The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 448 - Her Name Is Shihan

Chapter 448 Her Name Is Shihan

After Qin Haodong sat down, he ordered a few kinds of breakfast. He had to admit that this was indeed a century-old teahouse. The taste of breakfast was delicious.

While tasting the food and listening to the melodious old song, he looked at the beautiful girl. It was indeed a great enjoyment to have breakfast here. No wonder so many people came here.

Shanghai was the economic center of the whole country, so the consumption in this teahouse was high. Most of the people who came here to eat breakfast were successful and wealthy people.

At this time, a middle-aged fat man rushed in. He looked around and found no vacant seat. Qin Haodong was sitting at the table alone. He came over and said, “Brother, can we share a table with you? Please rest at ease, and your breakfast is on my account.”

Qin Haodong saw that the fat man was polite. He said, “Please sit down!”

“Thank you!”

The fat man sat opposite Qin Haodong. After ordering breakfast, he couldn’t wait to look at the girl who was playing the Guqin.

Seeing the fat man’s behavior, Qin Haodong knew that the reason why he came here was to see the beautiful girl rather than have breakfast.

“Big brother, it seems that you often come here for breakfast, don’t you?”

The fat man was also a very talkative person. He said, “Of course, I come to support Shihen every day.”

“Shihan? Are you talking about this girl who is playing the Guqin?”

The fat man moved his eyes away from the girl reluctantly. He looked at Qin Haodong and said in surprise, “Little brother, didn’t you come here for her?”

Qin Haodong said, “I’m from Jiangnan City. I just arrived in Shanghai last night. I came here after I heard the music.”

“No wonder. How can people who eat here don’t know Shihan?” The fat man said, “Let me tell you, ninety-nine of every one hundred people who come here to eat breakfast were for Miss Shihan.”

Qin Haodong said with interest, “Isn’t it because the breakfast tea here tastes good?”

The fat man said, “Heming Teahouse’s breakfast tastes good, but here in Shanghai, the economic center, there are many similar places of this kind of teahouse. Why is here so popular?”

“Why?” Qin Haodong asked very cooperatively.

This mysterious girl had already aroused his interest, and he wanted to get as much information as possible.

“It’s obvious because of Shihan.”

When it came to this girl called Shihan, the fat man’s greasy face showed an excited look. “Shihan is the star of popularity here. Since she came to this teahouse three months ago, the business here is getting better day by day.

To tell you the truth, everyone used to come here to eat breakfast, but now they are here to listen to the music and see the beautiful girl.

Just like me, I came to support Shihan every day. Last night, because I was dealing with some special things, I got up late today. Otherwise, I would sit in the nearest position to Shihan.”

At this time, it was the end of another song. Just as the fat man said, the girl was indeed the star here, and the teahouse immediately resounded with applause.

In order to sit longer, some people also ordered more food, especially those who were close to Shihan. They were reluctant to leave anyway.

Qin Haodong said, “Is Miss Shihan an employee in this teahouse?”

He was a little surprised that this girl was very accomplished in the field of ancient songs. Even the well-known masters of ancient songs could not compare with her. There was also a kind of elegance and classical beauty that came from her soul. Why did she come here to play?

The fat man lowered his voice and said, “Shihan is an employee here. I heard that she came from another city. It seems that she didn’t know anything when she came to a big city like Shanghai for the first time. The boss directly signed her for three years. Now she can’t leave even if she wants to. Otherwise, she will have to pay a lot of penalty money.”

Qin Haodong nodded secretly. Such a pure sound was not from the city.

After hearing this, he was a little surprised and asked, “She’s just playing the Guqin here. Does she need to sign?”

The fat man said, “You can’t look down on Miss Shihan. Since she came here, I heard that the turnover of the teahouse has doubled. Now she is the cash cow of the Heming Teahouse, and the landlady is shrewd. How can she leave so easily?”

As he spoke, he kept looking at Shihan’s delicate face. “If I were the boss, I wouldn’t let her go. I feel refreshed even if I see her a few times a day.”

Qin Haodong said, “Since she’s so helpful to make money in the teahouse, she is well paid, right?”

The fat man shook his head and said in a low voice, “It’s not like that at all. The owner of this teahouse is very malicious. She signed a three-year contract with Shihan in advance. The salary is meager, and she still doesn’t raise it.”

Moreover, the owner of the teahouse has an underworld background, and Shihan can’t bear it directly. Otherwise, she will be miserable.”

Qin Haodong was not surprised at this point. Generally speaking, the old teahouse, which had been passed down for more than one hundred years, had to be influential in both illegal and legal means. Otherwise, it would be hated by the local gangsters. If its business were obstructed a few times, it would not be able to continue to run.

At the same time, he was also a little pitiful for Miss Shihan. As soon as she entered this complicated society, she was trapped by the dark-hearted boss.

He asked again, “Based on her appearance and musical attainments, Miss Shihan can enter the entertainment circle easily. Why did she come here to play?”

The fat man shook his head and said, “I don’t know. Maybe it’s because it’s her hobby. Or maybe she was cheated by the boss. Besides, the entertainment circle is very complicated. It’s hard to get in without a way.”

Speaking of this, he sighed. “With Shihan’s appearance and figure, as long as she waved her hand, countless rich men would spend money on her. She could live a comfortable and wealthy life, but she didn’t do that.”

He seemed to feel sorry for Shihan, but Qin Haodong knew that from the sound of the Guqin, he could hear that the girl’s heart was extremely pure. How could she let such a secular thing influence her?

When they were talking, it was almost time for them to leave, and the last piece of song ended.

She stood up and bowed to the diners and said, “Everyone, today’s ten songs are all finished. Welcome to come tomorrow.”

Her voice was as pleasant as her music.

After that, she picked up her Guqin and walked to the back hall of the teahouse.

“Shihan, don’t go. Come and chat with me.”

The one who spoke was a middle-aged man with a beard. His face was filthy. While he was talking, he was touching Shihan’s back through the air. Although he could only touch the air, this action seemed to satisfy him.

Seeing this, there was a burst of laughter around him.

At this time, another thin man reached out to stop Shihan, smiled evilly, and said, “Shihan, I specially came here today for you. It cost more than a thousand yuan for breakfast here. How should you thank me?”

Qin Haodong couldn’t help but shake his head. He thought this man was rude. You came here just to harass her, and she can’t get a commission. She may be sick of you. Why should she thank you?

It seemed that Shihan had gotten used to this kind of situation. She did not pay attention to the skinny man. Instead, she took a small step to the side and continued to move forward.

Although these diners often teased her with words, they stopped immediately, and no one did anything excessive.

But at this moment, a young man suddenly stood up and reached out to hold Shihan’s arm.

“Shihan, don’t go. Chat with me. I will give you a thousand yuan for saying a word. What do you think?”

The young man wore famous brands from head to toe. He wore a gold watch that was worth a million yuan, and his eyes were full of obscenity. At first glance, he was obviously a playboy who ran out to have fun.

The fat man said in Qin Haodong’s ear, “This is Huang Cailun, son of Huang Jianye, a major real estate developer in Shanghai. Everyone calls him Master Huang. He has a lot of money.”

Recently, he came here every morning to support Shihan. Only this young master can afford 1,000 yuan for every single word.”

Qin Haodong glared at the fat man angrily. These people were blasphemous to Shihan. He didn’t understand why a girl who was like a fairy would come downtown and get involved in these worldly things.

“Please behave yourself!”

As Shihan spoke, she threw Huang Cailun’s arm away. Although her inner force had been completely sealed, she still had some martial arts foundation and was stronger than an ordinary woman.

Seeing that Shihan didn’t give him face, Huang Cailun couldn’t help but change his expression and slap her on the buttocks.

The slap was not heavy, but the sound was deafening, which meant that the significance of this slap was utterly different. The teahouse, which was initially very noisy, suddenly quieted.

Huang Cailun took back his right hand and sniffed it very obscenely. Then, he said with endless aftertaste, “It feels good and smells better. But I don’t know what it feels like when you’re on the bed.”

After that, he was the first to laugh, and then others also laughed. These people must have the same idea as Huang Cailun, wanting to experience the feeling.

Qin Haodong frowned slightly. From the bottom of his heart, he didn’t want to see these people act indecently towards Shihan.

Seeing that these people were getting more and more excessive, Shihan instantly became cooled, and her eyes were full of inexplicable anger. She raised her hand and slapped Huang Cailun in the face who was still laughing wildly.


The slap was so powerful that it reverberated throughout the teahouse with a crisp and loud sound.

Huang Cailun was initially laughing happily, but he didn’t expect that he would be slapped in the face and almost scrunched his mouth.

There was still anger on Shihan’s face. Although she was a quiet and elegant person, since she came to this teahouse, she had been teased one after another and never stopped. Today, the anger in her heart was finally completely ignited.

After the shock, Huang Cailun was instantly furious. He was used to being overbearing. He had never encountered such a thing. His whole wretched face became distorted.

At the same time, the laughter in the hall stopped abruptly, and everyone was shocked by the slap from Shihan.

They didn’t expect that this usually elegant and indifferent girl would make such a rude move.

Moreover, this was a teahouse, where people were welcomed as guests. The customer was king. This kind of behavior of beating God would lead to severe consequences.

The most important thing was that she beat Huang Cailun, the notorious young master. This Master Huang was a famous rich second generation. Usually, he was the only one who made trouble, but today he was slapped in the face in public. It was impossible for him to swallow this insult.

After the furious, Huang Cailun came to his senses. He kicked over the table and cursed with a ferocious look, “Bitch, it’s your pleasure to be slapped. How dare you hit me? You are looking for death!”

Everyone became nervous, but Shihan still stood where she was and looked at Huang Cailun angrily.

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