The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 462 - The Granny Shot

Chapter 462 The Granny Shot

As the competition officially began, there were more and more students watching around them. Zhong Anguo’s face became more and more proud.

The more people the better. Later, when he would show his power and abuse this toy boy, the little beauty next to him would definitely take the initiative to jump into his arms.

At the thought of this, he felt the blood all over his body begin to boil. Condition! His own condition was extremely good!

“Bring it kid!”

He said proudly to Qin Haodong.

“Bang… Bang… Bang…”

Qin Haodong casually dribbled the ball a few times. Although he had played basketball a few times, he was not a master at it.

But it was different now. He was an expert in the level three supreme power realm with a powerful Spirit. Something like basketball immediately became simple in his hands.

He took the ball outside the three-point line. When everyone thought he was looking for a chance to break through, Qin Haodong suddenly threw the ball out of his hand. The movement was still so casual.

“Sh*t. Is this also possible? Does he think he is the king of three-pointers?”

“I think he got scared by Boss Zhong. He is afraid to run with the ball so he can only shoot and test his luck…”

Seeing that Qin Haodong began to shoot, Zhong Anguo, who originally made a defensive posture, also straightened his back. He had also looked down on Qin Haodong. This guy didn’t even know how to shoot and just threw it casually. How could he score?

But when he turned around to go get the ball, he was surprised to find that the ball drew a beautiful arc. Then, a brush noise sounded as it went in without hitting the backboard.

“Three points!”

This three-pointer was like a heavy hammer. It made the surrounding noise quieten down immediately.

“Sh*t. When did a three-point ball become so easy? It landed in after he casually threw it.”

“Luck, it must be luck. Otherwise, this ball definitely wouldn’t have made it in!”

No one thought Qin Haodong would be this confident. He threw a three-pointer as soon as the game started.

What they didn’t know was that after being locked on by the Spirit, Qin Haodong’s shots were more accurate than radar guidance. Even if he didn’t want it to go in, it would be impossible.

Although he threw a basket as soon as the game started, Zhong Anguo did not care. In his view, Qin Haodong had thrown it on a whim. It went in because of luck and definitely wouldn’t go in a second time.

He picked up the ball and patted it. Then he threw it to Qin Haodong again. “Kid, do it again if you can.”

Qin Haodong caught the ball, then smiled at him. He didn’t even bother to dribble the ball this time, as he raised his hand and threw.

What everyone normally did was shoot while what he did was throw. He casually threw the ball.

“What is this guy doing? Could he be that accurate?”

Zhong Anguo turned his head around and looked at the basket. A brush noise sounded as the ball once again went through the hoop without hitting the backboard.

“This… He really is that accurate!”

Not only was Zhong Anguo stunned, everyone else also had their mouths open in shock! If the first shot was luck, then how could you explain this shot? If this was also luck, then his luck was too amazing!

“Nice ball Haodong. You are amazing!”

Li Meiyu, who stood on the side and watched, excitedly clapped her hands. She was Qin Haodong’s only fan in the entire arena.

It was said to be a one-on-one match between them, but up to now, Zhong Anguo had yet to touch the ball. Qin Haodong have not given him any chances to counterattack.

For the third shot, it was made in the same way, as another three-pointer landed in the hoop without hitting the backboard.

The surrounding onlookers had become petrified. It was the first time they saw basketball being played like this.

“Who is this kid? He really hits the target every time. He has already made nine consecutive points.”

“Although his posture when shooting is not accurate, and it can be said that it’s not even shooting, however his precision requires daily practice.”

“Boss Zhong is in trouble. If this continues, then to get 21 points, his opponent only needs four more shots.”

“Don’t talk nonsense. I have lived for 20 years and have never seen anyone score seven three-pointers in a row. Also, from now on, Boss Zhong definitely won’t give him a chance to easily shoot a three-point ball.

As long as he misses the ball, the power will fall into the hands of Boss Zhong. At that time, with the ability Boss Zhong has, it will not be a problem to score 20 points in a row.”

After Qin Haodong scored three three-pointers in a row, the situation on the field had changed dramatically. The one-on-one match, which was originally thought to be one-sided, suddenly had suspense.

The people watching the game opened their eyes wide and focused, looking forward to the performance of the two men in the rest of the game.

Currently, Zhong Anguo’s face had completely darkened. His eyes were fixed on Qin Haodong opposite him, as he released a ruthless expression.

“Boy, you hid it quite well. So you are a sharpshooter. I won’t give you another chance.”

After he shouted, he did not throw the ball directly to Qin Haodong, but instead brought it near the three-point line before handing it over.

Afterwards, he immediately got into a tight defensive posture. No matter what, he would not give the opponent an easy shot this time.

“Bang… Bang… Bang…”

Qin Haodong did not launch a strong attack as people had expected. Instead, he walked backwards with the ball. Looking at his leisurely appearance, it looked just like he was shopping.

Should Zhong Anguo follow him or not?

Right when Zhong Anguo was hesitating, Qin Haodong suddenly hooked his hand. The basketball in his hand drew an arc as it flew towards the basket.

“Sh*t. Is this also possible? I see now. This kid can only shoot three-pointers and he doesn’t know how to play. Although he is in the lead now, he won’t win.”

“I’ve never seen a big hook three meters from the three-point line in my entire f*cking life!”

“With my years of experience in playing basketball, it’s impossible to make it in!”

No matter what everyone said, everyone’s eyes moved forward with the curving basketball in the air.

“It won’t go in!”

Zhong Anguo also turned his head and looked towards the basket.

A crisp brushing noise sounded. The basketball launched like a missile, as it accurately went into the basket. It was another shot without hitting the backboard.

“Four straight shots. It’s already 12 points.”

This was like a loud slap in the face. It made those who looked down on Qin Haodong shut up. The entire audience fell into a dead silence.

But after a brief silence, there was a burst of cheers.

Although most of these people supported Zhong Anguo, Qin Haodong’s magic shot was so amazing that they could not help but applaud.Read more chapter on v ip novel. com

“It’s incredible. He can hook a goal from so far away. Even the NBA doesn’t have this kind of skill right?”

“It’s over for Boss Zhong. He has met his match…”

With deafening cheers, more and more people gathered here.

In the beginning, if there had been such a large audience, Zhong Anguo would have laughed happily. However, it was different now. He looked so gloomy that he seemed to be dripping water.

He had played basketball for so many years, he had challenged others one-on-one countless times, but had never been this frustrated. He had a lot of skills, but did not have a chance to display them. He could only watch the other side shoot over his head.

“Even if uncle can stand it, aunt can’t stand it!”

Zhong Anguo looked at Qin Haodong with resentment in his eyes.

He picked up the ball once again and walked step by step towards Qin Haodong.

His expression this time was very serious. After repositioning his defensive position, he threw the basketball to Qin Haodong. Right at the moment when Qin Haodong caught the ball, Zhong Anguo immediately pressed up close to him.

This kind of close defense outside the three-point line was very difficult to understand for many people who had just come to watch the game. Why did Boss Zhong stick up close to defend when he was still far away from the basket? Wasn’t he afraid that the space was so big that it could be broken through by the other side?

Right when these people were surprised and puzzled, Qin Haodong began to dribble the ball. He took a step back, while Zhong Anguo clung to him like an archenemy.

In his opinions, he had a huge height advantage. As long as he stuck to his opponent, then his opponent would not have a chance to make a move.

“Score, score, score…”

Under Li Meiyu’s leadership, many people could not help but shout.

The biggest highlight of the game was whether this savage three-point shot could continue.

But soon, everyone noticed that Qin Haodong was forced by Zhong Anguo to retreat farther and farther away from the three-point line. Also, he did not seem to want to break through at the moment.

“This guy is finished. I can see that he can’t break through with the ball at all.”

“It’s no use even if he can break through. With Boss Zhong’s speed, he won’t be able to break through.”

“It looks like having a 12-point lead is useless. This guy can only shoot three-pointers and can’t do anything else.”

Right when everyone thought unfavorably of Qin Haodong again, a scene that made them open their eyes wide appeared once again.

They saw Qin Haodong turn his back towards the tall and strong Zhong Anguo, then unexpectedly hold the ball in his hands and throw it towards the basket behind him.

“Sh*t, what is this? Is this the legendary Granny Shot?”

Without a doubt, Qin Haodong’s throw was the most unfashionable move in the basketball world. It was generally used by people who could not play basketball. Everyone called it the Granny Shot.

However, it was this most unfashionable move that made Zhong Anguo helpless. He could not get the ball across from Qin Haodong.

The basketball flew out of Qin Haodong’s hands. It drew a big arc before finally going straight into the net with another whoosh sound.

The entire audience was silent. Everyone’s hearts were shattered. There was actually someone who bloody played like this.

The ball was thrown without looking with his back to the basket. It was even done with a Granny Shot, the most unfashionable move. However, his shot scored. therefore it was useless to be mad.

Zhong Anguo was stunned on the spot. It was not that he was helpless, but that his opponent, his opponent did not play normally at all. It would probably be impossible for even Zhang Bolun, the basketball emperor, to defend against this shooting style.

With five consecutive three-pointers, the score was 15:0. It had made the captain of this basketball team completely stupefied.

When he held the basketball in his hand again, he said gloomily, “Do you only know how to f*cking shoot three-pointers? Can’t you do something else?”

He wanted to make Qin Haodong angry to get his opponent to change the way he scored. There was no other way, as this type of three-pointer had already made him desperate.

“I can’t, because I like it!”

Qin Haodong smiled at him and then threw an incredible three-pointer after taking the ball.

Zhong Anguo no longer had the courage to turn around and look. He could guess from the loud cheers next to him that Qin Haodong had scored again.

He could not understand how this guy’s hand had grown? How could he make every shot? Could he have a radar in his head?

Reality was not much different from what he had guessed. The Spirit within Qin Haodong was even more accurate than a radar.

There was no suspense about this match. In the end, Qin Haodong crushed Zhong Anguo with another three-pointer, winning the match with a wide gap in the score of 21:0.

A burst of cheers sounded. People applauded Qin Haodong one after another. The excited Li Meiyu rushed over to give Qin Haodong a big hug.

Zhong Anguo stood on the court, his eyes burning with anger. He yelled at Qin Haodong, “I don’t accept this. It’s not fair. If I get the ball first, I can definitely score 21:0 against you.”

Liu Wei and others also shouted, “That’s right. If Boss Zhong had not given him the ball, he wouldn’t have had a chance to score at all.”

Li Meiyu glared at the several people and shouted, “Why are you guys so shameless? It was that big man who handed over the ball himself. How can you blame someone else?”

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