The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 4 - Two Idiotse

Chapter 4 Two Idiots

“The injury is very serious,” Ma Guoqiang said, taking out the text results from his pocket and sending them to Zhang Tianhe.

Zhang Tianhe took the results and watched as he walked. The more he watched, the graver his face became. He didn’t expect Lin Momo to be so badly hurt, and even if he took over the case, the odds of success would be 20% or less.

However, just now he had boasted and accepted the house. If he admitted that he was not sure now, he would be very disgraced. Possibly, he would lose his footing in Jiangnan City in the future.

Between words, they came to the door of the emergency room. Ma Guoqiang was trying to take the opportunity to complain again, but only to find the door of the emergency room was open. Qin Haodong was teasing a beautiful little girl at the door, and he looked very leisurely and relaxed.

With sunken face, Wen Changjiang looked at Ma Guoqiang.

Ma Guoqiang wondered how the operating room was opened. In order to prove that he did not lie, he rushed up and shouted, “Qin Haodong, you are an intern. Who gave you the right to operate on patients? My teacher could have saved Miss Lin without your meddling. Now her condition is worse, even my teacher is not sure whether he could save her.”

The purpose of his remarks was to frame Qin Haodong. Zhang Tianhe certainly was happy with his words, but he assumed an unhappy expression on his face. “Mr. Wen, the management of your hospital is too chaotic. How can I deal with it?”

Wen Changjiang, who had been burning with anger for a long time, immediately said in a cold voice, “A mere intern can’t operate on a patient without a doctor’s qualification. Now you’re fired.”

This was the result Qin Haodong had expected. At this time, he would not care about an intern’s position. The important thing was that he had rescued Lin Momo and found his daughter.

“I can leave, but I have cured Miss Lin. Be sure not to take off the silver needle on her before dawn.” He did not look at Wen Changjiang when he spoke but gazed at Tang tang fondly all the time.


Zhang Tianhe uttered a sneer. He had just seen the examination results. He did not believe that Lin Momo could be cured, let alone believe an intern’s words

Of course, Lin Zhiyuan didn’t believe it either. He didn’t understand how his granddaughter was so close to this intern, but now he had no time to pay attention to such a thing. He urgently said, “Master Zhang, don’t waste time, you must hasten to treat my daughter.”

Hearing that these people were going to keep treating his mother, the little fellow said in a baby voice, “Grandpa, the injury of mom has been cured by Doctor Magic. Tomorrow, she will wake up and take me to kindergarten.”

However, Lin Zhiyuan still did not believe Tang tang’s words, thinking that it was An Biru who compiled the words to comfort the child. He led Zhang Zhang Tianhe into the emergency room, Ma Guoqiang also following in. An Biru wanted to explain to Lin Zhiyuan, but she couldn’t find a chance to speak at all.

“Doctor Magic, they don’t believe me.” The little fellow twitched her mouth with a grievance as if she would cry at any moment.

Qin Haodong hurried to reassure her, “Don’t be sad, they don’t believe you because they are all idiots.”

“Grandpa is not an idiot.”

The little fellow said. It seemed that she had deep affections for Lin Zhiyuan.

“Yes, grandpa is not an idiot, but he has been deceived by idiots. The person that you saw just now is a big idiot, and now he has brought an old idiot here!”

“Hahahaha… big idiot, old idiot, two idiots are so funny!”

The little fellow immediately cheered up.

“Doctor Magic, I’m hungry. Can you take me to eat something delicious?”

The little fellow just came back from kindergarten and had not eaten yet, so, she was hungry.

“Since you are hungry, uncle will take you to buy delicious food.”

“Goody, goody, I’m going to have something tasty…”

Although Qin Haodong wanted to be alone with his daughter very much, he knew that it was impossible in this situation. He said to An Biru, “Let’s go together.”

An Biru was certainly worried about them being alone. She followed him to the convenience store across the street with two bodyguards behind her.

In the emergency room, Lin Zhiyuan and others stared at Lin Momo in the hospital bed, dumbfounded.

She was still in a coma, but her face was ruddy and calm. She was nothing like a seriously injured patient.

Zhang Tianhe, known as a master of Jiangnan Medical Circle, had dabbled at both traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine. He first looked at the data on the instruments besides him, and then he took Lin Momo’s pulse. He thought in his heart, “This is not a patient. There was no serious injury at all!”

Seeing Lin Momo’s appearance, Lin Zhiyuan was a little relieved, but he still asked, “Master Zhang, how is my daughter?”

Zhang Tianhe said, “Maybe there is something wrong with the equipment in the hospital. There is no big problem with Miss Lin’s health. I’ll prescribe some medicine for her and she will be fine after a few days.”

Lin Zhiyuan was relieved at last at Zhang Tianhe’s words.

Seeing the silver needle in Lin Momo’s abdomen, Ma Guoqiang said to Zhang Tianhe, “Teacher, this must be the silver needle that guy mentioned. It’s ridiculous that an intern who knows nothing dares to teach the teacher how to treat disease. I really don’t know who gave him the courage.”

Zhang Tianhe said, “Just small tricks meant to mystify us. Miss Lin is not injured at all. Pull it out!”

Lin Zhiyuan, a very shrewd businessman, seemed to have realized something and said, “Master Zhang, this needle is negligible. Maybe we can let it stay there.”

Ma Guoqiang was scared by Ma Guoqiang to nearly wet his pants just now. With hatred in heart, he was eager to embarrass Qin Haodong ruthlessly. He said, “Mr. Lin, my teacher said that the intern was just playing tricks. You mustn’t believe him.”

“Hmm…” Lin Zhiyuan couldn’t say anything more. After all, this side was a famous medical master, and that side was only an unknown little intern. By contrast, he naturally chose to believe in Zhang Tianhe.

Ma Guoqiang pulled out the silver needle, smiling, with secretly giggling in his heart. “A mere intern should have dreamed to show off. I will never let him!”

However, hardly had he retrieved his hand when Lin Momo’s face turned pale rapidly, and the instruments next to her gave out a sharp alarm.

Ma Guoqiang was shocked. How could this happen?

“What did you do, bastard?”

Lin Zhiyuan grabbed Ma Guoqiang’s collar and scolded.

“Mr. Lin, let me go first.” Ma Guoqiang looked at Zhang Tianhe in panic. “T-teacher, do something about it!”

Zhang Tianhe rushed forward to take her pulse a second time. He frowned anxiously because the pulse, which had just been very smooth, was now in a mess. She could die at any moment. What’s more, he totally couldn’t see where the problem was.

“Zhang Tianhe, what is this really about?”

Seeing his daughter dying, Lin Zhiyuan acted like an angry lion.

“Er…” Zhang Tianhe couldn’t say why. He turned his head to Ma Guoqiang and said, “What on earth did you do, you brute?”

“Teacher, I’m not to blame. You made me pull out the needle,” Ma Guoqiang said in a panic.

Zhang Tian slapped Ma Guoqiang on the face and scolded, “Bastard, dare to talk back to your teacher. Just now I was just testing your medical skills. I didn’t expect you to pull out the needle before I knew it. At your level, you are not qualified to be a doctor at all.”

Ma Guoqiang was shocked. He immediately understood that the old man did not want to take responsibility. He was playing the trick of giving up a pawn to save a chariot. Therefore, Ma Guoqiang followed suit. With little regard for the affection between a mentor and apprentice, he cried out, “Old man, you just ordered me to pull it out. How can you blame me?”

“You rebel…”

Seeing these two people quarreling endlessly and shirking responsibility, Lin Zhiyuan even wanted to kill them. He then understood that it was that young man who had saved his daughter and now these two idiots had ruined everything.

“Shut up! If anything happened to my daughter today, you both have to be buried with her.”

Zhang Tianhe was shocked all over. He had rescued many senior officials in recent years and had close relations with some upper-class figures in Jiangnan City. However, these were nothing in the eyes of Lin’s group. It was as simple as killing a chicken for Lin Zhiyuan to kill him.

Ma Guoqiang also realized that he had caused a catastrophe. In frantic, he said, “Sh-Shall I put the needle back again?”

Lin Zhiyuan slapped him on the face. “Do you know where to insert it?”

Although he knew nothing about medicine, he knew that the needle was never inserted randomly.

At this time, Wen Changjiang drew away Lin Zhiyuan and advised him, “Mr. Lin, you should calm down a little. It’s urgent to rescue Miss Lin.”

Lin Zhiyuan kicked Ma Guoqiang aside and said furiously, “These two scums can do nothing. How can we save her?”

“They can’t, but somebody can. Get that intern back, he must have a way! ”

Wen Changjiang had been looking on silently. As the director of the hospital, he still had some basic vision. He had seen what was going on. If they wanted to save Lin Momo again, asking Qin Haodong back was the only solution.

Lin Zhiyuan thought of this too. He hastily said, “Yes! Yes! I’ll send for him now.”

Ma Guoqiang came forward and said, “I’ll go and ask him back.”

Before Lin Zhiyuan could speak, he turned and ran out.

He was not foolish. He did not think that Lin Zhiyuan was joking just now. If Lin Momo really died, Zhang Tianhe’s relationship in Jiangnan city might save his life, but he was nothing. It would be a dead end for him. Asking Qin Haodong back was the only chance for him to stay alive.

Qin Haodong took Tang tang and An Biru to the convenience store opposite and bought some snacks. As soon as they came to the gate of Jiangnan Hospital, they saw Ma Guoqiang running up to them.

“Little Qin, I was wrong. I shouldn’t be snobbish like a dog and look down on you. I was as petty as a chicken, and I shouldn’t be jealous of your medical skills… Please save me quickly…”

Ma Guoqiang fell on his knees in front of Qin Haodong, slapping himself and pleading piteously.

In the face of the threat of life, he was afraid that Qin Haodong would not go to treat Lin Momo, and time was urgent, so he knelt.

“What happened? We haven’t seen him just for a while. Does his mind go wrong?”

Qin Haodong and An Biru both looked at Ma Guoqiang who slapped himself in surprise. The little fellow held Qin Haodong’s neck nervously, looking a little frightened.

“Doctor Magic, what’s the big idiot doing? Is he crazy?”

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