The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 326 - Genetic Toxin

Chapter 326 Genetic Toxin

On the other side of the line, Hu Xiaoxian said, “Young man, I already have the result, but you should first say you miss me. Then, I’ll tell you.”

“Well…” Qin Haodong, who was embarrassed, looked at Nalan Wuxia and said in a low voice, “Xiaoxian, can you tell me the result first?”

“No way. If you don’t say something nice, who will work for you?” Hu Xiaoxian laughed again. “Is there another woman beside you? Is that why you’re not willing to say that?”


Qin Haodong was embarrassed. This woman was really smart.

“Are you going to say it? I will hang up!”

It seemed that Hu Xiaoxian intended to embarrass Qin Haodong.

“Don’t cause trouble, Xiaoxian. I really have something urgent to do right now. I need your result.”

“I don’t think you really have something urgent to do if you’re with a beautiful woman. You send me a kiss if it’s not convenient to speak!”

Hu Xiaoxian continued to tease him.


Qin Haodong regretted calling in front of Nalan Wuxia. He didn’t know what to say for a while. Fortunately, it was noisy in the restaurant, so Nalan Wuxia didn’t notice what they were talking about.

“Well, since it’s inconvenient, I won’t embarrass you. You owe me.”

“OK! OK!” Qin Haodong said hurriedly. He could talk about this later. First, he wanted to ask about the result.

Hu Xiaoxian said, “You just promised me. Don’t deny it.” Then, she said seriously, “The samples you sent contain a genetic toxin. This technology is very advanced, so it can only be detected at the scientific research institute of the Celestial Empire. It can’t be found at the local hospital!”

“Genetic toxin?”

This was the first time Qin Haodong had heard this kind of term.

“Yes, this is the test result of the Celestial Empire Scientific Research Institute. It is absolutely authoritative!” Nalan Wuxia said, “It’s very strange. High-tech genetic toxins like this are very expensive. Every gram is hundreds of times more expensive than gold. I don’t know how it could be used on dogs!”

Qin Haodong, who was not sure where Wang Dazhi had gotten this kind of thing either, said, “I don’t know, but I found it in the Dogfighting Ring!”

“Young man, your medical skills are really powerful. The most advanced instruments used at the scientific research institute found this toxin, yet you saw it by yourself. No wonder so many women like you. It seems like I will have to watch you more closely in the future, or you will leave me.”

“Uh… I have something else to do, I got to hang up!”

Qin Haodong hung up the phone in a hurry. If he didn’t, he didn’t know what the charming woman would say.

“What’s the matter? Why are you blushing?” Nalan Wuxia asked as she looked at him.

Qin Haodong said awkwardly, “Oh! Nothing. Maybe the dish is too spicy!”

“What did you say? We haven’t ordered yet!”

“Uh… Well, it’s too hot here, that’s why I’m blushing!”

Nalan Wuxia looked at him strangely. She didn’t continue to talk about this topic. Instead, she asked, “How is it going? Is there a result?”

“We have a result. This is the most advanced genetic toxin, so it cannot be detected by our technology in Jiangnan City.”

“No wonder we didn’t find out,” Nalan Wuxia said, “Such an advanced thing may come from abroad.”

Qin Haodong had found that the kind of medicine used by the blackmailer was totally different from the toxin used on Dabai and Erbai. However, they were similar in a way. The toxin used on Dabai and Erbai had also come from Wang Dazhi, so Wang Dacheng was the biggest suspect.

He said, “It seems that the genetic toxin is probably from M country. It may have been brought back by Wang Dacheng or Wilson Company. It is uncertain whether Wang Dacheng has any connection to Wilson Company.”

By now, the dishes they had ordered had been served so they ate and talked. After eating, Qin Haodong drove Nalan Wuxia home.

It was not long before they suddenly realized that the road ahead was blocked.

Nalan Wuxia got out of the car, looked at it and said, “It’s a traffic accident. It looks like a muck truck and a car collided.”

Qin Haodong parked the car at the side of the road, got out and said, “Let’s go and have a look. If there are wounded people, we can help them.”

They walked to the site of the accident together. By now, the police had arrived too. Two traffic policemen were busy at the spot.

“Wang, what’s the matter?”

Nalan Wuxia, who happened to know one of the traffic policemen dealing with the accident, stepped forward to talk with him.

When the traffic policeman saw Nalan Wuxia, he said, “Captain Nalan, the two cars collided. The Passat driver was driving drunk, and the brakes did not work. The collision was very serious.”

Nalan Wuxia said, “Can we go over and have a look? My friend happens to be a doctor. We may be of help.”

“Of course. The ambulance has not come yet. There’s a traffic jam.” The traffic policeman then shook his head and said, “It doesn’t matter in my opinion. The truck driver has only suffered a light skin injury. The car driver was injured so heavily that his skull collapsed. I don’t think he can be saved.”

“Let’s go first!” Upon hearing that someone was seriously wounded, Nalan Wuxia and Qin Haodong hurriedly went over to him.

The Passat was seriously deformed after colliding with the muck truck. Fortunately, the driver’s door had been opened, but the driver was injured too much, so no one dared to touch him. Everyone was waiting for the arrival of the ambulance.

Qin Haodong took a look. The driver’s face was covered in blood and his skull had collapsed, just like the traffic policeman had said. He could feel that the man was dead. There was no need to rescue him.

“How is he?” Nalan Wuxia asked.

“He is dead.” Qin Haodong shook his head regretfully.

The traffic policeman said, “Driving drunk is really harmful. If this person hadn’t drunk alcohol and had stepped on the brakes, he would probably have survived. At least, he wouldn’t have been injured so seriously.”

Then, he also snuffled and said, “What a strong alcoholic smell. I don’t know how much he drank.”

Qin Haodong smelled the air and his face suddenly changed. Then, he bent down to check the dead man carefully.

Upon seeing his strange look, Nalan Wuxia asked, “What’s wrong?”

Qin Haodong said in a low voice, “Besides the alcoholic smell, this man also smells of genetic toxin. That means that he was not completely drunk while driving. He was poisoned by someone.

It seems that he was drunk so much because of the toxin. He didn’t drink that much.”

“How could this happen? Who is this man? Who poisoned him?”

In a short day, she had met this genetic toxin twice. As the captain of the crime squad, Nalan Wuxia had to be nervous.

Qin Haodong said, “It’s not clear yet, but my preliminary speculation is that the person who poisoned him may have had something to do with the blackmailer. This is a good clue. We must find out more.”

While they were talking, the ambulance arrived.

Two doctors got out of the car. After checking the state of the dead man, they directly announced that the man was dead. At the same time, they performed a blood test on the dead man and soon found out that his blood alcohol level was only 30.

The traffic policeman, who was surprised, said, “Doctor, is there a mistake? How can it be only 30? Look at his appearance. It should be at least 300.”

The doctor felt a little strange when he heard this. He performed a blood test again, but the result was still the same. The traffic policeman had no choice but to consider this the final conclusion.

At the same time, this also verified Qin Haodong’s statement that this man hadn’t drunk too much. This toxin had increased the smell of alcohol, making people mistakenly think that he had been driving drunk.

Nalan Wuxia whispered, “You don’t think this case was a traffic accident?”

Qin Haodong nodded. It seemed like someone had done something to him. Someone had wanted to kill him and make it look like a traffic accident. However, Qin Haodong didn’t know the purpose behind this.

Nalan Wuxia looked back at the traffic policeman and said, “Did you find out the identity of the dead man?”

“I found a driver’s license on him. His name was Zhang Guoliang. He was 45 years old. I don’t have further information, but I have informed his family members…”

As they were talking, they heard the cry of a middle-aged woman in her forties and a young man in his twenties. They both rushed over to Zhang Guoliang’s body and cried.

In contrast, Zhang Shuai, Zhang Guoliang’s son, was in a more stable mood. Nalan Wuxia told him, “I work for the crime squad of Jiangnan City. I don’t think your father’s case is so simple. Would you like to answer some questions?”

Zhang Shuai wiped his tears and asked, “You mean my father was not killed in a traffic accident? He was killed by someone?”

Nalan Wuxia said, “I’m not sure yet, but it’s possible.”

Zhang Shuai said, “Well, ask me anything. If my father was murdered, you must put the murderer in prison.”

“I promise, that’s my duty.” Nalan Wuxia then asked, “What did your father do for a living?”

Zhang Shuai said, “He was a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner. He used to have his own clinic, but he joined the Hall of Medical Fame a few days ago.”

Upon hearing about the Hall of Medical Fame, Qin Haodong and Nalan Wuxia’s faces changed. Unexpectedly, the dead man had something to do with the Hall of Medical Fame.

Nalan Wuxia asked, “What did your father do before the accident? Did he drink with anyone?”

Zhang Shuai said, “An hour ago, my father hurried back home. He looked very happy and he left with something.

About 40 minutes ago, he called us and asked us to wait for him so we could have dinner together. He said that he had something good to tell me and my mother. He hadn’t eaten yet at the time or drunk.”

Nalan Wuxia asked a few more questions, but she didn’t get much information.

She turned to look at Qin Haodong and said, “Do you have any other questions?”

“No, that’s enough.”

First, the genetic toxin had been used by Wang Dazhi. Second, the genetic toxin likely had something to do with the Hall of Medical Fame.

This was not a mere coincidence. It was very likely that this had something to do with Wang Dacheng.

Nalan Wuxia, who was obviously aware of this, said, “What should we do? Do you want me to arrest Wang Dacheng now?”

Qin Haodong shook his head and said, “It’s a little early to arrest Wang Dacheng. We don’t have strong evidence at present. It’s all speculation. Go ask Wang Dazhi first.”

Wang Dazhi had been beaten and scolded by Wang Dacheng, so he felt very depressed. He had been driven away from home and he dated a girl who often made appointments with him.

They had a drink in a bar first and then booked a room at the hotel next door. As soon as they took off their clothes, the door was opened suddenly from the outside. Then, Qin Haodong and Nalan Wuxia walked in.

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