The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 388 - Don’t Push Me Too Hard

Chapter 388 Don’t Push Me Too Hard

Qin Haodong was slightly surprised, but a man couldn’t be soft on such a thing. Thus, he kissed back at once.

After a long time, the two slowly separated. Nalan Wuxia still put her arms around Qin Haodong’s neck, her forehead against his forehead, the tip of her nose touching his. “Thanks for helping me again!” She whispered.

She knew very well that if Qin Haodong hadn’t been quick to find a clue, Zhang Lijun would have killed the fifth person. That way, he would never do it again, and the serial killings would be a dud case and a blot on her career.

Looking at the stunning face, Qin Haodong couldn’t help pecking on her red lips before he said, “Serving a beautiful lady is the source of happiness. That’s nothing, and if I hadn’t helped you, my sister would have been killed by Dao Tong, that son of a bitch.”

Nalan Wuxia pulled Qin Haodong to sit down on the ground, looked up at the stars, and said, “Ever since you’ve been in my life, you’ve saved my life and helped me so much. As long as you are around, I feel safe. It feels like you can do anything. Nothing can stop you.”

At that point, she turned her head to look at Qin Haodong and said, “That old Taoist said I had a Mr. Right in my life. It should be you!”

“I’m not that good!” Qin Haodong touched his nose and said, narcissistically, “Everyone has weakness, and so do I. It’s just that I have so many strengths that you haven’t found my weakness yet.”

“Get over yourself.” Nalan Wuxia leaned on Qin Haodong’s shoulder and asked, “Do you think what that scruffy old Taoist said is right? I feel it’s very accurate. You in my eyes is a perfect man. You’re my Mr. Right. It’s a pity you’re surrounded by so many beautiful women.”

Qin Haodong said, “I don’t know. Perhaps that old Taoist talked nonsense, in order to cheat your 400 yuan. Or maybe it isn’t me. You haven’t met that person yet.”

Nalan Wuxia held his arm tightly and stated, “I don’t care. Anyway, I have been in love you. I won’t seek another man. What you do with it is your business.”

Qin Haodong thought about it and said, “Leave it to time. Maybe you’ll regret it later.”

“I won’t regret it,” Nalan Wuxia said. “I think that old Taoist is right. This is my fate.”

Feeling a little heavy, Qin Haodong changed the subject and said, “That scruffy old Taoist is really capable. If he hadn’t reminded me, we might not have solved the case, but I didn’t ask his name or his contact information.”

Nalan Wuxia said, “It doesn’t matter. If we’re meant to meet him, we’ll meet him again.”

“Well, you have been busy for so many days. Now the case has been settled, hurry back to rest.”

With that, Qin Haodong took Nalan Wuxia’s hand and walked slowly out of the mound.

Nalan Wuxia went back to the crime squad and Qin Haodong went back to the Lin’s Villa.

It was nearly midnight. When he entered the bedroom, he found Tang Tang lying on the bed, having fallen asleep, while Lin Momo was sitting at the head of the bed, reading a book.

“Momo, you’re up so late. Are you waiting for me?”

Qin Haodong said, as he tiptoed over to Lin Momo and cradled her in his arms. After a few days of absence, he felt that absence made the heart grow fonder. His two big hands dived into Lin Momo’s pajamas.

As he prepared to move further, Tang Tang cried, “Papa, are you back?”


Qin Haodong was embarrassed. How did his baby daughter, who originally slept extremely sweet, suddenly wake up?

He quickly pulled back his big hands and turned to answer Tang Tang, “Yes, dad is back.”

Tang Tang asked, “Papa, what were you doing?”

Qin Haodong had a ready wit in an emergency and replied, “Uh… well, just now your mom said she was itchy and asked me to scratch her.”

Lin Momo rolled her eyes at him prettily, thinking she didn’t feel the itch before Qin Haodong tickled her.

In case his precious daughter asked any other awkward questions, Qin Haodong hurriedly held Tang Tang in his arms, kissed her fleshy face and said, “Tang Tang, have you missed dad these days?”

“Yes, I miss you, dad.” With that, Tang Tang suddenly sniffed and asked, “Papa, why do you smell so good? Are you with some auntie again?”

Qin Haodong was embarrassed again, wondering why his daughter still had Nalan Wuxia’s perfume on when he had been so careful.


He glanced at Lin Momo and was about to make up another excuse when Tang Tang exclaimed excitedly, “I remember. This is the smell of Third Mom. Papa must be with third mom, right? Did you spend honeymoon with Third Mom when you were not at home these days?”


Qin Haodong really admired his baby girl. What a keen nose she had! What a quick brain she had! How could she guess everything? Why she even remembered Nalan Wuxia’s smell.

“Okay, Tang Tang, dad is tired. Let’s go to bed!”

Lin Momo helped him out at the crucial moment.

The three of them lay down on the bed. Tang Tang took Qin Haodong’s arm and soon fell asleep again.

Seeing their daughter sound asleep, Lin Momo said, “Come on, what have you been doing these days? You didn’t really go on your honeymoon with Sister Wuxia, did you?”

“No, I went to help the police to solve the case these days.”

Without hiding anything from Lin Momo, Qin Haodong told the whole story about the serial murders. In the end he said, “It’s lucky I got involved in the case, or my sister would have died tonight.”

After hearing this, Lin Momo couldn’t help but exclaim, “I didn’t expect these two people to be so crazy. In order to be able to live forever, they actually used human organs to refine pills. They are really inhuman.”

“It was a bitter fate that such a thing should happen to Rubing. But Zhang Hao really love her. She should be happy in the future.”

Qin Haodong said, “Some people are just hateful. In order to live long lives, they do not care about the lives of others. Fortunately, it’s all over. Dao Tong and Zhang Lijun are both dead. It won’t happen again. Let’s get on with our lives.”

After that, the two continued to chat for a while before they successively fell asleep.

In the Yagyuu family of M Country, the family master, Yagyuu Shinji, sat grimly in the reception room. Opposite him sat a Nihon man in a kimono with a pigtail at the back of his head.

The man’s momentum was no weak than Yagyuu Shinji’s. Obviously, he had also reached the first level of heavenly ninja, equivalent to the supreme power realm in Celestial Empire.

Behind the man with a tail were three warriors from Nihon. These men wore samurai suits with three stars printed on the collars and cuffs, indicating that they were three-star top-grade ninja of three stars.

They were people from the Hanaki family of Nihon. The man with the pigtail was their family master, Hanaki Inuichiro, and the other three were all top-grade ninja of the family.

Yagyuu Shinji said in a cold voice, “Family Master Hanaki, what do you want to do when you bring people to our Yagyuu’s house late at night? Are you here to demonstrate?”

Hanaki Inuichiro chuckled and said, “Family Master Yagyuu, don’t say that. We have always been friends with your Yagyuu family. How can we be here to demonstrate?”

Yagyuu Shinji did not speak, his face still dark. Truth would come out anyway. Although the Yagyuu family had done a good job of keeping secrets recently, it still leaked out. The news that their First Elder Yagyuu Ken died and that the Yagyuu family’s strength seriously damaged had spread throughout the whole Nihon.

Nihon had always followed the law of the jungle. As others saw the Yagyuu family decline, many families began to turn their eyes to this family. The Hanaki family was the most obvious one.

Hanaki Inuichiro showed up uninvited tonight and brought along three top-grade ninjas. It was clear that they were up to no good. As for Hanaki Inuichiro just said that his family and the Yagyuu family had always been friends, Yagyuu Shinji would never believe it.

Sure enough, Hanaki Inuichiro added, “The Hanaki family heard that your family has not been doing very well recently. Unfortunately, your First Elder died in Celestial Empire, and you also lost most of your top-grade ninja. Our Hanaki family feels sympathetic.”

Yagyuu Shinji said, “You can’t talk nonsense, Family Master Hanaki. Our First Elder has been in seclusion in our Yagyuu family. He isn’t dead.”

“Ha… Ha… Ha… Ha…”

Hanaki Inuichiro let out a guffaw. When he had laughed enough, he said, “No more of that self-deception, family master Yagyuu. Yagyuu Ken is dead. All people in Nihon know that. Your denying is no use. Or you call him out.”

“As soon as Yagyuu Ken can come to me, I, Hanaki Inuichiro, promise to leave without another word.”

Yagyuu Shinji realized that he could no longer conceal the fact and asked, “Hanaki, what are you trying to do?”

“Nothing important. Our Hanaki family thinks that the Yagyuu family is not good recently, so we want to help you.” Then, still with a sinister smile, he said, “I heard that now the Yagyuu family has no strength to maintain the casino on Yagyuu Road. Why don’t you give it to us. We’ll take care of it for you.”

“No way!”

Yagyuu Shinji flew into volcanic rage. He didn’t expect Hanaki Inuichiro to have such big ambitions that he even coveted the casino on Yagyuu Road. The casino was one of the Yagyuu family’s most lucrative businesses, and they wouldn’t give it away anyway.

But Hanaki Inuichiro was neither in a hurry nor impatient. He continued to laugh and said, “Family Master Yagyuu, there is one thing you must know. You can’t hold this casino right now. You’d better take the initiative to give it to us. If we do fight, the consequences are too much for your Yagyuu family.”

Then, his face became cold, and his natural momentum suddenly burst out. The three top-grade ninjas behind him also pulled out their Ninon swords in their hands. They seemed ready to take a move.


Yagyuu Shinji was in an uncontrollable rage, and he didn’t expect Hanaki Inuichiro to come right to their family to bully them. But as the family master, he had to think of the family after all.

Now the Yagyuu family’s strength was very damaged. In addition to Yagyuu Shinji, who was a heavenly ninja, there were only two top-grade ninjas, less than that in the Hanaki family, and their mid-grade ninjas and low-grade ninjas were even less. If they did fight, the Yagyuu family was likely to be destroyed. They could not help it. After all, they lost nearly half their strength last time.

Thinking of this, Yagyuu Shinji could only suppress his anger and said, “Hanaki, the casino on Yagyuu Road must not be given to you. Our Yagyuu family has several other casinos. We may consider giving you one.”

“To tell you the truth, Yagyuu Shinji,” said Hanaki Inuichiro, with a smirk of satisfaction on his lips, “we’re all set for tonight. If you give up this casino, we’ll be fine; If you don’t hand it over, there will be no Yagyuu family in Nihon.”

Yagyuu Shinji was furious and scolded, “Hanaki, don’t push me too hard. If you really force our Yagyuu family too much, your Hanaki family can’t take advantage of it.”

Hanaki Inuichiro rose to his feet and sneered, “I’ve pushed you too hard. What can you do?”

“Who dares to be rude at our Yagyuu family? Don’t you want to live?”

With a charming shout, the door opened with a bang, and a lovely figure with a huge momentum appeared in front of the door.

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