The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 386 - Meeting Dao Tong Again

Chapter 386 Meeting Dao Tong Again

“Yes, master!” Zhang Lijun said deferentially to Dao Tong.

Then he turned to look at Wang Rubing, saying, “Rubing, there’s something I want to discuss with you.”

“Dad, can’t you wait a moment?” Zhang Hao cried. “Rubing hasn’t blown out the candles and make wishes yet.”

“There’s no point in wishing,” Zhang Lijun said with a wry smile playing around the corner of his mouth. “It’s not going to realize.”

No sooner had he finished than Wang Rubing’s face darkened. What did he mean by saying that there was no point in wishing and that it was not going to realize?

“Dad, it’s Rubing’s birthday,” Zhang Hao yelled discontentedly. “What are you talking about?”

Zhang Lijun ignored him and went on to say to Wang Rubing, “Rubing, I’d like to borrow something from you today.”

Zhang Hao asked, “Dad, what does we lack at home? What did you want to borrow from Rubing?”

“Shut up!” Zhang Lijun gave Zhang Hao a dirty look.

Wang Rubing, a little displeased, still patiently asked, “Uncle Zhang, just tell me what you want. I’ll certainly lend it to you if I have it.”

Zhang Lijun smiled and replied, “I’ll tell you a story, okay?”

Zhang Hao and Wang Rubing were puzzled. They had no idea what Zhang Lijun was up to. First he said he wanted to borrow something, and now he wanted to tell a story.

Ignoring both of their expressions, Zhang Lijun continued, “There is a kind of pill that is said to make one live forever.”

No sooner had he said that than Zhang Hao chipped in, “Dad, you’re a doctor. How do you believe this rumor? There is no such thing as an elixir that could make one live forever.”

“I told you, shut up!” Zhang Lijun glared at Zhang Hao again and continued, “This pill is called Five Elements of Soul-nourishing Pill. It doesn’t really make people immortal, but it does make sure one doesn’t get sick and lives to hundreds, even thousands, of years.”

Wang Rubing stopped Zhang Hao, who was about to argue again, and said, “Uncle Zhang, whether what you say is true or not, I don’t have the Five Elements of Soul-nourishing Pill, let alone lend it to you!”

Zhang Lijun again ignored her words and said to himself, “The Five Elements of Soul-nourishing Pill is refined by the five internal organs of human beings, including the heart of fire property, the kidney of water property, the lung of metal property, the liver of wood property and the spleen of earth property. These five organs and the soul of the dead can be able to refine the perfect Five Elements of Soul-nourishing Pill.”

When he finished, Wang Rubing and Zhang Hao were shocked. Zhang Hao shouted, “Dad, what are you talking about? This is clearly sorcery. How can it be true?”

Zhang Lijun glared at him and snapped, “Your grandmaster taught me that. It’s really true.”

Turning to Wang Rubing, he continued, “After days of hard work, I have collected the heart, kidney, liver and lung together. That means I only need a spleen of earth property, and you happen to have it, so I want to borrow it from you.”

Zhang Hao jumped to his feet and shouted, “Dad, are you crazy? What are you talking about?”

Zhang Lijun’s expression didn’t change much. He just blankly continued, “I’m not being ridiculous, son. You can’t blame dad for being mean. I didn’t want to.”

“I have found two persons with the spleens of earth property, but one of them died in a car accident, and the other went to M Country. Even if I wanted to find him, I could not.”

“But now I can’t wait any longer. Otherwise all the collected organs will lose their effectiveness. So I must gather up the spleen for alchemy tonight.”

With that, he opened a wooden box beside him. There were four neatly arranged incubators. “You see,” he said, pointing to the four incubators, “there’s already a heart, a spleen, and a kidney in here. If I get a lung, we can start refining the pill.”

“Dad, are you telling the truth? Do you know it’s against the law?” Zhang Hao shouted, aghast.

A flash of madness flashed across Zhang Lijun’s face. He yelled loudly, “What is the law? Your grandmaster said, if he refines the Five Elements of Soul-nourishing Pills, he will give you one. You can live forever just like us. Don’t you want to?”

“No, I don’t. I just want to be with Rubing!” Zhang Hao picked up Wang Rubing and was about to leave.

“Stop!” Zhang Lijun stood in front of Zhang Hao and Wang Rubing and said in a cold voice, “How can I let her go when she’s here?”

Zhang Hao felt that Zhang Lijun was very strange to him. He was no longer the father he always admired. “When you asked me to bring Rubing here to celebrate her birthday, you were already ready for this, weren’t you?”

“Yes, right,” Zhang Lijun sneered. “I was so happy that I couldn’t sleep the night you told me her birthday. I was having trouble finding a spleen of earth property, but you brought one for me.”

“Do you know why I decided to ask you to come here? Because this is the best area of earth property, the best place to remove her spleen. Soon we can put together the five organs, and your grandmaster can refine the Five Elements of Soul-nourishing Pill. Then we can all live forever.”

Zhang Hao then realized that it was not for Wang Rubing’s birthday, but a big conspiracy. He stepped in front of Wang Rubing and snarled at Zhang Lijun, “No, I’ll risk my life to fight the one who touches Rubing today. Not even if you’re my dad.”

“You are so stubborn.” Zhang Lijun said, “Is that something you can stop?”

Zhang Hao was about to say something when he felt a pat on the back of his neck. Then darkness came over his eyes and he fainted and plumped down to the ground.

Wang Rubing immediately exclaimed, “Zhang Hao, what’s wrong with you? Are you all right?”

Zhang Lijun looked at Dao Tong and asked apprehensively, “Master, how’s my son?”

“Don’t worry. I just thought he was in our way, so I knocked him out. He will wake up in a few hours!” Then Dao Tong urged, “Don’t waste time. It is the time of earth property. A long delay means many hitches.”

“Yes, master!”

Zhang Lijun replied, picked up a white towel from the table and covered Wang Rubing’s face.

The towel had been soaked in strong anesthetics. Wang Rubing, looking at Zhang Hao on the ground, also fell to the ground with a flop after being covered by the towel. Although she remained sane, she lost her mobility.

After that, Zhang Lijun pushed the cake and the other things on the table to the ground. Then he picked up Wang Rubing and put her on the table.

The table was two meters long, and Wang Rubing had a large piece of free space on her head after she was put on it. Zhang Lijun took out a brush, stained with red ink, and drew a large Invoking Figure Talisman on the table over Wang Rubing’s head.

Then Dao Tong pulled out a cauldron from under the dining table, took out the four incubators, put them beside the cauldron, and took four bronze coins from his pocket.

Smoke wreathed the square holes of the copper coins. If you looked closely, you could see that it was a grimace. It turned out that these copper coins were magic instruments, called Soul-locking Copper Coins, which could trap one’s should inside and stop it from reincarnating.

Dao Tong took another look at Wang Rubing at the table and couldn’t help laughing triumphantly.

“As long as I get this woman’s spleen, I can make the Five Elements of Soul-nourishing Pill. Not only will my wounds heal, but I will be able to take the opportunity to break through to the realm of supreme power. Dao Xuan, Qin Haodong, you guys wait. When I break through, I will first gut you like a fish.”

During the last battle, Dao Tong was injured, and he had been hiding in Jiangnan since then. He had tried many ways to heal his wounds, but he failed. What was more, his cultivation had plummeted from the original half-step to the realm of supreme power to the realm of Covert Power of the first level.

Later, he accidentally acquired an ancient book left by a cultivator from an evil sect, which contained a record of refining the Five Elements of Soul-nourishing Pill. It said that the Five Elements of Soul-nourishing Pill had the ability to go against heaven. It could not only make people live forever, but also help people break through the bottleneck of martial arts so as to greatly improve the cultivation.

In order to heal his wounds, Dao Tong decided to refine the Five Elements of Soul-nourishing Pill. However, he had no materials, and later he found the director of Guangren Hospital, Zhang Lijun.

He threatened Zhang Lijun with drugs, and then baited him with immortality, making Zhang Lijun willing to be his accomplice.

He thought it was god’s help because everything was going well. In a few hours he would have the Five Elements of Soul-nourishing Pills.

Zhang Lijun was also thrilled to see Wang Rubing lying in front of her. Although he was rich before, and was the director of a hospital, those after all were not as alluring as immortality. As long as Dao Tong could eat the Five Elements of Soul-nourishing Pill, he could enjoy the world for a longer time.

He took a shiny scalpel from his pocket and pointed it at Wang Rubing’s waist, ready to start. Just then, a cold voice behind him said, “If you dare to touch my sister, I’ll make your life a living hell!”

Dao Tong and Zhang Lijun were startled. As they turned around, they saw Qin Haodong standing behind them, with a murderous look on his face.

“Is she your sister? God has eyes to bring your sister to me!”

At the sight of Qin Haodong, Dao Tong did not fluster at all, but excited. Last time the two of them fought, Qin Haodong was just at the level nine of Overt Power realm. Now he was a master at the realm of Covert Power, although his cultivation had reduced sharply. He could easily deal with Qin Haodong.

“Guy, without the help of that old guy Dao Xuan, you still dare to come here. You are simply getting tired of living.” Then Dao Tong turned to Zhang Lijun and urged, “Get start. I want him to see with his own eyes how his sister became my alchemy material.”

“Yes, master!”

Zhang Lijun agreed and picked up the scalpel again.

“You’re courting death!”

Qin Haodong yelled sharply, and tapped his toes on the ground. A fist-sized lump of soil block whipped off, hitting Zhang Lijun in the chest.

The soil block was torn apart by the impact, and Zhang Lijun flew back six or seven meters and crashed to the ground as if hit by a shell.

He, just an ordinary man, felt a sharp pain in his chest after being hit so hard. Then he spouted a mouthful of blood and struggled for a while without getting up.

“Guy, I’m killing you!”

Watching Qin Haodong hurt Zhang Lijun right under his nose, Dao Tong was furious. He pulled the sword from his back and, with a swish, the sword shot at Qin Haodong.

He was a master at the realm of Covert Power, and Qin Haodong had not yet broken through to this realm. In his opinion, Qin Haodong was naturally afraid to fight with him. He had even figured out Qin Haodong’s dodge move.

Just then a flash of cold light, like a bolt of lightning in the night sky, struck him.

Dao Tong felt the pressure of the blow in midair and immediately brandished his sword with all his might to meet it.

By this time Qin Haodong had reached the realm of halfway supreme power, so he cut the sword in two with his sword easily. The force sent Dao Tong flying backwards, and in mid-air he began to vomit blood.

“Halfway supreme power? How is that possible?”

Dao Tong was filled with fear. He couldn’t figure out how Qin Haodong could get such a big promotion just within a few days. Even at his strongest, he probably couldn’t beat Qin Haodong.

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