The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 329 - He Is Jealous That I'm More Handsome Than Him

Chapter 329 He Is Jealous That I’m More Handsome Than Him

After a pause, he said, “If we give this medicine to a patient, before he can cure his kidney disease, his liver will be harmed. This is not a good medicine, it’s a deadly poison.

If you can complete the treatment, I’ll pay 300 million yuan. If it’s just an incomplete treatment, I won’t buy it.”

Xie Tian cried, “You… You’re talking nonsense. You’re jealous. This is an ancestral treatment of my family. How could it have side effects?”

“An ancestral secret treatment? So you have used it in the past. You must have cured several patients with this treatment. Let me have a look. If there are no side effects, I will give you one billion yuan.”

“I…” Xie Tian said angrily, “Since you don’t know this and don’t want my treatment, someone else will buy it!”

Then, he turned to leave. Qin Haodong said lightly, “Keep your treatment and don’t use it causally, or you won’t be able to bear the consequences.”

Xie Tian stopped for a while and then left without hesitation.

Zhong Sihai said guiltily, “President, I’m sorry. I didn’t inspect him carefully. I didn’t expect that he would be such a person.”

Qin Haodong said, “This has nothing to do with you.”

Gao Fengwen said, “It’s a pity. This treatment could cure many people if it had no side effects.”

Qin Haodong was silent. Considering his mastery of medicine, he could make up the incomplete treatment if he was given a little time.

Shen Xiangfu said, “President, do you think this man will sell the incomplete treatment to others?”

Qin Haodong said, “That’s uncertain. I hope he can remain a doctor with morals and not be blinded by money.”

Half an hour later, Xie Tian appeared in Wang Dacheng’s office in the Hall of Medical Fame.

Wang Dacheng was chatting and laughing with Che Xiaoxiao. Upon seeing Xie Tian coming in, he politely said, “Doctor Xie, have a smoke!”

Then, he picked up the cigarette box on the table but realized it was empty. He smiled apologetically and told Che Xiaoxiao, “Xiaoxiao, I have no cigarettes left. Can you go out and buy a pack of cigarettes for me?”

“Okay, I’ll go now!”

Che Xiaoxiao smiled and left the office. When she left, Wang Dacheng closed the door of the office, turned back and said, “How is it going?”

Xie Tian said, “Mr. Wang, Qin Haodong was so alert that he found out that our treatment was incomplete. He pointed out that it was short an herb. He didn’t want it and warned me not to use this treatment in the future!”

“This guy is really cunning. Since I can’t use him, I’ll do this myself!”

Wang Dacheng opened the drawer and took out a ticket and a bank card. He threw them to Xie Tian and said, “Go to Europe for a few days and come back in two weeks. Don’t talk about this with anyone else!”

“Mr. Wang, I understand!”

Xie Tian took the ticket and bank card and went out.

Five minutes later, Che Xiaoxiao came in with a pack of cigarettes.

“Where is the guest?”

“He has something urgent to do, so he had to leave!” Wang Dacheng took the cigarette pack and opened it before putting a cigarette in his mouth. After smoking, he said, “Doctor Xie’s family has an ancestral treatment. I just bought it for 10 million yuan. Our company’s traditional Chinese medicine factory will be able to produce it quantitatively.”

Che Xiaoxiao asked, “What kind of treatment is that? You didn’t try it. Is that okay?”

“Of course, I have to know since I spent 10 million yuan.”

Wang Dacheng took Che Xiaoxiao in his arms with a smile and said, “This is a treatment for tonifying the kidneys. It has an excellent effect on conditions ranging from impotence to uremia. I tested it last night. What do you think of the effect?”

“Come on!”

Che Xiaoxiao blushed and said, “Since the effect is so good, when will we start producing it?”

“Time is money, so the faster, the better. It’s said that Tangmen Traditional Chinese Medicine Company is better than the Hall of Medical Fame. We must make some accomplishments as soon as possible to prove that Wang Dacheng is no worse than Qin Haodong.”

Che Xiaoxiao said with a smile, “Dacheng, you actually don’t have to always compare yourself with Qin Haodong. You just need to be yourself.”

“How can I do that? I want you to see that your man is the best,” Wang Dacheng said, “Yesterday, I arranged for people to purchase medicinal materials. Now, I will organize people so we can start production. In the afternoon, I will hold a press conference, and the official sales will start tomorrow!”

“It’s too fast, isn’t it?”

Che Xiaoxiao was quite surprised. She had not expected that Wang Dacheng would arrange everything so early.

Wang Dacheng said, “I just want to make some achievements as soon as possible. When our medicine becomes successful, I will marry you immediately.”

“Really? Dacheng, are you messing with me? Are you really going to marry me?”

Che Xiaoxiao was so excited that her voice trembled. She had dreamed that Wang Dacheng would marry her for so many years, but she had not expected that her dream would come true so soon!

Wang Dacheng said, “Of course, it’s true. You have been waiting for me for so many years and suffered so much. I will compensate you for your whole life.”

“Dacheng, you are so kind to me!” Che Xiaoxiao hugged Wang Dacheng as she cried.

“Silly girl, it’s good that we are going to get married. Why are you crying?” Wang Dacheng held Che Xiaoxiao in his arms and patted her on the back as he said, “Well, stop crying and get ready. I won’t go to the press conference this afternoon. You are the protagonist.”

“Why don’t you come? I want you to accompany me!” Che Xiaoxiao said with a smile.

“Don’t forget that you are the president of the Hall of Medical Fame. I want you to make money to support me. I can’t always be with you, and I have an important thing to do in the afternoon.”

“What is it?”

Wang Dacheng said, “I will keep it a secret for the time being!”

“Well then!”

Che Xiaoxiao didn’t say anything else. In fact, she was a typical strong woman. After her parents had died, she had worked by relying on her own ability. Since she had become the general manager of Dreamy Jiangnan Hotel, she was absolutely capable. Only in front of Wang Dacheng could she show her soft side.

After lunch, Wang Dacheng left the Hall of Medical Fame. Che Xiaoxiao carefully read the materials Wang Dacheng had left for her and held a press conference at 2 p.m.

At the beginning of the conference, Che Xiaoxiao officially launched their first product, which was about to enter the market.

A reporter stood up and asked, “President Che, I want to ask a question. What is the name of your first product? What’s the main pesticide effect?”

Che Xiaoxiao said, “Our first product is called Kidney Treasure Tablet and is mainly used to treat kidney diseases of all kinds.”

The same reporter asked again, “President, as I understand, this is a kind of aphrodisiac?”

When he asked this question, there was an explosion of laughter.

Che Xiaoxiao smiled and said, “Although our Kidney Treasure Tablet can make men more masculine, it is not only an aphrodisiac. It can treat uremia and other diseases effectively.”

Another reporter asked, “President, when can this tablet be used by patients?”

Che Xiaoxiao said, “We have started to produce the packaging of the Kidney Treasure Tablet. Tomorrow morning, the first product will be available for sale. Specific outlets have been announced on our company’s website.”

“President Che, I logged into your company’s website and saw the distribution of outlets. However, I found a problem. These places are all next to the outlets of Tangmen Traditional Chinese Medicine Company. What’s the special significance behind this? Does it mean that your company’s products are ready to challenge the Blood Revival Pill?”

Che Xiaoxiao said, “Although our company’s outlets are a little closer to Tangmen Traditional Chinese Medicine Company, this doesn’t have any special significance. Even if we have a special intention, it is only to use the fame of the Blood Revival Pill. This is not a challenge by any means.”

All the outlets had been set up by Wang Dacheng. According to him, he wanted to challenge the Blood Revival Pill and Qin Haodong.

Because of her relationship with Lin Momo, Che Xiaoxiao didn’t like this. However, there was no other way. She could only give the reporters an answer in her own way.

“President Che, what’s the selling price of the Kidney Treasure Tablet?”

Che Xiaoxiao hesitated for a while. She looked slightly embarrassed as she said, “It’s 680 yuan per box.”

After she said that, there was a great uproar at the conference venue.

The price had been set by Wang Dacheng. They were using the same price and same outlets, so even a fool would know that they were going to challenge the Blood Revival Pill.

Meanwhile, at the Chinese Medicine Practitioner Association, Qin Haodong, Gao Fengwen, and the others were watching the online live broadcast of the press conference of the Hall of Medical Fame.

Gao Fengwen said angrily, “What is this woman doing? She didn’t develop her own medicine well, but she’s actually targeting Tangmen Traditional Chinese Medicine Company. I don’t know what makes her so confident.”

Qin Haodong just smiled. He knew very well that all this had to be Wang Dacheng’s doing. Che Xiaoxiao was just a front.

At the same time, he was also curious. Usually, Wang Dacheng would come out to boast about his product or at least to suppress Tangmen Traditional Chinese Medicine Company verbally. However, the guy had disappeared. This was really unthinkable.

After hearing about the effect of the Kidney Treasure Tablet, Shen Xiangfu suddenly said, “President, you just turned down Xie Tian’s treatment and the Hall of Medical Fame started to make the Kidney Treasure Tablet. Do you think this has anything to do with that treatment? Can’t that guy have sold it to the Hall of Medical Fame?”

Qin Haodong thought for a moment and said, “I don’t think so. Wang Dacheng is not a fool. Even if he got the treatment of the Eight Treasures Kidney-nourishing Pill, he would find someone to study and analyze it carefully. Even if he didn’t find the problem, he wouldn’t start production so soon.”

Zhong Sihai then said, “I agree. It takes a few days to do research, verify the effect of the medicine, and make the final purchase of the raw materials necessary for production. It can’t be done so fast.”

They chatted for a while. When the press conference was over, Qin Haodong drove back to Tangmen Traditional Chinese Medicine Company.

After entering the room, Lin Momo said, “Haodong, you are not angry with Xiaoxiao, are you?”

She had just watched the press conference. Although she was not comfortable with the provocation of the Hall of Medical Fame, Che Xiaoxiao was still her best friend. She didn’t want Qin Haodong and Che Xiaoxiao to become rivals.

Qin Haodong held her cheeks in his hands, kissed her sexy mouth, and said, “I’m not that stingy. Plus, she is just a cover. Wang Dacheng is the one who made the final decision.”

Lin Momo sighed in relief and said, “I don’t know why Wang Dacheng has to go against us in the traditional Chinese medicine industry. Moreover, the Blood Revival Pill and the Kidney Treasure Tablet are not drugs of the same kind. There is no competition at all.”

Qin Haodong said with a smile, “Maybe it’s because of love. Maybe it’s because I’m more handsome than him. Who knows what he is thinking? It doesn’t matter, though. He is a small fish that can’t make any big waves.”

As they were talking, Liu Yage hurried in. She was short of breath as she said, “There was an accident!”

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