The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 376 - Pay the Money and Say Thank You

Chapter 376 Pay the Money and Say Thank You

Lu Fei glanced at Fang Yuqi and said sarcastically, “Isn’t this Doctor Fang? You just got promoted to director of surgery, and you learned to eat and run, huh?”

“It’s you. Why are you here?”

Lu Fei’s appearance at this point surprised Fang Yuqi.

But when Qin Haodong saw Lu Fei show up with the guy of the restaurant, he knew it must be this guy who was up to something.

“I have certainly come here to dine. I didn’t expect to meet Director Fang to eat and run. What a surprise!” Said Lu Fei, with a wicked smile.

Song Wu stepped forward and said, “Lady, I’m the general manager of the seafood restaurant. Please pay according to the bill.”

Fang Yuqi said, “I can’t pay. Your service is anything but transparent. A meal costs me 400,000 yuan and you don’t ask us before you serve it.”

Song Wu sneered. “You asked the waiter to order. When the wine was opened, the waiter had asked you. If you’re not satisfied, you can complain, but now you have to pay.”

Fang Yuqi blushed. “You… I did ask the waiter to order the dishes, but why didn’t you tell me about the expensive dishes? And the waiter only asked me if I wanted the wine to open. He didn’t quote the price.”

Lu Fei laughed. “Everyone should pay for the meal, Director Fang. You’ve just become the director, and you’re here to eat and run. It won’t be good for you if colleagues at the hospital know about it tomorrow.”

Then Fang Yuqi realized the seriousness of the problem. If this got out, everyone would assume that she didn’t pay for the meal, and no one would listen to her explanation.

She was a woman, after all, and had just been promoted. It would be a devastating blow to her reputation.

As if reading her mind, Song Wu said, “Lady, pay now or I’ll call the police. Refusing to pay 400,000 yuan is enough for the police to file a case.”

His words hit Fang Yuqi again. She didn’t want to be taken to the police station for not paying for food. She really didn’t want to be humiliated.

By now, she had to accept it. She took a bank card from her pocket and said, “I only brought 200,000 yuan with me today. I can give you an IOU for the rest and send it to you later.”

Song Wu was filled with joy. It seemed that his old classmate was right. The woman finally chose to put up with it and make peace. With such a large order, he was sure to add to his bonus this month.

“I’m sorry, lady, but no credit is allowed in our hotel. Isn’t there a man next to you? See if he can help pay for the rest.”

Fang Yuqi refused, “No, I can’t. It’s my treat and I ordered the food. It has nothing to do with him. You may rest assured that I will send you the rest tomorrow.”

Qin Haodong nodded in his mind. From this point of view, Fang Yuqi was a good person. She’d rather take it on herself than let Qin Haodong lose. Then he wanted to help her.

Lu Fei laughed. “Director Fang, I can’t believe you don’t even have enough money to pay for your meal. Well, who hasn’t been in trouble? I’ll call the director of the hospital right now and ask him to send you the rest of the money.”

“You… No!”

Fang Yuqi, who didn’t expect Lu Fei to be so evil, turned pale. If this matter was known to Zhang Lijun, it would definitely bring her a very bad influence. Besides, she didn’t want to lose face.

“It’s all right. After all, you’re his staff, the newly promoted director. It’s normal for him to care about you.”

Lu Fei laughed again with a great deal of pleasure, as if he had expressed all the anger that lay in his heart. After laughing, he reached for his phone and actually tried to call Zhang Lijun.

Fang Yuqi’s face was very white. She didn’t want it to happen, but she couldn’t stop it. She was filled with remorse. She shouldn’t be so careless and should have ordered on her own.

Just when she was at her wit’s end, Qin Haodong suddenly said, “Wait a minute.”

Lu Fei looked up at Qin Haodong and said contemptuously, “What? Do you want to help foot the bill?”

In his opinion, Qin Haodong, a little Chinese medicine practitioner, couldn’t possibly get 200,000 yuan with less than 1,000 yuan of clothes all over his body.

“I don’t have that much money.”

Lu Fei looked even more disdainful. “Since you have no money, don’t talk. Do you think Director Fang is beautiful, so you want to act like a hero? Let me tell you, it’s not for everyone. You have to have money in your pocket. A poor man like you had better go and wash and sleep as soon as possible.”

Qin Haodong didn’t mind, as if he didn’t hear his sarcasm, saying, “I don’t have money, but Doctor Lu, you have, doesn’t you?”

Lu Fei glanced at him and sneered. “I do have money, but what does it matter to you?”

“Of course.”

Qin Haodong stared at Lu Fei with an invisible flash in his eye, and he launched the Mind-manipulating. Since this guy was trying to pull a fast one, he would play with him.

He continued, “With your ability, you can’t do today’s operation. At least you can’t save the wounded. At this critical moment, Doctor Fang came forward to help you through the difficulties, which saved your face. Should you thank her?”

Fang Yuqi didn’t know why Qin Haodong brought this up all of a sudden. It was a slap in Lu Fei’s face, adding fuel to the fire.

But to her surprise, instead of turning away, Lu Fei nodded compliantly and said, “Yes, I should thank Doctor Fang.”

“That’s right. A man should be grateful, or else he is no different from a beast,” Qin Haodong uttered with a smile. “Since you’re grateful to her, you need to show your sincerity. Pay for Doctor Fang’s meal today. Do you mind?”

“I have no objection! I have no objection! Doctor Fang has helped me so much that I deserve to buy her a meal!”

When he said that, not only Fang Yuqi but also Song Wu was dumbfounded. Obviously his old classmate wanted to fool these two people, but why did he suddenly completely change his attitude, and even begin to please them?

No matter what they thought, Lu Fei took a bank card from his pocket, held it out to Song Wu and said, “I’ll settle the bill for Doctor Fang. Now pay by the credit card.”

Song Wu wondered what had happened to Lu Fei and whispered in his ear, “Are you crazy? That’s 400,000, not a small amount.”

Lu Fei did not mind and said, “Doctor Fang saved my face today. She’s like my second parent. I should have paid for her. Cut the crap and swipe the card.”

Song Wu was flabbergasted, but he couldn’t help it. Seeing Lu Fei’s firmness, he gave the card to the waiter and asked him to pay.

Soon the waiter returned with the bill and brought it to Fang Yuqi.

Qin Haodong laughed and said, “Doctor Lu paid for it. Give him the bill as a souvenir.”

Then he handed the bill to Lu Fei.

Lu Fei took the bill and said gratefully, “Thank you, Doctor Tang. Thank you for giving me a chance to thank you today! And thanks to Doctor Fang for being so helpful today…”

Fang Yuqi was completely flabbergasted. “He’s mad! Lu Fei is completely mad!” She thought.

Qin Haodong patted Lu Fei on the shoulder like praising a child and said, “You are good today. Remember to be a grateful person!”

“Of course, of course, I will try hard later!”

Lu Fei looked so obsequious and humble that Song Wu could hardly bear to look at him and got goose bumps all over his skin.

“Let’s go!”

With that, Qin Haodong pulled a bewildered Fang Yuqi out of the restaurant.

After leaving the restaurant, Fang Yuqi got on the car. Her face was still glazed over.

Qin Haodong laughed and asked, “Doctor Fang, can you drive?”

Fang Yuqi patted her towering chest and collected herself. “Doctor Tang,” she said, “what’s going on? Why did Lu Fei suddenly pay for us? Is he out of his mind?”

Qin Haodong laughed. “Who knows? Perhaps he had come to his senses; perhaps, as you say, he is out of his mind.”

“But how is that possible? That’s 400,000…”

Fang Yuqi still couldn’t understand it.

“Nothing. Doctor Lu may have money. Rich people are wayward,” said Qin Haodong playfully. “Just drive home. It would be in trouble if Doctor Lu regretted it later.”

Fang Yuqi shook her head. She couldn’t help it, started the car and drove on.

Qin Haodong added, “Doctor Fang, how much can Lu Fei make a year? How generous of him to give 400,000.”

Fang Yuqi had calmed down. “Lu Fei’s salary is higher than mine. About half a million a year,” she answered.

“The income is not low, but he likes gambling. I heard that he had lost all his money in the last few years and had paid off his house. But from last year, for some reason, he suddenly became rich. Not only did he repurchase the mansion, but he also spent lavishly. I don’t know how he got his money.”


Qin Haodong nodded, but said nothing more.

“Doctor Tang, where are you going?”

Fang Yuqi asked.

“Take me back to the hospital. I’m staying in the hotel across the street.”

Soon, Fang Yuqi dropped Qin Haodong off in front of Guangren Hospital and drove home alone.

Qin Haodong didn’t go back to the hotel. Lu Fei became increasingly suspicious. He had gone to the archives, did surgery with his left hand, and suddenly became rich a year ago, taking out 400,000 yuan easily. The possibility that he was the murderer shot up. Qin Haodong had to find out.

Soon after Qin Haodong and Fang Yuqi left, Lu Fei’s body suddenly gave a little shake and his eyes returned to normal.

He looked over at Song Wu and asked, “Dude, what did I just do?”

“What’s the matter with you today? Why are you acting so strange? Don’t you know what you’ve just done?”

Song Wu said, “Are you bewitched today? You said you were going to fool that woman, but after a while you paid for her out of your own pocket. Are you crazy? Even if you want to go after her, you should not do like that.”

Before Song Wu could finish, Lu Fei shouted, alarmed, “What do you mean?” “I paid for Fang Yuqi?”

“Yeah, you paid 400,000 yuan for her. And you thanked them after you paid!”

Lu Fei caught him by the shoulder, his eyes bulging. “I… Are you serious? Are you sure you’re not kidding me? Did I really pay 400,000 for them?”

“Of course it is. I’m not kidding. The bill is in your pocket!”

Lu Fei fumbled in his pocket and pulled out the bill for 400,000 yuan. In an instant, he crazily roared, “Song Wu, why didn’t you stop me? This is 400,000. I wish I could kill them both. How could I pay for them?”

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