The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 407 - Beat To Cure

Chapter 407 Beat To Cure

“How dare you!” Han Baochang’s face turned sullen. “To tie him up? Are you serious?”

Piao Zhenghuan turned pale and almost wetted his pants. His voice was trembling. “I’m from Koryo, and our ways of diagnosis include feeling the pulse that I can’t do at this moment. Why don’t you let anybody else do it first?”

“Cut the crap! It’s your turn!”

Han Baochang pushed Piao Zhenghuan to the door and tried to persuade him, “Calm down. Our young master usually does not have another attack within two hours. Just hurry up.”

Piao Zhenghuan eased down for a bit. He opened the door and walked in, shivering. Then he chilled out until he saw that Li Pingan didn’t react to him.

“I’m a doctor from Koryo. Please allow me to feel your pulse.”

He reached out to grab Li Pingan’s wrist, watching the young man’s facial expression. He was worried that the young man would jump on him and beat him violently.

Fortunately, as Han Baochang just had said, Li Pingan was very stable. He didn’t react until Piao Zhenghuan finished feeling his pulse.

Piao Zhenghuan stopped and told Han Baochang, who was waiting at the door, “Sir, I think he has the Blackout Symptom, meaning he had lost part of his soul.”

Han Baochang asked worriedly, “Is that curable?”

Piao Zhenghuan answered, “It’s hard to say. I can apply acupuncture to him, and if that works, I’ll write him a prescription.”

Han Baochang nodded. “OK. We’ll do what you said.”

Piao Zhenghuan looked back at Li Pingan. The young man was still quiet. That made Piao Zhenghuan feel safe. Han Baochang was right; the young man wouldn’t go into insanity in two hours.

For the 10-million reward, he took out his silver needles quickly and couldn’t wait to treat Li Pingan.

The moment he picked up the needle in his hand, a red light flashed in Li Pingan’s eyes. He reached out and grabbed Piao Zhenghuan’s wrist, taking over the needle and pushing it into Piao Zhenghuan’s arm.


Piao Zhenghuan screamed sharply. Li Pingan knew nothing about acupuncture, and he pushed the whole needle into Piao Zhenghuan’s arm. The pain was too acute to bear.

That was just the beginning of the nightmare. Li Pingan then stepped on Piao Zhenghuan’s face, sticking those needles into Piao Zhenghuan’s body one by one.

The miserable scene gave other people goosebumps. That was very hard to watch.

Even Gullit felt lucky that he didn’t carry needles. He found that creepily painful just by thinking about it.

Han Baochang sighed. “The situation has gone worse.”

After all the needles had been pushed into Piao Zhenghuan’s body, the red light in Li Pingan’s eyes faded. He went back normal again.

Han Baochang waved his hand. Two servants went in and lifted Piao Zhenghuan. The man screamed like a pig that was going to be butchered as soon as the two servants touched his arms. The needles all over his body made him look like a hedgehog.

At last, the two servants had to grab his ankles and dragged him out of the room.

Han Baochang didn’t even look at Piao Zhenghuan. He looked at Qin Haodong and the other doctors, asking, “Who’s next?”

Almost all the guests were terrified. They lowered their heads and lost the courage upon seeing that the two doctors nearly got killed by Li Pingan.

Fernand had been standing by and watching them. Now he knew that the opportunity had come. “Sir, the guy from Huaxia said he was good at Chinese medicine. Why don’t you give him an opportunity?”

Han Baochang nodded and agreed. He felt like Qin Haodong was his only hope this time. He went forward and said to Qin Haodong, “Doctor Tang, what do you think of it?”

Fernand and the others were all waiting for Qin Haodong to get embarrassed. Qin Haodong stood up, glancing around the room and sneering, “Is that all you can do? Shame on you for calling yourselves ‘experts’!”

Gullit came back to earth from the shock and murmured, “You punk. You can say that only if you can cure him.”

Piao Zhenghuan was pulling the needles out of his flesh. He gnashed his teeth and said, “Yeah. How about you go in there?”

Han Baochang trusted Qin Haodong for the young man had cured his legs. He pleaded, “Doctor Tang, can you cure him?”

Qin Haodong said, “That’ll be easy if I treat him with Chinese medicine.”

While he was talking, he walked through the door and walked into the room.

The doctors outside the room looked at each other, eyes filled with astonishment. The young man from Huaxia was so arrogant. He had seen how miserable the two previous doctors were. They wondered if Qin Haodong could really cure the disease that two world-renowned experts failed to diagnose, that was nearly impossible!

Among those doctors, two of them knew a little about Chinese medicine, but they still couldn’t believe that the young man could be talented enough to cure Li Pingan.

Fernand watched Qin Haodong walking into the room. He felt so glad to see Qin Haodong getting into trouble. He prayed to God, hoping he would teach a hard lesson to this arrogant young man. It was better to get Li Pingan to kill him.

However, it was very disappointing that God seemed to have ignored his prayer. Li Pingan seemed stable, without any clue to go into insanity.

Qin Haodong walked to Li Pingan as everybody else was watching him. They wondered how could the young man possibly cure the unknown disease.

Qin Haodong smiled at the others. He raised his hand and slapped Li Pingan in the face.

Before Li Pingan could react, he felt pain on his face. Then he flew backward and collided into the wall behind him.

The guests were shocked. They were so surprised and wondered what Qin Haodong was doing. He was already lucky enough that Li Pingan didn’t assault him. How dare Qin Haodong slap the young master?

The young man was Li Site’s son. As hard as Gullit and Piao Zhenghuan had been hit, they wouldn’t dare to touch Li Pingan because they knew they would get killed if they fought back. However, Qin Haodong beat the young man without hesitation. Did he have a propensity for violence?

Han Baochang was terrified. Li Pingan was Li Site’s only child, and he spoiled him. If the young master was injured by Qin Haodong, Han Baochang would be in serious trouble. He might lose his job or even his life.

He put aside his appreciation towards Qin Haodong and yelled with rage, “Have you lost your mind? Don’t you dare touch him! I swear I’ll…”

But before he finished speaking, Qin Haodong stepped forward and grabbed Li Pingan. His punched hard and ruthlessly, much harder than how Li Pingan beat Gullit and Piao Zhenghaun.

“You bastard! Are you sick of living?” Han Baochang was losing his temper. He turned back to the door and yelled, “Security! Hurry up!”

A group of armed guards barged themselves in upon hearing Han Baochang’s yell. They pointed their guns to Qin Haodong.

“Get in there and protect the young master!”

Han Baochang growled furiously. Li Pingan’s face was swollen and covered with bruises. As strong as he might look, he failed to fight back when captured by Qin Haodong.

The guards answered and were about to rush into the room, only to find that the door had been locked. Even their rifles couldn’t pierce the reinforced glass wall. They still tried a few times before they finally yielded.

Almost at the same time, Qin Haodong patted heavily on Li Pingan’s back. Li Pingan opened his mouth and spat out blood.

“I swear I’ll blow your head!”

Seeing the young master spit out blood, Han Baochang picked up his gun, which was the only thing he could do.

Other doctors were completely dumbfounded. That was so unexpected. It was so shocking that Qin Haodong would dare to beat the general’s son so hard, making the man spit out blood.

Some of them felt glad because they thought Qin Haodong was in so much trouble now. This was the Golden Triangle in Burma, the camp of General Li Site. The general could easily kill Qin Haodong out of rage.

Just by then, somebody approached the door. A man in a military uniform showed up. He was General Li Site, the ruler of the camp and the uncrowned king of the Golden Triangle.

He saw Li Pingan spit out blood upon entering the door. Shocked and furious, he roared to Han Baochang, “What’s going on? Who hurt my son?”

“Sir, I…”

Han Baochang found this too hard to explain. He wished he could tear Qin Haodong into pieces right now, right here.

“Okay, I’m done!”

Qin Haodong clapped his hands, opened the door, and walked out.

Han Baochang raised the gun in his hand and pointed at Qin Haodong. “Go to hell! You bastard!”

Li Site raised his hand and stopped Han Baochang, saying calmly, “Don’t be impulsive. He deserved more than death. We should imprison him and figure out who asked him to do this. Then we’ll torture him to death.”

He was the uncrowned king of the Golden Triangle. And he didn’t believe the young man would beat his son for no reason. Someone must be behind all this.

Han Baochang took back his gun and waved to the guards behind him. “Do you hear that? Arrest him, now!”

The guards answered and ran to Qin Haodong with ropes in their hands, while Qin Haodong was smiling. He seemed not nervous at all.

“Stop it!”

Li Pingan yelled behind Qin Haodong. He stood up slowly and wiped the blood at the corner of his mouth, and then he stepped forward to his father and explained, “Dad, you misunderstood. He was treating my disease.”

As soon as he said that out, all the guests there were shocked, with their mouths wide open. They wondered if Qin Haodong had hit him on the head and why he was speaking for the man who had beat the blood out of him.

Li Site pulled his son behind him and said, “Don’t fear, son. Dad’s here.”

Li Pingan explained again, “Dad, I’m serious. He was actually treating me. I feel much better now.”

“That’s…” Li Site checked his son from head to toe for a while. The young man was covered with bruises, but his eyes looked clear and his expression was normal. There was no trace of insanity.

“Son, are you sure?”

“Pretty sure. Doctor Tang was treating me. You can’t imprison him. Actually, we should thank him.”

Seeing Li Pingan acting so seriously and normally, Gullit and the others felt it so unfair. They were just hit by the patient, while Qin Haodong treated the patient by hitting him. There was a huge gap between them.

Li Site turned to Qin Haodong and asked, “I need an explanation. What’s going on here?”

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