zhou Guohao was standing behind her. Needless to say, it had be him who was molesting her.

“Rogue, you’re going to die.”

The woman in the red dress was shrewd enough. She suddenly raised her leg, and one of her high-heeled shoes stepped on Zhou Guohao’s uninjured foot.

Zhou Guohao was plotting in secret, fantasizing about the way he would retaliate against Qin Haodong and his friends after the concert. When the woman in the red dress turned around, he felt an excruciating pain on his foot before he could figure out what was going on. He immediately screamed in pain.

The woman next to Zhou Guohao was Hao Lingling. When she saw the woman in the red dress suddenly turn around and step on Zhou Guohao’s foot, she suddenly became angry and said, “You crazy woman! What are you doing? Why are you stepping on my boyfriend’s foot?”

The woman in the red dress said angrily, “Mind your man. If he dares to touch my buttocks again, I will beat him.”

Zhou Guohao was seething with anger. He had not foreseen that day’s bad luck. He had been trampled by a woman behind him, and now he was trampled by another woman in front of him. He was furious.

He said angrily, “Bullshit, when did I touch your buttocks?”

The young man naturally believed in his girlfriend. He waved his fist at Zhou Guohao and shouted, “Look at you. You’re disabled. I won’t argue with you this time. If you dare to act like a rogue again, I will beat you to death.”

After that, they both glared at him, then turned around and continued to queue up.

Zhou Guohao felt so wronged. As a member of the Zhou family, he had never been wronged like that. But being without bodyguards around him, he could only endure it.

Qin Haodong shook his head slightly. He didn’t succeed at the first time. It seemed that he had to do it again.

A few minutes later, he found another chance and touched the buttocks of the red-dressed woman again with his Genuine Qi.

This time, the woman in the red dress was very powerful. Without saying a word, she turned back and slapped Zhou Guohao’s face.

Inexplicably, Zhou Guohao was beaten again and he flew into a rage. He shouted angrily at the woman in the red dress, “Are you crazy? Why did you slap me?”

As soon as he finished speaking, he felt that everything went black in front of him. The young man punched him twice.

“Boy, if you dare act indecently again, I will ask the police to arrest you.”

After saying that, the young man still felt worried. He switched places with the woman in the red dress and stood in front of Zhou Guohao.

“Brat, wait and see, all of you!”

Zhou Guohao was going mad. “What is going on?”

Zhi Fubao and the others had clearly seen him being beaten. After being punished by the woman in the red dress, they suddenly felt very happy.

Tian Boguang gave Qin Haodong a thumbs-up sign and said, “Brother, you’re so great. I will keep my promise. I’ll wash all of your socks.”

Zhi Fubao also said happily, “I’m also a man of my word. From now on, let’s drink every day.”

Qin Haodong turned to look at Li Meiyu. Li Meiyu glared at him and asked in confusion, “How did you do that?”

She had been by Qin Haodong’s side all the time and she didn’t see what he had done. Why did the woman in the red dress slap Zhou Guohao twice?

“Do you want to know?” Qin Haodong pointed to his cheek and said, “If you want to know, you should keep your promises first.”

He had thought that Li Meiyu would not kiss him in public, but he underestimated the curiosity of a woman.

Although Li Meiyu hesitated, she still kissed him on the cheek. Then she asked with a red face, “Tell me, what happened?”

Both Zhi Fubao and Tian Boguang kept their eyes wide open. “My sister-in-law is so powerful that she can keep her words!”

Qin Haodong touched his cheek and said, “It’s nothing. I just guessed.”


Li Meiyu knew that she had been fooled. She reached out and pinched Qin Haodong’s waist. In other people’s eyes, that kind of action was like flirting between lovers.

Zhou Guohao endured the pain in his feet. With Hao Lingling’s help, he finally found his seat. When he sat down, he was surprised to find that Qin Haodong and the other three people were sitting in front of him.

With Zhou Guohao’s status, he had only bought the tickets for the second row of the concert because the tickets for the first row were not sold at all. They were reserved by the organizers and were given to special guests with status.

But he couldn’t believe that those four in front of him had a high status. How did they manage to sit in the first row?

He shouted at Zhi Fubao, “D*mn fatty, where did you steal your ticket?”

Hao Lingling also shouted aggressively, “Don’t you know that the tickets for the first row are not sold at all? They’re only given to guests with status. You must be sitting in the wrong seat. Go back to your seats quickly.”

It was obvious that they were just being snobbish. In normal days, they would not be so brainless. But, they were quite incensed at the moment, not being rational anymore.

Hao Lingling thought that if it weren’t for that fat man, her limited edition Hermes wouldn’t have been damaged. She wouldn’t have made a fool of herself in front of so many people. Even the most secretive panties had been exposed in front of everyone.

Zhou Guohao thought that if he hadn’t met the fat man, his luck wouldn’t have been that bad. His two feet had been injured in succession, and he had even been slapped twice.

Only then did Zhi Fubao see that it was Zhou Guohao who was talking behind him. He immediately raised the ticket in his hand and said with a smile, “I have a high status. People with status are sitting in front of you. What’s the matter? Are you angry? Are you unhappy?

“But there’s no other way. There’s a gap between people’s identities. You can only sit in the back row.”


Zhou Guohao was so angry that he couldn’t speak. Hao Lingling cried, “You broke my high heels. You must give me an explanation today.”

Both of them were full of anger, and both of them were venting it at Zhi Fubao.

“You two shameless b*stards. That’s enough!”

Zhi Fubao was unhappy. His foot ended swelling up, and he couldn’t even wear his sandals. Those two actually asked him to compensate for her high heels. They were too shameless.

Hao Lingling had completely forgotten the lesson she had experienced previously. She arrogantly pointed at Zhi Fubao’s nose and shouted, “You broke my high-heeled shoes. You must compensate me. Otherwise, I won’t let you go.”

Zhou Guohao also cried, “And that woman stepped on my foot. Today, I will get even with you!”

Qin Haodong turned around and looked at them coldly. “You want to get even with us, don’t you? Then I’ll get even with you!”

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