The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 357 - The Beggar Gang

Chapter 357 The Beggar Gang

Lin Momo and Tang Tang continued to persuade. They were very sincere, but the onlookers shook their heads, thinking, “It is understandable that this little girl does not know. Why didn’t her mother see that the woman before them is a big fat liar? She is beautiful and graceful, but she is so gullible.”

The woman’s face darkened. She put away her false smile and, with a sullen face, she said, “We don’t need it. When I raise enough money, my child will go to the surgery. We don’t need traditional Chinese medicine.”

She was now beginning to be dissatisfied with Lin Momo and Tang Tang. Although they gave her a lot of money, now more and more people came around, and many of them pointed out that she was a liar. So how could she continue begging? “What a nuisance this woman and her daughter are! Why don’t they go?” She swore in her heart.

Lin Momo did not know what she really thought, but still sincerely advised, “Ma’am, are you not willing to accept others’ favor? I tell you, it’s the baby that counts. To treat his illness is the most important…”

At this point, a middle-aged woman nearby could not bear to watch, and said, “Lady, I live near here. I see her begging with her baby every day. She is a liar. She’s been here four or five months.”

“A liar?”

Lin Momo couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Although she was already the mother of a child, she had been the princess of the Lin family since childhood, and then the president of the group. She knew nothing about the life at the bottom of the society. As a mother, she couldn’t imagine anyone using their children to beg.

“That’s impossible! They are so poor. How could she be a liar!” Lin Momo shook her head and went on, “Everyone has dignity. Who doesn’t care about the face? She wouldn’t kneel in the street if she wasn’t cornered. I guess she has no other choice.”

When she defended the woman, her words hurt the woman unintentionally.

“Who doesn’t care about the face?” The woman raised her hand to Lin Momo’s nose and shouted, “I’ve got your money. Go! Don’t talk so much nonsense! Does it matter to you whether I have dignity or not? Do you have anything to do with me being shameless? Do I need your attention?”

Lin Momo was stunned. She did not expect the woman to change color so quickly. She tried to explain, “Ma’am, I didn’t mean that. I didn’t say you were shameless…”

Still, the woman persisted in exclaiming, “Is the rich great? Don’t go on and on here. Do I need you to care if my child gets treatment? Get out of here with this little girl. Don’t try to be nice here and keep me from doing my job!”


Lin Momo froze on the spot. The woman’s reaction was beyond her comprehension, and she was momentarily overwhelmed.

Tang Tang took Lin Momo’s hand and asked, “Mama, why is she angry? Didn’t I do the right thing?”

Looking at the wronged woman and her daughter, Qin Haodong felt a pang. They were too kind and underestimated the evils of human nature.

He took Tang Tang by the hand and said, “Tang Tang, you did the right thing. It’s good to be a loving person, but be sure to distinguish the good from the bad. We should treat the good people well, and we don’t have to be polite to the bad ones. This woman right here is a bad one.”

The woman didn’t hear what Qin Haodong said and yelled, “What are you still doing here? Get them out of here! She looks pretty, but she doesn’t smart.”

“Do you mean she is a silly rich woman? If it had not been for people like her, social rubbish like you would have starved to death.”

Qin Haodong stood up, looked at the woman coldly and accused, “It’s people like you who consume others’ love and make people lose trust. You have no shame.”

“Buck, who do you say has no shame? Do you believe I can tear your mouth?”

The woman no longer pretended to be poor and plain, as rude as a hag.

Qin Haodong gave her a disdainful glance and said, “Since you’ve failed my daughter’s kindness, give our money back. You don’t deserve her love.”

“What a joke! If you want me to pay you back, I’ll pay you back? What do you take me for?”

Speaking of this, instead of kneeling with the child in her arms, she rose from the ground, put one hand on her hips, and shouted, “Are you trying to find fault? I tell you, I’ve never been afraid of anyone in my fighting years!”

“I don’t want to fight with you. You hurt the goodness of my wife and daughter. They are kind, but you treated them like that. Now you must apologize to them.”

“Apologize to them? Did a donkey kick you in the head? You want me to apologize to them.” As if she had heard a good joke, the woman said haughtily, “You should know whose territory this is.”

“Who have I apologized to since I’ve been here so long? The last time a guy gave me 50 yuan and tried to get it back, I broke his leg.”

At this point, she turned to the crowd and called out, “Hey bros, come here. Somebody’s coming to pick on me.”

Immediately after she yelled, five or six strong men pushed their way through the crowd, viciously surrounding Qin Haodong, Lin Momo and Tang Tang in a circle.

Huaxia had many begging groups like them, which had slowly formed a certain scale. These men were organized and divided— some for begging, others for fighting.

These people had been in the Jiangnan City for a long time, because it was a tourist city with large customer flow. Thus, they didn’t worry about being caught out because they had been here too long.

“It seems you don’t want to pay us back.” Qin Haodong looked at the woman and sneered. “You belong to the same organization, right? This is not your child.”

At this the woman’s countenance changed a little, and then she screamed, “Nonsense! If he isn’t my child, is he your child? Can you give birth to a child!”

“Don’t think you are great just because you are rich. I’m telling you, in front of me, it’s useless. Now get out of here with those two women. Or we’ll teach you a lesson!”

Qin Haodong said, “We will leave, but you have to give us our money back and apologize to my wife and daughter!”

“You must be mad. All three of you are mentally handicapped. The money has come to my pocket. Now you want it back. You wish!”

The woman said, waving to those strong men nearby. “This guy is stupid. You teach him how to behave.”

After she finished, the first strong man said to Qin Haodong, “Keep your eyes open outside, buddy. There are some people you can’t mess with. I’ll teach you a lesson today…”

Then he raised his fist and hit Qin Haodong in the face. It seemed to him that there was no need for anyone else to deal with such a weak-looking man, and that he could deal with Qin Haodong by himself.

Qin Haodong grabbed the strong man’s wrist and made a gentle pull. Before the man knew what had happened, he felt a sharp pain in his shoulder. Then his arm sagged.

Qin Haodong showed no mercy such people. He seized the man’s other arm and took his shoulder off. Then he kicked the man to the ground and ripped apart the joints of his legs.

When he had done all this, the other big men came to their senses and jumped up with a shout.

But a minute later, the men were on the ground, too. Like the first man, the joints of all their limbs were removed. They lay on the ground screaming.

“Papa’s beating the bad guys. Papa is great!”

At this time, Tang Tang had already walked out of her grievance, clapping her two small hands and shouting happily.

“Good, young man! You can’t be soft with these wicked people…”

“These bastards have been running amok for a long time. They need to be taught…”

It seemed that these people had already aroused people’s anger. Watching them get beaten by Qin Haodong, the people around began to praise him.


The woman was aghast. Before, when she was in trouble, she had only to call out the goons, and her opponent would be instantly afraid. She did not expect to meet a tough character today, who instantly beat her people like dogs.

“What… what do you want?”

The woman’s tone softened a lot, no longer overbearing.

Qin Haodong glanced at her and replied, “My daughter is new to society. She is so loving, but you have polluted her pure heart.”

“Love what you do. A beggar should have the consciousness of a beggar. Beggars live on the mercy and love of others. But you’re not just cheating, you’re being arrogant. Do the police know you’re so bossy?”

“What do you want?” The woman asked again.

“I’ve already told you. Apologize to my daughter and my wife and pay back the money. Neither of these conditions can be omitted.”

“Don’t push me too far!” The woman cried again, “Do you know who I am?”

Qin Haodong sneered and uttered, “I don’t know. Don’t tell me you are the boss of a Beggar Gang. Are you Huang Rong?”

The woman called, “I am not the boss of Beggar Gang, but my husband is. He manages beggars on several streets around here. If you do go too far, my husband will immediately beat you.”

“I’m just getting their things back for my wife and daughter. Have I gone too far?” Qin Haodong stared at her and said, “No matter who your husband is, you’re going to do what I tell you right now. Or I promise you will never be able to beg.”

“Young man, you are looking for death. You wait, I’ll call my husband now!” The woman snarled, and took out a mobile phone, dialed the number of the boss of the Beggar Gang. “Honey, you quickly bring someone here. There’s trouble coming!”

After calling, she turned to Qin Haodong and yelled, “Don’t go, young man. My husband will teach you a lesson when he comes.”

Qin Haodong smiled and said nothing. Since this woman courted death, he did not mind remove the cancer— the Beggar Gang— from this city.

Five minutes later, a yellow Ferrari arrived, followed by two minivans.

As the door opened, a squat man stepped out of the Ferrari. He was dressed like a success in a designer suit and tie, with an omega watch on his wrist.

He was followed by a dozen or so young gangsters in different clothes, all with steel knives in their hands, in a menacing manner.

“Who’s blind and bully my wife? Are you tired of living?”

The squat man came up while cursing. Afraid of those gangsters behind him, the crowd quickly moved aside to make way for them.

Seeing him, the woman immediately hurriedly ran forward, as if seeing the savior. She said, “Honey, you finally came. This is the guy who bullied me. They gave the money, but they wanted it back. And he hit our people!”

The squat man came up to Qin Haodong, took one look at the whining ones on the ground, and asked, “Where do you hang out, man?”

Qin Haodong shook his head secretly. Things had really changed. Beggars who depended on other people’s kindness to make a living actually drove sports cars and wore designer clothes. They didn’t look like beggars at all.

He ignored the squat man and asked, “Are you the leader of these beggars?”

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