The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 405 - Li Site's Great Steward

Chapter 405 Li Site’s Great Steward

At the fifth day’s morning in Burma, a group of armed soldiers rushed into the clinic. They stood in two lines, and then a man in his forties went in.

The middle-aged person was a Huaxia man, wearing a rare traditional styled suit. He looked extraordinary, but he favored his right leg when walking.

Upon seeing those people, Qin Haodong and Hu Xiaoxian looked at each other gently. It was none other than one of General Li Site’s people who had power over the Golden Triangle.

Their purpose was to attract Li Site’s attention. They didn’t expect that they would be noticed so soon.

Qin Haodong stood up and said to the middle-aged man, “Excuse me, sir, what can I do for you?”

The middle-aged man looked at Qin Haodong, who was only in his early 20s. He frowned a little and said, “Of course I came here to see a doctor. Where’s the doctor?”

Qin Haodong said, “I am the doctor here.”

The middle-aged man looked at him again and said, “It’s said that there is a Doctor Tang in the Tangmen Clinic who can cure all kinds of diseases. Is that you?”

Qin Haodong smiled, “I can’t cure all kinds of diseases, but I’m indeed the only doctor in this clinic.”

“Then tell me what’s wrong with me,” The middle-aged man said peremptorily, “If you’re right, you will be rewarded, or I will demolish your clinic.”

“Please have a seat!”

Qin Haodong asked the middle-aged man to sit in front of the diagnosis table. He felt his pulse, and then said, “Your body is still good in general. But because of an irregular diet for a long time, your stomach has chronic gastritis. It’s not very serious. I will prescribe some medicines for you later, and you will recover in two or three days.”

The middle-aged man nodded his head with satisfaction. Unexpectedly, although Qin Haodong looked very young, his medical skill was really good. At a glance, he saw the problem.

Qin Haodong said again, “In addition, your right leg was shot ten years ago, but was not treated very well later on, so you have the limp problem.

“But it’s not a big deal for me. It’s easy to cure.”

“What? Did you say that my leg can be cured?”

At the time, the middle-aged man could no longer remain calm. In front of him, the young man not only said the time when he had been injured, but also said that his lameness could be cured, which was totally beyond his expectation.

After his injury, he had visited famous doctors and seen many famous surgeons over the years, but they all said that his leg muscle tissue had been injured and atrophic symptoms had already manifested. He was lucky to be able to maintain such status, and there was no possibility of a complete cure at all.

Qin Haodong said, “Of course, it’s not very serious. It will only take a few minutes to cure it.”

The middle-aged man raised his hand and took a black pistol from his back. He heavily laid it on the table and said, “Do you know who I am? If you make fun of me, I can shoot you!”

Qin Haodong’s expression was still calm, saying, “I don’t care how noble your identity is. Since you came here, you are one of my patients. I never joke with my patients about their illnesses.”

Looking at Qin Haodong’s serious face, the middle-aged man’s eyes showed a flash of expectation and said, “Well, you can treat me now.”

Qin Haodong asked the middle-aged man to lie on the bed next to him; he pulled up his trousers, pinched his shank and said, “Your operation was not very successful in that year. Although the bullet was taken out, it damaged the surrounding tissues. Then it led to muscle atrophy.

“If we don’t treat it as soon as possible, it will become more and more serious. In a few years, you could only live using a wheelchair.”

As he spoke, he stabbed the silver needles in his hands one by one into the acupoints of the middle-aged man’s shank, using the Rejuvenative Acupuncture to help him repair the damaged muscle tissue and dredge the blocked meridians.

The middle-aged people felt that his leg was becoming hot, and then felt more comfortable than ever before.

About ten minutes later, Qin Haodong took back all the silver needles, patted his shank and said, “Get up, your leg is now recovered!”

“So fast?” Although he felt that Qin Haodong’s treatment was unusual, it was too quick. However, the middle-aged man couldn’t believe it. He turned over and sat up from the bed. First, he checked his shank.

He was shocked to find that his right shank, which was obviously atrophied and thinner than the left one, had completely recovered. There was no difference between the left and the right legs.

He didn’t care to put on his shoes. He jumped off the bed barefoot and stepped on the ground. He found that his leg was not lame anymore. Then he jumped a few more times, and he could feel the strength of his right shank.

In just ten minutes, his leg was completely cured by Qin Haodong!

“Doctor Tang, you’re a magic doctor!” The middle-aged man’s face was full of excitement and joy. He had been lame for ten years had given up hope completely, but he had been completely cured just then.

He placed two wads of banknotes on Qin Haodong’s diagnosis desk and said, “Doctor Tang, this is for the treatment.”

The overall economy of Burma was still backward. Those dollars were enough for ordinary people to live a comfortable life, but Qin Haodong didn’t give much of a response. He just handed the money to Hu Xiaoxian.

The middle-aged man said, “Doctor Tang, I’d like to introduce myself to you. My name is Han Baochang. I’m the General Li Site’s steward. I heard that there was a great doctor in our Golden Triangle these days, so I came to invite you to treat the general’s son today.”

Qin Haodong said, “But I have many patients here. Can you wait for me to cure them?”

Han Baochang said, “Doctor Tang, there are no other patients here except me. There is no time left for delay. Please get ready and go with me now.”

As the steward of General Li Site, he was definitely a very powerful man in the Golden Triangle. He spoke so politely only because Qin Haodong had just cured his leg. Otherwise, he would tie Qin Haodong up and take him away directly.

Qin Haodong looked outside the door and was surprised to find that there was nobody. The patients who had just arrived had all left.

It seemed that Li Site was really powerful there. Seeing Han Baochang, they dared not go to the clinic.

“OK, I’ll go with you.”

The purpose of Qin Haodong’s going to Burma was to get close to General Li Site, and the time was short, so he just went with Han Baochang and got in a green SUV.

The road condition in Burma was really bad. There were potholes everywhere. No wonder people liked to drive off-road vehicles there. Sports cars could be completely ruined if they were driven there.

About half an hour later, Han Baochang’s SUV drove to a military camp which was at the foot of a mountain. It seemed that it was General Li Site’s camp.

The military camp covered a very large area. The whole foot of the mountain was occupied. There were many armed guards at the gate of the camp. Inside the camp, near the foot of the mountain, there were several luxurious villas.

After getting out of the car and stepping into one of the villas, Qin Haodong and Han Baochang walked into a very luxurious reception hall.

After entering the door, Qin Haodong found that besides him, there were seven or eight doctors present. Those people had different skin colors and spoke different languages. It seemed that Li Site had invited doctors from all over the world.

After inviting Qin Haodong to sit down, Han Baochang said to the people present, “Everyone, General Li Site invites you to treat our young master. No matter what the result is, he will pay 10,000 dollars to everyone. If anyone can cure our young master, the General will immediately grant the person 10 million dollars as a reward.”

After that, the expressions of the people in the room had changed. 10 million dollars was not a small amount. Even in developing countries, it was enough to live a comfortable life.

Qin Haodong secretly thought that the General was very generous. It seemed that he was trying his best to treat his son’s illness.

Han Baochang went on to say, “You can get prepared. I’ll go to see the young master.”

After that, he left the reception hall and walked upstairs.

After Han Baochang left, everyone’s eyes were focused on Qin Haodong, because he was too young.

A bald doctor looked at Qin Haodong with disdain and said, “Are you a doctor?”

He was Gullit, a famous doctor in M country. He had a reputation in psychiatry and was a medical expert invited by Li Site.

Qin Haodong’s English was still good. He said, “Of course I’m a doctor!”

Gullit asked again, “Are you from Nihon?”

Qin Haodong shook his head and said, “I’m from Huaxia.”

“Huaxia!” Gullit immediately laughed, and his smile was full of disdain. He smiled, shook his head and said, “Nihon has learned a lot about our medical skills over the years. If you were from Nihon, I believe you could understand some of our medical skills. Since you’re from Huaxia, your medical skills are not a patch on ours.”

At that time, another doctor with a pigtail said, “Gullit, you’re right. They have been learning western medicine for a short time. They don’t know the essence of Western medicine at all, and their medical skills are still backward.”

He was Ferdinand, a medical expert on neurological diseases.

Looking at those two arrogant men, Qin Haodong said, “You’re wrong. I am a Chinese medicine practitioner.”

“What?” Gullit and Ferdinand were shocked for a moment and then laughed.

Gullit said, “It’s so funny. Can you cure diseases? How dare you come here to swindle?”

Ferdinand said, “You’re right. He is a liar. Swindling is their old business.”

Qin Haodong frowned. Those righteous guys were really annoying.

Just then, a doctor nearby said, “Chinese medicine is really not good. Originally, they learned medical skills from our Koryo, but they neglected those medical skills all these years. Now they can’t cure diseases at all.”

That was a doctor from Koryo. His name is Park Chung Wan.

Qin Haodong was becoming angrier. Those two people who were from western countries didn’t understand traditional Chinese medicine, and the Koryo doctor was also shameless.

“What did you say?” Qin Haodong asked, looking at Park Chung Wan coldly.

“Didn’t you hear me clearly? I said that you’ve only learned a smattering of medical skills from us, and you have forgotten them these days. It’s a shame for our Koryo medicine!”

Before he could finish his speech, he suddenly found a huge fist appear in front of him. Then he was knocked to the ground.

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