The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 348 - Plan No. 4

Chapter 348 Plan No. 4

At the underground experiment base in M Country, three red dots exploded on the big electronic screen before disappearing.

“Bastard! I can’t believe my three terminators were eliminated!” Garnett stamped with fury as he turned towards Davis and said, “I told you not to send terminators to Huaxia. Now look at what happened. None of the three terminators that we painstakingly developed are left. How do you expect me to explain this to the organization?”

Davis’ face turned deathly pale. He had sent three terminators to Huaxia to ensure the smooth completion of Plan No. 2 by silencing Wang Dacheng. However, who would have thought that all three would be killed and left in Huaxia.

He sighed and said, “In any case, Wang Dacheng is dead, so Plan No. 2 is guaranteed to be successfully completed. When the time comes, I will explain this to the higher-ups!”

Garnett yelled, “Explain what? Do you know how much money was spent on developing these three terminators? Tens of billions of USD were invested! Now, in just an instant, it’s all gone!”

Davis yelled back unhappily, “What are you yelling for? Your tens of billions of USD were all earned by Wilson Company’s medicine sales. If you don’t take down the Tangmen Company, you won’t even be able to earn a penny in the future!”

“You…” Garnett wanted to say something else, but he realized that what Davis had said made sense. Ever since the Blood Revival Elixir had entered the market, Wilson Company’s performance had plummeted. If this continued, then it wouldn’t be long before the company went bankrupt.

Davis softened his tone as he said, “Okay, old man. Let’s not argue about this. Although the three terminators are dead, as long as we have money, we can research and develop better ones.”

Garnett said resentfully, “No, I need to kill that Huaxia person to take revenge. I want to tear Qin Haodong to pieces.”

Davis said, “Okay then, let’s begin Plan No. 4!”

At the Gold Branch and Jade Leaf Kindergarten, Wang Jiani was playing with the children. Suddenly, the door opened and Lin Momo walked in.

Upon seeing Lin Momo, Wang Jiani politely said, “Sister Momo, you’ve arrived.”

Lin Momo smiled and said, “Ms. Wang, I am going to take Tang Tang on a trip to Europe, so I’m here early to pick her up.”

“Oh, travelling is nice!” Wang Jiani said, “When are you planning on leaving? Is Doctor Qin going?”

At that moment, the little fellow saw Lin Momo and immediately ran over and jumped into her arms. “Mommy, where are you taking Tang Tang to play?”

“Mom is going to take you to Europe. We’ll go to Disneyland Park!” Lin Momo turned her head and told Wang Jiani, “We made this decision not long ago, as we have been too busy at the company recently. Things are finally settling down, so we decided to go and relax for a bit.”

“It’s good to go out. I hope the three of you have a great trip!” Wang Jiani waved at the little fellow. “Bye, Tang Tang!”

“Goodbye, teacher. When I come back, I will tell Papa to give you a gift!”

After speaking, the little fellow happily followed Lin Momo and left the kindergarten.

The two of them walked out, and then Lin Momo waved her hand and called a taxi. When they got in the taxi, Li Momo told the driver, “Sir, we are heading to the South Yangtze River Airport. We are in a hurry, so please drive a bit faster.”

The driver started the car and said, “Miss, I can’t drive too fast. Otherwise, I will be fined.”

Lin Momo pulled out a stack of banknotes and threw them at the driver. “Arrive at the airport in 30 minutes. This money will be enough to pay the fine.”

“Okay, Miss. Please sit tight.”

At the sight of the banknotes, the driver immediately became excited and stepped on the accelerator. The taxi roared and sped forward.

The little fellow said, “Mommy, where’s our car? Why are we sitting in a taxi?”

Lin Momo said, “I left the car with Papa. He will drive to the airport soon.”

Money could help one do anything. Thanks to the influence of the banknotes, the taxi sped like crazy. It only took around 20 minutes for them to arrive at the Jiangnan City Airport.

Lin Momo rushed into the airport lobby with the little fellow. She took out the plane tickets and relevant documents, which had already been prepared, and boarded the plane after a security check.

Ten minutes later, the plane took off, heading towards M Country.

After Lin Momo and Tang Tang had left, Wang Jiani continued to play games with the children. Suddenly, teaching assistant Xiao Li ran over with her cell phone. They had a good relationship, so they could talk about anything.

“Sister Wang, quickly, look. Your prince charming is holding a press conference. It is a live broadcast, so this is a good opportunity,” Xiao Li said before bringing the phone to Wang Jiani. On the screen, Qin Haodong was at the press conference organized by the South Yangtze River company.

Xiao Li exclaimed next to her, “Sister Wang, your prince charming is so handsome! He’s so young yet so capable. He’s also extremely rich. When will you introduce him to me?”

While looking at the handsome face on the screen, Wang Jiani had mixed feelings. Qin Haodong was the most outstanding man she had met. Unfortunately, he did not belong to her.

After she sighed, her gaze moved away from Qin Haodong and she saw Lin Momo, who was sitting next to him.

“Huh? Isn’t this Sister Momo? She just left. How come she’s having a conference so soon?”

She turned her head towards Xiao Li and said, “Is this a live broadcast?”

“Of course! A reporter who is attending this press conference is broadcasting it live. What is it? Is something wrong?”

Wang Jiani’s face changed color. Lin Momo had just left, yet there was another one sitting at the conference. What was going on?

While thinking about this, she suddenly had a terrible feeling. She immediately pulled out her cell phone and called Qin Haodong. However, a long time passed and no one answered.

The phone must have been muted for the conference, or perhaps he did not have it on him.

Wang Jiani turned her head and told Xiao Li, “Help keep an eye on them for a bit. I have some urgent business!”

“Sister Wang, where are you going? What will I say when the principal arrives?”

Before Xiao Li could finish speaking, Wang Jiani had already rushed out of the classroom. She found a taxi outside the kindergarten entrance and headed straight for the Tangmen Traditional Chinese Medicine Company.

Meanwhile, at the press conference, Qin Haodong had finished speaking. Today’s press conference had undoubtedly been a great success. Not only had he cleaned up Wang Dacheng’s slander regarding Chinese medicine practitioners, but he had also deepened people’s understanding of Chinese medicine practitioners and built up their confidence in them.

After the press conference ended, all the reporters left. Lin Momo looked at the man in front of her affectionately. He was so good that he had easily helped Chinese medicine practitioners get through the current difficulties.

Hu Xiaoxian stepped forward and said, “Young man, good job. I’ll give you a thumbs-up!”

Lin Momo secretly sighed. A man who was so good was also troublesome. There were always beautiful girls around.

At that moment, Wang Jiani rushed in.

When he saw Wang Jiani’s anxious expression, Qin Haodong was slightly stunned. He then asked, “Ms. Wang, how come you are here? Did Tang Tang cause trouble at kindergarten?”

The little fellow’s Holy Body physique had been becoming more obvious, as she was much stronger than other kids her age. If he didn’t pay attention regularly, she would injure the other kids. When Wang Jiani came to find him, naturally, he thought the little fellow had caused trouble again.

Wang Jiani did not bother answering his question. Instead, she turned her head and asked Lin Momo, “Sister Momo, where is Tang Tang?”

Lin Momo said with a surprised expression, “Isn’t Tang Tang at the kindergarten?”

Wang Jiani’s body shook as she nearly fell on the ground. There was one thing she was certain of: The Lin Momo that had just been at the kindergarten had been fake and had tricked her into taking Tang Tang away.

Qin Haodong, who felt that something was wrong, immediately asked, “What is it, Ms. Wang? Did something happen?”

“Tang Tang was picked up by someone!”

Wang Jiani hurriedly told them everything that had happened and then said, “I’m sorry, Doctor Qin. That person looked exactly the same as Miss Lin. That’s why I handed Tang Tang over to her.”

After going through so many camouflaged events, Qin Haodong immediately understood. Davis must have gotten someone to use a 3D mask made of nano materials to disguise as Lin Momo and then trick everyone and take Tang Tang away.

When she heard that her daughter had been taken by someone, Lin Momo immediately lost her composure. She nervously said, “Haodong, Tang Tang was taken by someone! What will we do? What should we do? She’s still young. Those people won’t harm her, right?”

Wang Jiani said immediately, “Doctor Qin, should we call the police? If we hurry, maybe we can save Tang Tang.”

Qin Haodong was both worried and angry that his daughter had been kidnapped. However, he was still rational.

He held onto Lin Momo’s hand and said while comforting her, “Don’t worry, harming Tang Tang isn’t their goal. This might be because of our formula, or because they want me to do something for them. Before they achieve their goal, nothing will happen to Tang Tang.”

When she heard Qin Haodong’s reasoning, Lin Momo slowly calmed down from the initial shock and confusion and said, “Then what should we do now?”

“I’m guessing they took Tang Tang to M Country. I will ask Wan’er to check.”

Qin Haodong then called Qi Waner. After he briefly explained the situation, he asked her to help check the recent flights departing from South of the Yangtze River to M Country and see if there was any information on Tang Tang.

Qi Waner also understood that the situation was urgent, so she immediately called back and said, “According to the information gathered from my search, Tang Tang followed Sister Momo onto a plane one hour ago. They are headed towards the capital of M Country.”

After he hung up, Qin Haodong said, “It’s obvious that they kidnapped the little fellow and took her to M Country. Their goal is to make me go there.”

“What are you going to do?”

Lin Momo was suddenly bewildered. She was both worried about her daughter and the danger Qin Haodong would face. After all, this was M Country, not Huaxia.

Qin Haodong said with a smile, “What else is there to say? Οf course I’m going to bring my daughter back.”

“But it’s dangerous for you to go there. After all, it is a different place.”

Qin Haodong said, “It’s fine. Don’t you know my skills? I will definitely bring Tang Tang safely back to you.”

Lin Momo said, “Then I will go with you!”

Black lines formed on Qin Haodong’s face as he said, “I’m going to save a person. Why would you go with me? When the time comes, I will need to look after you as well as save the little fellow. I will be too busy.”

“But I’m worried about you going alone!” Lin Momo said with a worried expression.

“Sister Momo, I will go with him!” The person who spoke was Hu Xiaoxian. “I have been to M Country many times. I’m pretty familiar with that place, so I can help Haodong.”

Qin Haodong thought about it. Hu Xiaoxian was from a special department and was very familiar with all aspects of M Country. Going together would be appropriate.

Thus, he told Lin Momo, “I will go with Xiaoxian. You still need to run Tangmen Company.”

Lin Momo also knew she would not be able to help if she went, so she said, “Okay then. You two must be careful!”

“Don’t worry. I promise you I will definitely bring Tang Tang back to Huaxia unharmed!”

Qin Haodong spoke as he kissed Lin Momo’s face. Then, he left Tangmen Company with Hu Xiaoxian and headed straight to South Yangtze River Airport.

At M Country’s capital airport, a large passenger plane landed slowly. Qin Haodong and Hu Xiaoxian walked out of the airport.

Hu Xiaoxian lifted his hand and called a taxi. He told the driver in fluent English, “We are going to Area 13.”

The driver was a black person. When he heard Hu Xiaoxian’s words, he asked in surprise, “Beautiful lady, are you sure? Do you really want to go to Area 13?”

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