The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 459 - Registration of the New Students

Chapter 459 Registration of the New Students

Qin Haodong was completely defeated. He thought for a moment and said, “I can guess. If I’m right, you’ll nod, and if I’m wrong, you’ll shake your head. This way, it doesn’t violate your master’s rules. Is it okay?”

Jia Shihan thought for a moment. It seemed that there was no problem, so she nodded and agreed.

Qin Haodong laughed in his heart. “This girl is so gullible. No wonder she signed a three-year contract, selling herself to Zhu Dongmei at once.”

He said, “You used to be a warrior, right?”

Jia Shihan nodded at first, and then asked in surprise, “How did you know that?”

“My intuition is very accurate!” Qin Haodong smiled and said, “Did your master ask you to come to Shanghai to find someone?”

Jia Shihan shook her head. “No.”

“Does it have something to do with the seal in your body?”

That time, she put down the bowl and chopsticks in surprise and asked with a shocked face, “How do you know this?”

“I’m a doctor. I saw it when I treated you,” Qin Haodong said, “So, am I right?”

Jia Shihan hesitated for a moment and finally nodded.

Qin Haodong asked curiously, “How did you get that seal in your body? Did you get it from an enemy?”

Jia Shihan shook her head and said, “No!”

“Then, it must be your master’s doing, right?”

It was easy to guess that kind of two-choice question. Since it was not an enemy, it had to be her master.

As expected, Jia Shihan nodded.

“Why did your master seal you? Did you make a mistake?”


“Was it because you violated the sect rules and wanted to elope with someone?”

Jia Shihan blushed and said, “What? Don’t blather. I’ve been with my master on the mountain. There are no other men. How could I do that? Besides, I’m not that kind of person.”

Qin Haodong scratched his head. It was really hard to guess the reason. He asked again, “What level did you reach before you were sealed? Are you a warrior of Covert Power?”

Jia Shihan shook her head.

Qin Haodong also felt that his question was unnecessary. With the power of the seal, she should be a master at least in the Supreme Power Realm. He asked again, “Are you a Supreme Power master?”

Unexpectedly, Jia Shihan still shook her head.

Qin Haodong asked in surprise, “No way. Have you become a Saint?”

Jia Shihan shook her head again. “Actually, I don’t know either. Anyway, I have been cultivating with my master since I was a child. I don’t know my current level, and I don’t even understand what you’re talking about.”

“What the hell? How could it be?”

At that time, Qin Haodong was full of curiosity about Jia Shihan’s master. She taught her martial arts, but she didn’t tell her the level. She was really an odd woman.

He said, “Can I have a look at your seal? Maybe I can help you to unseal it.”

Jia Shihan shook her head and said, “No, My master said that I can only unseal this on my own. If someone else helps me, it could be damaging to him.”

Hearing what she said, Qin Haodong could only give up that idea.

After that, they ate and talked. He only got bits of information and couldn’t get much by guessing.

After the meal, Qin Haodong said, “What do you usually do?”

Jia Shihan said, “I play the Guqin!”

“And then? Is there no other entertainment?”

Jia Shihan thought for a moment and asked, “Does eating or sleeping count?”

“Uh…” Qin Haodong was speechless. “You don’t do anything else except those things?”

Jia Shihan said, “I still had to practice before, but now my cultivation is sealed, so I only have to play the Guqin.”

“You can’t do it like this. You will be out of touch with society,” Qin Haodong said, “I’ll go to school later. You can go out for a walk. You have to get in touch with society more often.”

Jia Shihan shook her head and said, “I don’t want to go. I feel that it’s full of bad guys.”

Qin Haodong said, “It’s not as serious as you think. In fact, there are still more good people in this society. Well, there’s no fruit at home. You can go out and buy some fruits later. By the way, you can take a walk nearby.”

He did that to let Jia Shihan practice more, so that the girl who came out of the mountain would mature as soon as possible.

Jia Shihan hesitated for a moment and said, “OK, I’ll listen to you.”

Qin Haodong took out a stack of money from his pocket and handed it to her. He said, “Use this money first. It’s for our living expenses.”

Jia Shihan took out the bank card that Li Hui had given her and said, “I have money here.”

“Keep it first. There are some small stores where you can’t use your bank card,”

said Qin Haodong and gave the money to Jia Shihan, leaving the villa after that. He had to register that day; the day after he would carry out the bodyguard task.

That day was the day for freshmen to enroll in the Shanghai Medical College. Since early morning, there were many people present. It was quite lively.

Many senior students wore volunteer clothes and served the freshmen.

Although they were volunteers, in fact, most of them were single men with their personal agendas. They wanted to see if there would be beautiful new students entering that year; that way, they could solve their single status problem as soon as possible.

Because of that, when any beautiful female student went there to register, a few volunteers would rush forward immediately, carrying her luggage and guiding. They were extremely enthusiastic.

On the contrary, when boys arrived, those volunteers were less enthusiastic. They pretended not to see boys; their eyes were still locked on the girls.

Under an old locust tree, a tall volunteer and a short volunteer were chatting.

The tall man was Zhong Anguo, a junior student with a height of 1.95 meters. He was the captain of the school basketball team. That guy was not only tall and strong, but also a little handsome. His family was rich, and he could be regarded as a well-known popular student in the school.

Over the years, with his outstanding looks and the signboard of the basketball captain, he had been fooling around with many girls. He switched girlfriends very often.

That day, the reason why he went there as a volunteer was that he wanted to see if there were any beautiful girls.

The short boy standing next to him was called Liu Wei, and he was a defense of the school basketball team. He had been working as a henchman with Zhong Anguo, being benefited by doing that.

They stood under the tree for an entire hour and did not go over to help others.

Zhong Anguo spat at the side and said discontentedly, “Wei, why are the freshmen who come to register this year all like this? None of them is pleasing to the eye after checking around for a long time.”

“Boss, your aesthetic perspective is too high,” Liu Wei said with smile, “It’s also because we came a little late today. I heard that a few very beautiful girls appeared in the morning, but we missed them.”

Zhong Anguo was about to say something, but suddenly his eyes lit up. Not far away, a tall girl was walking over.

There were a lot of students coming and going, but that girl was like a crane standing among chickens. She wore a white shirt. Although it was tucked in the jeans below, her waist was still very slender, and her chest was plump.

Her delicate cheeks and her dancing ponytail gave people a feeling that she was prideful.

“Perfect! She has full marks. Let’s go and have a look.”

After Zhong Anguo finished speaking, he immediately hurried toward the girl, for fear that someone would take the lead.

Li Meiyu took the admission letter in one hand and walked slowly on the road with the suitcase in the other hand. She didn’t know what happened to her grandfather. He asked her to go to Huaxia to study, and he chose a medical college to learn Chinese medicine for her. It was said that a master had told her grandfather that only in that place could she escape from the disaster.

Be that as it may, she finally got rid of her rigid grandfather, who was strict with her. She finally won her freedom.

Over the years, she had become fed up with her grandfather’s discipline. As soon as she arrived in Shanghai, she indulged herself in it and went to the bar alone to drink.

As a result, she met a group of hooligans as soon after she went in. Fortunately, he met a handsome guy with excellent skills who saved her moments after.

That matter made her very fearful, and she regretted rejecting the bodyguards sent by her grandfather. However, she didn’t yield to her family. She still went to the Shanghai Medical College by herself.

When she was thinking about what had happened the night before, a tall figure suddenly approached her and said, “Hello, are you here to register? Do you need any help?”

Li Meiyu looked up and saw a tall boy, who was more than 1.9 meters tall, standing in front of her with a bright smile on his face.

But somehow, Li Meiyu didn’t like that smile. She felt that it was insincere, not as comfortable as the smile from the guy she had seen the other night.

“No, I can do it myself!”

She had always liked being independent and had a stubborn personality. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have traveled to Shanghai alone. So, she refused Zhong Anguo who was making preparations without hesitation.

Zhong Anguo was slightly stunned. He didn’t expect that the prey he liked would reject him. But soon, he adjusted his mood and said to Li Meiyu along the way, “Let me introduce myself. I’m a third grade student, named Zhong Anguo.

“I love playing basketball, and I am the captain of the basketball team in our school. If you like basketball, I can introduce you to the school team…”

Li Meiyu didn’t say anything, but she became more and more disgusted by that person. She felt that he was even more annoying than the guy she had met the previous night.

Thinking about that, she couldn’t help feeling a burst of anger. She should thank that guy for helping her, but she didn’t expect that he would spank her.

She was a 19 year-old girl. She had never been spanked by anyone since she was a child. But she had actually been spanked by that scoundrel. If I meet that guy again, I’ll make him suffer.

She was secretly plotting. Suddenly, she was stunned; her fast pace was stopped, because not far in front of her, that guy was standing there with his hands in his pockets. He whistled leisurely, seemingly looking at the gate of the Shanghai Medical College.

Seeing that Li Meiyu finally stopped and didn’t leave, Zhong Anguo thought that his attack had worked. He reached out and took the admission letter from Li Meiyu’s left hand.

He opened and looked at it, then praised, “Li Meiyu, your name is so beautiful. It is perfect for you!”

Seeing how that annoying guy grabbed her letter, Li Meiyu said with a gloomy face, “Do you know it’s very rude of you to behave like this? Give the letter back to me now!”

Zhong Anguo laughed and said, “Beauty, why are you defensive? Our campus is very big. It’s difficult for you to find the place to register by yourself. I’ll send you there.”

At that time, Liu Wei also ran over and flattered her, “Yes, Anguo is the captain of the basketball team in our school. His physical quality is good, and he is handsome. The girls who chase after him make a waiting line. No matter what difficulties you encounter, he can solve them.”

Zhong Anguo also laughed and said, “Yes, even if you need a boyfriend, I can help you.”

Li Meiyu said angrily, “Give the letter back to me now, or I’ll call the police!”

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