The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 340 - Doubts

Chapter 340 Doubts

“Father, sister, listen to my explanation. I’m facing my own difficulties.” Yang Baozhong sniveled and cried, suddenly becoming pitiful as he said, “They forced me to do this. If I didn’t poison you, they would kill me. Those people have guns. Even if I didn’t poison you, they would kill all of us.”

Yang Baolian said angrily, “Even if someone forced you, you shouldn’t have done this. We could have gone to the police.”

Qin Haodong looked at Yang Baozhong and said, “I’m afraid you didn’t do this just because they forced you. Have you also been paid?”

By the time he asked this question, he was already using his Mind-Bewitching skill.

Yang Baozhong’s eyes looked confused as he said, “Well, they gave me 5 million yuan. With this money, I could buy a house, get a car, and marry a woman.”

“You… You…” Yang Baolian became even angrier. “Bastard, you would forsake your own father for five million yuan. Are you even a man?”

“Enough! Can you blame me?” Yang Baozhong suddenly became angry as he cried, “I’m 30 years old, but I can’t afford a house because my family is poor. So far, I haven’t even gotten a girlfriend!

“Why couldn’t he give me a good lifestyle if he was my father? It was because he was ill and he spent all the money I should have used to get married.

“It doesn’t matter that I don’t have money. It would have been okay if he had at least made me handsome. Ever since your childhood, you’ve never had to worry about finding a boyfriend. What about me, though? I am your brother, so why do you look beautiful when I don’t?

“We have no money, and I am very ordinary. No girls like me. What did you want me to do? I was not resigned to it. I wanted to make 5 million yuan…”

Under the influence of the Mind-Bewitching skill, Yang Baozhong exposed the dark side that was hidden in his heart.

“You… You…” Yang Baolian was so angry that he could not say a word.

Yang Sanqiang looked at his son, who had been raised by him for 30 years. He suddenly looked strange. His eyes flashed with sadness, pain, and disappointment before he said sadly, “Well, you should blame me for my incompetence. From this day on, I will not be your father and you will not be my son anymore.”

Qin Haodong asked Yang Baozhong, “Where did you get the poison? Who asked you to do this?”

Yang Baozhong said, “I don’t know those people. They all wore hoods and had pistols. They gave me that potion.

They said that as long as one drank it, they would seem to die a natural death. Then, I could just say that he died by taking the Blood Revival Elixir and no one would discover the problem.

If I didn’t agree, they would kill me and my family at the same time. If I agreed, they would give me 5 million yuan. In addition, Tangmen Company would also compensate me.”

Qin Haodong asked a few more questions. Apart from the details about giving Yang Sanqiang the poison, Yang Baozhong knew no other useful information.

Qin Haodong turned to look at Nalan Wuxia and said, “We have the truth. You should dispose of this man.”

“If you arrest him, you must sentence him to death…”

“A man like him, who killed his father, is worse than a pig or a dog. He must be punished by the law…”

“He was paid to slander traditional Chinese medicine and Doctor Qin. He must pay the price…”

Amid this angry outcry, two policemen handcuffed Yang Baozhong and then put him in a patrol wagon.

The main rioters and Yang Baozhong had been brought to justice. Naturally, other people wouldn’t cause trouble again. The hundreds of people who had gathered in front of Tangmen Company suddenly dispersed. A deliberate attack against Tangmen Company had been settled!

The reporters were also excited to disperse. They hadn’t come here in vain. They had gotten the news they needed.

“I’ll go back and see if I can find some useful clues from these people!”

Nalan Wuxia told Qin Haodong before commanding everyone to withdraw and return to the Jiangnan crime squad.

Although the matter had been resolved successfully, Qin Haodong’s heart was still restless. There was clearly a big conspiracy against traditional Chinese medicine. Although it had failed to harm his company, the incident of the Hall of Medical Fame had not been solved. Besides, he did not know whether the other side would make any subsequent moves.

Saber took the security guards back to the factory. When Qin Haodong and Lin Momo were just about to back into the factory, Qin Haodong’s cell phone rang again in his pocket. Pan Gaofeng was calling.

“What’s the matter with you, Doctor Qin?”

“Director Pan, someone poisoned a patient who had taken the Blood Revival Elixir and then tried to smear the Blood Revival Elixir. I just handled it. It’s okay, but I’m afraid they may use other dirty means.”

“These bastards… What do they want?” Pan Gaofeng scolded angrily and said, “Doctor Qin, let’s solve the problem of the Hall of Medical Fame first. I’m at the Chinese Medicine Practitioner Association with Director Hou. Do you have time to come here?”

“Okay. I’ll come right now.”

Qin Haodong informed Lin Momo and drove directly to the Chinese Medicine Practitioner Association.

When he entered the drug-testing room, Hou Weiguo, Pan Gaofeng, and Gao Fengwen were all there. In front of them were several large and small medicine pots with fried medicine juice.

There were also several big roosters with their feet tied beside them. Three of them had died, but the others were still alive.

Upon seeing Qin Haodong enter the room, Pan Gaofeng said excitedly, “Doctor Qin, Mr. Gao just carried out the experiment. According to Zhang Tianhe’s prescription, the three kinds of liquid medicine are hyper toxic. Those roosters all died five minutes after taking the medicine.”

This result really made him very happy. All three kinds of liquid medicine were poisonous, which fully proved that Zhang Tianhe had done this intentionally. As Qin Haodong had said, this had been complete murder.

Gao Fengwen said, “President, I took out the medicine you said was not a match for Paris polyphylla and performed the experiment again. The medicine produced this way had no problem. It was all good medicine that could be used for curing diseases. After the roosters took the medicine, they didn’t have a bad reaction. On the contrary, they were much more energetic than before.”

Qin Haodong said with a sigh of relief, “The results are good. At least, this proves that there is no problem with traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions. Zhang Tianhe intentionally murdered people by using traditional Chinese medicine.”

Hou Weiguo said, “We have contacted the Jiangnan District Public Security Bureau, and the Municipal Bureau has attached great importance to this case. It has been handed over to the Jiangnan Criminal Police Unit, and it is believed that other strong evidence will be found soon.”

After this experiment, the case of the Hall of Medical Fame took a turn for the better. Hou Weiguo and Pan Gaofeng rushed back to the Sanitary Bureau to report the situation to their superiors as soon as possible.

Qin Haodong left the Chinese Medicine Practitioner Association and rushed directly to the Jiangnan crime squad.

When he reached Nalan Wuxia’s office, he asked directly, “How is it going? Do you have any clues?”

Nalan Wuxia said, “We just had a serious, meticulous interrogation with Yang Baozhong. Unfortunately, the man behind him is very clever and did not leave any useful clues. It will be very difficult to find the evil manipulator behind everything.”

Qin Haodong had predicted this. The other side was very clever and would not reveal any clues related to such a small thing.

Thus, he asked, “What about Zhang Tianhe’s case? Did you find any clues?”

Nalan Wuxia said, “There must be some clues. We just investigated Zhang Tianhe and his recent account. The day before the accident, he received a fund of 5 million dollars in his account. The remitter was Wang Dacheng.”

Qin Haodong frowned and said, “Wang Dacheng gave Zhang Tianhe 5 million dollars. Does this mean that Wang Dacheng planned all this? But the ultimate victim of this incident was the Hall of Medical Fame. Why would he damage his own reputation? That doesn’t make sense.”

“You’re right. It’s just a strange piece of information. It can’t be used as a basis for speculation or evidence.”

Nalan Wuxia said, “I just went to Zhang Tianhe’s house and asked his wife, Li Lizhen, why she was in a hurry to cremate Zhang Tianhe’s body.”

“What did she say? Does she have anything to do with the case?” Qin Haodong asked.

He thought this was a strange piece of information. It was likely that Zhang Tianhe’s body had held some secrets. He even believed that Zhang Tianhe had probably been poisoned by the mastermind with a genetic toxin. Once his body was cremated, there would be no trace of it.

Nalan Wuxia said, “At the beginning, Li Lizhen said she wanted Zhang Tianhe to be laid to rest as soon as possible. Later, under pressure, she admitted that Wang Dacheng had given her 5 million yuan under the condition that she would cremate the body as soon as possible.”

Wang Dacheng! Wang Dacheng again! Qin Haodong couldn’t help asking a question in his heart. Is it true that Wang Dacheng is behind all this?

However, he had once asked Wang Dacheng by using his Mind-Manipulating skill. Wang Dacheng had said that he had come back to invest in the traditional Chinese medicine industry to make money. He had insisted he had no other purpose. How could it be possible?

“No, I have to ask this guy face to face.”

Qin Haodong told Nalan Wuxia, “Let’s go to the Hall of Medical Fame and ask Wang Dacheng about it.”

“Okay. I want to ask him too!”

Nalan Wuxia and Qin Haodong left the crime squad and went straight to the Hall of Medical Fame.

Wang Dacheng was sitting in the office and smoking. When he saw Qin Haodong and Nalan Wuxia through the computer monitoring screen, he sneered.

He had expected that these two people would come. After all, no matter how he moved, he would leave traces. For example, Zhang Tianhe’s cremation would surely arouse people’s doubts.

However, in his opinion, doubt was doubt. It could not become evidence.

“It’s no use coming for me. You’re doomed to get no evidence!”

Wang Dacheng stubbed out the cigarette in his hand, took out a small white pill from the drawer, and threw it into his mouth while he was waiting for Qin Haodong and Nalan Wuxia quietly.

When they entered, he stood up and said warmly, “Doctor Qin, Ms. Nalan. Welcome!”

Nalan Wuxia said coldly, “Wang Dacheng, I’m here to ask you something today!”

“Well, I’m very willing to cooperate with the police!”

Wang Dacheng wasn’t bothered by Nalan Wuxia’s attitude. He still had a warm smile on his face.

Nalan Wuxia asked, “On the day of Zhang Tianhe’s death, you remitted 5 million dollars to him. Why did you do that?”

“That is very normal. I signed a long-term contract with Zhang Tianhe because I wanted him to work for me full-time. Unexpectedly, he died of a heart attack just after being employed by me. This is the most unsuccessful business decision I have ever made.”

Wang Dacheng took a contract out of the drawer and gave it to Nalan Wuxia. “Look, Ms. Nalan. This is the contract we signed. Zhang Tianhe’s fingerprint is on it.”

Nalan Wuxia looked at the contract, which was exactly the way Wang Dacheng had said.

She put down the contract and asked, “What about the cremation of Zhang Tianhe’s body? Why did you give Li Lizhen 5 million yuan to cremate Zhang Tianhe’s body? Was it to cover up something?”

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