The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad

Chapter 324 - JiuBao Kidney-Tonifying Pill

Chapter 324 JiuBao Kidney-Tonifying Pill

Wang Dacheng ignored Wang Dazhi. He quickly stepped back to his room, grabbed the red wine bottle on the table and filled the glass with wine. Then he drank it up, as if he was trying to drown out his depression with liquor.

Wang Dazhi realized that something was wrong with his mood and said, “What’s the matter, elder brother? You should be happy that the Chinese Medicine Practitioner Association is in trouble. How can you look unhappy?”

“I’m so happy!” Wang Dacheng changed his natural, elegant image, slammed his glass on the ground and scolded him. “That toy boy is very cunning. Our plan was not only unsuccessful, but it also increased his popularity. Now everyone is shouting that the Medical Sage can bring the dead back to life!”

Wang Dazhi said in surprise, “How could this happen? I asked that guy to test this on the dog. If he drank a little, he must have looked like a dead man. He must have had no breath or heartbeat, and his body temperature should have dropped. How could Qin Haodong have known that he was alive?”

“I don’t know how he discovered it. In short, our plan didn’t succeed. This guy is hard to deal with!”

Wang Dacheng took a deep breath, suppressed his anger and said, “Give the rest of the potion to me!”

Wang Dazhi said, “Brother, this thing is very interesting. If you have nothing to do, you can pretend to be dead. Just keep it for me!”

“Shit!” Wang Dacheng cried, “Is this something you can take out to play with? Now, that toy boy must be suspicious. Don’t let anyone know that this thing belongs to us. Otherwise, there will be unnecessary trouble. Get the rest of the potion to me quickly.”

“Brother, don’t be angry. I’ll get it all now!”

Although Wang Dazhi was a playboy, he was scared of his brother. Thus, he hurried back to the room and took the remaining pink liquid!

Wang Dacheng took the liquid and looked at it. Then, he turned and put it in a nearby cabinet. This cabinet contained his personal belongings, so there were all kinds of bottles and cans in it.

All of a sudden, he was stunned. He picked up a glass bottle that contained white powder. There was only half of the powder left in it. He then picked up another bottle next to him. There was also less powder inside it.

He suddenly turned around and shouted at Wang Dazhi, “Have you used these powders?”

“I… I…”

Wang Dazhi was startled. He opened his mouth but couldn’t utter a complete word.

Wang Dacheng grabbed the collar of his coat and growled, “What have you done with these powders?”

Realizing that he couldn’t hide what he had done, Wang Dazhi quickly said, “Brother, don’t be angry. The truth is, I just used these things to win some money by dogfighting.”

“Wretch! I told you to never use my things here!”

Wang Dacheng became less angry when he heard that Wang Dazhi had just used them for dogfighting.

Wang Dazhi hurriedly said, “Brother, I won’t dare do that again!”

Wang Dacheng said, “You’re not a young boy. Don’t spend all day talking about dogfighting and flirting with girls. Do you know how valuable these powders are? They’re more expensive than your dogs.”

Upon seeing his brother’s temper calm down, Wang Dazhi also let out a sigh of relief and murmured, “In fact, the powder is not very effective. I lost all my money.”

“Lost it?” Wang Dacheng asked doubtfully, “How can this be possible? No matter what kind of powder you use on your dogs, you can never lose.”

Wang Dazhi said angrily, “It was that toy boy. I won the first day and I was going to win at the Dogfighting Ring. However, the next day, he jumped out and made me lose again and again.”

Wang Dacheng’s face changed as he asked nervously, “What? Have you used this powder in front of Qin Haodong?”

Wang Dazhi said, “I just used it in the Dogfighting Ring. I didn’t expect that he would be there. Don’t worry, brother, he didn’t find anything.”

“Damn you! Can’t you do anything right?”

Wang Dacheng, who was furious, slapped Wang Dazhi in the face. Now, he was aware of Qin Haodong’s capacity. If he had known that his brother had exposed this powder, he would not have blackmailed the doctors today.

“Brother, what are you doing to me?” Wang Dazhi asked in a hurt tone as he touched his swollen cheek.

“Get out of here and never let me see you again!”

Wang Dacheng cried angrily.

Upon seeing that his brother was angry, Wang Dazhi didn’t dare say anything. Thus, he left the room in disgrace.

After he left, Wang Dacheng sat down on the sofa and lit a cigarette. He had a strong ability to control his emotions. After smoking, he had calmed down again.

Regardless of whether the powder had been exposed or not, this had to be done. He had returned to the Celestial Empire for the organization this time. If this task couldn’t be completed, he would be scared of the severe punishment.

While thinking of this, he snuffed out the cigarette, got up and went to the Hall of Medical Fame.

The doctors had come back very early in the afternoon, so they hadn’t gotten off work. They were all in the Hall of Medical Fame.

Wang Dacheng sent his secretary to call Fu Hailong to his office and said with a smile, “Mr. Fu, you worked hard for the free clinic this morning.”

Fu Hailong shook his head and said, “Mr. Wang, you’re joking. I didn’t expect what happened this morning. It was really unworthy of your great expectations.”

“It was not your fault. I didn’t estimate the reputation of the Chinese Medicine Practitioner Association correctly. I consider this my duty.” Wang Dacheng generously took the responsibility and then said, “Mr. Fu, in fact, the free clinic is not very important. What we need most now is to develop an important medicine, such as the Blood Revival Pill of Tangmen Traditional Chinese Medicine Company.

As long as we have one or two drugs of this level, the Hall of Medical Fame will surely become famous.”

Fu Hailong shook his head and said, “Mr. Wang, your idea is good, but it will be really hard to implement it. In so many years, only Qin Haodong has managed to make the Blood Revival Pill. Drugs for treating incurable diseases are not so easy to develop.”

Wang Dacheng said, “I’m a layman in traditional Chinese medicine, but I know that you must have some ancestral secret prescriptions of good drugs. Can’t these be taken out for quantitative production? As long as your medicine is good enough, you can rest assured that the price will satisfy you.”

Fu Hailong said with a wry smile, “Mr. Wang, there are a lot of things that can’t be done with money. You’re right. Old men like us have some secret prescriptions for curing diseases that are not passed out. However, these recipes can only cure common diseases. They can’t treat a difficult illness like leukemia.

What’s more, 90% of our prescriptions require feeling the pulse of the patient first and adjusting the dosage and type of herbs according to the patient’s condition and specific situation. We can’t go ahead with mass production like the Blood Revival Pill if we want to adapt to every patient!”

“I see!” Wang Dacheng was a little disappointed as he said, “Mr. Fu, thank you. I will think of another way.”

Then, he sent Fu Hailong away and asked his secretary to invite Liu Baikun. After a conversation with him, the result was almost the same. Liu Baikun couldn’t get a good prescription suitable for mass production.

Wang Dacheng was not discouraged. One by one, he talked with the doctors of the Hall of Medical Fame, trying to find the results he expected.

Meanwhile, the sun was setting. He had talked with all the doctors in the Hall of Medical Fame, which made him feel very frustrated. These people either could not get a decent prescription, or their prescriptions could only cure some common diseases and thus could not achieve the effect of the Blood Revival Pill.

Wang Dacheng sighed. He had thought that as long as he was willing to pay the money, he would be able to buy a formula similar to the Blood Revival Pill from these old Chinese doctors. It seemed that he still didn’t understand the Chinese medicine industry and had underestimated the difficulty of developing a new drug.

Because of this situation, his heroic words at the press conference would become a joke. At the time, he had said that the Hall of Medical Fame would be able to develop pills comparable to the Blood Revival Pill. Now, this was almost impossible.

Suddenly, the secretary opened the door and brought in the last traditional Chinese medicine practitioner, who was named Zhang Guoliang. This man was not very old. He was actually only in his forties, so he was the youngest among all the practitioners in the Hall of Medical Fame. He also had the lowest status in the Hall of Medical Fame.

Wang Dacheng adjusted his mood for a while before he asked, “Doctor Zhang, do you have any prescriptions with unique effects in your hands? As long as you do, you can make a quotation at will. Our company will not treat you badly.”

Zhang Guoliang, who had known the purpose of Wang Dacheng’s conversation, said with a wry smile, “I’m sorry, boss, but I really don’t have this kind of thing in my hands.”

“Oh!” Wang Dacheng was disappointed. He was about to ask his secretary to see Zhang Guoliang off, when he heard Zhang Guoliang say, “Unfortunately, my family originally had a secret prescription that could cure all kinds of kidney diseases, but it was burned when the invaders came in. Now it’s just an incomplete prescription.”

Wang Dacheng, who was inspired, suddenly asked, “Doctor Zhang, what’s it like? Tell me more about it.”

Zhang Guoliang said proudly, “In the old days, my great-grandfather was a royal doctor working at the palace, so he often treated the emperor and the empress dowager. Our family has a secret prescription called JiuBao Kidney-Tonifying Pill. This medicine has an excellent effect on various kinds of nephropathies, ranging from impotence to uremia.

It’s a pity that when the invaders entered the central plains, they burned my family’s old house. Although the prescription of the JiuBao Kidney-Tonifying Pill was snatched out, we lost one of the original nine ingredients, leaving only eight ingredients. It thus became an incomplete prescription.”

Wang Dacheng asked, “Doesn’t anyone in your family know what the prescription said? Can’t you complete it?”

Zhang Guoliang shook his head and said, “The reason it’s called an ancestral secret prescription is that it has been handed down from generation to generation. It’s not allowed to be handed out. Therefore, the secret prescription is handed down to only one person per generation. Before my great-grandfather could pass it to my grandfather, he was burned by the fire. No one alive knows what was written on the prescription, so it naturally can’t be completed.”

Wang Dacheng sighed and said, “Is there no other remedy?”

Zhang Guoliang said, “Ever since my great-grandfather passed away, our family members have been doctors for generations. My grandfather and my father tried adding many kinds of herbs to the incomplete prescription, but none of them achieved the effect of the JiuBao Kidney-Tonifying Pill.”

Wang Dacheng said, “It only lacks one ingredient. You should succeed if you try enough times.”

Zhang Guoliang said, “It’s really difficult. There are tens of thousands of Chinese herbal medicines. It is not so easy.

In addition, traditional Chinese medicine pays attention to a lot of things, so the amount of the ingredients is difficult to master. Sometimes, if we use too much, it can be pernicious. If we use it too little, it will have no effect. Although our family has tried many times, it has still failed to complete the prescription of the JiuBao Kidney-Tonifying Pill.”

Wang Dacheng thought for a moment and suddenly asked, “If we only use eight kinds of ingredients to make the pill, what will the effect be like?”

Zhang Guoliang said, “My grandfather also tried this. It still has a therapeutic effect, but it will seriously hurt people’s livers. Thus, my grandfather forbade our family to use the prescription of the JiuBao Kidney-Tonifying Pill ever again.”

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